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Letters, Shapes & Crafts

Instructors: Heather Bullman & Cynthia Francis
Preschool (4-5 year olds) 2nd Period

Storytime, Language Arts/Phonics, Numbers & Bible Story

Instructors: Cynthia Francis & TBA

Preschool (4-5 year olds) 3rd Period
Music, Art & Science

Instructors: Amanda Blanton & TBA

Materials to bring: Pencil box clearly labeled with your child’s name with the following: scissors, glue sticks, pencils and crayons

Cost: $15 (total for all three periods of preschool)

Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Lower Elementary (K-2nd grades) 1st Period
Cooking Around the World

Instructors: Amanda Blanton & Jennifer Fulmer

Have you ever wondered what kids around the world eat?  We will be learning what kids  from the Middle East to India to Canada and in between  like to eat.  We will teach you how to prepare and cook the meal.  Our class will also learn why God made such wonderful foods for us to enjoy and how they help our bodies.
Materials to bring: 6-page protectors, crayons or markers
Cost: $20 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Instructor: Sara Strickland

Learning Spanish can be really fun! In this semester we will learn the basics, such as the alphabet, basic vocabulary and phrases, culture, and enough grammar for simple conversation! We'll do this through lesson plans, basic art (coloring/painting), and a couple of "cultural experiences" in which we'll plan and prepare meals and fiestas! It's gonna be a blast! 

Materials to bring: a binder with construction paper and crayons or colored pencils
Cost: $10 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Lower Elementary (K-2nd grades) 2nd Period

Magic School Bus Science

Instructors: Kristen Brookshire & Sharon Brookshire

Come join us as we take a ride on the Magic School Bus, and explore the wonderful world of science! We will be reading through some of the Magic School Bus books, and conducting exciting hands on experiments that reinforce the lessons learned in each book.
Materials to bring: 1" binder, crayons, colored pencils, pencils, glue stick, scissors
Cost: $20 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

OR (please see next page for other choice)

Lower Elementary (K-2nd grades) 2nd Period *continued*
Arts & Crafts

Instructors: Heather Bullman & Kayla Wooton

We will be doing a variety of art and craft activities.  These activities will range from rainbow mosaics, to fingerprint art, to decorating pumpkins and making Christmas ornaments.  So if you like getting messy and creating things this is the class for you.
Materials to bring: an apron or cover up t-shirt, markers, crayons and glue sticks
Cost: $15 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Lower Elementary (K-2nd grades) 3rd Period

Middle Ages

Instructor: Kim Wyatt

Come and explore the Middle Ages!  Castles, kings, and knights are not the only things we will be learning about in this class. Medieval tournaments, the feudal society, famous artists, dragon legends, types of food, clothing, and much more will be discussed and experienced. Each class session will be full of hands-on activities and numerous craft projects. 
Materials to bring: crayons or colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and a folder

Cost: $25 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15


Instructor: Susannah Richmond

In this class your children will have the opportunity to use legos to learn how to follow patterns, work with a group to solve problems, and use their creativity.
Materials to bring: one base plate, clearly marked with your child's name, paper and pencil
Cost: $10 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grades) 1st Period

Instructors: Trixie Briggs & David Briggs

Have you seen others play chess and feel intimidated? Would you like to learn how to play in a fun way? Learn the pieces, moves, etiquette and other knowledge of the game. Let us show you how the challenging game of chess can be fun and exciting. Not only will you learn how to play but you can be in a tournament and see if you come out on top! 
Materials to bring: none at this time

Cost: $10 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Inventors & Inventions

Instructors: Angie Young & Caroline Sammons

We will spend this semester learning about some of our world’s most influential inventors and their inventions.

Some of the most well-known inventors will be studied for sure but we will also include some other fun folks like the

inventor of the cotton candy machine and many more. We will also take time to make some of our own inventions using some “throw away” materials in a repurpose/reuse fashion.

Materials to bring: pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and glue
Cost: $20 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grades) 2nd Period
Bible Road Trip- Part 1 (Genesis- Deuteronomy)

Instructor: Brandy Barnwell

Buckle your seat belts and get ready for an incredible journey through God’s Word. This semester we will be traveling through the first 5 books of the Old Testament, the Pentateuch. It is my prayer that myself and the students will come to a deeper understanding of Scripture and of whom God is. Students will have weekly reading assignments from the Bible. “Knowing and understanding the Old Testament is critical to our understanding of God’s plan for salvation, of the story of our Messiah, and of the New Testament itself.” Through Bible reading (we will be going Book by Book), scripture study, discussion, prayer, and other activities we will begin to look at the truth of God’s Word and the importance of making it a part of our everyday lives!

Materials to bring: 1 or 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder, pack of page protectors, small composition book (to use as a prayer journal), colored pencils, scissors, glue stick, pencil/pen and most importantly a Bible

Cost: $15 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15 OR (please see next page for other choice)

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grades) 2nd Period *continued*

Instructor: Amy Castellani

Students will be doing a different art project each week introducing them to different mediums and genres.  All supplies will be provided.
Materials to bring: none needed
Cost: $25 Class size: Min 5/ Max 15

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th grades) 3rd Period

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