Pace nsc 2009: Edited by Andrew Hart, Chris Ray, Ted Gioia, and Mehdi Razvi All Star Trash Round Related Tossups and Bonuses Round


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PACE NSC 2009: Edited by Andrew Hart, Chris Ray, Ted Gioia, and Mehdi Razvi

All Star Trash Round
Related Tossups and Bonuses Round
1. Its third and most recent version introduced sandbox mode and forced players to please special peeps known as VIPs.  In the original game, cheat codes could be unlocked by renaming NPCs to names of the people who worked on it like series creator Chris Sawyer. The second game in this series contained the Time Twister expansion pack, while the original saw expansion packs like Loopy Landscapes and Corkscrew Follies, while the second game was sponsored by Six Flags. For 10 points, name this popular series of amusement park simulation games.
ANSWER: RollerCoaster Tycoon

1. Answer some questions about video games and the people who hate them for 10 points each.

[10] This Christian attorney is currently facing disbarment; he’s famous for attempting to sue Take-Two Interactive on behalf of two murderous, GTA3-obsessed teenage boys.

ANSWER: John Bruce “Jack” Thompson

[10] Thompson attempted to sue Midway because the Kreate-a-Fighter mode in this game can be used to make someone in his likeness. This game features different endings depending on which character defeats Blaze.

ANSWER: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

2. At one point in this song, the singer notes that his only need is a “pint a day” after revealing that he has thought about “giving it all away / to a registered charity.” At the end of this song, we learn that the “county judge who held a grudge” will never encounter the title group. This song notes that the “rain exploded with a mighty crash” at the beginning of its second part, which comes after a nine-note guitar solo is repeated twice. This song reveals that the “jailer man, and Sailor Sam” were searching for the title figures, and it begins with the singer “stuck inside these four walls.” For 10 points, name this song sung by Paul McCartney, a Wings hit about a fleeing musical group.

ANSWER: “Band on the Run

2. She’s a regular on the VH1 Divas shows and has also had a successful acting career, including an Oscar win for a role in Moonstruck. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this musician, best known for her partnership and marriage with Sonny Bono and songs like “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “Believe”.

ANSWER: Cher or Cherilyn Sarkisian

[10] After divorcing Bono, Cher next married one of the titular members of this 70s rock group that is known for songs like “Jessica” and “Ramblin’ Man”.

ANSWER: The Allman Brothers

3. This character accidentally sells the Earth to Nudar, and his portrayer claims not to be impersonating this person but rather impersonating Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of this person. The national silk surplus allowed everyone to receive a three-hundred-dollar bill bearing this man's face, and he organized a party for robots in the Galapagos Islands as a means for gathering them in one place to destroy them. He bought Bender's body to exploit a loophole that allowed him to run for President of Earth, winning because Fry and Leela didn't vote. For 10 points, name this head in a jar on Futurama, often accompanied by the headless body of Spiro Agnew.

ANSWER: Richard Milhous Nixon’s head

3. One recent episode of this show, which airs on FX, featured Budi Sabri whose arms and legs were covered with a fungus that made him look like a tree. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this drama about the two plastic surgeons Sean McNamara and Christian Troy, formerly set in Miami and currently set in Los Angeles.

ANSWER: Nip/Tuck

[10] This head anesthesiologist for McNamara/Troy is a lesbian who has been slated to marry a dying Dr. Troy. She is portrayed by Roma Maffia.

ANSWER: Dr. Elizabeth Liz” Cruz (accept any underlined part)

4. It was the final track on the 2002 live album A Long Day’s Night. On “the last night of sadness,” this song’s singer relates that “the candles blew and then disappeared.” That singer, Buck Dharma, also repeats the line “Forty thousand men and women every day” and notes that “Romeo and Juliet/are together in eternity” after earlier claiming that “All our times have come/here, but now they’re gone.” Actually produced by Sandy Pearlman rather than Bruce Dickinson, for 10 points, identify this Blue Oyster Cult song featured in an SNL sketch in which Will Ferrell’s Gene Frenkle provides Christopher Walken with “more cowbell.”

ANSWER: “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

4. They insist that their name is not based on a famous basketball player and one half of the group produced Beck’s latest album, Modern Guilt. For 10 points each:

[10] This is what music group, made up of Cee-Lo Green and Danger Mouse, best known for their funk-influenced hit “Crazy.”

