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vii The notebooks imply that the substance of the Universal Field, where all data is stored, consists of the nuclei of quarks and leptons linked into patterns that circle the perimeters of our universe. However, on another page he wrote that he may have got this wrong. According to Rainer, the Universal Field existed before the Big Bang. In current scientific thought, whatever occurred during the first two seconds of the Big Bang, and of course before this, remains at the stage of conjecture.

In relation to the available scientific theories, it is easier to clarify what Rainer’s Universal Field is not:

1. It has nothing to do with a cosmic ‘string’, which is a localised theory in astronomy applied to certain areas of galaxies.
2. It is not flying ionised gas, which recombines with electrons to form atoms that fall into destined structures in accordance with the accepted theory of the behaviour of gaseous matter. It is neither gas nor plasma, the Universal Field being sub-atomic and far looser and more diffuse.

3. It is not the Bose-Einstein condensate, although it comes close to this. Rainer used the words ‘congeal’ and ‘gelatinous substance’ to describe the process that occurs when the Universal Field forms sub-Fields such as the Earth’s. The Bose-Einstein condensate is a state of matter close to absolute zero, highly compact and almost inert. It is an association of sub-atomic particles, called bosons, sharing a common quantum-mechanical wave function that changes an atom’s identity and makes it into a super-atom. The B-E condensate remains, in fact, a substate of gas. Some of this substance was created with rubidium atoms at the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Boulder, Colorado, in 1995. I assume that Rainer’s postulate must apply to even smaller quantities within sub-atomic particles.

4. Schrödinger’s theory of “standing waves” comes closest to Rainer’s Universal Field. This theory hypothesises that electrons are not objects revolving round the nucleus of atoms like planets round the Sun (as Niels Bohr’s model of the atom suggests), but fixed patterns of standing waves like those that emanate from a plucked guitar string. If similar sets of relationships exist in vibrational patterns inside the nucleus of quarks, then perhaps this analogy is Rainer’s reality. So far, however, the nucleus of quarks is under research.
I assume it is possible that the energy linking points of psychic reference, as in the hypothetical example of a mother sensing her child’s condition on the far side of the universe, could be the equivalent of the wave-like activity hiding within the nuclei of sub-atomic particles such as quarks.
Rainer wrote in his notebooks: “Read that Murray Gell-Mann, who named the quark, sees accident as the key to life’s story because he is not aware of psi Fields. If he ever discovers the vibratory laws within the nuclei of quarks, leptons, bosons, he will have found the primal conscious centre of the universe.” (Dated June 1984.)
There is also a possible association with the theory of spin as mentioned in Endnote 2.

viii As a vivid analogy for the process of moving to greater mass through the Fields, Rainer had copied out information on magnetotactic anaerobic bacteria that float in the atmosphere along the Earth’s magnetic field while waiting to be pulled down into denser forms.

ix The notebooks offer more information on the process of moving from the Universal Field (UF) to the Earth Field and to Life-Lines (LLs) on Earth (all quotes written between 1968 and 1974):

“All informational ingredients needed for all activated life in the universe are contained within the UF. They express themselves over billions of years throughout the Big Bang universe through condensates, in a hierarchy of more sophisticated and more powerful energy packets beginning with sub-atomic particles, building up to atomic structures, and then to molecules with the complex motors of phosphoric acid and carbohydrate needed for DNA.”

Rainer called the Earth Field variously:
“a deposition zone, an activation vector, a data processor, which is constantly activating LLs for incarnation on earth”
“a cathedral of computational architecture where atomic formulae are racked and zipped into regular, repetitive patterns, cogent structures”
“a place where all composite designs are marching in lockstep with each other, whereas in the UF they are stored at an informational stage”.
He also wrote after a psi visit of his own to the Earth Field: “It was like seeing pieces of a clock being drawn up in their relevant positions to be sent to Earth, where they come together and get switched on at Earth time and at Earth speed”.

x I found some remarks in Rainer’s notebooks on his ideas about reincarnation. From these I came to the conclusion after leaving Mozambique that there was no demotion in Rainer’s cosmology, no getting sent back for bad behaviour as a rodent or whatever. Lack of insightful progression simply got one stuck in the same developmental groove each lifetime. This explained a lot about Rainer’s need to feel upwardly mobile as a being. It helped me understand the seeds of his anxiety and of his arrogance. He certainly felt very stuck in his groove.

