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K (top) KIRK’S CELEBRATED SOAPS, cheaper than ever before, at Z.C.M.I. L

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KIRK’S CELEBRATED SOAPS, cheaper than ever before, at Z.C.M.I.

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LADIES’ coats, dolmans and ulsters from $6.50 to $25, a splendid line, a Z. C. M. I.
LADIES will find the latest styles in dress goods, ribbons, trimmings, &c, at Logan Branch. Be sure and call before making purchases elsewhere. el-tf
LATHERS! LATHERS! Lathers who wish to contribute labor to the Logan Temple should embrace the opportunity now offered them while their services are so much needed and so much to be done in their lines. More Carpenters can be used on the same terms. tf
LOCAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Advertisements under this heading will be inserted at the rate of five cents per line each Issue.
LOGAN CITY. Logan City was incorporated by an act of the Territorial Legislature, approved Jan. 17, 1866, and it embraces all that portion of Cache County contained within the following boundaries, to wit: Commencing on the south bank of the Logan River, at the mouth of Logan Canyon, thence in a northerly direction along the base of the mountains three miles, thence west to the Logan and Hyde Park Canal; thence southerly along said canal to a point where the Hyde Park ditch is taken out of said canal, thence west on the line of said ditch to the southeast corner of the north half of the southwest quarter of section fourteen township twelve north, range one west, thence west one half mile, thence north one fourth mile, thence west to the west bank of Little Bear River, thence south along the bank to the mouth of Logan River, thence in an easterly direction along the bank of said river to the place of beginning.

Its location is the best that could have been chosen in northern Utah for a large city, with numerous commercial interests and manufacturing establishments. Ample waterpower for any number of mills is furnished by Logan River, with its branches, which flows directly through the city. Being situated at the foot of a grand range of mountains, and being the center of a number of pretty villages, it presents a beautiful appearance. The Utah and Northern Railroad passes through the valley on the west side of the city.

Municipal elections occur biennially (even years), on the first Monday of March. The city is divided into five municipal wards, each of which is represented in the common council by any Alderman chosen from the ward together with five Councilors chosen at large. A complete list of the city officials being at present as follows.

Mayor – Robt. (Robert S. Campbell.

Aldermen – 1st Ward, B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior), 2nd Ward, C.D.W. Fullmer, 3rd Ward, W.E. Partington, 4th Ward, T.B. Cardon, 5th Ward, J.Z. Stewart.

Councilors – T.X. Smith, Willard Maughan, L.R. Martineau, Aaron Farr Jr. (Junior), Fred Turner.

Recorder – Wm. (William) E. Bassett.

Treasurer – George Hymers

Assessor and Collector - Geo. (George) T. Benson.

Marshall and Captain of Police – James Adams.

Supervisor of Streets and Watermaster. B.M. Lewis.

Supt. (Superintendent) Water Works – James Adams.

Quarantine Physician – O.C. Ormsby, M.D.

Chief Fire Department – E.M. Curtis.

City Surveyor – Edward Hansen.

Municipal Laws

W.W. Maughan, B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior), J.Z. Stewart.

On Finance

Aaron Farr, Jr. (Junior), T.B. Cardon, Fred Turner.

On Elections

C.D.W. Fullmer, B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior), W.E. Partington.

On Claims

L.R. Martineau, T.X. Smith, W.E. Partington.

Police And City Prison

T.X. Smith, J.Z. Stewart, C.D.W. Fullmer.

Public Grounds, &c (etc.)

J.Z. Stewart, T.B. Cardon, Aaron Farr, Jr. (Junior).

Streets And Alleys

F. Turner, W.W. Maughan, B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior)

Irrigation And Water Works

T.B. Cardon, L.R. Martineau, T.X. Smith.

Railroads, Telegraph & Telephone Lines

B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior), W.W. Maughan, L.R. Martineau.

