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Living Voices Northwest Passages bibliography

Northwest Passages bibliography

Lili the Brave

Jennifer Armstrong

Dreaming of America: an Ellis Island Story

A Picnic in October

Eve Bunting
Molly’s Pilgrim

Barbara Cohen

Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain: An Angel Island Story

Katrina Currier

Norse gods and giants

Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire

The Bite of the Gold Bug: a story of the Alaskan Gold Rush

Barthe DeClements

Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Sweden

Virginia Haviland

Katie's wish

Barbara Hazen

When Jessie Came Across the Sea

Amy Hest
Per and the Dala Horse

Rebecca Hickox
Our Only May Amelia

The Trouble with May Amelia

Jennifer Holm

Milly Lee

Watch the stars come out

Riki Levinson

A Piece of Home

Sonia Levitin

The Pippi Longstocking series & other stories

Astrid Lindgren

The Boy Who Ate More Than the Giant and Other Swedish Folktales

Ulf Löfgren

My Name is Not Gussie

Mikki Machlin

In America

Marissa Moss

The Keeping Quilt

Patricia Polacco

The Hand-me-down Horse

Marion Pomeranc

The Dream Jar

Bonnie Pryor

The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter

Kathryn Reiss

Grandmother and the Runaway Shadow

Liz Rosenberg

The Long Way to a New Land

The Long Way Westward

Joan Sandin
The American girls collection: Meet Kirsten, An American Girl

Janet Beeler Shaw

Annushka’s Voyage

Edith Tabescu

Palace Beautiful

Sarah DeFord Williams

The memory coat

Elvira Woodruff

The Dragon’s Child

Laurence Yep

One-Way to Ansonia

Judie Angell

A Coal Miner’s Bride: the Diary of Anetka Kaminska

Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Sarah and Me and the Lady from the Sea

Patricia Beatty

Scandinavian folk & fairy tales: tales from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland

Ed. Claire Booss

The Empty Mirror

James Lincoln Collier

Safe Return

Catherine Dexter

The Journal of Sean Sullivan: A Transcontinental Railroad Worker

The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant

William Durbin
Crossing Stones

Helen Frost


Adele Geras

Bridge to America

Linda Glaser

The Great Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West

Seeds of Hope: the Gold Rush Diary of Susanna Fairchild

Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: the Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell

Kristiana Gregory

Daughter of Suqua

Diane Johnston Hamm

Jason's Gold

Will Hobb

Boston Jane: An Adventure

Boston Jane: Wilderness Days

Boston Jane: The Claim

Jennifer Holm

The Voyage on the Continental

Katherine Kirkpatrick

Zayda was a Cowboy

June Levitt Nislick

Land of Hope

Land of Dreams

Joan Lowery Nixon
Ornament Tree

Jean Thesman


Dragon’s Gate

The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner

Mountain Light

The Traitor

Laurence Yep

Until We Reach Home

Lynn Austin


Amy Bloom

The Living

Annie Dillard

Wild Life

Molly Gloss

The Egg and I

Betty MacDonald

The Last Town on Earth

Thomas Mullen

Ellis Island: Coming to the Land of Liberty

Raymond Bial

Ellis Island. Gateway to the New World

Leonard Everett Fisher

Immigrant kids

Russell Freedman

Sweden “Cultures of the World” series

Delice Gan Cheng Fun

Welcome to Samantha's world, 1904: growing up in America's new century

Catherine Gourley

Growing up in a new century

Judith Josephson

They Sought A New World. The story of European immigration to North America

William Kurelek

I was Dreaming to come to America

Veronica Lawlor

…if your name was changed at Ellis Island

Ellen Levine

Children of the Gold Rush

Claire Murphy and Jane Haigh

Over the Waves

Marianne Olson

At Ellis Island: A History in Many Voices

Louise Peacock

Ellis Island: A True Book

Patricia Ryon Quiri

Ellis Island

Catherine Reef

Island of Hope

Martin Sandler

The Way West: Journal of a Pioneer Woman

William Schlissel

Sam Ellis's Island

Beatrice Siegel

Welcome to Kirsten's world, 1854: growing up in pioneer America

Susan Sinnott

Ellis Island

Conrad Stein

Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Voices

Gwenyth Swain

Immigrant Children

Sylvia Whitman

This was Railroading

George Abdill

This Was Logging

Ralph W. Andrews

Hear that lonesome whistle blow: railroads in the West

Dee Brown

Island of Hope, Island of Tears: The Story of Those Who Entered the New World through Ellis Island-In Their Own Words