ANSWER: Gnarls Barkley

[10] Prior to forming Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse gained infamy for producing a copyright-infringing mash-up of The Beatles’ self-titled 1968 release and what Jay-Z album?

ANSWER: The Black Album

5. Ferenc Puskás played four matches late in his career for this country, while Alfredo di Stefano represented this nation, scoring an amazing 23 goals in 31 matches. The eighteen-year-old Bojan Krkic has recently been called up to this country's team, which already features naturalized Brazilian Marcos Senna. In addition to winning the 1964 European championships, hosted by this country, in their most recent tournament they were led by a goalkeeper nicknamed St. Iker. For 10 points, name this country whose strikers are David Villa and Fernando Torres, the winner of Euro 2008, whose clubs include Deportivo de la Coruña and Real Madrid.


5. Marni Nixon made a career of dubbing the singing roles for lead actresses in movie musicals. For 10 points each:

[10] Nixon's most famous voice-overs were for this actress's performance as Eliza Doolitle in My Fair Lady in 1964.

ANSWER: Audrey Hepburn [Prompt on Hepburn]

[10] Nixon sang all of Natalie Wood's part in West Side Story, and also sang a duet with herself when she dubbed this actress's part as Anita in "A Man Like That".

ANSWER: Rita Moreno

6. The music video for this song features a small puppet on a piano in one scene, one of the props it was to receive from Neil Cicierega but that did not arrive in time due to shipping difficulties. The singer name drops Oakley and Rogaine in the first verse and later notes that perhaps he can “perfect the art” if he works with Timbaland. Noting that “everyone likes to dance to a happy song”, the music video included Chris Crocker, Afro Ninja, Miss Teen South Carolina, and Gary Brolsma, along with a slew of parodies of Youtube videos. For 10 points, name this single off the Red Album by Weezer, where the singer suggests he will “eat [his] candy with” the title food.

ANSWER: Pork and Beans

6. Identify these famous correctional facilities from comic books for 10 points each.

[10] Batman villains often get sent to this psychiatric hospital, whose employees include Jonathan Crane and Hugo Strange. It was founded by his namesake after he euthanized his mentally ill mother.

ANSWER: Arkham Asylum

[10] This maximum security prison in the Marvel Comics universe is adjacent to Ryker’s Island and has cells lined with Adamantium. At the beginning of the Civil War, Electro was hired to stage a mass breakout here.

ANSWER: The Raft

7. One character in this game is often compared to a Boston counterpart because both are “creative, smart, flashy, and productive.” When you run up the score, commentators in this game note that the “story so far” probably won’t change unless the opposition starts “defending with physicality” and “bodying up.” The theme song to this game discusses kicking it “in the city when we in around town,” and was done by the Cool Kids. It features commentary by Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan, and this game introduced an improved “Association 2.0” mode that still tries to trade you Earl Campbell and a second rounder for J.R. Smith. For 10 points, name this video game with KG on the cover, the most recent version in a franchise far superior to EA’s rival “Live” line of pro basketball games.

ANSWER: NBA 2K9 [prompt on 2K9; prompt on NBA 2K]

7. For 10 points each, identify these Houston Rockets.

[10] When he’s not donning a red blazer and bow tie, this speedster plays point guard for the Rockets. Currently in his second NBA season out of Oregon, he led the Rockets in scoring in their 2009 playoff series versus the Lakers following the injury of Yao Ming.

ANSWER: Aaron Brooks

[10] Along with Ralph Sampson, he formed the Twin Towers for the Rockets. He was nicknamed “Dream” and led Houston to two NBA Championships.

ANSWER: Hakeem Olajuwon

8. Morris Day and the Time recorded a song titled after a dance named for one of these, and Bob Marley wrote a song about “Three Little” ones of these. The alternate title for the Beatles' song “Norwegian Wood” mentions one of these animals, and in its opening line, the song “Close to You” made famous by the Carpenters posits why these “suddenly appear”. The Trashmen sang about “Surfin’” one of for 10 points, what animal whose misspelled name is a band most famous for “Eight Miles High” and covers of “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Turn, Turn, Turn”, a “Free” one of which is featured in a Lynyrd Skynyrd song.


