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INSTRUCTOR: Dr. William J. AuCoin Summer 2010

OFFICE: T 329 Brockton OFFICE HOURS: M,W,F 12:00 PHONE: Ext. 1829
EMAIL: MCC Library Password: 29894000246184


A course designed to strengthen the student's skill as a writer and to focus on analysis and argument. Assignments will include critical examination of literature and the techniques of the research essay. Emphasis is on writing as a part of the process of thinking and writing.


1. Students will develop higher-level writing skills.

2. Students will develop the ability to analyze a piece of literature.

3. Students will develop the ability to present a persuasive analysis argument.

4. Students will develop the ability to write a research paper.

5. Students will develop and appreciation of literature and its

value for understanding life and the essence of being.


Discussion, Fieldwork, Lecture


Barnet, Berman, Cain, An Introduction to Literature, 15th ed., Pearson

Any MLA guide for writing research papers.


Students will be required to complete: 10 one page Research Reports, 1 analysis essays and 1 research paper. All essays will be a minimum of 600 words and should contain no major errors. All essays and papers must be typed. Details of the research paper will be explained.

Analysis essays 10%

Research Reports 25%

Research paper 10%

Journal 30%

Mid-term 15%

Final exam 10%

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Students must complete work on schedule

All assignments are due one within 48 hours to maintain eligibility for an A or B grade.
Monday May 24, 20010
Step by Step Tasks:

Step 1: Course Introduction .swf Movie Download

Step 2: Student Journal Instructions .swf Movie Download

Step 3: Research Paper Overview

Step 4: Research Paper Instruction .swf Movie Download

Step 5a: MLA Documentation Wizard and Online Research Instructions .swf Movie Download

Step 5b: MLA Documentation Wizard Configuration .swf Movie Download

Step 6: Research Report Instructions .swf Movie Download

Step 7: How to access the MCC Infotrac Database.swf Movie Download

Tuesday May 25, 20010

Unit 1 Introduction: Plot Theme, Point of View, Mood, Style, Characters, Setting

Step 8: Introduction to Literary Analysis (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 9: Good Samaritan (Internet)

Step 10: Good Samaritan Questions

Step 11: The Prodigal Son p.8

Step 12: The Prodigal Son Questions

Wednesday May 26, 20010

Step 13: Araby p.444

Step 14: Araby Questions
Unit 2 Irony and Symbolism

Step 15 Irony and Symbolism (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 16 Story of an Hour p.28

Step 17 Story of an Hour Questions

Step 22: Research Report #1


Thursday May 27, 20010

Step 18 Desiree's Baby p. 82

Step 19 Desiree's Baby Questions

Step 20: The Lottery (Internet)

Step 21: The Lottery Questions
Step 22: Research Report #2


Friday May 28, 20010

Unit 3: Metaphor and Meaning

Step 23: Metaphor and Meaning (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 24: Guest of the Nation (Internet)

Step 25: Guest of the Nation Questions

Step 26: The Stolen Party (Internet)

Step 27: The Stolen Party Questions

Tuesday June 1, 20010

Step 28: Three Questions (Internet)

Step 29: Three Questions Questions

Step 30: Research Report #3

Unit 4 Foreshadowing and Allegory

Step 31: Foreshadowing and Allegory (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 32: Young Goodman Brown p. 147

Step 33: Young Goodman Brown Questions
Wednesday June 2, 20010

Step 34: Livvie (Internet)

Step 35: Livvie Questions

Step 36: Before The Law p.276

Step 37: Before The Law Questions
Step 38: Research Report #4


Thursday June 3, 20010

Unit 5 Poetry Introduction

Step 39: Poetry (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 40: Poetry.txt

Step 41: Poetry.txt Questions

Step 42: Metaphors

Step 43: Metaphors Questions

Step 44: The Unknown Citizen

Step 45: The Unknown Citizen Questions
Step 46: Research Report #5


Monday June 7, 20010

Unit 6 Values an Morality

Step 47: Figurative Language, Personification, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Sonnet (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 48: Snake

