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O. C. ORMSBY. B. F. Riter. Pioneer Drug Store. Logan City, Utah Ormsby & Riter. (Successors to O. C. Ormsby) wholesale and retail dealers in drugs, medicimes [medicines], chemicals; dye stuffs, perfumeries, toilet articles and all line of goods pertaining to a first-class drug business, including paints, oils, varnishes, putty, and painters’ articles. We keep a complete and choice stock of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and smokers’ articles. We are amply prepared to supply the wholesale and retail trade with all of the above lines. Investigate our stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere. The Pioneer Drug Store will remain open at all times, night and day.
O. L. ELIASON, dealer in Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, 142 Main St., Salt Lake City. Special attention given to repairs. All work warranted. 18-ly

THE OGDEN HERALD. The Ogden Daily Herald will cost you only $8.00 per annum, post paid, $4.00 for 6 months or $2.00 for three months. It is printed in time to reach Logan on the evening of issue, hence, from it subscribers can get the latest telegraph news, at least eight hours sooner than from any other paper. It is printed in clean, new type, and contains, besides latest telegraphic news, well-written editorials on current topics, spicy local news, correspondence and special telegrams from all parts of the Territory. Send your address for a specimen copy. The semi-weekly Herald is issued every Wednesday and Saturday and contains over 27 columns of reading matter in each issue. It is in all respects a fine family newspaper. Send $3.50 by money order or registered letter and get it for one year, $1.75, 6 months, and 90 cents for three months. Sample copies free to any address. Job week done in first class style and on short notice. All letters and orders receive prompt attention. E. H. Anderson, manager. Address: Herald Publ. Co., Ogden, Utah. The Ogden Herald.

ORANGES, ORANGES, first two car loads of the season just received in Salt Lake City by G. F. Culmer. Send in your orders at $4.50 per box.
OSBORNE HARVESTING MACHINERY. (Printed both sides of illustration sideways) The Best. (Illustration of a Farmer Harvesting). Farrell & Barber, Have just received a large supply of the celebrated Osborne Wire And Twine Self Binders. Also the Combined Mower and Dropper. Also The Number Five And Seven Independent Mowers. The Celebrated Coats Look Leaver Horse Hay Rake. Purchasers are invited to call and inspect these Machines at George Barber & Son’s Store, Corner Main and Second Streets, Logan, Utah. For terms apply to George Barber & Son, Logan or to George L. Farrell, Smithfield. .
OUR MEAT MARKET has on hand every morning a good supply of fresh meat and being carried on the interest of the Logan Temple, should be well patronized. Third St., bet. [between] Main and Washington Logan City, Utah.
OUR TYPE Was Made By Central Type Foundry, St. (Saint) Louis, Mo. (Missouri) With their Justly Celebrated Copper Alloy! (Illustration of Copper Coins) Type Metal. Warranted to be far more durable than any other type made. It is used exclusively by all the St. (Saint) Louis daily papers. Republican, Globe Democrat, Post-Dispatch, Anzeiger, Westlieke Post, Amerika, and by the largest newspaper, book and job offices in he West. Address all orders to Central Type Foundry, J.A. St. (Saint) John, Treasurer, 115 N. (North) Third St. (Street), St. (Saint) Louis, Mo. (Missouri).
OVER 500,000 Charter oak stoves have been made and sold in the last thirty years.

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PAINE & MATTISON, agents for Mitchell farm and spring wagons warranted first-class. Paine & Mattison, agents for Woods enclosed Geer Mowers. Woods twine self binding harvestors. Made by Walter A. Woods. Paine & Mattison, agents for Peerless combined mowers, droppers and self-rakes. Two cutter-bars. Light, strong, durable. Paine & Mattison, agents for Gale chilled plow, Gale horse hay rakes. Paine & Mattison, agents for Albion spring tooth harrow, broad cast seeder and corn and potato cultivator combined. Paine & Mattison, also carry a fine stock of harrows, cultivators, and the best farming implements. We have in stock the celebrated California concord harness, warranted all oak tanned. Send for catalogue and prices. Warerooms, Third St., Logan. Paine & Mattison.