Engraving And Printing

F. Turner, A. Farr, Jr. (Junior), C.D.W. Fullmer.


W.W. Maughan, J.Z. Stewart, A. Farr, Jr. (Junior).


W.ER. Partington, C.D.W. Fullmer, F. Turner.


T.B. Cardon, L.R. Martineau, W.E. Partington.

Fire Department

B.F. Cummings, Jr. (Junior), A. Farr, Jr. (Junior), T.B. Cardon.

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THE LOGAN LEADER. Published weekly at Logan, Cache County, Utah by Cummings Brothers. B. F. Cummings, Jr., Editor and Business Manager. Subscription Rates: One Year $3.00 Six months 2.00 Three months 1.00 Single copy 10 cents Advertising rates very liberal. The Logan Leader Vol. 3. Logan, Cache County, Utah, Friday, April 7, 1882. No. 31. Job Printing by arrangements recently made with a Salt Lake firm. The Logan Leader is prepared to take orders for every description of Book and Job Printing. At Prices and in a Style guaranteed to give satisfaction. Leave Orders at the Leader Office. B. F. Cummings Jr. Editor and Business Manager.
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THE LOGAN LEADER. Published weekly by the Cummings Brothers, at Logan City, Cache Co., Utah. Logan City, March 14, 1882.

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THE LOGAN LEADER. Logan City, March 31, 1882. This paper is entered at the Post Office at Logan City, Utah, as second class matter. All advertisements and correspondence must be handed in not latter [later] than Wednesday to insure insertion in the issue of the current week.

LOGAN MARKET. Corrected? up till noon This was from information derived from the lending? business houses of the city

Wholesale prices.

Wheat, per bushel, $ .65

Oats, “ 100 lbs., 2.25

Flour, 2.75 to 3.00

Bran, per 100 lbs., .75


Potatoes, per bushel, .75

Eggs, per dozen, .25

Butter, per lb., .15

Wool, .14

LOGAN MEAT MARKET. Reader & Reading, Proprietors. The undersigned, having purchased on December 6th, 1881, of Mr. Edward Newberry, the above establishment, beg leave to announce that they will conduct at the same stand a first class meat market. The choicest cuts of beef, pork, mutton, &c., always on hand. Also game in season. All debts due the former proprietors of the Logan Meat Market are payable to the undersigned. The patronage of the public is cordially solicited. Robert Reeder, William Reading. 14-tf

LUMBER! LUMBER! Now is the time to haul the lumber for the Temple. I wish to announce to all those who have a desire to assist in the goodly work that the roads are now in good condition to the Temple Mill. And as we do not wish to run any risks in being caught in snow slides in the winter it is much desired that the lumber be hauled before the snow storms come. Good warm meals can be had at the mill for teamsters, and stabling and sheds for teams. “Yankee Doodle do it.” Yours in haste, C. O. Card, Supt. Logan, Nov. 21, 1881. 12-tf
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LUNDBERG & GARFF. Door and sash factory. Corner Main and First Streets, Logan. Special inducement given to dealers. All grades of imported lumber, lath and shingles, at competing prices. Planing in all its varieties done with dispatch. Parties desiring to build will find it to their advantage to consult. Correspondence solicited. Estimate furnished. 43-ly

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Lundberg & Garff, Door and Sash Factory. Corner Main and First Street. Logan City Utah. Special inducements Given To Dealers. All Grades Of Imported Lumber, Lath and Shingles at Competing Prices. Planing in all its Varieties done with dispatch. Parties desiring to build will find it to their advantage to consult. Correspondence solicited. Estimates Furnished. Agents For The Celebrated Rubber Roofing.

