One Pan Spaghetti & Cheese Toast Class Outline

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One Pan Spaghetti & Cheese Toast Class Outline


  • Ask participants to sign in

Welcome & Introductions

  • Welcome participants to class

  • Introduce the topic/recipes

  • Participant introductions

- Ask participants to introduce themselves: name and favorite food to cook or eat

(starting with you)

- Share a personal story about learning to cook, teaching your children to cook,

etc. If you don’t have a story, ask co-workers to share theirs. A funny story

relaxes people.

Kitchen Safety

  • Before you start cooking:

- Wash hands (more on this later)

- Wash cooking area

  • Stove Safety

- Never leave food cooking unattended

- Keep children away from hot stoves/burners

- Turn pan handles in, but away from other burners

Recipe and Take-Home Pages

  • Hand out:

1. The recipes that will be prepared today

- Have been chosen to use WIC foods and the MyPlate food guide.

- Include carrots (good source of vitamin A), tomatoes (good source

of vitamin C), whole wheat bread (good source of fiber), and cheese (good source of calcium).

- Adding the carrots to this recipe is a way to add more vegetables to meals. The same idea can be used for chili and other casseroles.

2. Hand washing take-home pages

- Review the recommendation for hand washing and how to use the hand

washing songs to encourage children to wash their hands at least 20


3. Participant feedback form & pens/pencils

- Ask participants for feedback to help us improve classes. For WIC staff

only: this also serves as WIC required participant class evaluation.

Food Preparation

- Wash hands and cooking area

- Gather needed ingredients and cooking utensils

  • During food demonstration

- Review kitchen safety

- Talk about how children could help prepare these recipes

- Family mealtimes

- Importance of drinking water

- Physical activity/turn off the TV & video games

(WIC staff: information on these topics is included with other classes in this


Taste Test

  • Ask:

- Do you like these foods?

- Would you change anything in the recipes?

- Were the recipes easy to follow & understand?

- Do you think you would try these recipes at home?


  • Ask each participant to complete a Participant Feedback Form. Collect forms before continuing.

Wrap Up

  • Thank everyone for attending and contributing to the class

  • Share information on next class: date, time, location, subject

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