PAINE & MATTISON have a big stock of wagons of all kinds and harvesting machinery on hand. Give them a call.
PAINE & MATTISON, Wholesale and Retail dealers in and General Agents for Mitchel Farm, Freight & Spring Wagons. Walter A. Wood’s Harvesting Machinery. Peerless Mowers, Droppers and Self Rakes. Massillon Threshers, Farm Engines ands Saw Mills. Hay Rakes, Plows, Cultivators, etc. Albion Combined Harrow and Broadcast Seeder. Sole Agents For Our Celebrated California Concord Harness. Main Street - Logan, Utah.
PATENTS. F. H. Lehmann, solicitor of American and Foreign patents, Washington, D. C. All business connected with patents, whether before the Patent Office or the Courts, promptly attended to. No charge made unless a patent is secured. Send for circular.
PATENTS FOR INVENTORS. S. W. Anderson. J. C. Smith. Anderson & Smith attorneys-at-law, no. 700 Seventh St., Washington, D. C. No fee for preliminary examination. No fee unless patent is allowed. Fees less than any other responsible agency. Books of information sent free of charge. References furnished upon receipt.
PATENTS We continue to act as solicitors for patents, caveats, trade marks, copyrights, etc. for the United States, Canada, Cuba, England, France, Germany, etc. We have had thirty-five years’ experience. Patents obtained through us are ?? in the Scientific American. This large and splendid illustrated weekly paper $3.20 a year, shows the interest of science, is very interesting, and has an enormous circulation. Address Munn & Co., patent solicitors, pub’s of Scientific American, 37 Park Row, New York. Handbook about Patents free.

PEERLESS. We have just received Twenty-Two Peerless Combined Mowers and Droppers and Self Rakes. Two Cutter Bars and Three Knives with each machine; also Peerless Single Reapers and Mowers; all warranted to do the best work and which we will sell at Ogden or Salt Lake prices. Paine & Mattison.

PHOTOGRAPHY! David Lewis, From Liverpool, England, has opened one of the finest Photographic Galleries in Utah Territory, situated on Second Street, opposite Logan House. Only First Class Work Issued. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Enlarging, Copying, Coloring. And everything in connection with Photography done in the best style. Card Photographs, $3.00 Per Doz. (Dozen), Cabinets, $5.00 Per Doz. (Dozen). Other Work at Proportionate Prices. .
PICTURES TAKEN in every style. Old Pictures Copied And Enlarged As well and cheap as anywhere else, and Satisfaction Guaranteed At The Cardon Art Gallery. Splendid assortment of Card Boards, Wools, Mottos, Photo and Matte Frames, Albums, Fishing Tackle, Glass, Canvasses, etc. One-half Block West of Z. C. M. I. Corner.

PILES! PILES! PILES! A sure cure found at last no one need suffer! A sure cure for blind, bleeding, itching and ulcerated piles has been discovered by Dr. William, (an Indian remedy) call Dr. William’s Indian Ointment. A single box has cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or 30 years standing. No one need suffer five minutes after applying this wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions, instruments and electuaries do more harm than good. William’s Ointment ?? the tumors, allays the intense itching, (particularly at night after getting warm in bed) acts as a poultice, gives instant and painless relief, and is prepared only for piles, itching of the private parts, and for nothing else. Read what the Hon. J. M. ?? of Cleveland says about Dr. William’s Indian Pile Ointment: I have used scores of Pile Cures, and it affords me pleasure to say that I have never found anything which gave such immediate and permanent relief as Dr. William’s Indian Ointment. For sale by all druggists or mailed on receipt of price, $1.00. Henry & Co., Prop’rs. Cleveland, O. ??, Pitts & Co., Salt Lake, wholesale agents. 2-ly

PORTRAITS, BIOGRAPHY AND VIEWS. Portraits of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, can be purchased at John Crookston’s, one door south of Hon. [Honorable] Wm. [William] B. Preston’s, or at Sheriff Alvin Crockett’s. Prices: solid walnut frames $3.25; shell walnut, $3.00. Also at the same place, Biography of the late President Garfield. Prices, Morocco, $??; cloth, $1.50. Also Views of Salt Lake City, 50 cts. [cents], each, and indelible ink, first quality, for marking linen &c., 10 cts. [cents] pr. [per] bottle. 2t
PUMPS! PUMPS! David James is prepared to furnish all kinds of Rumsey’s force & lift pumps, iron pipe and fittings. Water pipes laid to order–Agent for the ?? iron roofing. All orders for any of the above left with ?? ?? at the Temple. [unreadable] Logan, will receive group ??

