Operation Kejriwal: Sachivalay mein Bhrashtachar ki Filein Svaahaa kare mein Jute Adhikari

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(Unofficial translation of the Hindi news report published on the website of the TV News Channel AajTak - “Operation Kejriwal: Sachivalay mein Bhrashtachar ki Filein Svaahaa kare mein Jute Adhikari”)
Operation Kejriwal: Officers Destroying Files relating to Corruption in the Secretariat

New Delhi, 26 December, 2013

The regime has changed in Delhi, the nation’s capital. Along with a change in regime, the scenes in the Secretariat have also begun to change. Along with this, the integrity and the policies of those in authority have also started changing. After reigning over Delhi for 15 years Sheila Dixit has quit as the head of the administration. Politics in Delhi has taken a new turn and the Chief Minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal has reached the chair of the Chief Minister riding on an anti-corruption wave. He has stated that he will continue to fight against corruption in the future as well.
It will take some more time for Arvind Kejriwal to occupy the chair of the Chief Minister but chairs in the Delhi Secretariat have started trembling already. Aaj Tak has learnt that files and documents are being destroyed in the confidential departments by the staff of the outgoing Ministers. Papers are being selected from files and being torn up while the tables and almirahs of the officers are being cleaned up.
When Aaj Tak’s sting team entered the office of the domineering Minister Arvind Singh Lovely along with a hidden camera it was stunned by what it saw. In the office of Arvind Singh’s Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Mr. Navani, at the Delhi Secretariat, evidence of corruption was being destroyed. While Lovely has been ousted from the Delhi Secretariat the staff of (his erstwhile) OSD was busy cleaning up the files.

While Mr. Lovely’s OSD who was busy in cleaning up the files was shaken up to see the Aaj Tak team at first, he recovered his composure quickly. When he was asked why files were being torn up in the office, the OSD denied any knowledge of the same. His colleagues started uttering white lies. They stated that no file was bring torn up in the office. Perhaps they did not realize that evidence of their actions of tearing up government records was already captured by the hidden camera.

While government files are being torn up in the Secretariat on the one hand, many officers posted in the Chief Minister’s office (on the other hand) fearing Kejriwal, are struggling to get themselves transferred out. This matter was admitted by none other than the staff of the Secretariat themselves.
The Ganges of Corruption flows in Delhi Jal Board

The head office of the Delhi Jal Board is located in the Jhandewalan area of Delhi. The stream of corruption in Delhi originates from the head office of Delhi Jal Board. This office is notorious for corruption to the tune of several thousand crores and Arvind Kejriwal himself had exposed many instances of corruption here. It may be cited as a coincidence that the very person exposing corruption, Arvind Kejriwal is going to be the master of this building. As the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal will be the Chairman of Delhi Jal Board.

While many senior officers have exposed corruption in Delhi Jal Board (in the past), the PA of the topmost officer of Delhi Jal Board, namely, the CEO, exposed the biggest case of corruption. Every person in Delhi Jal Board has 1-2 vehicles, even head clerks move around in cars. According to the PA this is not all, the story of corruption is much longer than this.

Dr. A K Ambasht is the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of Delhi Jal Board. At the very outset (Mr.) Ambasht accepted that there was corruption in Delhi Jal Board and this is indeed true. The CVO has said that the erstwhile head, meaning the previous Chief Minister, was hand in glove with private individuals and perhaps this tradition would be broken with the coming of Kejriwal. The CVO stated that private contractors ruled the roost in Delhi Jal Board and they had the patronage of politicians.

Delhi Jal Board continues to have some sincere and honest officers who are awaiting Kejriwal eagerly. Elsewhere officers accused of corruption are very fearful. The truth is that everybody is worried about Kejriwal. Kejriwal had promised that he would supply 700 litres of water per day to every family. It is evident that if corruption is stemmed in the Jal Board Kejriwal will be able to deliver on his promise. Now Jal Board officials are watching Kejriwal.
Kejriwal will remedy hospitals, Tremors in DTC

It is not as if the fear of Kejriwal is (visible) only in Delhi Secretariat or the headquarters of the Delhi Government, it is also evident in the hospitals which Kejriwal will run. The CMO of Guru Tegh Bahadur hospital was in the Christmas mood. When he learnt that Kejriwal may come to the hospital for a visit, he straightened up.

The CMO spoke over the phone and said that if he told the hospital chief, namely, the Medical Superintendent, his heartbeat would start racing up.
When Kejriwal’s name was mentioned one motor licensing officer started describing himself, as being bigger than Kejriwal. He claimed that he was fighting against corruption like a bull. Kejriwal’s name is causing tremors in the Social Welfare department also and officers have started thinking that corrupt officers are likely to come under scrutiny. Some other officer are portraying themselves as supporters of Aam Aadmi Party and are admitting that Kejriwal’s ascent (to power) will bring about some difference. Officers of the DTC are also very worried and concerned about Kejriwal.
Source: http://aajtak.intoday.in/content_mail.php?option=com_content&name=print&id=750547

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