M (top)

MARK FLETCHER blacksmith. All kinds of jobbing work done to order. Horse, mule, and ox shoeing a specialty. Shop on Fourth Street, one block west of Main, Logan, Utah. 8-3m

MARKS, GOLDSMITH & CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fine Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Boots, Hats, Etc. Cor. [Corner] Main and 4th Sts. [Streets], Old Co-op. [Cooperative] Corner, Ogden City, Utah.
MATHEWS & PETERSEN, Coach, House, Sign and Ornamental Painters, Logan City, Utah. Carriages painted in all styles and on reasonable terms. Graining, Marbling, Staining, Paper Hanging, Calsomining [Calcimining] and Fresco Painting, Etc. Terms to suit the times. All work guaranteed. Shop at Oldsen’s old furniture stand on 2d Street. 47-3m
MEAT, MEAT, MEAT. Having recently become sole proprietor of OUR MEAT MARKET, situated on Third Street, Logan, I respectfully call public attention to the full stock of Beef, Mutton, Veal, Pork, &c., which I shall endeavor to always keep on hand. I will also keep Poultry and Game in season. Sausage a Speciality. Call and see me. Eb. FARN’S. jn20-tf
MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN, wishing to extend their trade in Northern Utah, Southern Idaho and along the lines of the U. & N. R. R. could not do better than advertise in the LEADER. Rates are low and made known on application. B. F. CUMMINGS, Jr. [Junior], Editor and Publisher.

MIDNIGHT THE STALLION Will stand for the season of 1882 at the barn immediately in rear of Goodwin Bros. (Brothers) Store. This horse is of the Black Hawk Morgan Breed And received the Diploma at our last Fair as best Roadster, also second recommendation at the late Exhibition. For further particulars enquire on premises. T.O. Angell, Jr. (Junior) .

MISS ANNIE BROWN is prepared to do all kinds of dressmaking and sewing, at J. H. Brown & Sons, opposite south entrance to Tabernacle Square, Logan, Utah 7-tf
MITCHELL, LEWIS & CO., Racine, Wis., manufacturers of farm and freight wagons. The Mitchell standard platform spring wagon. Also three-spring and four-spring wagons, and side-spring buggies. The Mitchell Wagon is monarch of the road, only the very best stock used in its construction and made by the best wagon mechanics in the world. The spring wagon and buggy department is entirely separate from the farm wagon shops. And for the manufacture of this class of work we have facilities unsurpassed. Send for catalogue and illustrated price list. Mitchell, Lewis & Co., Racine, Wis.