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RAILROAD MEAT MARKET Farnes & Thain, proprietors. First Street, near the Depot. We propose to serve our customers with the nicest and freshest of steaks, cuts and meats of all kinds at the lowest prices, and we invite customers to give us a call.
REDUCTION IN PRICES! $100,000 worth of merchandise, including dry goods, groceries boots and shoes, men’s clothing and furnishing goods, and family supplies. Will be sold positively at only 5 per cent above eastern cost! at P. A. Nielsen’s Store, Main Street, Logan, Utah.

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S. F. BALLIF & CO., First door west of Logan Hall, retail dealers in general groceries, foreign and domestic fruits. Make a specialty of Choice teas. Family trade solicited.

S. W. DARKE. WM. FULLER S. W. Darke & Co., and office attorney’s. Next door to Jennings’ Store, Salt Lake City, Utah. Land claims, mineral patents, patents for inventions and all legal business promptly attended to. The best facilities for making collections, either local or foreign. 9-tf

SEVERIN J. JEPPESON, Harness Maker. Board of Trade Building, Main Street, Logan. All kinds of Harness Made To Order And kept in stock. Saddles, Whips, Collars, Hobbles, Nose Sacks, &c (etc.), &c (etc), always on hand or made to order.
SHADE TREES. GEORGE Barber & Sons are agents for the shade trees grown in W. F. Rigby’s nursery, Newton, and will keep on hand at their premises in Logan, Honey Locust, Box Elder and other varieties of trees of a suitable age for setting out. Prices seasonable. ?? tf
SIDNEY STEVENS’ depot is headquarters for machinery at Ogden.
$66 [Sixty-six dollars] a week in your own town. $5 Outfit free. No risk. Everything new. No capital required. We will furnish you everything. Many are making fortunes. Ladies make as much as men, and boys and girls make great pay. Reader, if you want a business at which you can make great pay all the time you work, write for particulars to H. HALLET & Co., Portland, Maine.

SKIN DISEASES CURED by Dr. Frazier’s magic ointment. Cures as if by magic pimples, black heads or grubs, blotches and eruptions on the face, leaving the skin clear, healthy and beautiful. Also cures itch, barber’s itch, salt rheum, ??, ringworm ?? head, chapped hands, sore nipples, sore lips, old, obstinate ulcers and sores, &c. Skin disease. F. Drake, Esq., Cleveland, O., suffered beyond all description from a skin disease which a period on his hands, head and face, and nearly destroyed his eyes. The most careful doctoring failed to help him and after all had failed he used Dr. Frazier’s Magic Ointment and was cured in a few applications. The best and only positive cure for skin diseases ever discovered. Sent by mail on receipt of price, fifty cents. Henry & Co., sole propr’s Cleveland, O. For blind, bleeding, itching or ulcerated piles Dr. William’s Indian Pile Ointment is a sure cure. Price $1.00, by mail. For sale by druggists ??, ?? Co., Salt Lake, wholesale agents. 9-ly

