Oral Story Telling- story duel!

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Oral Story Telling- story duel!

Next week we will be having a ‘story duel’ with 4W- where we will be orally telling an African story.
It will really help if you know the story and are familiar with re-telling it from memory or a few notes. Please practice this over the weekend, ready for Monday, when we will do lots of work together to turn you all into amazing story-tellers!
This is the story outline of ‘Awongelma’-the story we will be re-telling next week. This is the outline we created together during todays’ English lesson.
No food for years- animals staving- about to die.

Duma remembers story about the Accacia tree- say magic word, will burst with fruit and will keep growing- but needed magic word.

Decided to go to the mountain spirts to ask magic word- wanted to send Duma, but Leo overpowered them as King of animals.

Leo- harraka harraka, up to the top 'mountain spirts, speak to me, tell me the name of the magic tree"

AWONGLEMA- went down mounting, into a termites nest- bites, flicks, forgets name.

Animals annoyed that had forgotten. Sent Duma.

REPEAT- Duma into ants nest. Forgets too.

Send tortoise- Mackondo- as have tried fast animals.

He could plod-e plod-e up- took 2 weeks. Asked name, repeaed all the way down.

He said it to tree, burst fruit (describe fruit)

Knew could rely on tortoise and have the saying "Harraka Harakka, Heyna Hararka which means... less rush, more haste, take it easy, the job will get done in the end"

You can also find an spoken re-telling of the story and a fuller story outline at http://www.storymuseum.org.uk/1001stories/detail/135/awongalema.html

Have fun being story-tellers!
Mr H 

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