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Treason is everywhere about us and I do not believe that we have any chance unless some strong military person is able to seize power by means of a “coup d’etat” and take the Communist bull by the horns right at home


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Treason is everywhere about us and I do not believe that we have any chance unless some strong military person is able to seize power by means of a “coup d’etat” and take the Communist bull by the horns right at home.

In still another letter from Buenos Aires, del Valle said, “If the Truman government were not completely in the power of the Zionist-Marxist minority, we should not have any difficulty” in getting the United States to leave the UN as long as Russia remained a member.7

Del Valle’s increasing public visibility, which included the insertion of his 1951 “Open Letter to President Truman” into the Congressional Record, made Behn increasingly uncomfortable. Nor did his position improve after ITT’s Washington representative labeled him anti-Semitic. In late 1951 del Valle left ITT and returned to his home in Maryland.


While still in Buenos Aires, del Valle regularly wrote letters to the Pentagon and CIA urging them to create a new organization under the command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to wage guerrilla warfare behind Soviet and Chinese lines, an organization that he offered to lead.8 Del Valle then received an invitation from Admiral Forrest Sherman, Chief of Naval Operations, to visit Washington to discuss his ideas. After arriving in D.C, however, del Valle was told that Admiral Sherman was away but that Walter Bedell Smith, the new head of the CIA, wanted to meet him. One of Eisenhower’s closest aides in World War II, Bedell Smith had just replaced Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter at CIA. Instead of discussing plans for guerrilla warfare, Bedell Smith told del Valle that “he had just the job” for him as head of the CIA station in Japan. He did so in the false belief that del Valle “had crossed swords” with General MacArthur during World War II and would therefore be willing to help “pull the rug out from under MacArthur.” Del Valle promptly informed Bedell Smith that he considered MacArthur “the ablest general and statesman the country possessed.”9

The confrontation between del Valle and Bedell Smith also echoed a longstanding dispute inside U.S. Intelligence dating back to World War II when General MacArthur prevented the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the precursor agency to the CIA, from effectively functioning in areas under his command. The CIA’s reluctance to engage in aggressive “rollback” operations against the Soviet Union further angered hardliners.10


Del Valle’s clash with the CIA took place at a time when the predominantly Midwest-based isolationist wing of the Republican Party was coming under increasing attack from the internationalist branch of the Party. The internationalists’ roots were largely in East Coast banking and industrial interests as well as in internationalist-oriented policy organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and the Ford Foundation. Ivy League graduates from elite Eastern families also played a prominent role in organizations like the CIA. The struggle between the “isolationists” and the “internationalists” for the soul of the GOP reached a peak at the party’s 1952 convention. Senator Robert A. Taft, the choice of the isolationists, entered the convention hall with an apparent clear majority of delegates, only to lose the nomination to former General Dwight D. Eisenhower after a series of questionable parliamentary maneuvers disqualified a number of key Taft delegates.11

Del Valle, for his part, set out to organize a network of hard right organizations to galvanize public opinion against the internationalist elite. In a 7/19/51 letter to an American rightist named Jane Graham, he argued, “We must organize the citizens in each state as vigilantes against sabotage and other forms of treason. Then link them up in some national headquarters.” Del Valle initially placed his hopes in America Plus Inc., a Los Angeles-based group that operated in some fourteen states. In an 8/14/51 letter to America Plus leader Irvin Borders, del Valle stated

I am going to suggest that we have a body of Minutemen or vigilantes, which in fact all your members are. While your movement is entirely political, the vigilantes could in addition have a semi-military purpose in checking the violence and sabotage, which the enemy constantly perpetrates in our country.12