SMITHFIELD Manufacturing & Mercantile Institution. This institution manufactures a great variety of leather goods including the following lines: mens’ boots and shoes, light, medium and heavy, fine calf skin boots and shoes; ladies’ and children’s shoes in great variety. Harness made and repaired, home made cloths of all kinds; doors and sash, lumber, shingles and lath are specialties. Highest price paid for hides, felts and wool. Orders for any of the above taken by F. R. Miles, Supt., Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah, or by James Meikle, traveling agent.
SOLOMON’S PROVERBS A wise man will hear and will increase learning. Incline thine ear unto wisdom and apply thine heart to understanding. With all thy getting get understanding. Hear counsel and receive instruction that thou mayst be wise. One of the best ways to carry out the above counsel is to read good books, of which you will find a good supply at the Book Store.
SPORTSMEN! When you want anything in the line of guns, pistols, ammunition, or sporting goods, write to Browning Brothers, Main Street, Ogden, wholesale and retail dealers and manufacturers. They are the only exclusive gun dealers in the country and will give you lower prices and better goods than any one else. 11-tf
STANFORD HOUSE! Carpets and Oil Cloths. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Dry Goods and Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Carpets, Etc. Groceries, Glassware, Queensware and Hardware. JOSEPH STANFORD, Proprietor. Corner Main and Fourth Streets, Ogden, Utah. Orders along the line of the Utah & Northern Railroad promptly filled. Staple and Fancy Glassware. 20-ly

STOVES! E.M. Curtis Is Daily Expecting A Car Load Of Cook, Heating, and Parlor Stoves, Also A Lot Of The Celebrated Warwick Ranges. All of which have selected especially for this market. Be sure you see the new stove Zion, before purchasing any other. Stoves and Prices are sure to suit. I have also a large stock of Tinware, Stove Pipe, Elbows, Roof Cans, And Stove Pipe Safes Constantly On Hand. Gutters And Conducting Pipes Made on Short Notice. Orders from points on the line of the Railroad will receive prompt attention. E.M. Curtis, Adjoining Hammond’s Book Store, Main Street, Logan, Utah.

STOVES, HARDWARE & GUNS. We invite public attention to the justly celebrated “Bismarck” ranges, “Emporium” and “Maud’s” cook stoves. Warranted for coal or wood, to give satisfaction. Our heating stoves consist of the “New Aldin,” a handsome parlor cook; the “Clipper,” a perfect fireside stove, the “Silvio, a fine self feed parlor stove, the “Echo,” a large bedroom stove (coal or wood); the “Puck,” a splendid store or office stove. The above lines of stoves we sell at wholesale or retail at lowest possible rates. Our hardware department includes builder’s hardware in great variety. Table and pocket cutlery, lamps, and kitchen ware. Guns, pistols, ammunition and hunters’ hardware. Orders filled with care and dispatch. L. D. Wilson & Co., Main Street, Ogden, Utah. 9-6m
STOVES. STOVES. E. M. Curtis, has just received a choice lot of coo, heating and parlor stoves, also a lot of the celebrated Warwick ranges; all of which have been selected especially for this market. Be sure you see the new stove Zion, before purchasing any other. Stoves and prices are sure to suit. I have also a large stock of tinware, stove pipe elbows, roof cans, and stove pipe safes constantly on hand. Gutters and conducting pipes made on short notice. Orders form points on the line of the railroad will receive present attention. E. M. Curtis, adjoining Hammond’s Book Store, Main Street, Logan, Utah. 6-7m
STUDEBAKER BROS. (Brothers) Mfg. (Manufacturing) Co. (Company), South Bend, Indiana. (Illustration of a wagon). Central Branch House at Salt Lake City, Utah Carries A Large And Assorted Stock Of All Styles Of Carriages, Buggies, Farm, Freight And Spring Wagons. Zion’s Board Of Trade, Logan City Are Agents for the Great Wagon Company, and Receive Their Stock Direct From The Factory In Car Loads.

Style 2 – Square 7-1/3 Octaves Price $600. (ILLUSTRATION OF PIANO) Large size, rosewood case, with round corners, carved leg and lyre over strung scale with iron frame, patent Agraile throughout, Length 6 feet 9 inches, width 3 ft. (feet) 4 inches.

