One Baker’s Dozen

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One Baker's Dozen is a collection of short stories by Jay Dubya. He has written other adult fiction besides One Baker's Dozen and its sister book Two Baker’s Dozen.

Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel and its sequel The Great Teen Fruit War, A 1960 Novel along with Frat' Brats, A '60s Novel are adult-oriented literary works constituting a trilogy. Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III and Pieces of Eight, Part IV are' short story/novella collections featuring science fiction and paranormal plots and themes. Nine New Novellas is the companion book to Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV.

All ten of Jay Dubya's sci-fi/paranormal book collections are written in a spirit that emphasizes suspense and surprise endings, literary techniques that the author enjoys implementing.

One Baker’s Dozen

  1. “Luck and Love”

  2. “Galaxy Gambol”

  3. “The Indestructible Teacup”

  4. Foreshadowing and Flashback”

  5. An Erroneous Coincidence”

  6. Figurines”

  7. Butterton Woods”

  8. “That’ll Be the Day”

  9. Government Problem Solving”

10 “Global Warning Thwarted”

11 “Twelve Modern Labors”

12 “Parallel Developments”

13 “The Christian Republican Left”

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