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Nintendo Presents

FAQ by Cat333Pokémon (Scott Cheney)

1 Table Of Contents

1 Table Of Contents

2 Introduction

3 How To Play

3a Controls

3b Party Mode

3c Story Mode

4 Spaces

5 Board Events

6 Items

7 Mini-Games

7a 4-player Mini-Games

7b 2 Versus 2 Mini-Games

7c 3 Versus 1 Mini Games

7d Battle Mini-Games

7e Bowser Mini-Games

7f Story Mini-Games

7g Et Cetera Mini-Games

7h Mini Mini-Games

8 Extra Room/Extra Room Mini-Games

9 Present Room

10 Tips/Secrets

11 Last 5 Turns

12 Legal

2 Introduction

This FAQ explains pretty much how to beat this game. There is just one last note: This game is VERY long. Make sure that you have a lot of time if you wish to beat it.

3 How To Play

This game is basically a board game. You move around a giant board in hopes to become the Party Star. To do that, you must get the most stars by the end of the game. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Those stars are sometimes behind obstacles and will cost you twenty coins apiece (with the exception of the Last Five Turns Roulette stopping on Free Stars).

Usually players that played any of the past games—Mario Party, Mario Party 2, or Mario Party 3—may have little to no trouble. New things since include: the Mini/Mega system, fifty new Mini-Games, the Extra Room, the Present Room, new items, and, of course, new boards.

3a Controls
The controls are simple:

Pressing Start/Pause, A, B, Y, and X will reset the game as if you pressed the Reset button on the GameCube.

File Select:

Choose A

Back B

Select Control Stick

Copy Menu Y

Erase Menu X


Hit Die A

Use Item B

Map Z

Taunt L

View Board R

Pause Start/Pause

Mini-Game Menu

Begin Start/Pause

Page R

Practice Z

3b Party Mode

The Party Mode is a free-for-all with selectable rules and up to four players.

- Players: 0-4 Humans

Menu shows one to amount of controllers inserted, but in-game setting allow 0-4, even with one controller.

- Characters: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and DK

- Maps: Goomba’s Greedy Gala (1), Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam (1), Toad’s Midway Madness(1), Boo’s Haunted Bash (2), Koopa’s Seaside Soiree (2), and Bowser’s Gnarly Party (3) (Only after unlocked from Party Mode) The number in parenthesis is the difficulty level.

- Teams: Battle Royal (None), 2 vs. 2 (Teams combine stars, no 3 vs. 1 Mini-Games, and 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games are always set to selected teams)

- Turns: 10-50 (Multiples of 5)

- Mini-Games: All, Easy, Custom

- Bonuses: On (Hidden Blocks and Bonus Stars), Off

- Handicap: 1-9 per player


- Dice Block: Use to move (1-10).

- Spaces: See “4 Spaces”

- Events: See “5 Board Events”

- Stars: See “5 Board Events”

- Junctions: Select a path to move with the Control Stick. Press A to choose. Some paths disappear, in which cannot be crossed. On these junctions, that direction is eliminated.


When you use a Mega Mushroom or a Super Mega Mushroom, your character will increase in size.

The Pros

You get to hit two dice blocks. Doubles give you 10 coins. Double 7’s give you 30.

* If Super Mega, you get to hit three. Triples give you 30 coins. Triple 7’s give you 50.

Every player you pass must fork over 10 coins. If they have less, take them all.

You can battle Bowser when passing in a Bowser Mini-Game. You forfeit half your coins if you lose.
The Cons

Unfortunately, you miss all board events and also stars.


When you use a Mini Mushroom or a Super Mini Mushroom, your character will decrease in size.
The Pros

Pipes can be passed through to access special areas.

All Mini Mini-Games can be played.

The dice block will roll only 1-5.

* If Super Mini, you get to hit two. Doubles give you 10 coins.

When you pass Bowser, you forfeit all your coins.

*All Mini or Mega effects are eliminated when you stop or pass a Sparky Sticker.

3c Story Mode
Story Mode is almost the same as Party Mode with a few exceptions:


- Players: 1

- Characters: Same

- Level: Easy, Normal, Hard, Auto (The more you play, the harder it gets)

- Mini-Games: Same

- Maps: Same except Bowser’s Gnarly Party is always last.

- Teams: Always Battle Royal

- Turns: Always 15

- Bonuses: Always On

- Handicap: Always Off

After A Board Map

After completing a Board Map, a story Mini-Game will begin against the guide character. See “7f Story Mini-Games” for more details. If you win, you gain a Present. If you lose, you can try again for free. You can view the Presents in the Present Room.

