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Stargate Chronicles and it’s spin-offs are minor theme lines in my original story series „The First Story“


Stargate Chronicles: The Pentagon Files

Seasons: 5+ Episodes: 100+ Set time: 2009-???? (after ending of Stargate Atlantis)

Locations: Milky Way Galaxy, Pegasus Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Galactic Republic (from Star Wars)
Stargate Chronicles: The Atlantis Files

Seasons: 5+ Episodes: 100+ Set time: 2011-???? (originaly after end of the „Stargate: Exctinction“)

Locations: Pegasus Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy

Second series of the franchise and the spin-off from „Stargate Chronicles: The Pegasus Files“

The Chronicles of Andromeda

Seasons: 5+ Episodes: 100+ Set time: 2011-2025 (probably)

Locations: Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy

Third series of the franchise and the spin-off from „Stargat Chronicles: The Pentagon Files“

The Last War

Seasons: 1 Episodes: 5+ Set time: 2025 (by the set time)

Locations: Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy

short spin-off series and the final of „The Chronicles of Andromeda“


Set time: after June 20 2025 (June 20 to December 20)

Non-official spin-off of the franchise and the finale of „The Last War

Alternate Reality

Set time: 2011
Galactic Special Forces

Set time: 2012
The Quest for Ancient Mythological Treasure

Set time: 2013


Stargate Chronicles: The Pentagon Files

The Stargate Project is still, almost 15 years of work, under secrecy. In the show, the characters continue travels to another planets via Stargate and also usied a spaceships (mostly Earth based and Goa’uld based). This show focuses also a intergalactic relations of people from another planets, other galaxies and their inhabitants (Pegasus, Andromeda and Galactic Republic) and Taur’i allies. The show is new Stargate SG-1 and there are many crossovers with „Stargate Chronicles: Atlantis Files“, „The Chronicles of Andromeda“, „Alternate Reality“, „Galactic Special Forces“ and „Quest at Milky Way“. It is possible that the crossovers are also „The Last War“ and „Homecoming“. In this show, new characters make their appearances, but also original characters from „Stargate SG-1“, „Stargate Atlantis“ and „Stargate Universe“ and including characters from my original story „The First Story“. Extended „Star Wars“ characters made also their appearances (There are no appearances of the original characters from original movies – the characters are distant cousins of the original characters). It is also possible that there are crossovers with „CSI: Crime Scene Investigation“, CSI: Miami“, „CSI: New York“, „NCIS“ and „Chuck“. Stargate Universe makes also a crossover in this show. But only in season 1 and after season 4. Crossover of SGU selected episodes are 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x07, 1x16, 1x18, 1x19, 2x04, 2x12, 2x13, 2x14, 2x15, 2x20. In this show (possibly in second or third season) the Tau’ri and alliances found the way to supply Destiny without causing the destruction. There is also a problem – Destiny Expedition is in still in stasis pods. Also a solution found how to tracked a Destiny’s course (It’s found in Atlantis)

Stargate Chronicles: Atlantis Files

The action is located after the events of „Stargate Exctinction“, when Atlantis went back to Pegasus Galaxy to destroy the Wraith. In the show, the old characters from SG-1 and SGA make their appearances. There are also new characters. Atlantis teams found new discoverys and they also found new advanced civilications (not wiped-out by Wraith). Show is crossover with “Stargate Chronicles: Pentagon Files“

The Chronicles of Andromeda

Main set is located in Andromeda Galaxy, that is founded by Ancients millions of years ago and the galaxy uses Stargates what is 4th generation of it’s series. They also used spaceships what are very similar to Aurora class in Pegasus, but the ships are more advanced then Aurora class ships. The whole galaxy is extremely advanced (more than Milky Way and Pegasus). The Royal Palace has similar design to Atlantis, but it’s larger and not capable to fly. Like Atlantis, the Royal Palace is also in the middle of the sea. The Galaxy is ruled by constitution monarchy but the greater power belongs to emperor. At the time the Andromeda Galaxy likes Star Wars – there is also an evil trade emperor, who does not like ---. The Show is also a crossover with „Stargate Chronicles: The Pengaon Files“.

In this galaxy is two rival sides – the good side is the government of Andromeda (including Royal Throne) and the bad side is the leader of the Free Galaxy Union (main terrorist group in Andromeda Galaxy) who is cousin of Andromeda King.