A MODEL MUSIC STORE. In one of the stores in the Hooper & Eldrige block, an imposing structure lately erected on Main street, Salt Lake, the firm of Daynes & Coalter have opened by far the finest display of musical merchandise, ever seen in Utah. The apartment occupied by the firm is large, light, cheery and commodious, and is provided with two magnificent plate glass show windows in which is arranged such a splendid display of musical instruments and goods as irresistably attracts the attention of the passer-by. In one of these windows stands a splendid organ called “the Albion.” The case is of solid black walnut, six feet two inches in height, with handsome extension top and double music post folio of unique design, combining beauty with utility in perfect accord and the entire case and top are finished in superb style. This organ has nine stops, five octaves, and four sets of reeds, and ?? grand organ and knee ??. This splendid instrument is marked $35, a mere fraction of the sum for which instruments no better than this one are usually sold. Entering the store, a counter extends along the left and on the shelves behind the counter the thousand and one articles included in the stock are arranged in appropriate departments. First comes the department of musical books which are so arranged as to show the purchaser at a glance the title cover of the work he wants, a neat and very convenient plan. Next is the sheet music department which contains a very extensive stock, carefully selected to meet the wants of teachers and the general public. The music is placed in neat cases that are a combination of drawer and portfolio. These when in place look like tiers of drawers, and on each is indicated in gold lettering the kind or class of music it contains. Next is a glass case containing artists’ violins that range in price from twenty-five to one hundred dollars. Immediately below the violin case are strings for all kinds of instruments, contained in air tight glass jars, so that their quality is not deteriorated by exposure to the ?? here. The next department consists of a nest of 34 drawers containing fittings for violins, guitars, banjos, accordions, & c.; also fifes, drumsticks, jew-harps, and a countless variety of small articles, samples of each being attached to the outside of the drawer. Above are packages of the same articles in dozens, gross, etc. Next, for a space of twenty feet in length the shelves are tacked with an immense stock of accordions in boxes and above, on the cornice, nearly as many more of these instruments are packed to supply the wholesale trade. Further on, and extending across the rear of the store is a glass show case 14 feet long and 9 feet high, filled with accordions taken out of the boxes for exhibition. This is a splendid display, and includes every variety of make, style and price, from $1.25 up. Returning on the other side of the store is a case of shelves containing violins and guitar cases, and beneath these is a large assortment of piano and organ stools. Next is a glass case, 10 feet long and 8 feet high, filled with the cheaper grades of violins. Next is another glass case of similar dimensions containing guitars, banjos, music folios etc. On the floor is the Sohmer piano, an instrument that is endorsed by the leading artists of the United States and the best musicians of Salt Lake city. Also the Estey, Story & Comb and Sterling organs, the first being an old and well known favorite in Utah. This firm can furnish organs cheaper, quality considered, than they can be purchased elsewhere in this Territory, the sample in their show window being an illustration of this fact. Aside from the departments described are drums, tambourines, violoncellos, and in short everything else in the musical line. This establishment is well worthy of a visit, and we advise our readers to call when they visit Salt Lake. Remember, the place is midway between the Deseret National Bank and Z. C. M. I. The firm will pay special attention to the wants of brass and martial bands and will furnish catalogues and any information to applicants.
THE MONARCH OF THE FIELD. The California Wilcox improved iron harrow! With steel teeth. Strongest and best harrow made, and so acknowledged by all who have used them. No shrinking, swelling, or rotting out. They will last a life-time. Warranted to do better work than can be done with any wood frame harrow on all conditions of soil. The cut represents a harrow frame that is indestructible, made entirely of iron, and ?? together by the teeth passing through malleable iron clamps, and having screw threaded shanks on their upper ends, which bolts the frame work securely together. This mode of constructing a harrow frame dispenses with drilling or punching holes through the bars of the frame, thereby giving greater strength and durability to the frame of the harrow. These harrows are made to any size to suit our customers–either three, four, five or six sections. The cut represents our common size four section harrow. Two good horses handle it easily. What the papers say about it, West. The farmers of San Jose, and Sacramento Valley are elated over the Wilcox Patent Improved Iron Harrow; it certainly supercedes anything ever sold as a harrow heretofore on the Pacific slope, for excellence in work, durability or worth.–Granger Avalanche, Cal. What farmers say about it. East. We, the undersigned farmers of Cedar and Jones counties, Iowa, having used the California Wilcox Patent Improved Iron Harrow the past season, cheerfully recommend it to the farming community as being in every respect the best harrow we ever used, and we have no hesitancy in saying it cannot be surpassed in any of th equalities that go to make a first class implement. J. H. Vanwormer, J. H. Dents, B. A. Belcher, Asa Ballof, Daniel Whitney, Allen Elijah, Jas. Dexter, Alexander Gacrich, H. C. Frink. Manufactured and sold under a recent patent, by A. Wilcox & Co., send for price list to Sidney Stevens, Ogden. All orders will receive prompt attention. Price List. No. 0 is one section for one horse, in cultivating gardens, price $ 9.00. No. 1 has two sections, 30 steel teeth, cuts 6 ft. Used with two light horses. Price, 17.50. No. 2 has three sections 45 steel teeth, cuts 9 ft. Used with two medium horses. Price, 26.00. No. 3 has four sections, 60 teeth, cuts 12 feet. Used with two heavy horses. (Represented in cut.) 34.50. No. 4 has five sections, 75 steel teeth, cuts 15 ft. This is our three horse harrow; can leave off one section and use two horses with the same draft bar. Price, 43.00. No. 5 has six sections, 90 steel teeth, cuts 18 ft. For this size we use four horses abreast, with two draft bars coupled together at the ends. Adapted for large farms. Price, 51.50. Sidney Stevens general agent for Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Eastern Nevada and Western Wyoming. Ogden City, Utah 7-ly