I also gathered by reading between the lines that the Zeegans isolate Gurrs (Lower Zeegans) simply because their behaviour is dangerous to the general status quo and well-being within their domains. They do not do it out of cruelty as Rainer wanted me to believe. They are evidently waiting for other beings in the universe, like Gurrs and humans, to evolve.


xi I also told Rainer that I often got goose flesh when I walked past the crocodile statue in my London flat and asked him if he knew how to stop it haunting me. He told me to exorcise it by submerging it in water for as long as I thought necessary and to let it dry before dowsing it with a good oil.

One night I dutifully plunged the statue into a full bath of water. Streams of bubbles poured out of the porous wood with such intensity that I found myself holding the statue underwater until the early hours of the morning when the outpouring at last subsided. I diligently let the wood dry for several days, then covered it in linseed oil.

“And then you must cherish it,” Rainer had told me. “Keep it always in a bright spot.”

“What do you mean?” I had asked. “Cherish” was not a word I had heard him use before.

The question had caused a flitter of uncertainty to trouble his gaze. “Just look after it, that’s all,” he said. “By ignoring it, you will give it back its power.”

Soon after the exorcism my stomach cramps eased and, after a few weeks, stopped altogether. Today, the statue sits in my flat in a bright, sunny spot.

xii Extracts on evolution from Rainer’s notebooks, written between 1970 and 1974:
“Earth scientists approach evolution from the wrong direction – from the Big Bang expanding through a series of chain reactions created by chance using environment, diversity and natural selection. This is incorrect. There is no chance involved, since the UF [Universal Field] existed before the Big Bang which was the first moment of construction based on its two-digit plan for a new enclosed system. Consequently, life is being pulled up from the bottom towards the full realisation of the plan. Apply this vantage point to the laws of nature and you get a very different conception of how evolution works: through diversity and environment, the Fields select what they need for achieving their final objective.”
“Genes are not fortuitously pushed through into generations to come by environment and natural selection, they are pulled through by the UF using such devices as its tools.”
“The UF did not favour giraffes which by chance had longer necks, it created an environment that enabled longer-necked giraffes to survive.”
“Trees are designed to reach for light. Forest trees will strive to get taller forever – there is no limit in their eyes to tallness. What stops them is the UF which provides an environment to control them.”
“The inhabited planets are full of genes/organisms that have successfully come up the ages. This success is measured by the Fields, the only arbitrator of what shall win.”
“Utility is defined by the UF.”

“Environment as a tool for evolution is not limited to one planet. Organisms will re-animate anywhere in the universe that provides suitable conditions – thus I went to Zeega, where Gurrs and certain more evolved humans also find expression. However, entities tend to re-emerge as near as possible to the location they are used to, unless that location has been eradicated or damaged. Although Gurrs overlap with earthlings, Gurrs will tend to be reborn on Zeega, and earthlings on earth.”

The following note by Rainer is one of the best illustrations I found on his evolutionary theory:
“Evolutionary directives from the Fields can be compared with the way genes suddenly switch on to carry out a task for the development of a body. In the constant climb up the ladder, genes that produce mutation will be switched on by the Fields when they approach the conformation level of a higher form. All organisms are designed to keep searching for the formulae for better growth and better survival, until the next conformation threshold is reached, whereupon the gene directives for new structures will automatically switch on. The organism that is chosen to be switched on is simply the one whose adaptations have coincided with the plan’s stratified requirements. Those that do not get switched on remain as they are through further re-activations until their time has come. My plot seeks a conformation moment.”
I found three further notes on Rainer’s theories of evolution scribbled on scraps of paper:
“Nature must be seen as a single dynamic process split into many parts – the parts contribute to the growth struggle of the whole. In this sense everything is constantly struggling to become the highest ultimate form. All aspects of nature from the Big Bang onwards are currently in existence somewhere in the universe. Neanderthals still exist on certain planets of the Zeegan supergalaxy. There is no extinction within a holistic universe – no mutations are lost. Variety of species is the method of development used by the Fields.” (Dated May 2, 1978.)

