Non/fictio№18 November 30 — December 4, 2016 Central House of Artists

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The International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction


November 30 — December 4, 2016

Central House of Artists

(10, Krymsky Val, Moscow)

Children’s Program non/fictio№18 November 10, 2016
18th International Book Fair is held at the Central House of Artists November 30 – December 4, 2016. It is supported by Federal Agency for Press and Mass-Communication, Moscow City Department of Culture, and other Russian government agencies and foreign cultural institutes.
The theme of Children’s Program non/fictio№18 is “Read, discuss, argue”. The Program aims to involve parents and children into discussion of serious topics: general sense of reading, the importance of discussion of books, discussion of the personal attitude to the content of a book. Books that provoke debate and discussion, help to form personal position in life and personal opinion are the focus of attention.
Expert Council of Children's Program Recommends:

  • skype-workshop with Aidan Chambers, Carnegie Prize laureate, a world-famous specialist, with a demonstration of his method “Tell me”;
  • panel discussions with the experts on children’s reading, the members of the Expert Council of the Playground: Yekaterina Asonova, Anna Tikhomirova, Anastasiya Rossinskaya, Anna Godiner, Olga Mäeots, Alexei Stehov. Topics to be discussed: “Literary Urbanist”, “Reading as a Tool for Creating Human Spaces and Spaces for Human”, “Where Starts Another Person and Do the Boundaries of Respect Really Exist”, “The Great Debaters in Literature, or How to Learn to Say “No”;

  • A girl in contemporary literature - what kind of girl is she? Are there any patterns, boundaries, limits she has to contend with? – discussion with writer Marie-Aude Murail, critic Marina Solomonova, translator and critic Olga Bukhina.

Great Britain is the Country of Honour

(with the support of the British Council):
As a part of the UK – Russia Year of Language and Literature events, nonfictio№18 hosts David Almond, one of the famous children’s and young adults’ authors, winner of Hans Christian Andersen Medal 2010 - the top award in children’s literature. His books “Skellig”, “My Name is Mina”, “The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas” are well-known to a Russian reader in brilliant translations of Olga Varshaver. The author will present his new book “My Dad’s a Birdman”, addressed to young adults.
Jenny Broom is an illustrator of “Animalium” bestseller, Editorial director of Wide Eyed Editions – children’s non-fiction literature, Editor of the Year of the British Book Industry Awards 2016. She will hold master classes for children and illustrators of children’s books, talk about her experience of making up a unique series and about the role and capabilities of the children’s book editor in general.
This year among the foreign guests is Marie-Aude Murail, a famous French writer and fighter against stereotypes, well-known to Russian reader by her novel “Oh, boy!”. She will present her novel “Miss Charity” about childhood and future life of Beatrice (Beatrix) Potter, the author of Peter Rabbit stories – her books were published in XIX century and received worldwide recognition.

This year Hungarian writer Krisztián Grecsó, Frenchman Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod, Flemish illustrator Mattias de Leeuw and many others will visit Russia exclusively to participate in nonfictio№18.

Program “Area of Knowledge” 2016 is Centred Around Russian Authors and their Books
Readers will meet and debate with Yulia Kuznetsova, Nina Dashevskaya, Evgeny Rudashevsky, Yulia Yakovleva, Anna Krasilschik, Daria Wardenburg, Daria Dotsuk, Arthur Givargizov, Marina Boroditskaya, Grigory Kruzhkov, Andrey Usachev, Maria Boteva, Maria Martirosova, Elena Sokovenina, Maria Bershadskaya etc.
Visitors will participate in workshops and games on books by favourite and new authors of non-fiction:

Metro. Underground City” (Natalya and Vassily Volkov), “Investigator Karasik. 12 puzzles for children and parents” (Yekaterina Krongauz), “Ancient Egypt” (Ilya Nosyrev), “Bees” (Peter Sokha, “Samokat” Publishers), “A Book about Snowflakes” and “One Day in the Life of Santa Claus” (Olga Dvornyakova), “These Different Dinosaurs” (“Melik-Pashayev” publishers), “The History of the Old Apartment” (Anna Desnitskaya and Alexandra Litvina), “In Search of the Magical Books” (Svetlana Prudovskaya),

in various discussions, including a round table discussion, organized by children’s literature magazine “Papmambuk”, where teens-winners of the contest “Book Expert of the XXI Century” will talk about their most powerful impressions about the books and the role of the books in their lives.
Create Your History and be Responsible for it – that is the Objective of Each Citizen,

Hence the Historical Section of Our Program.

