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To the south of Wisconsin Avenue, the housing stock is more modest in character, reflecting the economic status of the working class residents who had jobs in the adjacent Menomonee Valley. The houses have also sustained a greater degree of alteration so there are fewer properties eligible for historic status located here. The housing stock here dates from the 1880s to the 1920s.

In summary, the Avenues West Redevelopment Plan Area is a microcosm of residential, commercial, educational and institutional development from the 1880s to the 1920s. This was a neighborhood that prospered in the 1880s and experienced renewal and building through the 1920s. Not even Milwaukee’s East Side had the rich variety of 19th century architectural styles that could compare to this Near West Side area. The buildings with historic status and those eligible for historic status enhance the character of the district, and add value to the neighborhood. It is recommended that buildings with historic status or eligibility for historic status will not be razed. Likewise, it is recommended that efforts be made to preserve original features that remain on buildings that have otherwise been sided over with aluminum and vinyl. Such details as widow hoods, dentil moldings, original porches, and original windows all add character and help to give scale, value and authenticity to the neighborhood. Preserving such details will encourage and help guide future owners in the sensitive renovations/restorations of the buildings.
Existing Historic designations:

2700-02 W State St 2432 W Kilbourn Ave

2706-08 W State St 2720-22 W Kilbourn Ave

2710 W State St 2732-34 W Kilbourn Ave

2720-22 W State St 2401 W Wisconsin Ave

2723 W State St 2430 W Wisconsin Ave

2726 W State St 743 N 25th St

2734 W State St 761 N 25th St

2735 W State St 912-14 N 28th St

2742 W State St 920 N 28th St

2743 W State St 930 N 28th St

2801-12 W State St 1016 N 29th St

2813-15 W State St

2819 W State St

2824 W State St

2825 W State St

2830 W State St

2833 W State St

2836 W State St

2837-39 W State St

2843 W State St

Contributing Buildings /Properties Eligible for Historic Status:
2308 W Wisconsin Ave 807 N 23rd St

2435 W Wisconsin Ave 813 N 23rd St

2518 W Wisconsin Ave 836 N 24th St

2700-36 W Wisconsin Ave

2409 W Kilbourn Ave 843 N 24th St

2415-17 W Kilbourn Ave 855 N 24th St

2423 W Kilbourn Ave 842-44 N 25th St

2424 W Kilbourn Ave 854 N 25th St

2433 W Kilbourn Ave 910 N 25th St

2436 W Kilbourn Ave 814 N 26th St

2437 W Kilbourn Ave 822 N 26th St

2441 W Kilbourn Ave 824 N 26th St

2447 W Kilbourn Ave 830 N 26th St

2448 W Kilbourn Ave 834-36 N 26th St

2451 W Kilbourn Ave 840 N 26th St

2452-54 W Kilbourn Ave 918 N 26th St

2453 W Kilbourn Ave 743-53 N 27th St

2460 W Kilbourn Ave 801-15 N 27th St

2712-14 W Kilbourn Ave 820-26 N 27th St

2456 W Michigan St 817-31 N 27th St

2527 W Michigan St 901-13 N 27th St

2533 W Michigan St 921-27 N 27th St

2737-39 W Michigan St 949-67 N 27th St

2619 W State St 954-56 N 27th St

2627-31 W State St 758-60 N 27th St

2707-09 W State St 762-66 N 27th St

2632 W Wells St

2639 W Wells St

  1. Existing Zoning

This redevelopment area is primarily zoned Multi-Family Residential and Local Business. The (LB2) zoning description allows for the principal uses proposed in this renewal plan for a "SoHi" Main Street District. The various (RM4) (RM5) (RM6) (RM7),(RO2) (RT3) (RT4) (RS4) (RS5) residential zoning descriptions allow for residential uses that support and maintain a stable tax base in the surrounding neighborhood. However the mix of single-family, multi-family and commercial uses that has occurred in recent years requires a greater degree of design control to ensure that the land use objectives and intent of this Plan are met. Particular areas that need to be addressed are landscape code compliance, parking lot design, context-sensitive architectural design, and design to ensure compatibility between uses that vary in intensity.

The existing zoning is shown on Map No. 5 - Existing Zoning Map, attached to this Plan.

  1. Standards of Population Density

Targeted population density for this neighborhood is provided in the City of Milwaukee Code of Ordinances for residential uses. This Plan does not recommend land use(s) that exceed this targeted density.

  1. Land Coverage and Building Density

These objectives shall be achieved by adhering to provisions contained within the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances and urban design guidelines for building placement and site design.

  1. Present and Potential Equalized Value for Property Tax Purposes

The Present and Potential Equalized Value for Property Tax Purposes is shown in Exhibit B – Table of Value for Property Tax Purposes, attached to this Plan.

  1. Statement of Proposed Changes in Zoning or Building Codes

1. This redevelopment area is currently zoned Residential (RM4) (RM5) (RM6) (RM7),(RO2) (RT3) (RT4) (RS4) (RS5), Local Business (LB2) , Commercial Service (CS) and Detailed Planned Development (DPD), as shown in Map No. 5 – Existing Zoning Map. See Proposed Zoning Map for proposed zoning changes.


At any time after this project area plan has been approved by the Authority and the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, it may be modified in accordance with the provisions and procedures established in the applicable subsections of Section 66.1333 (6) (b), Wisconsin Statutes.

  1. Excluded property, parcels currently not identified for acquisition on Map 5, may be considered for acquisition by the Authority if, during the course of project execution, it is subsequently determined that such property is:

  1. Substandard, blighted, or infeasible of rehabilitation to project standards by the present owner;

  2. Converted or devoted to a use not in conformance with the objectives of this Plan;

  3. Needed to provide a more marketable site;

  1. If identified for acquisition on Map 4Land Acquisition Plan, property later may be excluded from acquisition during the course of project execution upon the written request of the property owner and subsequent approval by the Authority under the following conditions:

  1. The owner submits a specific plan or program of action indicating that the proposed use, construction or reconstruction is in conformance with the objectives of the financial feasibility of complying with all mandatory standards for property rehabilitation as may be required by the Authority;

  2. The property has since been acquired by an adjacent retained use provided, however, that any presently existing buildings on such property are demolished and the land is redeveloped in accordance with the regulations specified in Section D of this Plan as determined by the Authority;

  3. Redevelopment, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or use of the property by the present owner or his assigns is consistent with the objectives, permitted land uses, and regulations specified in Sections B and C of this Plan as determined by the Authority.

3. A change in the approved plan shall not be required in connection with any properties acquired under the procedures set forth in Section D.1.b. of this Plan.


Map No. 1Boundary and Existing Land Use Map

Map No. 2Structure Condition Map

Map No. 3Proposed Land Use Plan

Map No. 4Land Acquisition Plan

Map No. 5Existing Zoning Map

Map No. 6Tax Delinquent Map

Map No. 7Proposed Zoning Map

Map No. 8Historic Designation Map

Map No. 9Housing Strategy Map and Photographs

Exhibit A – SOHI District Master Plan

Exhibit B – Table of Value for Property Tax Purposes

Exhibit C – Parcel Description Table

Avenues West/RACM/JFG

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