Online bookstore open for ordering som and svm textbooks

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Online bookstore open for ordering SOM and SVM textbooks


f you will not be taking classes in Grenada in Spring 2010, this does not apply to you--please ignore.

The SGU online bookstore website is about to open for you to order your textbooks (and scrubs and Physical Diagnosis kits if you need them) for Spring 2010.

The website is available for ordering from NOW until November 8th, 2009.

In order to have your books delivered with all the other books (and to avoid shipping charges) you MUST order your books by Sunday, November 8th at midnight.

The booklists are available in the online bookstore.

If you order your books from the bookstore within this specified timeframe, they will be delivered directly to campus for your pick up next term. If you order at another time, you will be charged for the shipping and will have to pay for the books with a credit card.

The online bookstore is available at the top of the Members Center (go to , go to "My SGU", enter in login name and password and then click on the "St. George's University Bookstore" box at the top of the page.........then proceed to either Medicine icon or Veterinary icon....)

Make sure you get information on which textbooks you should buy (from upperclass students for example) before ordering. Make sure you carefully check your order before you hit "submit." Once you have submitted your order it cannot readily be changed.

For assistance with your purchase, or questions about anything relating to buying or paying for your books, call

at their Toll Free Number: 1.866.567.BOOK (2665) or their International Number: 908.687.BOOK (2665)


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