8. For 10 points each, identify the following about strikeouts.

[10] This pitcher holds the record for the most strikeouts recorded by a player in a career with 5,714.

ANSWER: Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr.

[10] This current Philadelphia Philly holds the records for most times striking out by a batter in a single season with 199.

ANSWER: Ryan James Howard


9. Originally empowered by the Well of Eternity, this race saw the splitting off of a faction lead by Dath’Remar shortly after the dark Titan Segeras corrupted some of their members. One of this groups’ former leaders was transformed into the leaders of the Naga, Azshara, and this race is currently lead by a member of the Sisters of Elunde, Tyrande Whsiperwind. For 10 points, name this people from the continent of Kalimdor whose other notable members include Warden Maiev Shadowsong and the malevolent Illidan Stormrage, a race in the Warcraft universe whose units include chimeras and hippogriff riders.

ANSWER: Night Elves [or Kaldorei]

9. At one point, he became romantically involved with Jaycie McGavin, whose console exploded in her face. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this commander of the Battlestar Galactica, whose sons Lee and Zack both went on to become fighter pilots.

ANSWER: Commander William Adama

[10] Adama encountered this other Battlestar in season two, which was featured prominently in the miniseries “Razor”. Its commander was originally Helena Cain, but Lee Adama was promoted and assigned to this vessel.

ANSWER: Battlestar Pegasus

10. A website named for this show’s name “or not” allows you to perform its namesake action by clicking the right arrow key. Before commercial breaks, this show’s voiceover commentator reads a topical three-line rhyme before concluding with a line containing this show’s name. Characters are introduced on this show by their first name, age, and three fun facts as they walk off of a bus. Contestants on this show must choose whether to take a dollar-a-minute payout or a second date with the central contestant. For 10 points, name this MTV dating show named for the action of switching between contestants.


10. Name these other MTV dating shows for 10 points each.

[10] On this show, the parents of someone already in a relationship each pick out a date for their child, and they and the significant other watch the dates on television.

ANSWER: Parental Control

[10] One person gets to look around the cribs of three prospective dates on this show, then makes their choice without knowing what person is associated with what bedroom.

ANSWER: Room Raiders

Category Quiz Tossups

11. The completion of this action saw the central figure forced to change numbers to avoid conflicting with Len Dawson. The draft pick received for undertaking this action was used to select Patrick Chung, but prior to the draft, many suspected that it would be used to trade for Julius Peppers. This action resulted in the demotion of Tyler Thigpen. Josh McDaniels’s attempt to do this action annoyed Jay Cutler, and it was eventually accomplished alongside the acquisition of Mike Vrabel. For 10 points, name this action that the Kansas City Chiefs performed this offseason, thus acquiring Tom Brady’s former backup from the Patriots.

ANSWER: trading [for] Matt Cassel [accept equivalents like getting Matt Cassel; prompt on more general answers, like trading for a quarterback or trading for a Patriot]

12. When preceded by “The,” this word names a song by The Alarm in which the singer “met Dr. Strangelove’s cousin” and invites you to “Come on down and meet your maker.” A song with this title by Jewel notes that “Mothers weep, children sleep,” while one by Rascal Flatts notes that “when push comes to shove/you taste what you’re made of” and encourages the listener to do this. It’s also the second word of the title of a song from the album Zenyatta Mondatta which alludes to Lolita. For 10 points, identify this action which R.E.M requests that you do “in the place where you live” and which, in the aforementioned Police song, Sting requests you not do so close to him.

ANSWER: Stand [grudgingly accept standing or other word forms at the end]

13. For Thank You, its 1995 album of covers, this band recorded such songs as Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke” and Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”. In one of their singles, this band’s singer asks the listener not to do the title action now, but to wait “til the morning after,” while another contains the line “Wider baby smiling you just made a million”. In addition to “Save a Prayer” and “Girls on Film”, they wrote a song about a girl who “dances on the sand”, “Rio.” For 10 points, identify this Simon Le Bon-fronted band, famous for such songs as “Hungry Like the Wolf” and the theme song from the James Bond movie A View to a Kill.