The Last War

The Story is finale of „The Chronicles of Andromeda“. The set is after the events when the old king Galactus dies and his daughter Andromeda IV gets to the throne. This doesn’t like to Electurs, the leader of Free Galaxy Union, because he would want to get throne himself. This is one of the many reasons (Andromeda IV husband is Jaak „Jack Frost“ Lumi, human not from Andromeda Galaxy; Jaak plans to destroy the Free Galaxy Union and many other reasons), why the Electrus starts the war, attacking to Andromeda City, the capital of the galaxy. Soon the war transfers to Milky Way galaxy (FGU ships fly thry Mega Gate, what is very similar to SuperGate) over the Tallinn, Capital City of Estonia. In this story has (possibly) appearances from Marvel and DC Comics Superhero franchises.


This story focuses to Ricardo Milos, the Estonian fighter pilot who becomes to hero when he destroy’s the Free Galaxy Union’s flagship and kill’s Electrus with ship explosion. The story continues after Ricardo’s space fighter get’s hit by explosion blast and becoming uncontrolable. As a result, the fighter crashed to North Korea, 15 km from Russian border. After Ricardo becoming concius, he discovers he’s memory is back. Then he tried to contact The Command Center where recomended to him to going 15 km by foot to North Korea – Russian border and get’s through to border avoiding North Korean troops. Unfortunately he is captured 500 meters before border. 6 months later (in December before christmas), after unsuccessful negotiations, the NATO and allies organized a full rescue operation to save Ricardo. But Ricardo’s rescue operation is a cover and in secrecy the NATO and allies really tried to eliminate the North Korean leaders. Both operations succeeded. When the rescue team coming back with Ricardo, he has been served to millitary hospital in Pärnu and he has succeeded to meet his family again (almost over 20 years).

Alternate Reality

The Stargate Command deals with an „usual“ incident when the Chief Scientist’s assisstant get into to alternate reality, caused by explosion of unknown Ancient device.

Galactic Special Forces

Galactic Special Force – GSF – is Homeworld Command special unit what extremely effecently eleminates the intergalactic terrorist organisations (like Lucian Alliance) what threatens galactic peace. Galactic Special Forces commanding directly to Homeworld Command commander Lt. Gen. Jack O’Neil. Team leader is estonian Thomas Pine (Toomas Mänd). Unfortunately the galactic peace gets under threatment, when GSF makes an total counter-terrrorism operation (including carpet bombing) to planet what is under Lucian Alliance command. Operation is almost successful but one terrorist makes alive and he made an oath to get revenge to Thomas Pine and entire GSF. He decide to take target Thomas’s new love Eva Rivas (armenian pop singer)

The Quest for Ancient Mythological Treasure

The Rumors of Ancient mythological treasure makes the whole galaxy to search it. No means are choosed because all searches want to find the treasure first. But now one know excactly where the treasure are and therefore some people ask help from Stargate Command.


Stargate Chronicles: The Pentagon Files


Stargate Chronicles: Atlantis Files


The Chronicles of Andromeda


The Last War




Alternate Reality


Galactic Special Forces


The Quest for Ancient Mythological Treasure


  1. LOCATIONS (reveal your ideas)


  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth

      • Various locations

      • Earth’s moon

    • Argos

    • Arkhan’s World

    • Camelot

    • Cartago

    • Chulak

    • Cimmeria

    • Dakara

    • Edora

    • Gaia

    • Galar

    • Hanka

    • Hebridian

    • Heliopolis

    • Langara

    • M4C-862

    • Mars

    • Memphis

    • Orban
    • P3X-289

    • P3X-403

    • P3X-666

    • P3X-744

    • P3X-984

    • P4M-328

    • P4X-650 (Alpha Site)

    • P7X-377

    • P9G-844

    • PJ2-445

    • Pluto

    • Proclarush

    • Tollana

    • Vagonbrei

    • Vis Urban

  • Pegasus Galaxy

    • Lantea

      • Atlantis

  • Andromeda Galaxy

    • Andromeda City (planet)

  • The Galactic Republic

    • Coruscant

  • Unknown Galaxies (from Stargate Universe)


  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth

      • Stargate Command


  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth

      • Various locations

    • Unknown planet (Lucian Alliance secret base)