In an 8/27/51 letter he sent from Buenos Aires to General Douglas MacArthur in New York (with copies to leading right-wingers Merwin K. Hart, Conde McGinley, Major R.H. Williams, California Senator Jack Tenney and Lt. General A.C. Wedemeyer [Ret.]), del Valle called for the creation of The Minutemen of America. Its most important functions would include “Intelligence, Operations, Supply, Finance, Public Relations and Personnel.” The “central authority of the Minutemen” would
keep the members advised of sabotage, intended sabotage, and all subversive activities. At such times as appropriate, the necessary action will be taken to supplement the work of the FBI in bringing subversives to justice, and especially in forestalling them in their nefarious activity wherever possible.
When confronting “saboteurs,” particularly inside the labor movement, del Valle warned that “great resistance, and some violence, is to be expected.”
In his draft articles of incorporation for the Minutemen, del Valle said it would be organized with
one squad leader and four men each, at the smallest local level; into platoons of one platoon leader and two or more squads each at the next largest level; into companies of 100 men led by a centurion; commandos led by commanders of two or more companies; into legions of two or more commandos led by a legionary, and finally, at state level, into divisions led by a State Councilor.
Del Valle’s draft also included a denunciation of the supposed threat to U.S. sovereignty posed by the UN:

Further to corrupt, misinterpret and weaken our national fundamental political philosophy we have become a member of a huge international aggregation, known as the United Nations, into which the United States of America has surrendered a large part of its sovereignty into the hands of a heterogeneous conglomeration of representatives of all races, colors, and states of enlightenment, most of whom cannot properly “represent” their peoples because they did not select them, and none of whose interests exactly coincide with ours.

In the United Nations Christianity, the basis of our form of government, can only with difficulty make its voice heard in this modern Tower of Babel amidst the din and clangor of clashing materialistic interests, including those of Soviet Russia, our sworn enemy and protagonists of anti-Christ.
Americans, he argued, were especially threatened with proposed international agreements like the “so-called ‘Genocide Convention’” which would allow a U.S. citizen “without his consent, because he has caused mental discomfort to a certain minority, [to] be deported for trial in a foreign land by a foreign court” and thus be denied “our guarantees of free speech, trial by a jury, and habeas corpus.”
Del Valle elaborated on his belief that America was under siege in a letter to Marine Corps Colonel Samuel Griffith. He told Griffith: “should our own government unfortunately fall into the hands of the Communist Anti-Christ, I for one will follow my great-grandfather’s example [who fought with Wellington against the French in Spain – KC] and will take to the hills, gun in hand, until I am killed or they are driven out!”

After meeting in Washington’s Army-Navy Club in 1953, del Valle, Lt. Col. John H. Coffman, USMC (Ret.), and Lt. Col. Eugene Cowles Pomeroy (Ret.) formed the Defenders of the American Constitution with del Valle as president to spread the anti “One Worldist” gospel into the highest ranks of the U.S. military. Coffman, the DAC’s secretary and legal counsel, had seen action in Nicaragua, China, and Guadalcanal during his service with the Marines.13As for Pomeroy, he had served in World War I as well as on intelligence missions in the Far East.14 An Executive Council also was established with Brigadier General Bonner Fellers (Ret.) as Chairman. Other members included Major General Claire Chennault, USAF (Ret.), one of the leading figures in the pro-Taiwan “China Lobby,” as well as a handful of right-wingers from civilian backgrounds.15

The DAC first gained public notice in December 1953 after Coffman filed a Habeas Corpus proceeding in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., against the Secretaries of State, Defense and the Army in the “Keefe Case,” named after Army Private Richard Keefe, who was serving with U.S. forces in France. After getting drunk one night and driving off from a bistro in a stolen cab, Keefe was arrested by local gendarmes. The French government then decided to put Keefe on trial instead of following the usual procedure of turning him over to American MP’s for an Army court-martial. The DAC turned the incident into a cause celebre and argued that the Senate ratification of a treaty placing U.S. servicemen in foreign countries under the jurisdiction of local authorities was an abrogation of their rights under the U.S. Constitution.
The DAC further hoped the Keefe case would aid the Senate’s passage of the proposed “Bricker Amendment” to the Constitution. The measure, introduced in 1951 by Ohio Senator John Bricker in the midst of the Korean War, would have dramatically reduced the power given to the President and Congress by the Constitution to negotiate and sign foreign treaties by making treaty ratification essentially dependent on the approval of the then 48 states. An article in the far right News Bulletin of the Cinema Education Guild, reprinted by the DAC, argued that the Bricker Amendment
will permanently curb those starry-eyed dreamers who are obsessed with the illusion that we can solve all of our problems and emerge into a shining new world by just eliminating all national governments . . . and having in their place one big super-duper dictatorship to rule “the brave new world.”16

