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Nobody went to the altar to pray with him. We all just sat there. I said, "God started it; let Him finish it." That's our problem: We get in His way a lot of times.

My youngest brother, just 16 or 17 years old, came to visit one time in the summer. Through courtesy, he'd come to the services. He came to one of these believers' meetings. Suddenly, sitting in his chair, he started shaking. He got up and shook all the way down to the altar. He got saved and got up talking in tongues. We just let him go — we didn't even pray with him. God started it, so we let Him finish it.

I saw that happen many times. If a sinner happened to come in, 99 times out of 100 he would get saved without anyone saying a word to him. We ought to have the Holy Spirit in manifestation like that. They did years ago in the Methodist church. In Charles Finney's meetings the power of God would get on sinners and they would fall.

The Corporate Anointing 161

The miraculous — the supernatural — arrests people's attention. But I never could get most of the churches I pastored to that place of unity — to that place of flowing in the Spirit — to that place of praising God.

I believe God wants us to get back to that. I'm looking forward to meetings on a larger scale — like Campmeeting in Tulsa where we've got 20,000 people present — where the power of God will sweep through and we won't have to have any healing lines. Everybody will just go home healed. Everybody who doesn't have the Holy Spirit will go home talking in tongues. Everybody who's not saved will go home saved because of His power and presence.

I got back in Tulsa after holding some meetings in Denver one time, and a woman wrote me and said, "Brother Hagin, my husband and I want to give you a good report. I got my husband to come to one of your meetings. He wasn't saved, and he had a severe heart con­dition. Heart specialists said at best he could only live another six months."

She wanted to get him healed. She loved her husband. And she said, "I kept nagging on it; I kept harping on it. I finally got him to come. By the time we got there the building was full. Going up to the balcony was hard on his heart, but we finally got up there and we got the last two seats.

"I was so embarrassed. He'd talk right out loud while you were preaching and say, 'I don't believe a word of it. There's nothing to it.' People around him were telling him to be quiet. I was so embarrassed; I'd duck my head. At times he'd almost cuss; he used awful language.

"Then you started laying hands on people and they started falling under the power. He said, 'Nothing but

162 Understanding the Anointing

hypnotism. That's all in the world it is.' "

Now, here's what she didn't know. I'm going to tell you my side of the story. I was laying hands on people in the healing line, and I saw the glory cloud roll in. It's like waves of the sea, but it's a cloud. I saw it coming, and I stepped back on the platform, because if I'd gotten in it, I would have gone down with everyone else. It came right over their heads, and when it did, I just waved my hand and they all went down like dominoes.

Now, this woman said, "You got down about halfway in that second healing line and suddenly you stepped back. (That was when I stepped back on the platform.) My hus­band said, 'It's going all over me; it's going all over me; it's going all over me!' "

She added, "I said to him, 'What's going all over you?' He said, 'That power you're talking about.' " And he was instantly healed.

She added, "I want you to know something. He's not only got a new physical heart, he's got a new spiritual heart. He's a new man!"

I believe that can happen in more than just a few isolated incidents. The glory can be in manifestation. This woman said her husband went back to the heart specialist and he said, "I'll tell you — Somebody up there likes you. You've got a brand new heart."

His heart was working perfectly. The glory of God had filled the temple of God.

You are the temple of God. Do you not discern and understand that the whole Church at Corinth — the whole Church here or wherever — YOU — are the temple of God? And that God's Spirit dwells in you collectively as the Church, and also individually?

The Corporate Anointing 163

We ought to expect Him to come into manifestation. We expect Him to do what He said He would do — teach us and lead us. We expect the minister to be anointed, and we gripe if he's not, don't we? But what about our respon­sibilities as members of that house of God — that Body of God?


We're moving up now into the things of God!

And I heard the Spirit say,

There will come further revelation along these lines,

but it has to come line upon line,

precept upon precept.

And as it comes,

men and women will flow with the Spirit,

and there will be such a manifestation of

My power and My glory and My Spirit and My anointing

in these days — in this decade in which you live

that it will startle men.

Now many who are on the fringes of the move of God

will draw back and say,

"Ahhh, that's fanaticism. No, we can't go with that.

We believe in doing things in a nice, sedate manner."

Never, never, never feel resentment

toward others who may criticize you,

or who may speak against you.

Never allow the least bit of resentment

or ill will, or bad feelings, but walk on.

Walk on in love.

Walk on in power.

Walk on in the Spirit.

164 Understanding the Anointing

Walk on with the Lord,

and He'll come unto thee and

manifest Himself unto thee.

And it is even written in

the Holy Scriptures

that His coming unto us

shall be as the rain.

And so the Holy Ghost will fall,

and the power of God will be in

manifestation, and great shall

be the reward thereof.

And many shall be blessed,

and great and good days stand just ahead.

Walk on. Yea, ye shall see,

for the glory of the Lord

shall appear unto thee.

But most will move with the Spirit,

and all will acknowledge,

"There are miracles happening over there.

I guess God just saw fit to have mercy on them."

But no, they saw fit to flow with God.

And they saw fit to go with God,

for He is at work in the earth tonight

and He indwells His Body which is the Church,

which is the house of God.

And His glory will fill that temple.

Many will say,

"I just don't go along with those things.

We have a pretty good church here.

God has put His approval upon us. "

But yea, saith the Lord of Hosts,

I only put my approval upon

The Corporate Anointing 165

that which lines up with my Word.

Get into the Word

and let the Spirit open the Word to you.

Not only unto your mind,

but get the revelation of it in your spirit.

And your spirit will be more alive

unto the things of God.

And He — through your spirit — will be able

to teach you, and admonish you, and direct you.

Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin

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