  • Expert Council of Children’s Program organized a discussion platform “Thinking About the Past: How to Talk with Children About the History?” New children’s books on history of Russia vary in styles and genres - from the official version to family memories, from the poster heroes to ordinary people. Among speakers there will be the authors, representatives of public organizations, educators and historians.

  • Alexandra Litvina and Anna Desnitskaya (illustrations) tell the history of one family, one apartment and one country – Russia; their new book, “The History of the old Apartment”, will tell us a century-long story through everyday objects, letters and photographs.

  • Mariette Job will present “The Journal of Helene Berr”, the “French Anne Frank”.

  • Memorial” society organizes a discussion “Why, What and How to Study at Social Science Lessons?” and a talk-show with the participants of School competition “A Man in History. Russia XX Century” and well-known journalists about whether we need to assess the history.

  • What is a “regime” and what regimes won the ideological disputes at different eras? Alexandra Polivanova - translator, editor, curator of cultural projects of “Memorial” society – will discuss this complex issue with readers of all ages on the example of “The leopard behind glass” by Alki Zei and “Beyond the blue border” by Linke Dorit.

  • Tamara Eidelman, a teacher of history, invites you to the presentation of the book “History of Russia in Maps”.

  • A&B Publishing Project presents a new series “One Hundred Stories” - historical stories in the comments of historians.

Activities for Kids and Interactive Performances in Hall №26:

  • Teatra.doc presents “The Studio of Stories” with interactive performances in the storytelling genre, with the active involvement of young viewers, including the performance by the book of Shel Silverstein “The Giving Tree”.
  • Svetlana Ben, the leader of the “Silver Wedding” will play in the “performance-collage”, “performance-comic book”, staged by “Kartonka” theatre on the play by Maria Bershadskaya “How to tame the city”.

  • “Polyandriya” Publisher will present a performance of Svetlana Ben on the book by Mikhail Safronov “Light Elephant”.

  • “Pink Giraffe” Publisher celebrates its tenth anniversary and presents the performance of “Yerunduk” theater.

  • “White Crow” Publisher will celebrate the release of a new book by Thorbjørn Egner: Marina Boroditskaya will play the guitar and sing songs, and visitors are welcomed with gingerbread.

  • Artist Veronica Garanina, the illustrator of Arthur Givargizov’s book, shows how to make cloth collages and cloth dolls, and shows a short puppet show with the author of the book.

  • Anke Baer, author of “Endres. The Son of a Merchant”, invites to a puppet mini-play about the life of the medieval town Lübeck.

  • “Walking into history” publisher shows a series of short cartoons for the little ones on the book “Polesh opens a museum”.

Exhibitions, Installations, Workshops,

Cinema Club and a Discussion Club for Teenagers:
Volshebnaja Pila/Magic Saw”, a community of illustrators of children’s books, is a partner of Children’s Program non/fictio№18. This community consists of young Russian artists, who promote a non-standard, respectful and developmental approach to the design of children’s books. Artists of “Volshebnaya Pila” designed a few halls of “Area of Knowledge” exhibition and navigation of Children Fair.

  • Two exhibitions in Hall № 23 are dedicated to Great Britain – the Country of Honour at non/fictio№18: the exhibition of young Russian artists – illustrators of English children’s books (curator – Anastasia Arkhipova, Honored Artist of Russia). The visitors will see the illustrations to the books by Roald Dahl, Thomas Elliot, Anne Fine and other well-known authors. The second exhibition – Magic Pencil (curator - Olga Mäeots) – is organized with the support of the British Council and the Foreign Literature Library. It features the works of thirteen British illustrators of children books. The idea of Magic Pencil exhibition belongs to Quentin Blake, illustrator, the winner of Andersen Medal.