THE MOST POPULAR of all sewing machines is the light-running new home best made simple strong swift sure has no equal is always in order and will last a lifetime surpasses all others. Johnson Clark & Co. 30 Union Sq. New York Chicago Ill. Orange, Mass. For sale by Joseph Daynes, Salt Lake City, Utah.
MRS. A. EDWARDS, Milliner, And dealer in Materials for all kinds of Fancy Needle Work. Straw Hats and Bonnets Cleaned, Dyed, and altered to any shape desired. Feathers Cleaned And Curled. Agent for E.S. Frost Turkish Rug Patterns. Third Street – Logan, Six Doors West Of Z.C.M.I.
MRS. DEMERS has just opened an elegant stock of ladies’ furnishing and fancy dry goods on Third street.
MRS. DEMERS, Ladies’ Furnishing Goods And Fancy Dry Goods. Ladies Underwear, Artificial Flowers, Hosiery, Gloves, Passementerie Trimmings, Infants and Children’s Clothing, Notions, etc. Full line of the above articles always in stock. Store, Third Street, Logan, Three fourths block west of Z.C.M.I.
MRS. I. BURGESS, Family Physician and Obstetrician. Office and residence at Mrs. M. A. Maughan’s residence, Logan, Utah.
MRS. J. BEARBY, M. D., homeopathic physician and surgeon. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Office for the present at Mr. P. Cranny’s residence.
MRS. JAMES, Millinery, Ladies’ Furnishing Goods, Lace Goods, Hosiery, etc., etc. 2-1/2 blocks West of Z.C.M.I., Logan.
MRS. JANE PALMER, MILLINER. All kinds of Millinery and Fancy Goods Constantly on hand. Logan City, Cache Co., Utah.
MRS. LAMOREAUX, milliner, a well selected stock of the latest styles of millinery goods, kept constantly on hand. One door west of People’s Drug Store, Third Street, Logan.


To the citizens of Logan and vicinity: Having had many years practical experience in the Eastern states in the tuning and repairing of Pianos and Organs, I offer my services in that line to the residents of Cache Co. I am a permanent resident of Ogden city and am connected with the – MUSIC TEMPLE – of H. C. Wardleigh, who always keeps on hand the largest and most complete stock of musical merchandise in Utah. He is agent for the celebrated Wilcox & White, Clough & Warren, Palace, Estey, and ?? organs, and he offers to the music loving people of these peaceful mountain vales the ?? plus ultra? Square Grand and Upright Ward ?? pianos, and every one of the most popular items in the East. These he will sell 25 percent lower than any music house in Salt Lake.

I am a thorough tuner and shall visit Logan every 3 months. I am not an itinerant tuner who would ruin your instruments and then leave for parts unknown, but I guarantee all my work and can always be found in Ogden. Those wishing work done can leave ?? with Carl C. Johnson at the Music Store, Main St. I shall be around for 2 or 3 weeks. Respectfully soliciting your patronage. [unreadable line] C. M. ??
N (top)
N. A. Lindquist, dealer in home made and imported furniture! Including cheap, medium and fine qualities. Bed room and parlor sets, bed steads, chairs, cupboards, &c., &c., and a full line of all kinds of household furniture always on hand. Call and see my stock before buying elsewhere. Store Third Street, one door east of Tithing Office. Spring mattresses always on hand and made to order. 26-6nt

N. P. JEPPESEN, dealer in dry goods, groceries, family supplies, boots and shoes, and furnishing goods. Ladies’ shoes and furnishing goods a specialty. Call in the new store, Main Street, on the Island, and examine my stock. 14-tf

THE NEW GROCERY STORE. We hope our patrons are all aware that we have removed to our new store on Main Street, where we are now running in full blast one of the finest grocery establishments in Northern Utah. We are determined not to be undersold in prices, nor excelled in the quality of goods. We have every facility for keeping all perishable articles nice and fresh. Customers can depend upon getting such articles in prime condition. Our patrons will always be treated well, when they deal with us.

