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Caution! Different versions.

EAGLE HOUSE! Salt Lake City, Utah, S. P. Teasdel, proprietor. In the various departments of this institution may be found every description of general merchandise, for trade of county merchants and families is especially provided for. 1 tf

Caution! Different versions.

EAGLE HOUSE! Salt Lake City, Utah. To make room for an immense Spring Stock, we are closing out Winter Goods at Cost, and all kinds of Merchandise at Bed Rock Prices. The trade of country dealers specially provided for in our several departments. S. P. TEASDEL, Proprietor.

ELIJAH F. PIERCE makes Baskets in every style, Third Street, four doors west of Z.C.M.I.
ENCOURAGE HOME TALENT. Having recently returned from Boston I am prepared to execute portraits of all sizes, in oil, charcoal, crayon or India ink from photographs. Terms moderate! Respectfully, F. W. Hurst, Jr. 39-7m
ESTABLISHED 1846. Fire and burglar proof safes. Round corner, smooth finish, combination lock, with conical break-off spindle–cannot be driven in or pulled out. Also round screw door burglar proof safes. Estimates furnished for bank work and vaults. Beard & Bro. Safe & Lock Co., 918 & 920 N. 2d. Street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for catalogue.

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F. JACOBSON & SON, BLACKSMITHS. Horse shoeing a Specialty. All work done in the best manner, with dispatch, and at prices to meet the times. Shop on the Island, Main St., Logan. j13tf Home made harrows, equal in quality to and cheaper than the imported.

FALL LIST ready Sept. 1. Money saved. We keep in stock the largest variety of goods in the U. S. and can sell you any article for personal or family use, in any quantity at wholesale price. Whatever you want send for our catalogue (free) and you will find it there. Montgomery Ward & Co. 227 & 228 Wabash Avenue, Chicago.

FARM WAGONS. The finest farm wagon ever shipped to Cache Valley is on exhibition at Paine & Mattison’s. Call and examine it. Two full cars of these popular wagons just received direct from the factory. For sale by Paine & Mattison, 3d (rd) Street, Logan, Utah.
FITS, EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS permanently cured–no humbug–by one month’s use of Dr. Goddard’s Celebrated Infallible Fit Powders. To convince sufferers that these powders will be all we claim for them we will send them by mail, post paid, a free trial box. As Dr. Goddard is the one physician that has ever made this disease a special study, and as to our knowledge thousands have been permanently cured by the use of these powders, we will guarantee a permanent cure in every case or refund you all money expended. All sufferers should give these powders and early trial, and be convinced of their curative powers. Price, for large box, 3.00, or 4 boxes, for $10.00, sent by mail to any part on the United States or Canada on receipt of price, or by express, C. O. D. Address, Ash & Robbins, 360 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
$5 [FIVE DOLLAR] OUTFIT sent free to those who wish to engage in the most pleasant and profitable business known. Everything new. Capital not required. We will furnish you everything. $10 a day and upwards is easily made without staying away from home over night. No risk whatever. Many new workers wanted at once. Many are making fortunes at the business. Ladies make as much as men, and young boys and girls make great pay. No one who is willing to work fails to make more money every day than can be made in a week at any ordinary employment. Those who engage at once will find a short road to fortune. Address H. Hallet & Co., Portland, Maine. 23-ly

FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of gent’s furnishing goods, clothing, &c., just arrived at David Jenkins. The stock includes new and nobby styles of Flannel Overshirts, Collars, Fine Shirts, &c.

For CROQUETS, base balls and bats or marbles, go to the Book Store. a1-3t
FOR HANDSOME fancy needle-work, rug patterns and materials, try Mrs. A. Edwards , on Third Street. She also cleans, dyes, and alters straw hats, &c.
4th [Fourth] WARD CO-OP., under the management of C. B. Robbins, who will make it a object for all wanting anything in the way of general merchandise, to call on him at the 4th Ward Co-Op. Main Street, half a block north of Z. C. M. I. Highest market price paid for wool, and all kinds of produce.
FRANKLIN CO-OPERATIVE [COOPERATIVE] STORE, Keeps on hand a large and complete stock of General Merchandise, including Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Notions, &c., and every description of Family Supplies, Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Paints and Oils. Agent for the Studebaker Wagons, Agricultural Implements, Harness and Saddlery. Highest Cash Price Paid for Wool, Hides, and Furs. S. R. PARKINSON, SUPT. [Superintendent].

