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Technology for Life group Meeting




Robin Spinks, RNIB RS

Mike Brace, VISION 2020UK MB

Anna Zakotti, Thomas Pocklington Trust AZ

Roger Whitton, Guide Dogs RW

Mike Townsend , BCAB

Matt Broom VISION 2020UK MRB

1. Technology at the VISION 2012 conference MRB

Group agreed an interest in presenting a Technology for Life room at the VISION 2012 conference MRB to find out size of room wifi etc.

RS to approach Sarah Foxhall from Microsoft re attending

MT could show NVDA (Non Visual Desktop access, Free screen-reader) on one of the £99 computers if possible/available.

MB and RS: Possibly do some IPADIO interviews at conference.

AZ: Pocklington have some technology ideas which they could present.

RS and MT: talking head video at conference about successes for the UK VISION strategy at the conference pre the review would energise people for the Strategy review.

2. Strategy review. Group agreed the need to capture everything that has happened being part of the review and not leaving technology as a compartmentalised sideline. Make sure technology is a key part of the revitalised UK Strategy.

RS: Technology to end isolation is a key message.

MB: Get people to write a day of week of technology as evidence for the review.

MT: Compartmentalise this get the same story from children, working age, older people (with and without sight so the stories can be reviewed).

MT: will review documentation and look into getting milestones etc from people

MB: RS or MRD to look at previous minutes of the meeting to look at issues raised and addresses by the meetings in the past.

3: “Technology for life ‘Tools for Access’” video. 2 versions Long and Short.

MRB to put link to this on VISION2020UK when it is released.

MB suggested using it at conference as background film.

4. Future Sessions: All 11- 1 (2) 23rd April, 20th July, 19th Sept. Locations TBC

RS looking at Google for the 23rd April and will confirm locations

5. Advocacy work this group increasing its scope.

MB: Endorsement of projects or technology as a VISION 2020UK group (such as the lighting projects previously)

RS: RNIB looking at a mobile phone charter (to go to the mobile phone manufacturers to try to make sure accessibility is a cornerstone of design)

RS: 29th Feb Microsoft Launching the accessibility features of Windows 8 (3 voices and new keyboard commands is all we know so far).

RS will put his as a rolling item on future agendas

6. Agencies update.

MT: Vodaphone ‘Talks’ Limited nature of the facility comes up quite alot on the helpline.

RS: The Demo product will not be continued with they will be going ahead with NOKIA screenreader (need sighted help to download) on NOKIA bell devices lobbying to get this preloaded. ‘Nuance talks’ product not sure if this will be continued with by NOKIA.

MT: Android advocated on ‘IN TOUCH’ which is problematic as they aren’t good for novice users

Technology weekend at the Russell hotel in Bognor cancelled.

Sight Village causing some consternation in BCAB due to multiplication of sites and it being used as a fundraiser from QAC BCAB no longer supporting it.

Group: Possibility of a Neutral VISION 2020UK technology conference underwritten by two or 3 members of the group. (target a proposal for 2013)

RW: no updates

AZ: new in post will have more updates at next meeting.

MB: Been to a meeting John Gill presented on interface technology (Biometrics etc) MB will forward documentation of this to the group.

RS: Accessible online services RNIB very much involved in a present case with an airline.

Working with Nokia re a screen-reader (making it mainstream).

CSUN presentations coming up.

Meeting with Google Android accessibility team (AFB in the states sister organisation)

Feedback on Android from Blind and Partially sighted people

RW could we promote the idea of standardised gestures etc

RS Possible Problems with patents

Vodaphone handset 155 announced on Friday 10th Feb very low cost and simple mobile phone for Seniors very low vision friendly £25!

Next meeting: 23/04/12 11-1(2) location TBC
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