We shall wholesale a few fancy groceries and other articles to our line, and will shortly be engaged in a general wholesale grocery business, in connection with our retail department. We will make green groceries a specialty.

Our store rooms are large, commodious and airy, and our sales room is furnished with a nice water fountain. Our establishment will be found attractive and interesting to visitors, and we cordially invite all to call and see us and inspect our goods and prices. The French, German, Danish and English languages spoken at our store.

Ricks Brothers

Logan July 28th, 1882. Al-3t

A NEW lot of Winchester Rifles, cheap, at Z. C. M. I.
THE NEW VICTOR NO. 4, this machine has large arm, loose pulley wheel for winding bobbins and self-setting needle. Light running and noiseless. Every part adjustable! Large self-threading schuttle [shuttle] and all the latest improvements. The cabinet work cannot be beat by any machine in the market. [missing] deal directly with the Factory, and can put sewing machines with five drawers, drop handles, drop leaf and cover, and nickel-plated fly wheel, with all the extras complete, ruffler, tucker and hemmer, for the sum of $50. Bargains made to suit the times. Drop me a postal card if you want a sewing machine, or any repairing done. Extras of all kinds. I am also agent for the Triumph stove-pipe shelf.–Agents wanted. Any kind of sewing machines furnished at bottom prices. Address [address] Robert Pringle, Logan City, Utah, Box 24. ml-10m
THE NEW Woods Enclosed Gear Mower is the Lightest Draft, Stillest Running and Easiest Riding Mower in the World. For Sale by John Gooch, Richmond, Paine & Mattison, Logan.
NEW YORK STORE. Dry Goods, Notions, etc. Main Street, half a block south of the Tabernacle.
THE NEW YORK STORE Has taken the cake for Low Prices On Gents’ Furnishing Goods, Dry Goods, Notions, etc. Main Street, one half block south of Tabernacle.
THE NEW YORK STORE is well supplied with fancy dry goods and notions. Ladies will find it advantageous to inspect.

NEW YORK STORE, Main Street, Logan, Having just opened with a new and complete stock of Staple & Fancy Goods, Notions, Etc., Call your attention to our splendid line of Dress Ginghams, Brocaded And Plain Silk, Lawns, Trimming Satins, Plain and Dotted Pique, Merinos, Plain and Dotted Ecrus, Cashmere, Plain and Dotted Swiss Grenadines, Check Lace, Brocatelles, Victoria Lawn, Alpaca Losere, Tabre Linen And Mohair Plaids, &c. (etc.). Parasols, Fans, Lace Curtains, Embroidered Collars, Corsets, Lace Fichus, Hosiery, Embroidered Fichus, Kid Gloves, Lace, Handkerchiefs and

Ties, Lisle Thread Gloves, Silk Cords and Tassels, Colored Shirts, Embroideries and Lace, Bed Spreads, Ribbons, Buttons, Braids, Silk Fringes, Fancy Soaps and Perfumery, also a nice lot of Ladies’ And Misses Straw Hats, Ladies’ Muslin Underwear, Ladies’ and Children’s Shoes, and Gents’ Furnishing Goods. All of which we are selling at Greatly Reduced Prices. R.M. Wilkinson, Manager.

NO PATENTS, NO PAY. PATENTS obtained for mechanical devices, medical or other compounds, ornamental designs, trademarks and labels. Caveats, assignments, interferences, infringements, and all matters relating to patents, promptly attended to. We make preliminary examinations and furnish opinions as to patentability free of change and all who are interested in new inventions and patents are invited to send for a copy of our “Guide for obtaining patents,” which is sent free to any address, and contains complete instructions how to obtain patents, and other valuable matter. During the past five years we have obtained nearly three thousand patents for American and Foreign inventors, and can give satisfactory references in almost every county in the Union. Address, Louis Bagger & Co., solicitors of patents and attorneys at law, Detroit building, Washington, D. C.