xiii Extracts from Rainer’s notebooks on consciousness, written between 1970 and 1974:

“Consciousness within a bigger brain is a tool for the guidance of growth. It is a more significant tool in the history of life than environment or natural selection. Those superior beings who can think about coping with their surroundings and, through psi, can acquire a far greater scope of reference, are those who will complete the final plan. My big issue is this: they will always be humbled by polarity in our enclosed system. Success could only be achieved by access to another enclosed system outside our cosmos where polarity does not exist as a primary power law.”

“Consciousness cannot travel beyond the geography of the intergalactic circle of our Big Bang universe. This constitutes a normal barrier.”
“Higher consciousness combines the evolutionary process of increasingly sophisticated combinations of particles and eventually of genes, with the memory of homo sapiens sapiens, which contains sufficient space for this accumulated history as well as the ability to access it through higher sensitivity (psi) and penetrating analysis (reason).”
“Consciousness about being conscious is a functional attribute like any other … like photosynthesis in plants. But as it is the most powerful tool given to activated forms, it increases the potential for development in a spectacular fashion. It is like giving the genes an electric shock. Give me a strong conscious flash and I will leap ahead – because the leaps for superior beings derive from the expansion of conscious awareness. The slow plod of evolution ends in the Second Kingdom.”
“Every organism has a job to do: a mayfly lives for a few hours to find a mate then dies; Zeegans, and even humanoids, are designed with the impulse and capacity to discover the dictates of their Life-Line, and try to bring them to fruition. In doing so, their job becomes the conscious search for their future.”

xiv Extracts from Rainer’s notebooks relevant to astrology, written between 1970 and 1974:

(Rainer’s abbreviations: LL [Life-Line], SLL [Specific Life-Line, which is the individual], GLL [General Life-Line, which is the species].)
“I try to see my LL like a molecular clock in which the programme for when genes get switched on to do a new task is monitored by gradients of chemicals all set to go off at the right time. The universe is a giant molecular clock, and I am a cell within it awaiting my time.”

“Life is one event split into many bits across space-time ...”

“All LLs are obliged to seize the moment of their activation ...”
“There are plants that synchronise blossoming with the pattern of movement of the insects pollinating them ... The universe is a symphony of interconnected pulsations ... Every unit of energy has a frequency … We reap and sow according to nature’s time plan, and thus we are born and we die.” (Written on June 22, 1971.)
“Many years and long periods may pass before the right parents arrive at the right place and time to accommodate an SLL’s make-up. The moment of conception is tied in with the moment of birth which has been foreseen – the two have to be in harmony, or the SLL will not activate or else will abort.”
“The SLL is fired into the foetus when cosmic vibrations line them up like the barrel of a gun.”
“The moment of conformation between an LL and its receptacle is the moment of a specific sexual conception. The moment, place and parentage involved are chosen by the LL. Then comes the second phase of reincarnation: the place of birth which will provide the LL with the national, social, historical and environmental conditions best suited for its physical sojourn. This is foreseen before conception because it must co-ordinate as best it can with the LL’s requirements. But if the place of birth proves to be inadequate, the LL’s foetus will not survive.”
“Conception occurs at the conjunction of mutually harmonious oscillations.” (Elsewhere he also described this as “resonant empathy” and “biomagnetic resonance”.)
“A set of combining genes call out to the Universal Field – this unique call is heard by a Life-Line which has been waiting for it, and it activates immediately.”

“I found this phrase in a poem: ‘a soul calling out’. Beautiful way of saying how an SLL vibrates as it waits for rebirth in the Fields, so that it will connect with the equivalent suitable vibration in an embryo, then manifest within it.”