Step 49: Snake Questions

Step 50: Digging

Step 51: Digging Questions

Step 52: The World Is Too Much with Us

Step 53: The World Is Too Much with Us Questions

Step 55: Research Report #6
Tuesday June 8, 20010

Step 56: Literature Terms for Midterm Exam

Step 57: Midterm Exam


Wednesday June 9, 20010

Unit 7 Love

Step 58: Imagery, Simile, Apostrophe (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 59: How Do I Love Thee

Step 60: How Do I Love Thee Questions

Step 61: The Spring And The Fall

Step 62: The Spring And The Fall Questions

Step 63: Love is not All

Step 64: Love is not All Questions
Step 65: Research Report #7


Thursday June 10, 20010

Unit 8 Gender Differences

Step 66: Satire and Allusion (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 67: To His Coy Mistress

Step 68: To His Coy Mistress Questions

Step 69: Barbie Doll

Step 70: Barbie Doll Questions

Step 71: Rites of Passage

Step 72: Rites of Passage Questions

Step 73: Research Report #8


Friday June 11, 20010

Unit 9 Social Problems

Step 74: Diction and Alliteration (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 75: Eleanor Rigby

Step 76: Eleanor Rigby Questions

Step 77: Ethics

Step 78: Ethics Questions

Step 79: The Road Not Taken

Step 80: The Road Not Taken Questions
Step 81: Research Report #9


Monday June 14, 20010

Unit 10 Education

Step 82: The Master.txt

Step 83: The Master.txt Questions

Step 84: Paradox and Oxymoron (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 85: When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer.txt

Step 86: When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer.txt Questions

Step 87: I Tell Them I'm a Liberal Arts Major.txt

Step 88: I Tell Them I'm a Liberal Arts Major Questions.txt
Step 89: Research Report #10

Essay 1 Assignment

Step 90: Essay Information


Tuesday June 15, 20010

Unit 11 Drama Introduction - Oedipus Rex

Step 91: Drama, Dialogue, Conflict, Act, Scene, Protagonist, Antagonist, Plot, Comedy, Tragedy, Exposition, Prologue, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Soliloquy, Aside (MP3 Audio Lecture)

Step 92: Oedipus Rex

Step 93: Prosecution of Oedipus Rex (MP3 Audio)

Step 94: Defense of Oedipus Rex (MP3 Audio

Step 95: Oedipus Rex Questions
Wednesday June 16, 20010

Unit 12 Antigone

Step 96: Antigone

Step 97: Antigone Questions

Research Paper Construction

Step 98: MLA Documentation Wizard and Online Research Instructions .swf Movie Download

Thursday June 17, 20010

Step 99: Antigone Video

Friday June 18, 20010

Final Exam Information

Step 100: Final Exam Information

Literature Terms for Final Exam

Poem List 2009

An Introduction to Literature, Barnet, Berman, Burto 15th ed.

Poetry Selections English Composition II

1."Poetry," Carol Moore (Internet)

2."Metaphors," Sylvia Plath p.671

3."The Unknown Citizen," W.H.,Auden p.880

4."Snake," D.H Lawrence (Internet)

5."Digging," Seamus Heaney p.678

6."The World Is Too Much with Us" William Wordsworth p.940

7."How Do I Love Thee Percy Bysshe Shelley" (Internet)

8."The Spring and the Edna St.Vincent-Millay " (Internet)

9."Love Is Not All: It Is Not Meat nor Drink" Edna St.Vincent-Millay p.713

10."To His Coy Mistress" Andrew Marvell p.707

11."Barbie Doll," Marge Percy p.664

12."Rites of Passage," Sharon Olds p. 922

13."Eleanor Rigby," John Lennon and Paul McCartney p. 610

14."Ethics," Linda Pastan (Internet)

15."The Road Not Taken," Robert Frost p. 835

16."The Master," Frederick Morgan (Internet)

17."When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer," Walt Whitman p.748

18. "I Tell Them I'm a Liberal Arts Major," Carol Evans (Internet)

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