How Long Is This Game

There are 8 Characters, 6 Maps, 48 Story Presents, 48 Parties, and 720 turns. One turn takes about 2-3 minutes, one 15-turn Party takes 30-45 minutes, and 48 Parties take 24-36 hours. If you stop to do anything, it’ll take longer.

4 Spaces
There are 8 different spaces. Each one is on every map.
Blue Space – You get 3 coins if you land on it. A Hidden Block may appear if Bonuses are on.

Red Space – You lose 3 coins if you land on it.

Happening Space – An event based on the map occurs when landing on it.

Warp Space – You will warp to another player’s space by landing on it.

Mushroom Space – You will get a random Mushroom when you land on it. See below.
Battle Space – A 4-player battle game will start when anyone lands on it. See below.
Bowser Space – See below.
Fortune Space – A fortune game begins if a player lands on it. See below.

In-Depth Descriptions

- Mushroom Space – A little and a big box will appear. The size has no effect. A Mini or Mega Mushroom appears randomly when you choose.

- Bowser Space – One of two things will happen when someone lands on it. Baby Bowser will steal some coins from the landing person or everyone. Alternatively, Bowser will do one of three things. Bowser will give you a Bowser Suit, have a Bowser Revolution (evens everyone’s coins), or starts one of three Mini-Games: Fruits of Doom, Balloon of Doom, or Darts of Doom.

- Fortune Space – The Fortune Game is pinball with one rule: someone will get lucky. The landing player shoots a ball into one of four slots, each with a character’s face. Round two is also shooting a ball into one of three slots, each with one of the other character’s faces. Round three is shooting a ball into slots marked with stars and coins. What happens? Do the math! If there are not enough coins or stars to pass, then all of them are given.

- Battle Space – A roulette with 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 coins on it appears. Each player puts in the amount of coins chosen. If there aren’t enough coins, oh well! See “7d Battle Mini-Games.”

5 Board Events

When you pass , a Board Event occurs. These don’t count as spaces.

Item Shop

This shop sells items for many needs during the game. See “6 Items” for what is sold. There are four ways you can’t enter: you have less than fives coins, you already have three items, you are Mega, or it is the last turn. You also can’t buy the Bowser Suit.

Lottery Shop

This shop gives you a lottery ticket on your first visit for later, which is completely random. You can always participate for 5 coins. There are two games. One of them has you choose a ticket to scratch off. The other has you turn a wheel and it will give you a colored ball. The outcomes and prizes are the same for both games. If you scratch “1” or get a yellow ball, you win first prize (100 Coins). If you scratch “2” or get a red ball, you win second prize (30 Coins). If you scratch “3’ or get a blue ball, you win third prize (Super Mini Mushroom or Super Mega Mushroom). If you scratch “TRY AGAIN” or get a white ball, you win no prize.
Boo House

Boo will steal coins or stars for you here. However, it isn’t free.


Coins: 5 Coins

Star: 50 Coins

Also note that Boo might not steal any coins if whoever is getting robbed presses A enough.


The stars are on every board in a random spot. These stars cost 20 coins each. No deposit, no return! Sometimes you need to use a Mini Mushroom to access the star.

6 Items

Over the duration of the game, you can obtain various useful items that are even more useful if used at the right time. Remember, you can only hold three items.

Mini Mushroom – Use this to become Mini for a turn. The dice block only reads 1-5, but you can go through pipes and play Mini Mini-Games.

Mega Mushroom – Use this to become Mega for a turn. You hit two dice blocks, but you

miss Board Events and stars.

Super Mini Mushroom – Use this to become Mini for a turn. You hit two dice blocks, but they still only read 1-5. You can go through pipes and play Mini Mini-Games.

Super Mega Mushroom – Use this to become Mega for a turn. You hit three dice blocks, but you miss Boards Events and stars.

Mini-Mega Hammer – Use this to cause a chosen opponent to become randomly Mini or Mega next turn.

Warp Pipe – Use this to switch places with a randomly chosen opponent.

Swap Card – Use this to switch all items with a randomly chosen opponent.
Sparky Sticker – Use this to cause anyone that lands on this space to lose 10 coins and any mushroom effects.

Gaddlight – This prevents Boo from stealing coins or a star from you. You can use it once.

Chomp Call – Use this to have Chomp move the star’s location.
Bowser Suit – Use this to turn into Bowser for one turn. You miss all Board Events and stars, but you can take 30 coins from each player you pass. You only get one dice block.