“Conception is both the SLL and GLL coming into reactivation.”


xv Extracts from Rainer’s notebooks relevant to dreams (all dated 1972):
“Every process, including dreams, contains a reflection of the overall map of the Fields.”
“I act out the dreams within me.”
“Individual actions are a reflection of the drives of the Fields expressed through dreams.”
“What you do in daily life and what you dream are substantially the same.”
“What is happening to the planets and stars is happening to your dreams is happening to you.”
“In dreams an association of symbolic people, creatures, incidents, objects, locations, shapes, textures, taken together paint a complete picture of the dreamer’s SLL [Specific Life Line] and the dreamer’s GLL [General Life Line] as well of the principles of the Fields.”

xvi The dictionary definition of miracle throws light on Rainer’s adamant denial of such: “In theology, an event or effect that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, especially to an act of God. (L. miraculum, from mirari, to wonder at, from mirus, wonderful).” Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.

In the healing interview Rainer had explained that real-unreal, natural-supernatural, God-devil are nothing but a fiction born of ignorance. To categorise transmaterialisation as a miracle would be to fail to appreciate Rainer’s claim that his powers merely jigged along natural processes.

I found a reference in the notebooks to an experiment of transmaterialisation that Rainer attempted with certain carbon polymers. He describes taking a CH2-CH2 carbon to hydrogen skeletal repeat structure and replacing it with a CH-CH structure. This would transform a plastic insulator into a conductive polymeric metal. It happens all the time in chemical engineering. I found no indication in his notes as to whether he pulled this off. If he had done so, I can imagine Rainer telling me, “Plastic to metal, there’s God doing a miracle for you!”


 Rainer wrote: “With four electrons in its outer shell, carbon has a high valence power, making it unique in its ability to form bonds. It can make the strongest bonds in the universe, linking easily with itself or with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus or sulphur. It can make double or triple bonds, opening up limitless combinations for the creation of carbon molecules. A powerful generator of LLs.”


There are just over 100 chemical elements in the Periodic Table, listed in 18 basic columns. In the language of Rainer’s cosmology, the chemistry of atoms would partially be described as follows:

Each element is a separate Life-Line with its own unique properties and patterns of behaviour. Life-Lines find a precise scientific definition in the Periodic Table where the Life-Line of each element is identified by the number of electrons in its shells and by how many shells it has (the number of electrons and shells are a column’s shared traits). For example: Element Number One, hydrogen, only has one electron in the outer shell; Element Number Two, helium, is allowed two electrons in its outer shell, and so this becomes a new Life-Line; Number Three, lithium, has two in an inner shell and one in its outer shell, so once again we have a new Life-Line.

Each element behaves as a type, just as individual human beings do, with a defined set of character traits.

The elements in the vertical columns share traits as does a family or a tribe or an ethnic group. For example the first column contains elements – hydrogen, lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, francium – with only one electron in the outer shell, a common trait that immediately gives rise to a shared pattern of behaviour. This behaviour pattern will, in turn, dictate which elements can form bonds together in order to create compounds (more complex units in the ladder of evolution).

Each time a bond is made a new functional unit (a new Life-Line) is created.

Rainer made several written references to “the marvellous logic” of the elements. He refers to “the web of compounds that runs everywhere through the Life-Lines” and also to “the connective secret of the elements that reveals so clearly the simple logic of the building of the universe in accordance with the primordial evolutionary plan”.

In the notebooks he often laments his inability to keep track of this logic, and he complains of “getting lost in nature’s maze, losing the greater pattern by getting swamped by millions of units and sub-units”.

To further illustrate this dilemma he uses the example of a swarm of bees: “Bees can only be understood as a swarm. The whole hive works on a few simple digital units – one queen-unit and some worker-units with specific functions. So the reproductive product is not one bee, but the swarm. The hive must be taken as a single organism that grows, reproduces and dies.” (June 3, 1979.)

