Night letters story notes

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  1. How do you think Lily figured out what happened to the rock? She probably saw a spider with drops of water on it.

  2. How does Lily get the ideas for night letters? She gets the ideas from the things she sees and imagines while walking around in her backyard.

  3. What do you think Lily will probably do tomorrow night? She will probably visit her backyard friends and write more night letters.

  4. You can tell this story probably took place in the summer because of the fireflies.

  5. The author probably wrote this story to tell how a young girl enjoys nature in her backyard.

  6. Lily can best be described as a little girl who knows a lot about the outdoors.

  7. Lily is a curious little girl.

  8. The author uses letters to tell parts of the story from different points of view.

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