ANSWER: Duran Duran

14. One character in this movie chides another as an “ignorant little infant.” The main character of this movie works for J Press Men’s Store and replaces Jimmy in another position after Jimmy got a job with Google. One character, Choi, is a kleptomaniac who steals a bottle of wine from a strip club, while in the presence of the dejected protagonist, who assumes the alias Vladimir Stupnitsky and has a 4.0 GPA, a 1590 SAT, and a 44 MCAT. Laurence Fishburne plays a corrupt thug who lost his job after being tricked by Kevin Spacey’s character, who is left at the end of this movie with a bag of chocolate coins. For 10 points, name this 2008 film in which a group of MIT students to go to Vegas each weekend and win big at blackjack.


15. A thread on was dedicated to this player’s uncanny likeness to Earthworm Jim. His first homer came off of Russ Ortiz in an inter-league game, and his first career start was at the game before which Reggie Jackson’s jersey was retired. This pitcher demonstrated his touted control of the strike zone that got him drafted one spot ahead of Prince Fielder in the 2002 draft out of Apopka High when he made 24 starts as a twenty year old in 2004, but missed nearly all of 2006 when he was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and depression. Through nine starts in 2009, he has a .82 ERA and four complete games. For 10 points, name this Royals righthander.

ANSWER: Donald Zackary “Zack” Greinke

16. A one-off episode of this series features Lieutenant Havoc courting the piano-lifting sister of his muscle-bound colleague, who apparently emits pink sparkles whenever he poses. Their mutual superior is an ambitious army man, Roy Mustang, who recruits this show's main character. The hero's brother, Alphonse, had his soul transferred into a suit of armor on the same fateful night that the main character attempted to resurrect his mother and lost an arm and a leg. For 10 points, identify this anime series that centers around the automail-sporting Edward Elric's quest to restore his limbs and his brother's body with the help of the Philosopher's Stone.

ANSWER: Fullmetal Alchemist

17. Although it's not Shuffle, Jumble or Trivial Pursuit, Wink Martindale hosted an "Interactive" version of this game in the mid-90s on The Family Channel. The Junior version of this game presents kids with pictures of simple words they must form, while its core gameplay is emulated in the Facebook Application Prolific. When Hank sneaks off to the Dallas Mower Expo, Peggy's skills in this game rapidly deteriorate as the Texas State Championship of it on King of the Hill.  Usually coming with an hourglass timer, words of over 8 letters in length are worth 11 points in this game.  For 10 points, name this game where players form words from mixed-up letter cubes.

ANSWER: Boggle

18. One episode of this show details how “garry gum” causes diarrhea, requiring “anti-garry gum” to be consumed. One action in this series is undertaken with the aid of a “Besselheim plate.” This series features many references to “your copybook,” and often shows a hand reaching for an amber bottle with a labelizer label. Each episode begins with a title screen of a goto loop of the series title, after which the narrator implores you to do the title action. For 10 points, name this show narrated by Nigel Lambert, a BBC comedy that airs on Adult Swim and parodies educational films.

ANSWER: Look Around You

Category Quiz Bonuses
He masqueraded as a British nanny when his wife threw him out of the model home, and he missed his big break with the Blue Man Group because he had been deafened by an air horn. For 15 points, name this mustachioed character from Arrested Development played by David Cross.

ANSWER: Tobias Fünke

This character was voiced by Maurice LaMarche and appeared in segments of Animaniacs before being spun off into a stand-alone show along with his dimwitted sidekick. For 15 points, identify this megalomaniacal cartoon rodent, who spends every night trying to take over the world.

ANSWER: The Brain

The voice of Unicron in the 1986 version of The Transformers: The Movie, this man served as the narrator in Swiss Family Robinson. For 15 points, name this actor, screenwriter, and director of The Magnificent Ambersons and Citizen Kane.

ANSWER: George Orson Welles

One of these played himself in the movie Contact, while Kevin Kline played one in Wild Wild West. Jack Nicholson played one in Mars Attacks!, while Bill Pullman played an unpopular one in Independence Day. For 15 points, name this common role, one more recent example of which was played by Robin Williams in Man of the Year.

ANSWER: President of the United States

A number of red zone running backs are members in the Touchdown Vulture category, while other categories include Waiver Wire Wonders and Handcuff Heroes. For 15 points, name this fictional honorary society, whose members are NFL players that wear red jackets lauding their statistical production on ESPN promo spots.

ANSWER: ESPN Fantasy Football Hall Of Fame [or HOF]

In 1993, he started wearing number 99 in honor of Major League character Rick Vaughn, with whom he shared the nickname “Wild Thing.” For 15 points, name this closer, who gave up the Series-winning home run to Joe Carter in 1993.