FREE TO EVERYBODY! A beautiful book for the asking. By applying personally at the nearest office of the Singer Manufacturing Co. (or by postal card if at a distance) any adult person will be presented with a beautifully illustrated copy of a new book entitled Genius Rewarded or the Story of the Sewing Machine containing a handsome and costly steel engraving frontispiece; also, 28 finely engraved wood cuts, and bound in an elaborate blue and gold lithographed cover. No charge whatever is made for this handsome book, which can be obtained only on application at the branch and subordinate offices of The Singer Manufacturing Co. The Singer Manufacturing Co. Principal office, 51 Union Square, New York. 42-9m

FURNITURE home made and imported. Family supplies and all kinds of general merchandise. Co-operation The Manufacturing And Building Company of Logan. Manufacturers of Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Rustic, Tapered Siding and Furniture. This company can offer Special inducements on building contracts. Planing and Turning done on Short Notice. Prices of planing: Surfacing 35 cts. per 100 ft. Planing, 60 cts. per 100 ft. Planing, Tongue and Grooved and Beaded 75 cts. per 100 ft.; Moulding reduced 25 per cent. In our store on Third St., 3 blocks west of Z. C. M. I. will always be found a complete stock comprising all lines of general merchandise. And a large and varied stock of Home-Made And Imported Furniture will always be found at our furniture store, on Main Street, Logan. C. W. Nibley, Manager. Henry Ballard, President.

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GENERAL DIRECTORY. CACHE COUNTY. Cache County was organized on the 4th of April, 1857, with the following boundaries: All that portion of Utah Territory bounded south by Morgan, Weber and Box Elder Counties, west by Box Elder County, north by latitude forty-two degrees north, and east by the summit of the Ridge mountains, between Cache and Bear Lake Valleys.
The government of the County is vested in the County Court, composed of the Probate Judge, who is ex officio the presiding officer, and three selectmen who hold office for three years, one being chosen every year. Regular terms begin on the first Monday in each season of the year.
The judiciary power is vested in the Probate Court, presided over by the Probate Judge, who is elected biennially and holds his office for two years. This court is always open. The Clerk of the Court is appointed by the Judge, and is ex oficio County Clerk.
Elections are held biannually, on the first Monday in August, in each even numbered year.
Present population of the county, about 18,000 County seat, Logan City.
GENIUS REWARDED or the Story of the Sewing Machine a handsome little pamplet [pamphlet], blue and gold cover, with numerous engravings will be given away to any adult person calling for it, at any branch or sub-office of the Singer Manufacturing Company, or will be sent by mail, post paid, to any person living at a distance from our offices. The Singer Manufacturing Co. Principal office, 51 Union Square, New York.
GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS! Full Line At The New York Store. Main Street, one half block south of the Tabernacle.

GEO. BARBER & SON Main Street, Logan, Utah, general produce & commission merchants, buy and sell fruit, grain and vegetables, and keep constantly on hand farm and garden seeds, vegetables, corn meal, oat meal, pearl barley, buckwheat flour, foreign & domestic fruits, &c. We also handle the celebrated Schuttler Wagon, and will keep on hand a good supply of wagon timber, iron, bolts, grindstones &c., &c.

GERMAN CATARRH CURE. Never yet failed to cure any recent case of Catarrh, Cold in the Head or Sore Throat when used with Sarsaparilla, Dandelion and Ioide [Iodide] of Potassium; old chronic cases of Catarrh yield at once. All of Brown’s Family Medicines are sold by Ormsby & Riter, Logan, and by all dealers in medicine in Utah. 11-ly
GOLD. Great chance to make money. Those who always take advantage of the good chances for making money that are offered, generally become wealthy, while those who do not improve such chances remain in poverty. We want many men, women, boys and girls to work for us right in their own localities. Anyone can do the work properly, from the first start. The business will pay more than ten times ordinary wages. Expensive outfit free. No one who engages fails to make money rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the work or only your spare moments. Full information and all that is needed sent free. Address, STINSON & CO., Portland, Maine.

THE GREAT CARRIAGE manufacturing house of the world, Emerson, Fisher & Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, make a good, substantial top buggy for $100, and a strong, durable phaeton for $120. The uniform excellence of these vehicles, resulting from care. Selected material and good workmanship, has given their carriages a favorable reputation throughout the Union, in localities where they have been used for years by liverymen, physicians, farmers and others requiring hard and constant use, and has made the firm of Emerson, Fisher & Co. the acknowledged leading carriage builders of the American continent. These top buggies are in every state from Maine to California, and Great Lakes to the Gulf and hundreds of testimonials have been received from every part of the country evincing the entire satisfaction of purchasers. Upward of 85,000 carriages manufactured by Emerson, Fisher & Co. are now in use, attesting their great and merited popularity, and in order to meet the demand which has increased year by year, the facilities of their mammoth establishment have recently been extended, enabling them now to turn out in good style, during the busy season, about 400 carriages a week. The unequalled facilities of this firm enables it to produce good carriages at a far less cost than the work of small makers in country wagon shops, and that class are now purchasing largely of us to supply their local trade. Send for illustrated price list of carriages. Emerson, Fisher & Co., Cincinnati, O.