In April 1953 hearings before Congress, pro-Bricker congressmen mercilessly attacked Secretary of State John Foster Dulles over U.S. involvement in foreign treaties. An exasperated Dulles responded by insisting that the Bricker Amendment would have made even the creation of NATO impossible; an argument that failed to win many converts.17 The Senate finally defeated the Bricker Amendment by a single vote.18

Taking advantage of the controversy surrounding the DAC, del Valle ran for governor of Maryland, only to fail miserably in the Republican primary. The DAC also began publishing its four page monthly newsletter Task Force, whose first issue appeared in May 1954. Its second issue prominently featured del Valle’s “Open Letter to the American People,” where he laid out the DAC’s views on foreign entanglements:
We have seen the United Nations fail to promote peaceful intercourse between its member nations, and to become a dangerous international soapbox for the Kremlin. We have seen spies and saboteurs of the Kremlin penetrate almost every branch of our own government. It is reported that there are over five million illegally living in our country. . . .We have seen our every effort to support the real anti-communist nations, Nationalist China, South Korea, Germany and Spain sabotaged by foreign influences. . . .
The impotence of the sinister United Nations has been amply demonstrated. . . . Mere numerical majorities of peoples can override our will . . . and can, through the devious means of treaties and conventions forced upon us, open the way for the surrender of our precious Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Beast of the Kremlin sits in the highest councils, together with some of its puppets. Yet Spain, the one country which has defeated communism within its borders in a bloody conflict, is not invited to be a member.

Del Valle was not alone in his fervent opposition to the UN. The September 1954 Task Force ran an article that quoted Indiana Republican Senator William E. Jenner, who memorably described the UN Charter as “the machine gun that looks like a baby carriage.” According to Jenner, the UN would abolish the Bill of Rights and replace it with “a body of . . . privileges and duties modeled exactly upon the Soviet Constitution.” North Dakota Republican Congressman Usher Burdick claimed that the “real purpose (of the UN) was to build a world government controlled by the Communists and their dupes in the United States.”

Pedro del Valle appeared on the surface to be a somewhat unconventional military man turned super patriot who appealed to the heritage of George Washington and the Founding Fathers. An examination of his personal papers, however, provides a much more complex picture.
Although del Valle regularly denounced “big government” for limiting individual freedom – even calling for the abolition of both the IRS and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) – he clearly admired Mussolini’s Italy. After the war del Valle maintained good ties with Italy’s “Black Prince” Junio Valerio Borghese, whom he had first met during the Ethiopia campaign.19A convicted war criminal, Borghese became one of Italy’s most powerful postwar far rightists as well as the first president of Italy’s neo-fascist Movimento Sociale Italiano (MSI).20 Del Valle also argued that America should back Eastern European governments-in-exile in order to encourage “so-called ‘fascist’ groups” to build a new “underground” should the Soviet Union overrun Europe militarily.21

Del Valle was also close to Franco’s Spain. In a 2/23/50 letter to Nevada Senator Pat McCarran, del Valle even offered to become the first U.S. Ambassador to Spain should America recognize Franco. Through his good friend, the Madrid-based Marques de Prat y Nantouillet, who headed a rightwing religious movement called Active United Christians, del Valle met Franco in 1952. He returned to Spain on other occasions, most notably in 1964 when he tried to help the Marques put together an anti-communist “worldwide Christian movement” with proposed financing from Arab nations and far right Texas millionaires. During this visit, del Valle also met with another good friend, General José Diaz Villegas, a member of the Spanish Army general staff who had a special interest in Africa.22