Boo’s Crystal Ball – Use this to call Boo, no matter where you are. The prices are the same.

Magic Lamp – Use this to have the Genie move you to the star. The star is still 20 coins.
Item Bag – When you buy this item, three random items come out, except the Bowser Suit. For the best deal, buy this when you have no items.
Item Prices/Where To Find Them

Price Item Location

5 Mini Mushroom Shops/Item Bag/Mushroom Spaces/Mini Mini-Games

5 Mega Mushroom Shops/Item Bag/Mushroom Spaces/Mini Mini-Games

15 Super Mini Mushroom Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games/Lottery

15 Super Mega Mushroom Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games/Lottery

10 Mini-Mega Hammer Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

10 Warp Pipe Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

15 Swap Card Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

15 Sparky Sticker Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

15 Gaddlight Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

15 Chomp Call Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

0 Bowser Suit Bowser

25 Boo’s Crystal Ball Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

30 Magic Lamp Shops/Item Bag/Mini Mini-Games

30 Item Bag Shops/Mini Mini-Games

7 Mini-Games
The Mini-Games are the foundation of this game. With 50 to unlock, you’ll be sure to have fun instantly! The Mini-Games are listed in alphabetical order.


Instructions (Text Drop)

Controls (Text Drop)

Advice (Text Drop)

Advice 2 (My Tips) (May be omitted)

7b 4-Player Mini-Games

Game Rules: Don't get swallowed by the avalanche behind you! Ski down the mountain and avoid the obstacles too!


Control Stick: Turn

A: Use Poles for Speed

Advice: If you don't use your poles, you'll slow down. Watch out for the walls and boulders as you speed down the hill.

Advice 2: If you are in front of a ramp, pressing A repeatedly gives you a longer jump.
Bob-omb Breakers

Game Rules: Connect three like shapes to make them disappear. Remember, you can also play in other people's areas. First one to 100 pts. wins.


Control Stick: Move Blocks

A: Rotate Clockwise

B: Rotate Counterclockwise

Y/X: Flip Over

Advice: Bob-ombs explode when surrounded by blocks. You get more points for combos. Make sure to play in your opponents' areas!


Game Rules: Avoid getting flattened by the pages! Find a hole in the falling page and position yourself so you fit through to the next page!


Control Stick: Move

Advice: Look for shadows in the falling page to find the passage to the next page.

Advice 2: Also, look at the next page when one is falling. If you see a shape and another shape or text within, obviously, there’s a hole.


Game Rules: Press the switch repeatedly to set up your Whomp dominoes.


A: Tap the Switch

Advice: Press A as fast as you can for ten seconds.

Advice 2: Press A when you see “START.”

Long Claw of the Law

Game Rules: Catch the character shown in the wanted poster three times to win.


R: Rotate Right

L: Rotate Left

Control Stick: Move Up and Down

A: Catch Character

Advice: The wanted character is hidden behind a door. When you can't find him, either wait for a door to open or look at another door.

Advice 2: Don’t just keep pressing A! Some characters look identical so don’t get mixed up!
Manta Rings

Game Rules: Dive through the rings while swimming in the ocean. Each ring is worth one point. If any enemies hit you, you'll lose points.


Control Stick: Move

A: Press Repeatedly to Go Forward

Advice: The gold Manta rings are worth three points, so try to grab as many gold ones as you can!

Advice 2: Don’t let all of the other characters just keep nabbing the rings nor allow them to pass by. Find areas with large groups of rings.
Mario Medley

Game Rules: Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Crawl. You must do a 25-meter lap of each different stroke to win this race.


B + A (simultaneously): Breaststroke

L + R (alternatively): Backstroke

B + A (alternatively): Crawl

Advice: If you swim too hard, you'll get tired, so watch your heart meter carefully!

Mario Speedwagons

Game Rules: Time to race on the speedway! Step on the gas when the light turns green!


R: Accelerate

A: Change Gears (When your meter starts blinking, it's time to shift gears.)

Advice: You can hit the gas a little before the green light for a good start. If you overdo it, you will spin out and ruin your start.

Advice 2: Don’t change gears too early or you will slow down.

Mr. Blizzard's Brigade

Game Rules: Run on this frozen pond while avoiding the snowballs thrown by the Blizzards.


Control Stick: Move

Advice: Move right before the Blizzards throw their snowballs. They'll stop moving just before they throw.
Paratrooper Plunge

Game Rules: This is a coin-collecting bonus game! If you run into enemies four times, you're out.