Guns and Pistols

Winchester Model, ’70, 44 Cal. (Caliber), Sharp’s Military, 45 Cal. (Caliber)

Winchester Model, ’73, 44, Sharp’s Black Hills, 45

Winchester Carbine, 44, Ballard, Pacific, 45

Burgess Sporting, 45, Ballard, Hunters, 45

Hotchkiss, Sporting, 45, Remington, Sporting, 45

Sharp’s Sporting, 45, Military, Good, 45

Sharp’s Business, 45, Marlin Repeating Rifle

Needle Gun, 50

Parker and English Breech Loading Shot Guns, Also English and Belgium Muzzle-Loaders, Pistols and Ammunition of all Kinds. A full line of Fishing Tackle.

Thomas Carter, 137 Main St. (Street), Salt Lake City.
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H. B. Clawson’s Implement and Machinery Depot headquarters for Morrison hand and sulky plows. Harrrows, cultivators, ???, superior grain & garden drills, lawn mowers, garden tools, Empire reapers, mowers and twine binders, Coates Lock Lever Hay Rake, rail road plows, chain tongue and wheel scrapers, portable forges, tents, wheelbarrows, saw mills, grist mills, stationary and portable engines, lath and shingle machines, brick machines, ??? scales, hazard powder & fuse. For prices and information write H. B. Clawson, Salt Lake City.
H. C. WARDLEIGH, Dealer In Musical Merchandise, Pianos, Organs, Violins, Guitars, Banjos, Agcordeons, Etc. Wilcox & White Organs, Palace Organs, Enterprise Organs, Wardleigh Pianos, Music Books, Sheet Music, Genuine Italian Strings A Specialty. Ogden City – Utah Ter. (Territory).

Caution! Different versions!

H. DINWOODEY Salt Lake City Utah, Full line of carpets! Lamberquins, furniture! Cornices, lace curtains, upholster goods, baby carriages, feathers and wallpaper.

Caution! Different versions! 1882-08-01

H. Dinwoodey, Salt Lake Cit – Utah. Full line of Carpets! (Illustration of Building), Lambrequins, Furniture, Cornices, Lace Curtains, Upholster Goods, Feathers and Wall Paper.

HANSON & CO. One door east of Tithing office, the pioneer and leading merchant tailors of Logan. A fine stock of home made and imported goods and ready made clothing kept on hand. Gentlemen’s own material made up. First class work and lowest prices guaranteed. N. B.–We pay the highest price for wool. Temple and tithing orders will be taken. N. B.–Those owing the firm will please settle with O. Hanson.
HARNESS. I Make To Order All Kinds Of Harness, And Fully Warrant Material & Workmanship. I Also Keep In Stock Harness, Saddles, Collars, Whips, Spurs, Hobblas And All Articles Pertaining to the Business. In Zion’s Board of Trade Building, Main Street, Logan. Severin J. Jeppeson .
HARNESS. Paine & Mattison have lately received a large stock of California Concord harness, all hand made of oak tanned stock and furnished with double cap Concord collars. They invite conference visitors to call and inspect.
HARRIS BROS. (Brothers). Photograph of Harris Brothers Building. Wholesale and Retail dealers in Groceries, Produce and Fruits, Wooden And Willow Ware. Highest Cash Price Paid for Poultry, Butter, Eggs, And all kinds of Produce. Shipping a Specialty. Eastside Main bet. (between) 4th and 5th Sts. (Streets). Ogden City – Utah.

HAULING LUMBER for the Temple. The brethren of Logan Temple District, the owners of teams, are invited to assist in hauling lumber from the Temple Mill in Logan Canyon on donation; canyon tickets can be had at the Temple office. C.O. Card, Sup’t (Superintendent), Logan, June 26, 1882.