As a Hispanic Catholic, del Valle had little sympathy for Nordic racialism and Nazi ideology. His view of Nazi Germany, however, was peculiar to say the least. In an 8/9/1962 letter to J. Paul Thornton, a California organizer for the far-right National States Rights Party (NSRP), del Valle said:
I knew Mussolini personally and served with his forces in Ethiopia as U.S. observer. I never met Hitler but lived in Germany under his creation and believe he might somehow [have] fought free of his bosses and created a free world far better than the one we now live in. But let this be known! Hitler was sponsored and financed by the same House of Rothschild bankers who eventually liquidated him.
From the late 1950s on, del Valle maintained a friendly correspondence with American Nazi Party (ANP) leader George Lincoln Rockwell and he gave Rockwell occasional small financial contributions.23 Del Valle’s main disagreement with Rockwell seems to have been over the fact that the Nazis were anti-Christian.24 Del Valle also had no hesitation in favorably citing a statement from Rockwell’s Nazi successor in his memoir Semper Fidelis.25

While working as an ITT executive in Buenos Aires in 1949, Del Valle became involved with a group called the Suvarov Union, an Argentine-based network of White Russian exiles. The Suvarov Union was led by General Boris Smyslovsky-Holmston, a former White Russian officer who had fought the Bolsheviks during the Civil War. He then joined the German Army as “Colonel von Regenau” and led a fierce guerrilla warfare campaign behind Soviet lines during World War II. Smyslovsky-Holmston told del Valle that he had some 10,000 supporters worldwide who were eager to open up offensive operations in Siberia with American backing should the Pentagon approve such an operation.26 The Suvarov Union, along with a group of far right Russian monarchists based in New York and London, recognized the former Russian Grand Duke Cyril – a Nazi sympathizer who lived in France during the 1930s – as the true Czar.27

The DAC’s involvement with the White Russian community led many of its members to join a far right pseudo-chivalric order known as the “Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta,” which was headquartered in the small town of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania. The Military Affairs Committee of the Knights at one point included an astonishing list of former generals and admirals, including del Valle, Gen. Lemuel Shepherd, Lt. Gen. George Stratemeyer, Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby, Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers, Admiral Charles M. Cooke and Rear Admiral Francis T. Spellman among others. The “Shickshinny Knights” were led by Charles Pichel, a Nazi sympathizer in the 1930s who maintained murky ties to the White Russian community.28 Pichel claimed that his Knights represented a branch of the Order that had survived in Russia under the Emperor Paul I after Napoleon had suppressed the main group. He further said he derived his order’s legitimacy from “Czar” Cyril himself.
Part Two: The DAC and Conspiracy Theory

Although in outward appearance the DAC seemed to be an association of intensely anti-Communist former military men, Del Valle and his colleagues never truly believed that there was an independent threat to America from Russia. It is striking just how little information there is about Soviet-style communism in the pages of Task Force. There are no informed discussions about Politburo changes, Soviet foreign policy, the Sino-Soviet split, or the composition and deployment of Soviet military forces. This is because the DAC viewed the U.S.-Soviet conflict through an intense conspiratorial prism. The group argued that Russia itself was secretly controlled by a “one-worldist conspiracy” led by Jewish banking houses headquartered in New York City.29 Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch – and not Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin – were the real power behind twentieth century Communism. The June 1955 Task Force claimed, “the Communist regimes are weak and their people rebellious. The only strength they possess is the faction within the American government which puts the Soviet Union first.” [Italics in original.] This mysterious “faction” was itself, of course, controlled by the Jews.