Style 3 - Square, 7-1/3 Octaves. (ILLUSTRATION OF PIANO) Price $700. Rosewood case, square grand scale, front rounded corners, extra large size handsome serpentine molding on case and plinth, richly engraved lyre, overstrung bass, full front frame, patent Agraile throughout. Length 5 ft. (feet) 9 in. (inches), width 3 ft. (feet) 4 in. (inches).
Style 4 – Upright 7-1/2 Octaves. (ILLUSTRATION OF PIANO) Price $800. Rosewood case, overstrung bass and three string in treble, French grand action, richly carved legs and fretwork panels. Length, 4 feet 10 in. (inches); height 4 feet. The same piano can be had in Ebonized case at same price. This beautiful instrument is especially adapted for small rooms and is the neatest, most compact and powerful 7-1/2 octave Upright Piano, in medium sized case, ever presented to the public.
Style 5. Upright 7-1/2 Octaves, (ILLUSTRATION OF PIANO) Price $650. Rosewood case, fancy panels with French walnut veneers, overstrung bass, three strings in treble, French grand action, richly carved legs. Length 5 feet 2 inches, height 4 feet, 4 inches.
SUBSCRIBE FOR YOUR COUNTY PAPER. The LOGAN LEADER contains full reports of all home news and matters of local interest to the people of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, and a digest of the important news of the world. It is interesting, lively, spicy, and progressive. Subscribe for it. Terms $3 per year. B. F. CUMMINGS, Jr. [Junior], Editor and Publisher.

SUNNY SLOPE SMALL FRUIT FARM. Spring catalogue and pamphlet now ready. Send for it. Free to all. Superb stock of Strawberry plants grown in and adapted to Colorado & Territories. Wonderful ??? strawberries. Three ??? premiums on Strawberries awarded us at State Horticultural Fair, June 1881. Plants worth double those grown east. Choice varieties of hardy Raspberries, Gooseberries, ???, Grapes. Prices reasonable. Stock sent by mail or express. Correspondences solicited. CRAWFORD & CHASE, Colorado Springs, Col. [Colorado]. 24-lm

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$10 [TEN DOLLAR] OUTFIT furnished free, with full instructions for conducting the most probable business that anyone can engage in. The business is so easy to learn, and our instructions are no simple and plain, that any one can make great profits from the very start. No one can fail who is willing to work. Women are as successful as men. Boys and girls can earn large sums. Many have made at the business over one hundred dollars in a single week. Nothing like it ever known before. All who engage are surprised at the ease and rapidity with which they are able to make money. You can engage in this business during your spare time at great profit. You do not have to invest capital in it. We take all the risk. Those who need ready money, should write to us at once. All furnished free. Address True & Co., Augusta, Maine. 23-ly
TRY THE CELEBRATED Studebaker! Zion’s Board of Trade, F. Turner, Supt., General Agent for Cache County. Sub Agencies at Franklin, Wellsville and Hyrum.
THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR PAINE & MATTISON, who will shortly open in their ware rooms on Third Street, Logan, the Finest Stock of Mitchell Farm and Spring Wagons, Mowers, Reapers, Plows, Hay Rakes, Threshers, Engines, and General Stock of Farm Implements ever seen in Cache County.

$25 [TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS] TO $50 PER DAY! can easily be made by using the celebrated Victor well auger and rock boring machinery. In any part of the country. We mean it, and are prepared to demonstrate the fact. They are operated by either man, horse or steam power, and bore very rapid. They range in size from 8 inch to 4 ½ feet in diameter, and will bore to any required depth. They will bore successfully and satisfactorily in all kinds of earth, soft sand and limestone, bituminous stone coal, Slate, hard pan gravel, lava builders’ serpentine and conglomerate rock, and guaranteed to make the very best of wells in quick sand. The are light running, simple in construction, easily operated, durable, and acknowledged as the best and most practical machine extant. They are endorsed by some of the highest state officials. We contract for prospecting for coal, gold, silver, coal oil and all kinds of minerals. Also for sinking artesian wells and coal shafts, &c. We also furnish engines, boilers, wind mills, hydraulic rams, horse powers, brick machines, mining tools, portable forges, rock drills, and machinery of all kinds. Good active Agents wanted in every country in the world. Address, Western Machinery Supply Depot, 511 Walnut Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, U. S. A. State in what paper you saw this. 46-ly

