Objective: Divide using a related multiplication fact Pre-Reading

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Dividing the Cookies

Elementary Lesson Plan

As an introduction to division, the story The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins provides a creative and fun way for the students to relate multiplication and division.

Objective: Divide using a related multiplication fact
Pre-Reading: Have the students brainstorm their ideas about division for about 2 minutes, share some ideas.
Book Talk: The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins – Read aloud, think aloud with the story asking how many cookies on the title page, as the story beings discuss what is happening each time. Have the students make predictions as the doorbell rings throughout the story.

  • Hand out a blank sheet of paper to the students divide it into eight sections, have the students retell the story with pictures and equations.

  • In square one, start with the title and all 12 cookies. In the next space show the two students and how many cookies they each have.

  • I have the students also write a multiplication equation that matches their picture; together we wrote the division one.

  • Continue to fill in each square to match each page on the book. We use the last three squares to differentiate instruction.

  • If the student feels comfortable, I let them choose their own number to divide of cookies to have among their friends, if they need guidance I give them a number. We share and discuss.

Day 2:

  • I have the students turn their story over and continue a new story called, The Doorbell Rang Again.
  • The students have to create story using at least 4 boxes of the doorbell ringing again, and continue the division.

  • They can change the characters, setting, and topic if they wish.

Book and Internet Support:

Lessons for Introducing Division by Maryann Wicket, Susan Ohanian, Marilyn Burns
K-5 Common Core Math Supplemental Resources:
Multiplication & Division activities:


Read Aloud Task card:

The Doorbell Rang

Materials: counters, copy of The Doorbell Rang; Pat Hutchins


  1. After listening to the story, ‘The Doorbell Rang’ choose one of the following numbers: 16, 24, or 32.

  2. Suppose that you had this number of cookies. How many friends could you share them with so that you all had the same amount?

  3. Show as many different solutions as you can. Use pictures, numbers or words to explain your thinking.

  4. How do you know that you have found all the possible solutions for the number you chose?

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