The DAC viewed contemporary world history in general as a massive conspiracy of shadow men, puppets and politicians controlled from behind the scenes by a small cabal of secret Jewish masters. DAC fear mongering came in two basic forms; the first downplayed the Hand of Zion while the second highlighted it. While Task Force perpetually alluded to the existence of a vast shadowy conspiracy, it frequently avoided directly accusing the Jews of being in charge and let the reader fill in the blanks.
One example of “Anti-Semitism Lite” comes in an article entitled “Regardless of Who Is Elected President, Invisible Rulers Govern United States” that appeared in the October 1955 Task Force.30 In it we learn that top advisors to President Eisenhower – Including his brother Milton and Nelson Rockefeller – exist “merely to transmit orders handed down from higher sources much as a messenger boy delivers a Western Union telegram.” To see the “Unseen Masters” or “International Conspirators” as composed of “any one racial group as is so often charged” is wrong. But “to the extent that some racial groups’ representation in the World Conspiracy is greater” because “they are more astute at seizing opportunity than others, more avaricious in their greed for power, more skilled in the art of deception and intrigue and more adept in the pursuits which concentrate the bulk of the world’s wealth in their hands,” such observations were accurate. Whatever the racial composition of the conspiracy, “crack-brained” social scientists paid by wealthy foundations and international bankers were now hard at work pushing for “one universal government in which the industrial economy, religious beliefs and social customs of the human race” would be forced into a common mold resulting in “slavery for all men and freedom for none.”

The academic eggheads and bankers who used the UN to create the World Bank, the Mutual Trade Agreements Act, and the International Labor Organization were now ready to add on such “little frills as Human Rights, Genocide, UNESCO, the social mixing and inter-marriage of the white and black races” as well as “all the other queer little ideological touches so dear to the hearts of the boys with the tinted lips, mincing steps and high-pitched vocal equipment.” The UN’s proposed power to interfere in domestic legislation would especially wreck havoc with segregation and labor law. As an article in the February 1955 Task Force stated, “Our marriage laws and our laws with relation to employer and employee are no part of the United Nations.”

In January 1955, Task Force revealed conclusive proof of the conspirators’ master plan for world domination in the form of a map. DAC vice president Colonel Eugene Pomeroy said that on a 1954 trip to London he had been given the map from a brave British woman patriot who had infiltrated the September 1952 London conference of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government (also known as the United World Federalists). The map, which divided up the world into a series of zones and regions with longitude and latitude lines duly noted, was the World Parliamentarians attempt to envision a rationally organized globe and not one split along preexisting national political lines.
The DAC, however, saw the map as the blueprint for One World domination that would commence once the UN began changing its Charter. The map split the U.S. into four zones, leading Pomeroy to warn that “a Mau Mau Chief” could rule the South “as Commissar” while the states from “the Atlantic to the Rockies quite likely would be under the dictatorship of Huk Filipinos while the Pacific Coast states in all likelihood could expect a Red Chinese as their overlord.” Because the conspirators desired the standard of living throughout the world to be uniform, they further planned to reduce the average American to “somewhere on a level of an Australian Bushman, and practically all American surplus production would be exported.” The One World economy would be built on “a deforested desert of America.” Pomeroy then warned,

The blueprint for One World will not tolerate control of immigration. The United States can expect that its West Coast will be inundated by hordes of Red Chinese coolies. The East and the rest of the country can expect to be overrun by millions from the Levant, India, Malaya, East Indies, Africa. The American branch of the white race will be another “lost race” and would take its place in history along with the Aztecs.

Of course to operate this global scheme, force, overwhelming force, is essential. This has been foreseen and every national unit as now existing must contribute recruits for an International Police. We can look forward to being policed by Turks, Hindus, African Tribesmen and Red Chinese distributed throughout the four regions.
Pomeroy concluded his article with the prediction that “by 1960, the United States as we know it, Constitution and all, will disappear from the Earth.”
Far from repudiating Pomeroy’s extraordinary claims when 1960 came and went, del Valle embraced them. In an 8/30/63 letter to a California far rightist West Wuichet, del Valle wrote:
As to the projected sub-division of the USA by the UN, we have absolute proof of this from a fine British lady who became a United World Federalist for the purpose. Task Force has published this un-challenged three times. Make no mistake, this is part of the plan of the take-over. The race war is just the cover for the main operation and has fooled many otherwise intelligent White Christians.

Pomeroy’s magic map, a contemporary version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was so popular that Task Force reprinted it three times. The DAC also published the map – along with other documents from the September 1952 London conference of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government – as a special pamphlet.31

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