THE TYPE from which this edition is printed is from the Central Type Foundry, St. Louis.
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U. O. FOUNDRY, machine & wagon manufacturing company, Logan, Cache County, Utah, manufacture saw & shingle mills, feed cutters, horse powers, wood turning, lathes, brass and iron castings, etc., etc. Horseshoeing a specialty. Farmers, blacksmiths and others will find it to their advantage to call on us, as we have on hand, Coal, Iron, Bolts, Clevices, agent for the Bain Wagon. Oliver chilled and Maine plows, Champion mowers and Pitt’s threshers, etc. Special attention given to repairs in Blacksmith, machine and wagon departments. Joseph Wilson, manager, B. M. Lewis, President. J. E. Carlisle, secretary. 24_ly
UNION PACIFIC RAIL’D. Utah & Northern Division. On and after Aug. 17, 1881. Northward. 6:30 p.m. 9:10 p.m. 10:15 p.m. 2:00 a.m. 2:55 a.m. 5:00 a.m. 7:50 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:25 p.m. 4:20 p.m. 6:20 p.m. Station. Ogden. Brigham. Logan. Franklin. Arimo. Blackfoot. Eagle Rock. Beaver Canyon. Spring Hill. Dillon. Melrose. Southward. 8:00 a.m. 6:55 a.m. 5:20 a.m. 3:05 a.m. 12:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 2:25 p.m. 1:35 p.m. 10:10 a.m. 8:45 a.m. A freight train leaves Ogden daily for Melrose at 1:00 a.m. giving daylight rides through Cache Valley, and regular freight train arrives daily at Ogden at 4:30 p.m. from Melrose. Geo. W. Thatcher, Supt.

UNITED ORDER OF Hyrum. Manufacturers of and dealers in lumber, lath, shingles, etc. Flooring, rustic, mouldings doors, sash, scantling, pickets, posts, etc. Correspondence solicited, and parties who contemplate building, would do well to first consult us. We are prepared to fill bills for white or red pine lumber. We are prepared, at our planing mills, to do all kinds of planing and wood turning on short notice. At our store we keep full lines of all kinds of merchandise. Dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, clothing, etc. O. N. Liljenquist, president. James Unsworth, secretary and business manager. 44-ly

THE UNIVERSAL VERDICT is that Brown’s Pepsin Tonic cures dyspepsia. For sale by Ormsby & Riter Logan.
THE UTAH JOURNAL. Semi-weekly newspaper, published every Tuesday & Friday evening. The Journal represents the best interests of Logan City, Cache County and the inhabitants of Utah in general. A live, independent progressive, reliable newspaper, presenting ??? reviews of the day, truthful and spicy. Local reports, latest telegraphic information, correspondence from home and abroad and from all points of interest in Utah. Interesting Tabernacle services, educational notes, scientific miscellany, humorous anecdotes, gems of thought, agricultural items, market reports, well selected miscellaneous reading for young and old, &c., &c., &c.. The best advertising medium in this region. ??? application at office. Subscribe! Subscribe for the Journal and show it to your friends.

One Year, (postpaid) $3.50

Six months, 2.00

Three months, 1.00

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VISITORS TO SALT LAKE would act wisely to call at H. Dinwoodey’s, and look over his handsome stock of carpets, furniture and upholstery goods.

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W. A. CROCKETT, bill poster! Logan City, Utah. 7-tf
W. A. CROCKET, is the authorized Bill Poster for Logan. A1-lt
W. G. BURTON announces that he is prepared to supply “the staff of life, cakes and general confectionery on terms of “live and let live.”
W. H. OLSTEN, Ph G M. D., surgeon and physician, Richmond, Utah 5-tf

W. H. STEVENS, jobber and dealer in tobacco, cigars, pipes, & smoker’s articles gun, rifles, pistols, and ammunition. Fine assortment of fishing tackle. A good line of smoker’s articles and meersham goods. Fifth Street, Ogden. 8 5m

W. S. NORCROSS, M.D. HOMOEOPATHIC Physician & Surgeon, Office Logan House, Logan City, Utah. Special attention paid to diseases of women and children.
WALL PAPER! A Large Stock! A Large Stock! New Designs, Low Prices: At The Bookstore. My Stock of Stationary Is complete and includes everything needed in the Office or School Room. Good Stock! Prices Low! Blank Books, Pocket Books, Memorandum Books, Photograph Albums, Autograph Albums, in endless varieties At The Bookstore. I Have a Large Stock of Standard & Miscellaneous Books, Which I am selling as cheap as they can be bought anywhere in this territory. Illustrated Bibles at Reduced Prices. For the Spring Trade I have a full stock of Croquets, Marbles, Archery. I Sell Everything Cheap. J.T. Hammond. .
Caution different versions! This version before 1882-07-07

THE WALTER A. WOOD Twine Binder is an entirely distinct and different type of machine from all others. No other manufacturer has the right to make it. Over 4,000 sold in 1880 and over 10,000 in 1881. Sample machines on exhibition and for sale by James Gooch, Richmond, Paine & Mattison, Logan.