HEADQUARTERS FOR MACHINERY is at SYDNEY STEVENS’ MACHINERY DEPOT, Fifth Street, Ogden. Where the most reliable and approved Machinery and Farm Implements of the age can be purchased at the Lowest Figures and on easy terms. When you are in the city call and examine my stock of Farm and Spring Wagons. Carriages, Buggies, Steel?, Chilled, Gang, Sulky Walking Plows and Cultivators made of the Best Seasoned Timber, Best Iron, and by the Best Manufacturers in the United States. Grist Mills, Turbine Wheels, and Mill Machinery generally. Harvesting and Threshing Machines. Stationary, Portable and Traction Engines, and Saw Mills, including the Garr, Scott & Co. and Russel & Co. celebrated Machinery, the Racine Chief Fanning Mills.

And The Monarch Of The Field The Cala (California) Wilcox Improved Iron Harrow With Steel Teeth. (Text and Illustration Printed Sideways) Strongest And Best Harrow Made, And So Acknowledged By All Who Have Used Them. No Shrinking, Swelling, or Rotting out. They will Last a Life Time. (Illustration of a Harrow) Warranted To Do Better Work Than Can Be Done With Any Wood Frame Harrow on all Conditions of Soil. Send for Price List, Terms and Discounts for Cash &c. (etc.). I shall take pleasure in furnishing same for any of my goods.

(Text Back In Vertical Position) What the Papers Say About it West: The Farmers of San Jose and Sacramento Valley are elated over the Wilcox Patent Improved Iron Harrow, it certainly supercedes anything ever sold as a Harrow heretofore on the Pacific Slope, for excellence in work, durability or worth. – Granger Avalanche, Cal. (California) What Farmers Say About it East: We, the undersigned Farmers of Cedar and Jones Co’s (Counties), Iowa, having used the Cal. (California) Wilcox Patent Improved Iron Harrow the past season, cheerfully recommend it to the farming community as being in every respect the best Harrow we ever used, and we have no hesitancy in saying it cannot be surpassed in any of the qualities that go to make a first class implement. J.M. Vanwormer, J.H. Dunts, B.A. Belcher, Asa Ballou, Daniel Whitney, Allen Elijah, Jas. (James) Dexter, Alexander Garrick, H.C. Frink. Sidney Stevens, Ogden, Utah. General Agent for Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Eastern Nevada and Western Wyoming. I will also pay the highest price in Cash for Live Stock, Grain and all kinds of Produce, Dried Fruits, &c (etc.), in car loads or less and take pleasure in referring to the past as to the satisfaction guaranteed in the future to all who may favor me with their patronage. Sydney Stevens, Fifth Street, Ogden And North Ogden.

HEADS OF FAMILIES will find it to their interest to purchase their grocieries and family supplies at Z.C.M.I. The most complete stock of general merchandise in Northern Utah.

HELP yourselves by making money when a golden chance is offered, thereby always keeping poverty from your door. Those who always take advantage of the good chances for making money that are offered, generally become wealthy, while those who do not improve such chances remain in poverty. We want many men, women, boys and girls to work for us right in their own localities. The business will pay more than ten times ordinary wages. We furnish an expensive outfit and all that you need, free. No one who engages fails to make money very rapidly. You can devote your whole time to the work, or only your spare moments. Full information and all that is needed sent free. Address Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine 23_ly.
HITCHCOCK & Stover, Dentists, Logan City … Utah. Office over Jas. T. Hammond’s Book Store. Sep1l ly
HOME MADE HARROWS, equal in quality to and cheaper than the imported.

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ICE-COLD soda water with choice syrups, is a specialty at the Pioneer Drug Store.
IF YOU WANT to get a good Encyclopedia cheap, call on J. T. Hammond, at the Book Store. He is almost giving them away. He is also offering some rare bargaining in illustrated Bibles. A1-j
THE IMPORTANT QUESTION at the present time is what wagon shall we buy that will do the most service, draw light, and stand exposure to the Utah climate. We recommend the “Mitchell”, and guarantee every wagon to give satisfaction. We sold over seven hundred “Mitchell” wagons last year in Utah and Montana. We were at less expense for repairs than any firm selling an equal number of wagons. We have all the latest improvements; we buy and ship all our wagons direct from the factory, and we can and will sell as low as any house in northern Utah. Call and examine our stock. Respectfully, Paine & Mattison. Third Street, Logan, Utah.