But elsewhere he laments, “It is hard to define a function if I get lost in the bits.”

At one point he almost adopts a tone of religious awe when he writes: “Where can I find the directive that put iron into blood, calcium into bones, oxygen into the atmosphere?” (August 22, 1977.)

xix DNA: the names of the four units in genes that make up all organic activates: A,T,C, G are the letters for adenine, thymine, cytosine, guanine. This is the genetic code and it is identical in all plants, microbes and animals – sixty-four triplets of a four-letter alphabet.

Extracts from Rainer’s notebooks on DNA:

Quote from his university days, dated August 1967: “The Fields direct organisms through these DNA distribution boxes (he’s referring to the sixty-four triplets of DNA’s four-letter alphabet). Millions of cells make an organism; in each cell is a plan for the construction of the whole organism. Millions of species evolve as they get pulled up towards the final plan, all searching for the way ahead, all struggling to fulfil the goal of the Universal Field.”
Rainer also wrote about the mutation of DNA during its history. Initially driven by the urge to replicate itself sexually for the survival of the species, he claimed this was no longer its primary desire. “Sex alone can no longer satisfy the mutant molecule. It wants something more. And this ‘more’ is an equally obsessive guiding principle – the fulfilment of the final plan of the Fields.” (No date.)
He noted also that DNA attained its maximum power in the Second Kingdom with the development of psi in homo sapiens sapiens and Gurrs. “DNA has been pushing its activates, permutation after permutation for millions of years, towards a single target – the power of psi … No computer will ever match the power of expanded consciousness through the highest power of psi.” (No date.)

The concept of ingenious guiding principles working through simple mechanical formulae, so central to Rainer’s cosmology, is well illustrated by Richard Dawkins in his book River out of Eden. Dawkins provides some examples of the tiny changes needed to create new forms: “The ‘paragraph’ in our genes describing the protein called cytochrome ‘c’ is 339 letters long. Twelve-letter changes separate human cytochrome ‘c’ from the cytochrome ‘c’ of horses, our rather distant cousins. Only one cytochrome ‘c’ letter change separates humans from monkeys (our fairly close cousins) and three-letter changes separate horses from pigs (their somewhat more distant cousins).” Page 42, River out of Eden.

Dawkins also explains the coherence of evolution through DNA as follows: “All the organs and limbs of animals; the roots, leaves and flowers of plants; all eyes and brains and minds, and even fears and hopes, are the tools by which successful DNA sequences lever themselves into the future. The tools themselves are almost infinitely variable, but the recipes for building those tools are, by contrast, ludicrously uniform. Just permutations of A,T,C and G.” Page 150, River out of Eden.

xx Extracts from Rainer’s notebooks relevant to the coded principles hidden within nature:
“From the basic two in the Big Bang, come the four = four DNA proteins, fourfold archetypal patterns, four seasons, four periods of lifetime, four elements in astrology, four directions, four suits in the Tarot ...”
“I have obtained the Chinese system of divination, the I Ching, The Book Of Changes. It reduces the fundamental units in astrology from four (earth, fire, air, water) to two, which makes it the best guide by getting down to the contrapuntal dynamic of the Fields. Two digits are used in a system of trigrams and hexagrams to provide a guide to the wave patterns of Life-Lines.” (Dated December 11, 1981.)
Rainer made several confused references to Jung in his notebooks. He was fascinated by Jung’s types because they fitted in with the astrological correlations of energy cycles. He also admired the mathematical way in which Jung strove to pin down behavioural patterns and guidelines within psychology.