Caution different versions! This version in 1882-07-07

WALTER A. WOODS, Twine Self Binder and New Enclosed Gear Mowers, The Best in the World. (Illustration of farm equipment). Mitchell Farm & Spring Wagons, Peerless Combined Reaper and Mower, Russell & Co. (Company) Massillon Threshers, California Concord Harness, Repairs Always On Hand For The Above Goods. Paine & Mattison. Warerooms, Third St. (Street), Logan. (Illustration of farm equipment).

Wanted. A good girl to do housework in a small family. Address, J.H. Ringo, Eagle Rock, Idaho.

WANTED AND OFFERED. Under this head we will insert advertisements not exceeding five inches in length, for 25 cents each insertion. Every additional line 5 cents.

WANTED. One Hundred Woodchoppers, to cut Ties on Weber River and its branches, for U.P.R.R. For contracts and particulars inquire of E. R. Young, Sen. [Senior], Wanship, Summit Co. 17-tf
WHEN YOU WANT your fire-arms repaired, or desire to purchase ammunition or other sporting goods, you may rely upon John Ash doing the fair thing.
WM. DRIVER & SON Ogden, Utah, wholesale dealers in drugs, paints, machine oils, wines & liquors orders by mail will receive prompt attention. 7-5m
Wm. (William) H. Behle, M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Office, at residence, 2d (nd) Street, first door east of Presbyterian Church. Consultations free. Calls promptly attended to day and night. Logan Utah.
WM. RESOR & CO’S celebrated cook and heating stoves are worthy of attention. They can be found at Z.C.M.I.
WM. (WILLIAM) RESOR & CO’S (Company’s) Celebrated Stoves Without Exception the most Durable and Perfect Stoves Made. Cook, Champion Monitor, Monitor, Champion And Normal. Heaters. Lilly, Windsor, Pearl, Ivy, Ruby, Charm-Parlor Cook. Mystic, Crown And Other Well Known Styles. – Thousands in Daily Use in the Territory. Sold by Zion’s Co-op (Co-operative) Mercantile Inst’n (Institution), Logan City, Utah.

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Z.C.M.I. carry the only complete stock of clothing in cache Valley. We are now offering bargains in order to make room for our fal purchases. al-tf
Z.C.M.I. has the best SOAP in the market. Buy some while it is CHEAP.
Z.C.M.I. Have just opened a full line of Children’s and Youth’s Ready-Made Clothing. Our purchases of Spring Goods are now arriving daily. Highest Market Price paid in cash for Wheat & Other Kinds of Grain. Aaron Farr, Manager.

Z. C. M. I. (At four corners of ad). Logan Branch, Importers And Wholesale and Retail dealers in all kinds of Merchandise. Highest Market Price Paid For Wheat, Oats, Butter, Eggs, And Other Produce. All Orders by Mail Promptly Filled. Aaron Farr, Manager.
Careful! Different versions

ZION’S BOARD OF TRADE have just received some fo the finest and best wagons ever brought to Utah. Parties thinking of purchasing wagons will do well to call and examine. 11 tf

Careful! Different versions

ZION’S BOARD OF TRADE Logan City, Cache Co., Utah. Agent for the improved Studebaker Farm & Spring Wagons, buggies and carriages, Buckeye machines, Furst and Bradley plows, harrows and cultivators; South Bend chilled plows, keystone and Furst & Bradley hay rakes. Also dealers in iron, steel, bolts. All kinds of Hardwood and Wagon Material farm and freight fixtures. Examine prices before purchasing elsewhere Fred Turner, Superintendent.

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