  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth

    • Unknown locations

    • Dakara


  • Pegasus Galaxy

    • Lantea

    • Alpha Site

    • Athos

    • Belkan

    • Dagan

    • Edowin

    • Flying Monkey’s planet

    • Ford’s planet
    • Genii homeworld

    • Harmony’s planet

    • Hoff

    • Kolya’s planet

    • Light Bugs planet

    • Lord Protector’s planet

    • M2S-445

    • M35-117

    • M4D-058

    • M4G-677

    • M5V-801

    • M65-PL8

    • M6H-987

    • New Athos

    • Olesia

    • Orin’s planet

    • P3M-736

    • Proculus

    • Sateda

    • Thenora

    • Wraith homeworld

  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth


  • Andromeda Galaxy

    • Andromeda City

  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth


  • Andromeda Galaxy

    • Andromeda City

  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth


  • Milky Way Galaxy

    • Earth


Members of Gate Alliance Treaty

United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

New members are Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia,Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Mexico, Peru and Switzerland

ATD – Advanced Technology Development (official) or Asgard/ Ancient/ Alien Technology Development (unofficial – primary used in top secret) is a Research and Development company held by Baltic Media Network. ATD secret part investigates obtained alien technology and public department development this technology to public. Watch ATD Developed tehcnology
Space Ships (currently in use)(please give a name to unknown ships and give an idea what countries should have their own space ships)

Milky Way Galaxy

Tau’ri Fleet

Tau’ri origin

F-302 (1st generation space fighter)

F-312 (2nd generation space fighter)

F-322 X-Wing (3rd generation space fighter; fighter used by Ricardo Milos in end of „The Last War“)

304 Daedalus

USS Daedalus

USS Odyssey

USS Apollo

Sun Tzu (Chinese usage)

USS George Hammond

Unknown United Kingdom ship

Unknown French ship

305 President (Starship Troopers style)

USS George Washington

USS Abraham Lincoln

HMS Charles (United Kingdom)

Unknown Scandinavian ship (Scandinavian countries usage)

Unknown Baltic ship (Baltic countries usage)

Unkown Benelux ship (Benelux countries usage)

Unknown Australian ship (Australian and New Zealand usage)

Unknown Canadian ship

306 Axiom (no connection with Wall-E)

USS Axiom (Canadian, United States, Mexico usage)


Free Jaffa Fleet


Death Glider



Troop transport

Tok’ra Fleet


Pegasus Galaxy

Tau’ri Fleet

Tau’ri origin

304 Daedalus

USS Daedalus

USS Apollo

Sun Tzu

Unknown Baltic ship

306 Axiom

USS Axiom

Ancient origin

Aurora class

15 Unknown Aurora class ships (founded by Tau’ri after they went back to Pegasus Galaxy)


Atlantis (Tau’ri main base in Pegasus galaxy)

Pegasus (founded after Tau’ri went back to Pegasus Galaxy)

Gate ship

Travelers Fleet

Travelers origin

Traveler Generational Ship

Ancient origin

5 unknown Aurora class ships

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Royal Fleet

Thousands of unknown class warships (very similar to Aurora class)

Unknown number passenger ships (possibly hundreds of thousands)

Unknwon number cargo ships (possibly hundreds of thousands)

Free Galaxy Fleet

The Galactic Republic

Republic Fleet

TAU’RI OFF-WORLD BASES (New Ideas are Welcome)


Alpha Base (III)

Bravo Base (Formerly known as Beta site)

Charlie Base (Formerly known as Gamma site)

Delta Base

Omega Base




The Castle

Earth’s moon




Lantea (Location of Atlantis)

Alpha Site

Paradise World

ATD Developed technology (Developed in second Stargate Franchise)

Known developed technology


Coastal Shield Generator

A shield generators to locations were are high risk to tsunami

Personal shields

Cloaking generator

Transport beam

Hologram speach (like Star Wars)

No phones needed but this technology is under development yet

Inertial dampeners

To space shuttles, high speed trains, etc.

Defense satelite

For millitary porpose


For defense purpose

Zero Point Module

After years of research, a Tau’ri versions finally produced

Energy weapons

Laser weapons

Naquadah generator

Public version

Orbital shields


Reveal your ideas

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