Control Stick: Move

Advice: Move around while you're falling to get the most coins and avoid all the enemies.

Advice 2: The gold bags will give you five coins.

Photo Finish

Game Rules: Please finish this photo puzzle. You can only drop a piece in its proper place, so you'll know when you've found the correct spot.


L/R: Rotate a Piece

Control Stick: Move a Piece

A: Drop a Piece

Advice: Focus on the picture, so that you remember which way the pieces face.

Advice 2: Practice this game a lot before playing, so that you remember where the pieces go.

Slime Time

Game Rules: Escape from the slime! Be the first person to reach the middle platform to win!


A: Press Quickly to Escape

Advice: If you don't go fast enough, you'll be pulled back into the Big Slime, so don't give up until you're done.
Stamp Out!

Game Rules: Try to stamp as much of your color as possible. If everyone stamps less than 5% of the field, it's a tie!


Control Stick: Change Direction

A: Jump

Advice: Holding A longer allows you to jump farther. Experiment to find a pattern that works for you.

Take a Breather

Game Rules: Take a deep breath and see who can stay underwater the longest.


L/R: Press Alternatively to Inhale

Advice: Inhale lots of air by pressing L/R alternatively until the time is up. Keep pressing L/R until then!

Advice 2: When you see “START,” start pressing!

Three Throw

Game Rules: Try to make the most shots into the moving baskets.


A: Jump

B: Shoot

Advice: The middle baskets are worth two points, the bottom worth one. Shoot after the high point of a jump to make it in the middle row.

Advice 2: Don’t waste time trying to throw the ball into an already occupied hoop.
Toad's Quick Draw

Game Rules: When Toad raises the flag, you have to find the balloon that's the same color and shoot it.


Control Stick: Move Crosshairs

A: Fire

Advice: Keep your cursor between the balloons so you can get to any of them as soon as Toad raises the flag.

7b 2 Versus 2 Mini-Games

-= 11. 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games -=


Cheep Cheep Sweep

Game Rules: Catch the Cheep Cheeps in your net. Red Cheep Cheeps are worth 1

point, and yellow ones are worth 2 points.

Controls: Control Stick: Move

A: Catch

B: Empty the Net
Advice: Your net can hold up to three Cheep Cheeps. Approach them slowly so

you don't scare them away.



Game Rules: Don't let the snowy winds blow you off the face as you climb!

Grab hold when the wind and the rumble start to pick up!

Controls: Control Stick: Move

A: Hold On

Advice: If the Rumble Feature is set to OFF, a "!!" will appear when the wind

picks up to tell you when to hold on.


Dungeon Duos


Game Rules: Help your teammate to clear all the obstacles in this dank


Controls: Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Move a Lever

Y: Rotate a Platform

X: Rotate a Platform

L/R: Fill Balloon with Air
Advice: Work with your teammate to escape smoothly so you don't waste time.


Order Up

Game Rules: Toad will order items that you must find in the boxes before the

other team. First to 3 pts. wins.
Controls: Control Stick: Move

A: Open a Box

Advice: Before the boxes come down, try to memorize the order of items in the




Game Rules: This is a coin-collecting bonus game. Teams cooperate in the boat

and parachute to get all the coins they can!

Controls (Boat Driver): Control Stick: Move

A: Speed Up

B: Slow Down

(Parachute Sailor): Control Stick: Move

Advice: Going slower means the parachute will sink lower. The driver of the

boat must avoid the obstacles in the water.



Game Rules: Press the corresponding buttons to redirect the Bob-ombs. Blow

the other team up 10 times to win.

Controls: Control Stick: Move

A: Press Button

Advice: Explosions stop you from moving for a little while, so when those

buttons light up, get to them quickly!


Right Oar Left?

Game Rules: Be the first to pilot the Dorrie Boat out of the cave!
Controls: B + A: Forward

A: Row Right Oar

B: Row Left Oar
Advice: The right oar turns you left. The left oar turns you right. Avoid the

flames, and get out of there!


Team Treasure Trek


Game Rules: Find the "?" blocks that match your team's color. Once you and

your partner have found each block, you must meet each other in

the maze!

Controls: Control Stick: Move

Y/X: Display/Hide Map

Advice: The two players on the left are the Red Team, and the two on the

right are the Blue Team. If you get lost, check your map.


The Great Deflate

Game Rules: Do Ground Ponds on the inflated Thwomp repeatedly to deflate it.
Controls: A, then A: Ground Pound

Advice: Time your jumps with your partner to deflate the Thwomp faster.

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