Answer: Mitchell Steven “Wild Thing” Williams

They released the video for their song “House of Cards” on Google and initially chose to release their most recent album on a “pay-what-you-like” system. For 15 points, identify this art rock group fronted by Thom Yorke and whose most recent album is In Rainbows.

ANSWER: Radiohead

He wrote the novel Man in White about the apostle Paul and recorded the groundbreaking live album at Folsom Prison. For 15 points, name this long-time country musician, famous for songs like “Hurt” and “Ring of Fire”.

ANSWER: Johnny Cash or [J. R. Cash]


These objects spawned a terrible TV series featuring Chris Carter, who inadvertently spurs Professor Googengrime’s nefarious plots. For 15 points, name these objects created in a Mattel lightbulb oven, insect-like creatures formed from hardened Plasti-Goop.

ANSWER: Creepy Crawlers

Often accompanied by his mixed linx-dog Bubastis, this figure was based on the Thunderbolt and is considered one of the smartest men on earth. For 15 points, name this alias of Adrian Veidt, recently portrayed as the former member-turned antagonist in the 2009 Watchmen movie.

ANSWER: Ozymandias

Stretch Round
19. This figure won the 2001 Trophée Lancome, which a fellow countryman holds the record for most wins at with four. He had a lacklust performance, tying for 18th at the 2008 U.S. Open, and for several years this golfer displayed the habit of readjusting his grip on his club, leading galleries to count the number out loud due to boredom. His first career win came at the 2001 MasterCard Colonial, and later that year, he defeated Tiger Woods in a made for TV match-up entitled “Battle of Bighorn.” For 10 points, name this golfer who lost the 2008 PGA Championship to Padraig Harrington and who is nicknamed “El Nino” and hails from Spain.

ANSWER: Sergio Garcia

19. One episode in this work details the miraculous survival of Beck Weathers, who had lain comatose for nearly twelve hours before reawakening. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this book, which details the deaths of guides Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, as well as six other climbers, after a “rogue storm” hit Mount Everest on May 10, 1996.

ANSWER: Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster

[10] In addition to Into Thin Air, this adventure journalist wrote such other nonfiction works as Into the Wild, about Christopher McCandless, and Under the Banner of Heaven, about fundamentalist Mormons.

ANSWER: Jon Krakauer

[10] Krakauer’s 2008 book The Hero tells the story of this former Arizona Cardinals safety who joined the Army Rangers and was killed in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.

ANSWER: Patrick Daniel Tillman

20. This character is concerned when another ignores the instructions of Edgar Halliwax, and he follows “Jones” to a camp after he kills Cunningham and tries to escape. Often linked with games, he explains Mouse Trap to a child at a retail store before being visited by his mother. A character reading Everything that Rises Must Converge attends to him when he is pushed out the window by his father, Anthony Cooper. Originally a regional manager at a box company and at one point going by the alias Jeremy Bentham, for 10 points, this is what boar-hunting, messiah-like character played by Terry O’Quinn on Lost, who shares his name with an English philosopher.

ANSWER: John Locke [accept either]

20. Identify some people who could probably attempt Scrooge McDuck-style swimming through their piles of Olympic gold medals for 10 points each.

[10] After winning the 200-meter butterfly in the 2008 Olympics, this American swimmer became the all-time leader in individual gold medals. He went on to win gold in all eight of his events.

ANSWER: Michael Fred Phelps

[10] This other American swimmer set the previous record for gold medals won in a single Olympics, with seven at the 1972 Munich Games.

ANSWER: Mark Andrew Spitz

[10] This “flying Finn” was the first person to win nine golds, picking them up over the three Olympics of the 1920s. Unfortunately, jealous Swedish officials got him banned from the 1932 games.

ANSWER: Paavo Johannes Nurmi 

21. One character on this show must confide in Loomis when he is fired and signs a contract for the release of Madeline Costley. Another character on this show originally offered patients lollipops before being supplanted by a female who has begun to do the same, Dr. Saunders. November, who often goes by Mellie, was released at the end of the first season when Paul Ballard agrees to work for the title company, which favors the rich and also employs Sierra and Victor. For 10 points, name this Joss Whedon-created FOX show in its first season, starring Eliza Dushku as Echo, a figure whose memory like the other members of the title establishment.

