Odyssey Part 2 Test Review

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Odyssey Part 2 Test Review

1. When Odysseus finally reaches Ithaca where does he go first?

Eumaeus’ hut

2. Why is it important that Odysseus is disguised as a beggar?

He must not be recognized. The suitors who are trying to overtake his palace might try to kill him.

3. Telemachus has been away seeking information on his father. When he returns, and is confronted by Odysseus how does he react? (Remember, Athena makes Odysseus young again for the meeting with Telemachus).

He thinks Odysseus is a god because he transformed from a beggar.

4. How is Eumaeus important to Odysseus?

He is a faithful and loyal swineherd.
5. Who does the epithet “the wiliest fighter of the islands” describe?

6. Odysseus tells Telemachus to do what with the suitor’s weapons?

Lock in them in the storeroom and lie when questioned – say they were getting tarnished from the smoke. Leave two swords/spears/shields for them to use later.

7. In the Homeric simile, used to describe the reuniting of Odysseus and Telemachus, what does Homer compare the reuniting to?

The crying of a hawk upon returning to her emptied nest

8. Explain what a Homeric (epic) simile is.

See page 1087 in the Literature book - it is different than a normal simile in that it is not limited to a single, distinct image, but is more complex
9. Who provided the ship that returned Odysseus to Ithaca?

King Alcinous of the Phaecians

10. How is Odysseus (disguised as a beggar) treated by Antinous? What does he throw at him?

Antinous is rude to the beggar and throws a stool at him.

11. Odysseus tells Telemachus to do what if the suitors jeer at him and are unkind? Does Telemachus obey?

Telemachus should stay silent and not react, he obeys.

12. Who is Argus and what does he symbolize in the story?

He symbolizes loyalty, as well as the state of the kingdom in Odysseus’ absence.

13. Penelope presents a contest to the suitors, and says she will marry the winner; explain what this contest entails. Whom does she expect to win?

1. String Odysseus’ bow

2. Shoot an arrow through 12 axe-handles

She expects nobody (“Nohbdy” – haha) to win!

14. Penelope spent years stalling the suitors, and waiting for Odysseus to return. Explain how she did this and how long she was able to stall before she was caught.

She had to weave a funeral shroud for Laertes before she could choose a new husband. She would unravel her work at night. She fooled them for 4 years.
15. As a result of the meeting between Antinous and Odysseus (the beggar), Penelope summons Odysseus to her room? Why?

She wants to find out if he has news about her husband. This creates suspense.

16. How does Odysseus respond to Penelope’s questions?

He flatters her, and then makes up a story about meeting Odysseus abroad. He tells her that Odysseus will return home very soon. This helps to prepare Penelope emotionally for her husband’s return.

17. At the beginning of Part II, what is ironic about Telemachus going to Eumaeus’s hut?

He traveled to Pylos and Sparta searching for news about his father. When he returns, his father is there.

18. Who helps Odysseus slay the suitors?

Telemachus, Eumaeus, two other loyal servants, Athena and Zeus

19. How does Penelope test Odysseus to find out if he knows the “secret sign”?

She lies that their bed has been moved. She needs to make sure that he is really her husband.

20. When Odysseus and Penelope are talking, Odysseus tells Penelope that she might find him maudlin. What does this mean? Foolishly sentimental

21. Why does Odysseus return to Ithaca disguised?

Athena disguises him as a beggar so that he won’t be recognized.

22. What is the theme of Part 2 of the Odyssey?

Good triumphs over evil.
23. Odysseus wins the bow-and –arrow contest that Penelope devises for the suitors. What traits of his help him win this contest?

His skill as a marksman.

Identify and/or explain:
24. Odysseus’ homeland - Ithaca
25. A descriptive phrase that can be used to characterize a person, and can replace their name. - epithet
26. Created the bow contest – Penelope
27. “The true son of King Odysseus” - Telemachus
28. Faithful dog - Argus
29. Loyal swineherd – Eumaeus
30. Ringleader of suitors – Antinous
31. Person who tries to save his own skin by blaming

other suitors – Eurymachus

32. Person who disguises Odysseus as a beggar - Athena
33. “Son of crooked minded Cronus” – Zeus

  1. Odysseus said to Telemachus, “This is not princely, to be swept/away by wonder at your father’s presence.” What does Odysseus mean by this?

Princes were not expected to show emotion.
35. What strategy is most helpful when you are tying to understand the historical and cultural context of a literary work?

Pg. 1087 – Compare and contrast your reactions and ideas and situations with the characters’ reactions
36. In the scene with Argus, Odysseus’s dog, Argus is a symbol for what? Explain why this is important to the plot of the story.

He symbolizes the theme of loyalty vs. treachery
37. What is the tone at the end of the Odyssey?


  1. What personality trait of Odysseus’s is revealed when he devises a plan for him to hear the Siren’s song?


Define the following vocabulary words and give and synonym and an antonym for each:
39. cogent –

40. converge –

41. ascertain –

42. dissemble –

43. maudlin –

44. contempt –

45. assuage –

  1. What is an important theme in Part 2 of the Odyssey?

Good triumphs over evil.

47. Towards the end of Part 2, Penelope tests Odysseus. How does she do this and why? She lies about their marriage bed, (which is made from an olive tree still in the ground), pretending that it can be moved. She needs to make sure Odysseus is truly her husband. The olive-tree-bed is their sie
48. Write the definition of an abstract noun and give an example of one.

A noun (such as fear, courage or freedom) that names an idea, event, quality, or concept.

49. What character traits does Penelope reveal in Part 2?
Prudence and loyalty

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