No preparation has ever performed such marvelous cures, or maintained so wide a reputation, as AYER’S CHERRY PECTORAL, which is recognized as the world’s remedy for all diseases of the throat and lungs. Its long continued series of wonderful cures in all climates has made it universally known as a safe and reliable agent to employ. Against ordinary colds, which are the forerunners of more serious disorders, it acts speedily and surely, always relieving suffering, and often saving life. The protection it affords, by its timely use in throat and chest disorders, makes it an invaluable remedy to be kept always on hand in every home. No persons can afford to be without it, and those who have once used it never will. From their knowledge on its composition and effects, physicians use the CHERRY PECTORAL extensively in their practice, and clergymen recommend it. It is absolutely certain in its remedial effects, and will always cure where cures are possible. For sale by all dealers. 23-ly

INVENTORS address Edson Bros., attys-at-law and patent solicitors, Washington, D. C., for references and advices sent free. We attend exclusively to patent business. Reasonable terms; reissues, interferences, and cases ?? in other hands a specialty. Caveats solicited. Send model, or sketch and description for opinion as to patentability; free of charge. We refer to the Commissioner of Patents, also to ex-commissioners. Established 1866.

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J. BROWN & SON, contractors & builders-marble & granite cutters. Notice to he [the] public. We would like to call the attention of our patrons and friends to the fact that we received every prize and reward at the last annual fair held at Salt Lake City in 1881, awarded to the trade. Our work was pronounced by the best judges in the Territory to be ten years in advance in design and workmanship. Orders by mail strictly attended to. J. H. Brown & Son, Second Street, South of the Tabernacle Square. Logan City, Utah.
J. H. BROWN & SON, Logan Marble Works. All kinds of Monumental Head Stones, Mantles, Etc., Etc. Made in all grades of Marble or Granite. For beauty of style and workmanship, we defy competition. We received every prize and award at the Annual Fair of Salt Lake City in 1881. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Orders solicited and promptly filled. Marble Head Stones from $8.00 upward. Logan City, Logan.
J. M. WATERS, physician and surgeon, office with Hitchcock & Stover, Logan, Utah. 11-tf
J. W. MCNUTT & CO. Ogden City, Utah, wholesale and retail drugs, paints, oils and varnishes, window glass and wall paper, fine Kentucky whiskies! Imported and domestic brandies, wines, gins etc., etc., etc., imported Key West and domestic cigars. Orders by mail promptly filled at lowest prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. 8-tf

Caution! Different Versions!

J. W. MELEY, is prepared to do all kinds of plastering, including cornicing and centre pieces, and one, two or three cost work at lowest rates. All work warrated [warranted] or no pay, to be received by any architect. Cornicing, 55 cts. per foot. Centre pieces, $2 to $5 each. Apply by postal card or opposite Charley Frank’s on the Island. 49 tf

Caution! Different Versions! 1882-08-01

J. W. Meley, Plasterer & Calciminer. All Kinds of Plastering done, including Cornicing And Centre Pieces. All Kinds of Available Pay taken.

JAS., H. MARTINEAU, U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor, civil engineer and notary public. Surveys for mining claims made for location or for obtaining patents. Deeds carefully prepared and all kinds of Notarial business carefully attended to. Office on Washington St. between First and Second Sts. Logan, Utah.
Caution! Different versions

JOHN ASH, dealer in guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition and sporting goods. Give me a call for anything in the above lines. Store, Main St., Logan. Guns and locks repaired. 10-tf

Caution! Different versions. 1882-08-01

JOHN ASH, Dealer In Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition and Sporting Goods. Which he offers at the lowest possible price. He has had an experience of 40 years in this trade, and is fully competent to perform all kinds of gun repairing. Store – Main Street, Logan.

Caution! Different versions!

JOHN BENCH, painter! Grainer and paper hanger, Logan City, Utah.

Caution! Different versions! (1882-07-07)

JOHN BENCH, Painter! Grainer and Paper Hanger, Plain and Decorative Paper Hanger. Logan City – Utah .

JOSEPH DUCKWORTH, blacksmith. All kinds of job work done with dispatch and in a workmanlike manner. Horse and mule shoeing a specialty. Steam boilers repaired. All kinds of work on steam boilers done in the most thorough manner. Shop, 2d Street, 4 blocks west of Main, Logan, City, Utah. 11-tf

THE JOURNAL Book and Job Printing Dept will be found replete with all kinds of Plain and Fancy Type. We are now prepared to execute, in the highest style of the art, letter heads, bill heads, statements, notes, books, pamphlets, dodgers, ???, order books, theatrical bills, and in fact all kinds of book & job printing. Our prices will be found as low as any printing establishment in the Territory; and our work equally good. Address Journal Printing and Publishing Co., Main Street, Logan.
JUST ARRIVED. At P. A. Nielsen’s, a well selected stock of Men’s Clothing, Hats, Caps, and Furnishing Goods. The best ever brought to Cache County. Prices low. 15-lf
JUST ARRIVED from the East, a large lot of bob sleds, and attachments for sleds and sleighs, which will be sold at bottom prices at Zion’s Board of Trade.

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