ANSWER: Dollhouse

21. This rap group faced accusations of anti-Semitism and commonly referenced Louis Farrakhan. For 10 points each:

[10] Terminator X, Flavor Flav and Chuck D made up with influential 1980s hip-hop group?

ANSWER: Public Enemy

[10] Added to the National Recording Registry for preservation by the Library of Congress in 2004 was what Public Enemy album that featured the songs “911 is a Joke” and “Fight the Power”?

ANSWER: Fear of a Black Planet

[10] Public Enemy partnered with what metal group to produce a hybrid version of their hit song “Bring the Noise”?

ANSWER: Anthrax

22. This actor played the title character Vann, a serial killer in The Minus Man. In The Wendell Baker Story, this man played the head nurse at a retirement home, and another role saw him as Eli Cash, a character who has an affair with Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums. In the role of Kevin Rawley, he has his masterpiece destroyed by a cigarette fire, while another role sees him end up in breakdance fight with one of Mugatu’s minions to stop the title character from killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia. For 10 points, name this comedic actor with brothers Luke and John, who played Hansel on Zoolander and Greg’s rival for Pam’s love on Meet the Parents.

ANSWER: Owen Wilson [accept Wilson alone after “John”]

22. Answer these questions about the Monday Night Wars for 10 points each.

[10] WCW Nitro and this company’s Monday Night Raw, competed for spots on Monday night. Since WCW dissolved, this company changed its name to include the word “entertainment”.

ANSWER: World Wrestling Federation

[10] This Chairman of the WWF and creator of the one-time league XFL instituted the Attitude era, including using himself as a character to beat back the WCW resurgence.

ANSWER: Vincent Kennedy “Mr.” McMahon

[10] As President of WCW, he fought and ultimately lost the battle with the WWF. He told his story in the book Controversy Creates Ca$h.

ANSWER: Eric Aaron Bischoff

23. One person of this surname was kidnapped by pirates who were raiding Tralus. Another member of this family, Korol, was the father of a pirate named Dalla the Black and was descended from a king who gave up his throne to establish a republic, Berethron. Another person of this name was killed while on a mission to the Baanu Rass to hunt voxyn, but was survived by his sister Jaina and brother Jacen. Another person of this surname escaped several bounty hunters on Ord Mantell during the prolonged fallout from his destruction of a shipment of spice. That person goes on to pilot his ship through an asteroid field and be rescued from carbonite freeze. For 10 points, give this common last name of such figures as the pilot of the Millenium Falcon and partner of chewbacca, Han.


23. Name these TV shows that were less successful than hoped, for 10 points each.

[10] The high point of this Aaron Sorkin show was Judd Hirsch’s rant about television in the first episode. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford couldn’t get it past one season on NBC.

ANSWER: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

[10] This show, set in McKinley High in the early 1980’s, followed a bunch of high school rejects, notably including James Franco, Seth Rogen, and I Love You, Man co-star Jason Segel.

ANSWER: Freaks and Geeks

[10] ABC has decided not to renew this recent series starring Christina Applegate as an amnesiac who sets out to become well-liked despite a past misanthropic life.

ANSWER: Samantha Who?

24. This man's off-tormented mailman is Herman Post, and in movie adaptations this person has been played by Breckin Meyer. His grandmother is often depicted riding a motorcycle, while his other relatives include the balding Doc Boy who lives on his family's farm.  He stars in eponymous Christmas and Thanksgiving specials on YouTube where the non-human characters have been removed, which hit on the same theme as a popular Dan Walsh webcomic.  A one-time friend of Lyman, for 10 points, name this character, in some continuities married to veterinarian Liz Wilson, the owner of a pet cat named Garfield.

ANSWER: Jon Arbuckle [accept either underlined answer]

24. Name these fictional sports for 10 points each.

[10] According to one character, “no sport is less organized than” this one, which appears in a Bill Watterson comic strip and is often played by its namesake and his stuffed tiger.

ANSWER: Calvinball

[10] Sharing its name with a game created by Phineas in John Knowles’ A Separate Peace, this underwater combination of football and water polo is played by such Final Fantasy X characters as Tidus and Wakka.

