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New Books

September, 2009

Picture Books

Hopkinson, Deborah. Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek. A tall, thin tale about the frontier days of Abe Lincoln and a friend who rescues him.

DiCamillo, Kate. Louise : the Adventures of a Chicken. Lush illustrations follow the travels of an action-seeking chicken, Louise, to a pirate ship, a circus and a “fabulous bazaar”.

Sendak, Maurice. Where the Wild Things Are. Revisit this classic picture book before seeing the new movie this winter.

Early Elementary Chapter Books

Maddox, Jake. Back on the Beam. Nadia missed practice all summer long with an ankle injury, and now she needs to get her balance beam confidence back.

McDonald, Megan. Judy Moody & Stink --the mad, mad, mad, mad treasure hunt. Time for the Pirate Island Treasure Hunt, where Judy and Stink work together to solve the rhyming riddles that lead to silver coins.

Grimes, Nikki. Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel. Meet plucky Dyamonde as she explores people and possibilities with a new friend she finally makes at her new school in the city.

Roy, Ron. The Secret at Jefferson’s Mansion. KC and Marshall explore Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home as they try to solve the mystery of his missing toy horses.

Cox, Judy. Weird Stories from the Lonesome Café. Uncle Clem and Sam move to a quiet roadside café in rural Nevada, where they have a series of quite colorful visitors.

Older Elementary Chapter Books

Tocher, Timothy. Bill Pennant, Babe Ruth and me. Its 1920, and Hank gets a job with the Yankees, taking care of their new mascot, a Mexican wildcat named Bill Pennant.

Hahn, Mary Downing. Closed for the Season. The Magic Forest used to be a theme park, but now is part of a sinister unsolved murder that 13-year-old newcomer Logan tries to solve.

Knudsen, Michelle. The Dragon of Trelian. Princess Meglynne has a secret that she shares with a new friend, Calen, the mage’s apprentice. Together, they learn about life, magic, and friendship as they tend to Meg’s baby dragon.

Clements, Andrew. Extra Credit. When Abby takes on an Afghan pen pal as an extra credit project, she gets more than simple correspondence.

Lin, Grace. Where the Mountains Meet the Moon. Join Minli as she leaves her desperately poor home in the mountains in search of a fortune, and finds excitement, danger, humor, magic and wisdom, and befriends a flightless dragon and a talking fish.

Nonfiction Books

Botzakis, Stergios. What’s your source? : Questioning the news. This book helps readers learn how to recognize biases in the media and ask questions that will help understand the real truth behind news stories.

Scott, Elaine. When is a planet not a planet? : the story of Pluto. How did early astronomers decide which space discoveries were planets, and which were asteroids, and how has new information changed their conclusions?

Laubach, Christyna. Raptor! : a kid's guide to birds of prey. This book introduces vultures, hawks, falcons, barn owls, and true owls. It has information on the characteristics and behavior of birds of prey, along with advice on bird watching, raptor centers, and projects to do.

Robbins, Ken. Food for thought: the stories behind the things we eat. This beautifully illustrated book examines facts and stories about many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

O’Brien, Eileen. The Usborne book of origami. In this book, kids can find step by step instructions for folding paper into toys, decorations, animals and flowers.

Waldman, Stuart. Magellan’s World. This book uses beautiful maps to look at the story of Magellan’s successes and failures during the first circumnavigation of the world.


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