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Upcoming Meetings
HUTCHISON: All right, let's move on to Agenda Item G, then, Upcoming Meetings. Ms. Vecchio?
VECCHIO: Just so you know, our next meeting will be a full Commission meeting at the Governor's Global Tourism Summit, Monday, December 4th at 10:00 a.m. Those of you who need to travel down there we’ll be coordinating that travel. Dee will help coordinate that travel so that you can be participating in that meeting as well as the Summit. And just as a small add-on to that, for the past couple of years, we had an additional December meeting call to approve grants, but we have moved the grants up so that we'll be able to have the approval of those grants at that meeting. Our one December meeting will be at the Global Tourism Summit.
HUTCHISON: All right.
VECCHIO: That's all.
Commissioner Comments
HUTCHISON: Thank you. Let's move to Agenda Item H, Commissioner Comments. Are there any comments by the Commissioners at this time?
KROLICKI: Mr. Chairman, it's Commissioner Krolicki.

KROLICKI: Hi, thank you. After being away for a couple years, just watching today, and what you all have done in the past few years is really extraordinary. It was a great team before there were some new faces, but I just want to applaud, the leadership and listening to you, Claudia. Thank you, and Bethany and the different folks and my fellow Commissioners. It's just the technology and the applications, you just move this to a whole other level, and again, it's such a pleasure to be back. The Governor said I should particularly take note, Mr. Chairman, of a Commission Meeting that is succinct, precise and ends before five o'clock. So, that lesson has been well-learned, but thank you. It is indeed a pleasure to return.

HUTCHISON: Well, it's great to have you back.
CASHELL: I also would like to commend all of you. I was here for the first meeting years and years ago, and I am blown away the way you all have taken this Commission and taken it forward with everything that's in it. I'm mind-boggled by everything you all have done, and you're to be commended. The magazine, I remember when it was struggling and if we hadn't had an individual in Reno to bail it out, we would have lost it. But Governor and Governor Krolicki, you guys have done an outstanding job, and I commend you all and your staffs. It's mind-boggling the way you all have brought this, and I hope you all will put up with me to try to catch up, because you're going to have to drag me along.
KROLICKI: Which century did you start?
HUTCHISON: Thank you very much, Commissioner Cashell, but again, welcome. It's wonderful to have you here.
CASHELL: Which century did I start? You can tell we're friends.
HUTCHISON: Well, listen, we don't take the train anymore like you used to in the early days. We have come quite a ways, and it's good to have you with us. All right, are there any other matters to come before the Commission on Commissioner Comments?
STOLDAL: Well, Mr. Chairman, Stoldal for the record.
HUTCHISON: Yes, Commissioner Stoldal.
STOLDAL: I really just simply want to say it's always been an honor to serve on this Commission, but that goes double now with two real Nevadans, and both of them I've had the honor to serve with Governor Krolicki, and it's great to hear his voice again. I'm glad he's unretired. Thank you.
HUTCHISON: I think we're all very happy to have both of these new Commissioners, and it's going to be a lot of fun having them both on, back in the saddle. Any other comments, Commissioners, under Agenda Item H?

SANTOS: Herb Santos for the record. First, I would like to thank Nevada Magazine for putting that little picture on their website of my mother-in-law reading the Nevada Magazine at the Magic Mountains, which was pretty cool. She thinks she's a rock star now. The second thing is a little bit more informative. Over the past couple months, I've been receiving emails, and they're entitled Nevada State Commission on Tourism. I always open up the email, and it looks like it's another company like Alignable, and I talked to Mr. Webster about this, and it's not coming from the Nevada State Tourism Commission, but what it does is it says—it's entitled Nevada State Commission on Tourism, and it's someone requesting that you accept an invitation to be linked up with them. It's like a LinkedIn, but one of the persons that did send, I did know, and she just texted me a few minutes ago that she did send it, and she said, I'm sorry I didn't give you a warning that I was sending it. But they're using our Nevada State Commission on Tourism to attract the person to open it, and I've always—when I've seen them, I thought it was something from you folks. I've learned that it's not something from Nevada State Commission on Tourism. I would just warn my fellow Commissioners that there's this company out there that uses that as a tool to get you to link onto it, yeah, fishing. I'm showing my internet technology skills here with the words, but anyways, I just wanted to tell my fellow Commissioners to sort of watch out for that.

HUTCHISON: Thank you, Commissioner Santos. Other comments, Commissioners, under Agenda Item H?

Public Comment
HUTCHISON: All right, hearing none, we'll move on to Agenda Item I, Public Comment. Are there any members of the public here in Las Vegas who would like to present public comment to the Commission. I'm not seeing any. Any members of the public in Carson City who would like to present public comment to the Commission? I'm not hearing any.
HUTCHISON: Move on to Agenda Item No. J, then, for a motion to adjourn. Do I have a motion to adjourn?
VASWANI: Motion to adjourn.
HUTCHISON: All right, thank you, Commissioner Vaswani. Do we have a second?
MILLER: Second.
HUTCHISON: Second, Commissioner Miller. Those in favor signify by saying aye.
HUTCHISON: Any opposed, nay. We are in adjournment. Thank you all very much.

The meeting adjourned at 3:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Chekowitz-Dykes, Executive Assistant

Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs

Nevada Commission on Tourism

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