ANSWER: blitzball

[10] First introduced in “Fear of a Bot Planet,” this Futurama sport’s gender barrier was broken in “A Leela of Her Own,” when Leela takes over from Hank Aaron the 24th as its worst player of all time.

ANSWER: blernsball 

25. This character is given the name "Mole" in his cameo as an enemy virus in the second Battle Network Game, and in another Gameboy Advance game, his "search" can be used in conjunction with the CD Finder to obtain hidden items.  One of his common abilities is to allow the player to jump to high ledges using his namesake coil, and in several games he can also propel the player forward using his eponymous jet mode.  Like his master, he was created by Dr. Light.  For 10 points, identify this dog from the Megaman series who shares his name with the band who released "Tom Sawyer".

25. Show the world how much you know about the life and times of Carsten Charles Sabathia, for 10 points each.

[10] This former member of the Orix Blue Wave was the victim of CC Sabathia’s thousandth career strikeout. The current holder of the single-season MLB hits record, this man is the starting right fielder for Seattle.

ANSWER: Ichiro Suzuki [accept either and in either order]

[10] In the fine tradition of Darin “Punter at Nebraska” Erstad, Sabathia played tight end in high school and signed a letter of intent with this university, whose more famous football stars included Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan.

ANSWER: the University of Hawaii

[10] After being traded to Milwaukee, Sabathia hit his first home run in the NL off of this Reds pitcher, a former highly-touted prospect whose 2008 season has been rather disappointing.

ANSWER: David Dewitt “Homer” Bailey [try some “Homer Bailey’s Chardonnay” today!]

26. This is the nickname of Derrell Mitchell, a former CFL player who went to Texas Tech. One player with this nickname is, after Mo Cheeks and Alvin Robertson, third in career steals for non hall of fame NBA players. That NBA player with this nickname led his Sooners to the 1988 NCAA title game, which he lost to Danny Manning and Kansas. One player with this nickname avoided being hit by a Bob Stanley wild pitch to allow Kevin Mitchell to score the tying run, and later in the at bat, that player hit a grounder through Bill Buckner’s legs. For 10 points, give this nickname of former Met speedster Wilson as well as former Hawks point guard Blaylock.

ANSWER: Mookie

26. Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore blares this musical work from a helicopter when his Air Cavalry unit attacks a Viet Cong village. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this excerpt from a Wagner opera featured in a Francis Ford Coppola film.

ANSWER: The Ride of the Valkyries

[10] Name that film, in which Martin Sheen portrays Captain Willard, who sails up the Mekong River in a swift boat in search of Colonel Kurtz.

ANSWER: Apocalypse Now [Accept Apocalypse Now Redux]

[10] Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore is portrayed in Apocalypse Now by this actor, who also portrayed Tom Hagen in Coppola's The Godfather.

ANSWER: Robert Duvall

27. This character is reminded that “we both enjoyed that” after refusing to repeat a previous action that “burned.” This character is instructed to say the phrase “only four dollars,” then told to “say it sexy.” This character is charged with introducing another character’s “greatest creation,” a food item on “slim, sleek ciabatta,” which culminates with the unfortunate demand to “put it in me.” For 10 points, name this character known only by his first name, a sandwich maker entrusted with introducing the “toasty torpedo” who is uncomfortably accosted by a talking oven in Quizno’s commercials.

ANSWER: Scott [prompt on that dude from the Quizno’s commercials]

28. In the U.K., this group of songs included Grand Unified’s “Le Hot ’99.” One member of this group of songs pays tribute to the “buzz of the electric lamplight / from down on the sidewalk” and claims that the “universe doesn’t say what you want it to say.” Another member of this group of songs has a title character who is “the type of girl that any guy would die for,” whom the speaker “can’t wait to tell you all about.” This group of songs includes instrumental sections of “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys and “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” by Primus in addition to The Earnies’ “Here and Now” and the Suicide Machines’ “New Girl.” The most iconic of these songs notes that the singer is “growing older all the time,” but “getting younger in my mind” and begins “Here I am, doing everything I can.” For 10 points, name this group of songs including Goldfinger’s “Superman,” which one can listen to while pulling sick Stalefishes and Benihanas in an N64 game.

