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Laser Gas Analyzer



Toxic gases and or flammable liquids may be present in this monitoring system.

Personal protective equipment may be required when servicing this instrument.

Hazardous voltages exist on certain components internally which may persist for a time even after the power is turned off and disconnected.

Laser radiation hazard is present in this instrument.

Only authorized personnel should conduct maintenance and/or servicing. Before conducting any maintenance or servicing, consult with authorized supervisor/manager.

Copyright © 2006 Teledyne Analytical Instruments

All Rights Reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any other language or computer language in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, whether it be electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, manual, or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Teledyne Analytical Instruments, 16830 Chestnut Street, City of Industry, CA 91749-1580.


This equipment is sold subject to the mutual agreement that it is warranted by us free from defects of material and of construction, and that our liability shall be limited to replacing or repairing at our factory (without charge, except for transportation), or at customer plant at our option, any material or construction in which defects become apparent within one year from the date of shipment, except in cases where quotations or acknowledgements provide for a shorter period. Components manufactured by others bear the warranty of their manufacturer. This warranty does not cover defects caused by wear, accident, misuse, neglect or repairs other than those performed by Teledyne or an authorized service center. We assume no liability for direct or indirect damages of any kind and the purchaser by the acceptance of the equipment will assume all liability for any damage which may result from its use or misuse.

We reserve the right to employ any suitable material in the manufacture of our apparatus, and to make any alterations in the dimensions, shape or weight of any parts, in so far as such alterations do not adversely affect our warranty.

Important Notice

This instrument provides measurement readings to its user, and serves as a tool by which valuable data can be gathered. The information provided by the instrument may assist the user in eliminating potential hazards caused by his process; however, it is essential that all personnel involved in the use of the instrument or its interface, with the process being measured, be properly trained in the process itself, as well as all instrumentation related to it.

The safety of personnel is ultimately the responsibility of those who control process conditions. While this instrument may be able to provide early warning of imminent danger, it has no control over process conditions, and it can be misused. In particular, any alarm or control systems installed must be tested and understood, both as to how they operate and as to how they can be defeated. Any safeguards required such as locks, labels, or redundancy, must be provided by the user or specifically requested of Teledyne at the time the order is placed.

Therefore, the purchaser must be aware of the hazardous process conditions. The purchaser is responsible for the training of personnel, for providing hazard warning methods and instrumentation per the appropriate standards, and for ensuring that hazard warning devices and instrumentation are maintained and operated properly.

Teledyne Analytical Instruments, the manufacturer of this instrument, cannot accept responsibility for conditions beyond its knowledge and control. No statement expressed or implied by this document or any information disseminated by the manufacturer or its agents, is to be construed as a warranty of adequate safety control under the user’s process conditions.

Specific Model Information

Instrument Serial Number: ­­­­­­­­­_______________________

    Instrument Range: _______________

    Calibrated for: _______________

    Background Gas: _______________

    Zero Gas: _______________

    Span Gas: _______________

Safety Messages

Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual. Please read these messages carefully.

A safety message alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. Each safety message is associated with a safety alert symbol. These symbols are found in the manual and inside the instrument. The definition of these symbols is described below:


/CAUTION: Refer to the instructions for details on the specific danger. These cautions warn of specific procedures which if not followed could cause bodily Injury and/or damage the instrument.


: Laser Radiation Hazard: This warning is specific to laser light emission and associated dangers. Failure to heed the warning could result in serious eye damage.


Electrical Shock Hazard: Dangerous voltages appear within this instrument. This warning is specific to an electrical hazard existing at or nearby the component or procedure under discussion. Failure to heed this warning could result in injury and/or death from electrocution.

Technician Symbol: All operations marked with this symbol are to be performed by qualified maintenance personnel only.


Additional information and comments regarding a specific component or procedure are highlighted in the form of a note.




This manual provides information designed to guide you through the installation, calibration operation and maintenance of your new analyzer. Please read this manual and keep it available.

Occasionally, some instruments are customized for a particular application or features and/or options added per customer requests. Please check the front of this manual for any additional information in the form of an Addendum which discusses specific information, procedures, cautions and warnings that may be peculiar to your instrument.

Manuals do get lost. Additional manuals can be obtained from Teledyne at the address given in the Appendix. Some of our manuals are available in electronic form via the internet. Please visit our website at: www.teledyne-ai.com.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Screens ix

List of Tables x

Introduction 13

1.1 Overview 13

1.2 Typical Applications 13

1.3 Features 14

1.4 System Components 15

1.4.1 The Transmitter 15

1.4.2 The Receiver 15

1.4.3 Mounting Flanges 16

1.4.4 Optional Purge Unit 16

Operational Theory 17

2.1 Introduction 17

2.2 The Transmitter 18

2.3 The Receiver 18

2.4 The Purge Unit (Optional) 19

2.5 Principles of Operation 20

2.5.1 Laser Spectral Scanning Technology 21

2.5.2 Automatic Compensation For Spectral Line Broadening 22

Installation 23

3.1 Unpacking the Instrument 23

3.2 Installation Preparation 23

3.2.1 Installation and Adjustment Tools 23

3.2.2 Choosing Installation Spot 24

3.3 Welding Flanges 25

3.3.1 Installing Instrument Flanges 25

3.3.2 Checking Offset Using the Laser Pen and Target 27

3.3.3 Adjusting the Coaxial Offset of the Instrument Flanges 27

3. 4 Installing the Transmitter Unit and Receiver Unit 28

3.5 Purge System Installation 28

3.6 Electric Wiring and Connection 29

3.7 Powering Up for the First Time 30

3.8 Optimizing Optical Alignment 31

Operation 33

4.1 Front Panel 33

4.2 System Mode 34

4.2.1 Start-up Mode 34

4.2.2 Normal Mode 35

4.2.3 Error Mode 35

4.3 System Menu 35

4.4 The Numerical Keyboard 36

4.5 Input Method Selection 38

4.6 System Main 38

4.7 Main Menu 40

4.7.1 Online Measurement 42

4.7.2 Offline Calibration (Calib.) 43 Adjust Zero (Ad. Zero) 44 Calibration Preview (Preview) 45 Calibration Path Length, Temperature and Pressure 47

4.7.3 Purge Compensation (Pur. Gas) 47 Adjust Zero (Ad. Zero) Purge Compensation 48 Calibration Preview (Preview) Purge Compensation 48

4.7.4 Language 50

4.7.5 Password Modify 50

4.7.6 Software Update (Update) 51

4.7.7 Accessorial Setting 52 Address 53 Temperature Input 53 Pressure Input 54 Concentration Output 55 Measurement Range 56 Data Backup 57 Parameter Restore (Para. Restore) 58

4.8 Alarms 58

4.8.1 Alarm Indicators 58

4.8.2 Alarm Code Menu 59

Alarm Messages 61

5.1 Relay Alarm 61

5.2 4-20mA Analog Output 61

5.3 LCD Alarm Message Display 62

Maintenance and Calibration 69

6.1 Maintenance 69

6.1.1 Clean the Optical Parts 70

6.1.2 Optimize the Optical Transmission Alignment 71

6.2. Calibration 71

6.2.1 Calibration Procedure 73

Extended Communication Functions 78

Appendix 80

A.1 Specifications 80

A.2 Recommended Spare Parts List 82

A.3 Reference Drawings 83

Index 84

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