David M. Brownstone

Ellis Island Interviews: In Their Own Words

Peter M. Coan

A Historical Album of Washington

William Cocke

Klondike Fever: The Famous Gold Rush of 1898

Michael Cooper

It Happened in Washington

James A. Crutchfield

American Immigration: A Student Companion

Roger Daniels

First Crossings: stories about teen immigrants

Donald Gallo

Rough and Ready Loggers

A.S. Gintzler

History of American Immigration

Peter Hammerschmidt

Ethnic America: The Northwestern States

D.J. Herda

America's immigrants; adventures in eyewitness history

Rhoda Hoff

The African American Family Album

The Chinese American Family Album

The Japanese American Family Album

The Scandinavian American Family Album

We Are Americans

Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

Ellis Island: a primary source history of an immigrant's arrival in America

Gillian Houghton

Ellis Island: new hope in a new land

William Jay Jacobs

Ellis Island: doorway to freedom

Steven Kroll

The Ethnic and Group Identity Movements

Ann Malaspina

Hard Drive to the Klondike

Lisa Mighetto and Marcia Montgomery

Chinese Immigrants, 1850-1900

Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish Immigrants, 1820-1920

Kay Melchisedech Olson
Epidemic: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Stephanie True Peters

A Nation of Immigrants

Paul Robert Walker

Japanese Immigrants, 1850-1950

Rosemary Wallner

A Multicultural Portrait of Labor in America

Judith Woodburn

The Chinese-American experience

Dana Wu


Seattle Women: a Legacy of Community Development 1851-1920

Washington Women as Path Breakers

Mildred Andrews

The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History

John Barry

In Search of Liberty: The Story of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

James B. Bell

Ellis Island: a pictorial history

Barbara Benton

Women in Pacific Northwest History

Karen J. Blair

The “HB” Story: Henry Broderick relates Seattle’s yesterdays, with some other thoughts by the way

Henry Broderick

Ellis Island: an illustrated history of the Immigrant Experience

Ivan Chermayeff, Fred Wasserman and Mary Shapiro

“They Take Our Jobs!” and 20 other myths about immigration

Aviva Chomsky

In the Shadow of Liberty: The Chronicle of Ellis Island

Edward Corsi

Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life

Roger Daniels

Pioneer Days on Puget Sound

Arthur Armstrong Denny

Fishwheels of the Columbia

Ivan Donaldson

Immigrant Voices

Thomas Dublin

Ellis Island

Thomas Dunne

Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure

Nan Enstad

Lucia, Child of Light: The history and tradition of Sweden’s Lucia celebration

Florence Ekstrand

Washington: A Centennial History

Robert Ficken and Charles LeWarne

Ellis Island: gateway to the New World

Leonard Everett Fisher

Kids at Work: Lewis Hine & the Crusade Against Child Labor

Russell Freedman

From Copenhagen to Okanogan: the autobiography of a pioneer

U.E. Fries

Northwest mosaic: minority conflicts in Pacific Northwest history

James Halseth & Bruce Glasrud

They Knew Our Valley

Maurice Helland

Covered Wagon Girl: The Diary of Sallie Hester: 1849-1850

Sallie Hester

Place Names of Washington

Robert Hitchman

Tsagigla’lal: she who watches: Washington Women: A Centennial celebration, vol. 1

Jennifer James-Wilson

The Great Migrations: 1880's-1912

William Loren Katz

Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream

Pamela Kilian

Exploring Washington's Past

Ruth Kirk

Trail to North Star Gold

Ella Lung Martinsen

Wobbly War: The Centralia Story

John McClelland, Jr.

