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The Book of Compassion
Reverence For All Life

(Collection of Articles)

Compiled by

Pramoda Chitrabhanu

Jain Meditation International Center

P.O.Box 230244 Ansonia

New York, NY 10023-0244

Telephone – 212-362-6483

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Jain Study Center of North Carolina

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Website – www.jainism.org

Sponsored by JAINA

Federation of Jain Associations in North America

From the Generous Donations of Individuals for the 2000 Millennium Calendars and Book Source Fund

The Book is available from the following Organizations:

Jain Meditation International Center

P.O. Box 230244 Ansonia

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Jain Study Center of North Carolina

509 Carriage Woods Circle

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E-mail – pkshah1@attglobal.net

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First Edition June 2000 (printed in USA)

Second Edition October 2000 (printed in USA)

Third Edition January 2001 (printed in India)

Printed by

Mercury Printers

Shrenik Shah

201 Dhanlaxmi Complex, Shahibag

Ahmedabad 380 004


Acharya Sushilkumarji

Gurudev Chitrabhanuji

This book is especially dedicated to Acharya Sushil Muniji and Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji who have devoted their entire life in spreading the message of Ahimsa, Compassion, and Reverence for All Life.

With their gentle and loving approach, they have transformed millions of hearts and made a significant difference in their lives and in turn to the lives of voiceless animal kingdom. Masters like these inspire awareness of compassionate living for the betterment of Humanity, Environment, Ecology, and Mother Earth.

'The purpose of living beings is to assist each other.'

Tattvarth-Sutra (Chapter 5, Sutra 21)
Table of Contents

A Few Words 7


1. My Visit to A Dairy Farm 12

Dairy Visit in USA: 12

Indian Dairy: 14

Organic Milk: 15

American Slaughterhouse Statistics: 15

Health Issues: 15

Calcium and Protein Issue: 15

Cholesterol: 16

Saturated and Unsaturated Fat: 17

Vitamin B-12: 17

Milk and Prostate Cancer: 18

My Health Data: 19

Jain Religious view: 19

Usage of Dairy Products in the Jain Temples: 20

2. Dairy Cows - Life, Usage, and Sufferings (New York Times) 22

Summary: 22

Article: 22

Introduction: 22

American Slaughterhouse Statistics: 24

Slaughterhouse Process: 25

Slaughterhouse Products: 25

3. Recycling of Slaughterhouses Waste (Rendering Plants) 31

Rendering Plants: 31

Raw Material: 32

Toxic Waste: 32

Recycled Process: 33

Recycled Products and Usage: 34

The Story of North Carolina - USA 35

4. Milk – Its Impact on Health, Cruelty, and Pollution 36

Health Issues: 36

Cruelty to Cows 38

Pollutants in Milk 40

5. Is Nothing Sacred? - Cruelty towards India’s Holy Animals 41

6. Varakh (Silver Foil) 44

7. Facts about Eggs 47

8. Story of Silk 50

9. Story of Pearls 55

10. The Myth About Milk 57

11. Puppy Mills: Breeding Ills 61

Housing and Care 61

Infrequent Inspections 62

Few State Controls 62

Quantity, Not Quality 62

Dollars and Sense 63

12. Alternatives to Animal Abuse 65

Facts 65

Ethics of Ahimsa (Non-Violence): 65

Cosmetics and its testing on Animals: 67

Use of Animals in Entertainment: 68

Impact on Health: 68

Impact on Economics, Ecology and Environment: 69

Alternatives 69

Food Alternatives: 69

Clothing Alternatives: 70

Household Goods Alternatives: 71

Medicines, Drugs, Vitamins Alternatives: 71

Sports, Entertainment Alternatives: 71

Animal Based Additives to Avoid 71

What Our Readers say about - 73

Appendix - Resource Center 78

I - Vegetarian Definition 78

II - Recommended Reading Material 78

III - List of Organizations of Animal care and Nonviolent Activities: 80

Excerpts - How our Diet affects the Environment 86

A Few Words

Non-violence (Ahimsa) is the highest principle of Jain religion. Jains are very compassionate people and they have traditionally revered animals. Most of Jains do not take meat, fish, eggs, and alcohol and their concern for animals goes beyond vegetarianism. The Jain scriptures demonstrate a deep compassion for them. Animal symbols and stories pervade the Jain tradition. For centuries, Jains have protected and cared for animals. They have established many animal and bird sanctuaries (panjarapoles) and hospitals in India.
However recent technological advances have created a new environment for violence not visible to common people. The cruelty to dairy cows and other animals has reached its peak behind the walls of dairy farms and slaughter-houses. Their owners, both industries and associated people treat animals and birds as commodities. Animals are produced on a large scale through artificial insemination and other means. The owners exploit and torture these animals on a large scale during the prime of their life and ultimately slaughter them well before the end of their natural life spans.

Even though Jains are vegetarian but they continue to use dairy products and some of them wear silk and wool clothes. Also the animal by products that are used in cookies, candy, clothing, footwear, household cleaning supplies, cosmetics, medicines, and in performing religious rituals are used by Jains on a daily basis.

The purpose of this book is to educate the Jain community and other concerned and compassionate people regarding the high tech cruelty to all types of animals that exist in the production of dairy and other products. By reading the various articles, you will realize that cruelty to animals occurs, in a similar way, in the USA, India, in big cities, villages, and the world at large.
By consuming dairy (milk, cheese, butter, ghee, and ice cream) and other products as mentioned above we directly support large-scale cruelty to animals. Jains should pay attention to animals, not in a sentimental way, but in a way that gives both animals and humans the freedom to pursue their own paths and to fulfill their self-made destinies
It is our humble request to the Jain community that they should not use dairy products (milk and sweet for puja, ghee for divo etc..), silk, wool, and varakh in Jain temples and in Jain rituals and serve only vegan (vegetarian food without dairy products) food in religious function.
The informations on various articles were collected from many sources over many years. In particular we have collected significant information from PETA (Ingrid Newkirk), Beauty Without Cruelty (India), Dr. Neal D. Bernard's books and tapes, literature and articles of John Robbins, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Narendra Sheth, Sangeeta Kumar and Dr. Christopher Chapel. We are very thankful for their and many others contribution in the field of nonviolence, compassion, ecology, and environment.
We are highly obliged to Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji who has been constant encouragement to us in compiling and publishing this book.

We are very thankful to the president of Federation of Jaina (North America), Dr. Mahendra Pandya who distributed this booklet to the entire Jain community (9000 families) of North America in December 2000. He supported this project from the contribution received for Calendar and Book source fund. This way the Jain community will be made aware about the high tech cruelty that exist to all types of animals around the world.

We hope this booklet will be well received by its readers and it will serve its intended purpose to educate the Jain community at large. If you have any more information, comments, or corrections to information found in any of the articles, please let us know. We continuously update these articles and add new information.
Pramoda Chitrabhanu

Jain Meditation International Center, New York

Pravin K. Shah

Jain Study Center of North Carolina (Raleigh)

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