Newsletter: Autumn term October 2013

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Newsletter: Autumn term October 2013


Welcome to the Little Acorns newsletter. This brings you the latest news and views from the staff and committee as well as updates on planned activities. We hope you can spare a few minutes to read the information provided below and assist where possible in ensuring the ongoing success of Little Acorns.
Staff Update
What have the children been up to?
This term the children have been creating natural collage and lots of different types of art work.

They have also had fun planting up the wooden boxes in the gardening area with winter pansies.

The new block play area is getting a lot of use at the end of the deck and the children have been outside as much as possible in the ever popular sand pit.

Some of the artwork will be made into Christmas cards which you can buy by sending the form back you should have found in your child’s hanging file. The children have also been drawing themselves for the Christmas tea towel, so look out for those in November.

You may have noticed our large map on the back wall and we are trying to include many different projects linked to the children’s home background. So if you would like to share a song in a different language or a special craft you think the children would enjoy, then please let a member of the team know.

Other information from staff

Lots of children’s outer clothing does not have a name in it, which makes it difficult returning lost items.

If you need labels we have a form in the reception area you can order them on or please mark items clearly with a black permanent marker.

Story bags with a book, toy and a game are available to borrow from the stand out-side the office for two weeks at a time. Popular titles include Winnie the witch, the Gruffalo and Ringo the flamingo, plus many more.

We are running some Literacy sessions in Starlings on a Tuesday afternoon from 2.00p.m -3.00p.m during October and November. If this is something you would like to attend with your child then speak to Emily, Jo or Rachel.

Committee Update

What have the committee been up to?
Little Acorns is a registered charity and our committee is run by parent volunteers. The committee meets once each half term (6 times a year) and works closely with Rachel to run the pre-school and manage events.
We hope that you all had a good summer and getting back into the swing of a new school term.
Thank you to all those who contributed to the “leavers donations”, the money raised from these donations totalled over £300.

Committee members
Amy Goodall-Smith, Rachel Barlow and Laura Bell have generously volunteered to become Event Co-ordinators to help organize Little Acorn’s fundraising activities and Rebecca Salter has volunteered to become Chair person.
The committee does have a vacancy for a Vice Chair. if you like to join us in this role then please speak to Rebecca Salter or Rachel. Joining the committee is also a great way of becoming involved with your child’s pre-school.
Starling Centre Update
Little Acorns is currently not able to provide extra sessions for children in the Starlings Centre. We are, however awaiting a decision from Wokingham Borough Council regarding the availability of the Starling Centre in the future. Depending on the outcome of this decision we will seek parental interest / requirement for extra sessions.


Fundraising is a very important part of the committee’s work to help maintain Little Acorns’ current level of activities. Money raised through fundraising activities currently pays for new toys and technology, building maintenance, MAD sessions, coaches for school trips and parties etc. Continued fund raising efforts and parental support is, therefore, very much required and appreciated to help maintain this high level of support.

If you feel you could volunteer to assist with fundraising efforts or events, please contact Rachel,
Web Fundraising
Please use spendandraise the link can be found on our website and link below. This is a very effective method for raising money for the pre-school. If parents click through the web shop when ordering goods online, you can help the pre-school raise valuable funds from the retailers’ commission.
Abel and Cole

Please don’t forget to buy your fruit and veg from Abel and Cole - purchases contribute to our fundraising. Orders can be placed via the website or by letting Rachel know the week before a bag is required.

This term we are offering parents a basics bag. This contains potatoes, carrots and onions and is available for £5.
Community News:
School News
Colleton school car park is being resurfaced this week, followed by the fitting of internal and external fences. Hopefully, normal access around the School will be resumed shortly.
Further Information:

Winter fleece £14.50.

Sweatshirts £10.00

Polos £9

All in stock now!
Free Advertising

Do you have anything you would like to sell, and, donate the proceeds to Little Acorns? If so, you are welcome to advertise the details in the next edition of this Newsletter. Please contact Rachel, for more details.

Parking in and around pre-school
For those of you that drive to school to drop off or collect children please can we ask that you consider carefully where you park on the surrounding roads – Colleton Drive, Verey Close and Broad Hinton. Always be aware of resident’s driveways and access to their homes and also avoid blocking the pavements used by young children. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Have we missed anything? If you have any ideas regarding content that you would like to see included in this Newsletter, please let us know via the Suggestion Box.

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