  • In Hall № 23 the visitors will be able to see the interactive quest-exhibition based on books by Roald Dahl, a British classic, whose 100th birthday celebrate the readers all over the world (Curator - Alexander Shadrin, “Samokat” publishing house).

  • English Club in Hall № 24 invites young readers to joint the exciting workshops and traditional English games, lectures of famous translators from English, writers, critics - all those who are somehow involved in the English literature (Curator - Olga Domogatskaya, “Labyrinth” Publishers).

  • Cinema Club in Hall № 25 invites to screenings of films based on books for children and teenagers, and to join the discussion club for teenagers.

  • Exhibition “Living machines of Vladimir Tambi” in Hall 26 presents the illustrations of one of the most interesting illustrators of picture books of 1920-30s. Transport - cars and ships, tanks, submarines, airplanes, and airships - was the favorite theme of this artist. Curator – Russian State Children’s Library

  • The workshops area (Hall № 27) welcomes children and adults for creative workshops with Tom Gold, the author of graphic novels; with Anna Vronskaya, Tatiana Kormer, Alina Ruban - the artists of “Volshebnaya Pila” community; with publishers “August”, “Arka”, “Samokat” and others.

This year, Children’s Program “Area of Knowledge” is supported by the British Council, French Institute in Moscow, Norwegian Foundation Norla, the Flemish Foundation for the Support of Literature, the Cultural Center and the Hungarian Embassy in the Russian Federation, the Greek Cultural Center in Moscow, the International Society “Memorial”, Rudomino Foreign Literature Library, Russian State Children's Library, the Russian Union of Artists.

Top-Lists — Main and Additional
Traditional Top-List of children’s books includes 50 books of the year, selected by the Expert Council. In addition to the main Top-list, Organizers of the Children’s Program non/fictio№18 offer a few additional top-lists. The books of each small top-list relate to a specific theme:

  • “Bumper” Top-List — books as a resource for psychological development and support;

  • “Special Childhood” Top-List — books about children with disabilities and about children living in special environments;

  • “Foreign Literature Library” Top-List — best translations, interesting books by new bright authors;

  • “International Memorial” Top-List — books on social, historical and civil topics;

  • “Adults Reading for Children” Top-List — traditionally dedicated to “Area of Knowledge”, books about debates and great debaters;

  • Russian State Children’s Library Top-List — this year it includes the best reissues of children’s books by Soviet authors;

  • University of Children Top-List — books about the world and people. Top-List is compiled by leading scientists of the University of Children.


In 2016, by numerous requests of our visitors, the Organizer has extended the working hours of the Fair. Current schedule:

November 30, Wednesday: 2.00 p.m. –8.00 p.m. December 2, Friday: 11.00 a.m.–9.00 p.m.

December 1, Thursday: 11.00 a.m. –8.00 p.m. December 3, Saturday: 11.00 a.m.–9.00 p.m.

December 4, Sunday: 11.00 a.m. –8.00 p.m.

To avoid lines at the Ticket Office, you can by e-tickets for non/fictio№18 on website of the Fair.

Tickets available for visitors:

  • simple ticket;

  • subscription ticket for 5 days;

  • family ticket for 4 persons (parents with 2 children).

The International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction non/fictio№18

November 30 — December 04, 2016

Central House of Artists (10, Krymsky Val, Moscow)
Press Conference: November 30, 12:00 noon, DNA Lounge (-1 floor of the CHA)
Opening: November 30, 2.00 p.m., Hall of the Central House of Artists

Organizer: “EXPO-PARK EXHIBITION PROJECTS”, office 165, 10, Krymsky Val, Central House of Artists
Coordinator of Children’s Program:

Anna Levandovskaya, tel.: (499) 238-13-15,

Press Service:

Vitaly Kogtev, tel.: (495) 657-99-22, ext. 231, e-mail:
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