Many of Jung’s ideas reflect Rainer’s cosmological approach on coded principles. Looking for order and typology in nature, Jung divided the psyche into two types, extraverted and introverted, influenced by the interplay of four functions: thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Jung suggested that these categories emanated from the archetypes that underlie and find expression through the psyche. In his structure of the psyche, within the division of conscious and unconscious minds, Jung also developed the “persona” in the conscious mind as a tool for coping with the exterior world, compensated for by a soul-image in the unconscious – the “animus” for women, and the “anima” for men.

xxi Further extracts from Rainer’s files relevant to astrology, and also to certain methods of divination (all written between 1970 and 1974):

(Rainer’s abbreviations: UF (Universal Field), LL (Life-Line), SLL (Specific Life-Line), and GLL (General Life-Line).
“When one thing moves, everything moves ... astrology is a science of correlating movements.”
“Rhythms within the relationship of the atoms = rhythms within the relationship of stars = rhythms in the relationship of organisms.”
“Pick a map of associations – the Tarot, or tea leaves – it makes no difference to the psi searcher who is able to tune in to the broad patterns of transformation, and make the connections and the relevant associations.”
“We attract forces according to our behaviour pattern, and they attract us.”
“The Fields express themselves through extensive reflexes: the reflex that activates Mozart is one expression, pushing up a tree in the forest is another.”
“Both a child’s upbringing and environment are executives of the Fields in the development of an SLL.”
“Any given section of time is ruled by a combination of principles passing through all sub-Field Systems as resonances. Demographic history – like the individual – is subject to resonant guidance.”
“Every section of space-time undergoes activities that are commensurate with its evolutionary status. This means the environment of an LL must correspond to the functional capacity of the LL. The tendencies within an LL will contact the corresponding tendencies in a suitable environment.”
Genetic parallel with astrology:

“Cells receive new and more complex signals as new tissues move within their protein-signalling range … Cells destined to form a foot send messages to neighbouring cells directing them to switch on genes that will enable them to shape the bones they need in their journey to becoming a foot. Such a process is repeated in the astrological associations of cosmic movements and Life-Line trajectories. Once tissues begin to cycle through the embryo they fall under the sway of new influences which are germane to the embryo’s space-time conjunct, and in this manner its fate is guided by the UF. These influences run through every event throughout the Big-Bang universe that is running in parallel with the embryo’s activated life span from conception to death.” (August 1970.)

“As the plant is found in the seed, so the time-place equation of an SLL is found in every cell in its body. An SLL has a given pattern of unfoldment with a given set of problems to encounter during activation. Behind each problem lies the sign/signal leading to the discovery of its potential solution.” (March 1971.)
“All behaviour patterns are quantified by embodied historical experiences within the planet of activation (the local history) as well as in the cosmos (the greater history).” (March 1971.)

xxii Some further thoughts after I left Mozambique:

What I call the Care Principle as a self-regulating genetic reflex has been labelled “the altruistic gene” by certain biologists of evolution, in counterpoint to Richard Dawkins’s famous catch phrase “the selfish gene”. The genetic strategy for altruism involves building associations of genes that code for reciprocal altruism, thereby increasing their representation in the gene pool at the expense of other genes in order to ensure the survival and welfare of the species.

Common to a great number of organic forms of life (ref. Rainer’s account of the “sacrifice” of the First Polar Body in the womb), the phenotypic trait of reciprocal altruism is still underdeveloped as a guiding principle for the human race. However, according to Rainer, expanding consciousness in the Second Kingdom is in the process of refining its genetic configuration and expanding its active prominence, until the stage is reached – as in Zeega today – where full consciousness among Upper Zeegans of the First Kingdom has ensured that the preference for kin selection extends to embracing all living organisms as kin.

The development of the genetic strategy for altruism puts an end to thousands of years of attempting to impose morality by rational means through laws, ideologies, philosophies and religious doctrines.

A summary of my thoughts regarding the phenomenon of the triangle of light:
The final instructions contained in the Universal Field’s blueprint, as expressed by the event of the triangle, announced that a third force exists as a connective principle.

This third force achieves two things simultaneously: firstly, it unites all beings through a neurophysiological reflex of higher consciousness known as the Care Principle; and secondly, on the level of physics, it succeeds in containing the dualistic structure of energy.

Scientifically, this does not imply that polarity disappears as a cosmic activity, but that it is contained within the greater whole. It indicates a contrapuntal universe, or a universe that has attained a steady state.

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