One Fish, Two Fish, Bread’s the Side Dish Bible Story

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252 Groups November 2015, Week 3

Small Group 2-3

One Fish, Two Fish, Bread’s the Side Dish
Bible Story: One Fish, Two Fish, Bread’s the Side Dish (Feeding the 5,000) • John 6:1-13

Bottom Line: Use what you have to lend a hand.

Memory Verse: “Let your light shine so others can see it. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will bring glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16, NIrV

Life App: Service—lending a hand to help someone else.

Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.
Social: Providing Time for Fun Interaction (Small Groups, 15 minutes)

1. Early Arriver Idea

What You Need: No supplies needed.

What You Do:

  • Greet kids as they arrive.

  • Talk about their favorite lunches.

  • As time allows, play stand up/sit down. Offer kids two lunch options; whoever likes option A stands and whoever prefers B sits (or you can use different motions option A flaps their arms and option B hops on one foot, etc.). Do this for a while and talk about their preferences. Why do they like that lunch? When do they get to eat it? Who makes it?

2. Multiply Two Ply

What You Need: Paper; 1 piece for each group
What You Do:
  • Divide kids into two teams and give each team 1 sheet of paper.

  • Say that their job is to make as many pieces of paper as they can from just a couple sheets and put the papers in a pile. Give plenty of time for this!

  • After they’ve made a mess, have them help clean up and get in a circle.

What You Say:

“That was awesome! From just two sheets of paper you all made a giant pile of paper! There were way more pieces of paper in those two sheets of paper than I was expecting. Something that seems small can often make a lot of difference! [Transition] Let’s go to Large Group to hear how Jesus took something really small and made a HUGE difference to a LOT of people!”

Lead your group to the Large Group area.

Groups: Creating a Safe Place to Connect (Small Groups, 25 minutes)

1. Story Starter Stackers (application activity / review the Bible story)

What You Need: “Story Starters Stack: Things” Activity Page and “Story Starters Stack: Places” Activity Page on colored paper and cut apart
What You Do:

  • Gather the kids in a circle and put the “Story Starters Stack: Things” in one pile and the “Story Starters Stack: Places” in one pile in the middle.

  • Direct kids to each draw a “thing” card and a “place” card.

  • Help them work together to come up with ways they could re-tell the Bible story (or give an idea of how to lend a hand) using that thing and place.

  • Go around the circle and let each child retell the story using their thing and place cards.

What You Say:

“You guys had some great stories! No matter what we have—a lunch box, clean laundry, cans of spaghetti, school supplies, winter coats—we can use it to serve others! Another thing we have is time; if you had one extra hour, how could you serve someone? (make a meal, do a chore, help a friend with homework) What about a whole day? (clean out the garage, rake leaves, spend time with grandparents) [Make It Personal] (Share about a time when you used what you had to serve. Maybe you gave a sandwich to someone on the street or you took an hour to babysit a friend’s child or you did a chore for someone else in your family.) Just like in our story when the boy just had the little lunch, no matter what it is that you have, you can [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand.”

* 2. Head to Serve (application activity)

What You Need: “Head to Serve” Activity Page cut apart on dotted lines, long strips of construction or craft paper; 1 per kid, stapler, paperclips
What You Do:

  • Each kid will make a headband with the paper strip and stapler. The headband should sit low across his forehead.

  • On each kid’s turn, he draws a facedown “Head to Serve” card and attaches it, facing out, to the band on his forehead with a paperclip. (You may need to help with this.)

  • Then he can ask yes or no questions to guess the object on his card.

  • Encourage kids to ask the usual “yes-or-no” questions as well as some “serving” questions: Could I serve my family with this? Could I use this to serve at church? Have I ever used this to serve someone before?

What You Say:

“You had some really strange guesses and some really good ones! It was hard to guess a few of these. Sometimes you just weren’t quite sure. That’s like serving others—you need a lot of creativity and imagination and even help from your friends so you can [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand. (Pick up the popcorn card.) How could we serve others with popcorn? You know, there are TONS of ways to do that! Like, more than I could even say. Don’t believe me? Well, you could treat a friend to popcorn at the movies, you could pop some popcorn and spend time with a grandparent looking at pictures together, you could organize a giant popcorn fight in the backyard to help keep your neighbor’s preschoolers occupied while she does some chores (and then of course clean it up), you could make caramel popcorn as a thank-you to your teachers, you could use it to help a friend with math homework by doing popcorn equations and fractions, you could invite a new kid over to play board games and make popcorn and cereal necklaces to munch on, you could use the kernels and some paint to make a pretty collage on a card and send it to a nursing home for someone who’s lonely, and you can use plain popcorn as a packing material so you can safely send gifts to servicemen and women overseas or college students who are far from home. Whew! That’s a lot of uses for popcorn! It might take a little imagination, but no matter what it is, you can [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand.”

3. Lunchbox Launch (memory verse activity)

What You Need: Lunchbox, ping-pong balls, masking tape (optional), permanent marker
What You Do:

  • Divide the group into two teams.

  • Assign each kid from the team a phrase of the verse to repeat while he launches the ping-pong balls.

  • Set one kid from each team facing each other, about eight feet apart. Put a masking tape line on the floor in front of their toes.

  • Put the lunchbox in the middle of the two kids and give each kid a ping-pong ball.

  • The kids try to toss the ball so that it bounces on the floor once and then lands in the lunchbox while saying their phrase of the verse.

  • Let kids try to bounce the ball into the lunchbox three times, saying the phrase every time, before moving on to the next player.

  • Once all the balls have made it into the lunchbox, have the group race to get themselves into order to say the verse phrase by phrase.

  • Note: If you have a large number of kids, divide the group and set up two Lunchbox Launch games.

What You Say:

“You might never have known that ping-pong balls and an old lunchbox could be so much fun! But the unexpected can happen when you [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand. When we let our light shine and do good things for others, people around us give thanks to God. Maybe you think you don’t have enough to serve others and shine your light. Maybe you don’t have a ton of money or a lot of free time or 400 spare earmuffs just waiting to be used. So you have to think of other ways to [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand. Sometimes this means you might let your light shine a little unexpectedly; you may need to improvise to do something good for someone else.

Pray and Dismiss

What You Need: Lunchbox, paper, markers

What You Do:

  • Gather the group in a circle, hand out paper and markers, and put the lunchbox in the center.

  • Encourage the kids to think about something they have that they can use to serve others

  • Tell kids to write that thing down on their paper.

  • As you pray, go around the circle and let kids say, “Please help me use what I have to serve,” and place their paper in the lunchbox.

What You Say:

“Dear God, please help us whatever we have—time or money or things or energy—to serve others. (Pass the lunchbox around as kids take turns praying.) Thank you for hearing us. Amen.

“Hey guys, we’ll check next week to see how you’ve used this stuff to serve others. Don’t forget: [Bottom Line] use what you have to lend a hand.”
Give each child a GodTime card. As parents arrive, and give them their child’s card from the lunchbox so that they can brainstorm ways to serve this week.

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