NO. 3 VICTOR. Simplicity simplified! Improvements September, 1878: Notwithstanding the Victor has long been the peer of any sewing machine in the market–a fact supported by a host of volunteer witnesses–we now confidently claim for it great simplicity, a wonderful reduction of friction, and a rare combination of desirable qualities. Its shuttle is a beautiful specimen of mechanism, and takes rank with the highest achievements of inventive genius. Note. We do not lease or consign machines, therefore, have no old ones to patch up and re-varnish for our customers. We sell new machines every time. Send for illustrated circular and prices. Liberal terms to the trade. Don’t buy until you have seen the most elegant, simple and easy running machine in the market. The ever reliable Victor. Victor Sewing Machine Company, Middletown, Conn. Western office, 235 State St., Chicago, Ill. Southern Office, 8 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD.

Caution! Different versions.

NORTH STAR MILLS, Franklin, Idaho. Manufacture and keep in stock Jeans, Linseys, Flannels, Kerseys, Repellants, [Repellents] &c., &c. Stocking Yarn and Blankets are Specialties.

Caution! Different versions.

NORTH STAR MILLS, S. R. Parkinson, Supt, Franklin, Idaho. Manufacture and keep in stock jeans, linseys, flannels, kerseys, doeskins, repellants, &c., &c. Stocking yarn and blankets are specialties. Franklin Co-operative Store, S. R. Parkinson, manager, keeps on hand a large and complete stock of general merchandise, including dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots and shoes, hardware, notions, &c., and every description of family supplies. Furniture, crockery, glassware, paints and oils. Agent for La Belle and Whitewater wagons. Agricultural implements, harness and saddlery. Highest price paid for hides, wool and furs. 1-ly


Conferred upon, tens of thousands of sufferers could originate and maintain the reputation which AYRE’S SARSAPARILLA enjoys. It is a compound of the best vegetable alteratives [alterative], with the Iodides of Potassium and Iron, and is the most effectual of all remedies for scrofulous, mercurial, or blood disorders. Uniformly successful and certain in its remedial effects, it produces rapid and complete cures of Scrofula, Sores, Boils, Humors, Pimples, Eruptions, Skin Diseases and all disorders arising from impurity of the blood. By its invigorating effects it always relieves and often cures Liver Complaints, Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and is a potent renewer of vitality. For purifying the blood it has no equal. It tones up the system, restores and preserves the health, and imparts vigor and energy. For forty years it has been in extensive use, and is to-day the most available medicine for the suffering sick, anywhere. For sale by all dealers. 39-ly

NOW IS THE TIME – To get a bottle of that justly celebrated remedy for Colds and Coughs. BROWN’S COUGH BALSAM. Try it and you’ll use no other. 11-ly

NOW IS THE TIME to see that your roof gutters and conducting pipes are in proper trim. Try E. M. Curtis for repairs or new ones.
NOW that house cleaning time has arrived the “question of the hour” is where I can get wallpaper. Try the Book Store. You can get suited there.

NO.[NUMBER] 3 VICTOR. Simplicity simplified! Improvements September, 1878: Notwithstanding the Victor has long been the peer of any sewing machine in the market–a fact supported by a host of volunteer witnesses–we now confidently claim for it great simplicity, a wonderful reduction of friction, and a rare combination of desirable qualities. Its shuttle is a beautiful specimen of mechanism, and takes rank with the highest achievements of inventive genius. Note. We do not lease or consign machines, therefore, have no old ones to patch up and re-varnish for our customers. We sell new machines every time. Send for illustrated circular and prices. Liberal terms to the trade. Don’t buy until you have seen the most elegant, simple and easy running machine in the market. The ever reliable Victor. Victor Sewing Machine Company, Middletown, Conn. Western office, 235 State St., Chicago, Ill. Southern Office, 8 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD.

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