The Evolution of Emily

Emily Lewis Miles

When I was a Child

Vilhelm Moberg

Skid Road: an informal portrait of Seattle

Murray Cromwell Morgan

American mosaic: the immigrant experience in the words of those who lived it

Joan Morrison & Charlotte Fox Zabusky

Seven Stars & Orion: Reflections on the past

Esther Hall Mumford

The Coffee Chased Us Up: Monte Cristo Memories

Elof Norman

Strangers at the Door: Ellis Island, Castle Garden and the Great Migration to America

Ann Novotny

Iron wheels and broken men: the railroad barons and the plunder of the West

Richard O’Connor

Black Diamond: Mining the Memories

Diane & Cory Olson

A Goose, a Gig and a Long Kelp Horn

C. Elliott Pickrell

Keepers of the Gate: A History of Ellis Island

Thomas M. Pitkin

To the Golden Door

George Potter

New Land New Lives, Scandinavian Immigrants to the Northwest

Janet E. Rasmussen

Shores of Refuge

Ronald Sanders

Hard Traveling, a Portrait of Work Life in the New Northwest

The Pacific Northwest, an Interpretive History

Washington: Images of a State's Heritage.

Carlos A. Schwantes

Coal Towns in the Cascades: A Centennial History of Roslyn and Cle Elum, Washington

John C. Shideler

Peoples of Washington: Perspectives on Cultural Diversity

White and Solberg

A Time for Building: The Third Migration 1880-1920

Gerald Sorin

Sons of the Profits

William C. Speidel

Whistlepunks & geoducks: oral histories from the Pacific Northwest

River pigs & cayuses: oral histories from the Pacific Northwest

Ed. Ron Strickland.
A History of Asian Americans: Strangers from a Different Shore

A Larger Memory: A History of our Diversity, with Voices

A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America

Spacious Dreams: the first wave of Asian immigration

Ronald Takaki
Pacific Northwest Women 1815-1925: Lives, memories and writings

Ed. Jean M. Ward & Elaine A. Maveety

We Were There: The Story of Working Women in America

Barbara Mayer Wetheimer

Children of the Frontier

Sylvia Whitman

Sexless Oysters and Self-Tipping Hats: 100 Years of Invention in the Pacific Northwest

Adam Woog

Ellis Island (A&E Home Video series)


The Legend of 1900

Island of Hope–Island of Tears

Remembering Ellis Island, Everyman’s Monument

Ellis Island: Gateway to America

America, America

An American Tail

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

America, Episode 9: “The Huddled Masses” (PBS series)

The Gold Rush

The Great Seattle Fire

American Experience: Influenza 1918

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Here Come the Brides (TV series)


The Online Encyclopedia of Seattle, King County and Washington State History

Washington Local History Network

The Nordic Heritage Museum

Washington State Historical Society

Museum of History and Industry

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest

The Wing Luke Asian Museum

Association for African American Historical Research and Preservation

Black Heritage Society of Washington State

Black Oral History Collection

African American History in the American West

Roslyn Heritage Collection

Boom Towns and Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest

Colville Indians - Frank Fuller Avery Collection

Official Site of the Colville Reservation

Washington Indian Tribes

Great Northern Railway Historical Society

Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

The Mercer Girls

Northwest of the West: the Frontier Experience on the Northwest Coast

Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

The Great Seattle Fire

WA Biographies Project

Japanese Americans in the Columbia River Basin

Assimilation through Education: Indian Boarding Schools in the Pacific Northwest

Ancestors in the Americas: Asian American History Timeline

Angel Island

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

The Journey from Gold Mountain: the Asian American Experience

Angel Island

Ellis Island Online
The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation

History.Com: Ellis Island

Ellis Island Oral History Program

Internet Modern History Source Book - US Immigration

Selected Images of Ellis Island and Immigration, ca. 1880-1920

Ellis Island Immigrants

The National Park Service: Ellis Island

Library of Congress: Immigration (for teachers)

Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today

American Experience: Influenza 1918

Library of Congress Primary Source Sets

Anti-Defamation League: A World of Difference Institute Anti-Bias Education & Diversity Training

Facing History and Ourselves

American Civil Liberties Union

History Matters

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