ANSWER: the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack [accept equivalents including the concept of Tony Hawk or Pro Skater and music; obviously do not accept “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2” or any other wrong nonsense]

28. Its Playstation 3 version comes bundled with the Knights of the Nine plugin, and its rating was changed from T to M after some locked-out art files were found. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this 2006 RPG which begins with the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII and features the player fighting Mehrunes [MAY-roonz] Dagon’s invasion, the successor to Morrowind.

ANSWER: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [prompt on The Elder Scrolls IV]

[10] Oblivion, like the rest of the Elder Scrolls series, was developed by this Maryland company, also the creators of such early sports games as Gridiron! and the Wayne Gretzky Hockey series.

ANSWER: Bethesda Softworks, LLC [accept Bethesda Game Studios]

[10] Bethesda acquired the rights to develop the third game in this series of post-apocalyptic RPGs which feature the SPECIAL attribute system and PipBoy handheld devices.

ANSWER: Fallout 3 

Tiebreaker Tossups

T1. This entity has recently prevented Boxee from accessing its services, and one advertisement for it talks about creating a "delicious fondu" that's "useless to you".  In April, Disney bought a 27% share in this entity, which will allow users to experience a Dave Matthews Band concert on June 1. A Super Bowl ad for this company claims that it "takes [the brain] all the way" from ripe banana to full-on rot, while other ads for it have starred Seth Macfarlane, whowhom performs several Family Guy voices in the ad. For 10 points, name this website, which Alec Baldwin claims is "an evil plot to destroy the world", where one can watch various TV shows online.


T2. He got into a fight with teammate Manny Parra in August 2008 in their dugout in the middle of a game. His first career inside-the-park home run came off Joe Nathan in 2007. He is estranged from his father due to his father’s financial troubles, which resulted in this player being served with legal papers after a single-A game in 2002. The youngest player to ever hit fifty home runs in a single season is what first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, the son of Cecil?

ANSWER: Prince Semien Fielder

T3. Japanese-only releases for this system included The Field's Greatest Warriors, an entry in the Eyeshield 21 American football manga franchise. One exclusive for this system contains the mini-game "Man Darts", has a "BloodBath Challenge" for each level, and is rendered in black, white and red. Besides MadWorld, a racing launch title for this system contained the bonus track Nebula and had constantly transforming terrain, while another launch game featured characters like Agitha, Zant and Midna and let the protagonist transform into a wolf.  For 10 points, name this system home to exclusives like Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy.

T4. This band was prominently featured in a movie in which students led by Riff Randall take over their school; that movie shares its name with a song by this band which contained the lines “I don’t care about history” and “I hate the teachers and principals,” “Rock and Roll High School.” Their 1977 album Rocket to Russia featured the song “Sheena is a Punk Rocker”, while other songs by this band included such opening lines as “Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go” and “Hey, ho, let’s go!” For 10 points, identify this punk band founded by Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee, the artists of “I Wanna Be Sedated” and “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

ANSWER: The Ramones

T5. Marshall Teague plays the pilot, Colonel Davis, in this film but is killed when debris destroys his vessel and he is sucked into the cockpit. The main characters encounter Lev Andropov, who has been away from home for several years, bringing him with them aboard the Freedom and Independence after an explosion. Problems are encountered with drilling and Harry Stamper must sacrifice his own life, much to the chagrin of his daughter Grace, played by Liv Tyler. For 10 points, name this 1998 film in which Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck combine with an all-star cast of astronauts to stop a meteor from destroying the Earth.

ANSWER: Armageddon

Tiebreaker Bonuses
T-Bonus 1. A sweater on a doll on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band referenced them. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this rock group, known for songs like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

ANSWER: The Rolling Stones

[10] This Rolling Stones album with a cake on the cover featured hit songs “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “Gimme Shelter.”

ANSWER: Let It Bleed

[10] This original guitarist for The Rolling Stones was found dead in 1969 after drowning in his swimming pool, shortly after leaving the group.

ANSWER: Brian Jones

T-Bonus 2. The White Stripes are possibly the most ground-breaking group in the realm of music videos today. For 10 points each:

[10] This fast-paced, sub-two minutes song had a video with the band’s likeness made out of Legos.

ANSWER: “Fell in Love with a Girl

[10] This song’s music video featured replicating bass drums and amplifiers accompanying the duo across a park and subway.

ANSWER: “The Hardest Button to Button

[10] This song from Elephant featured a kaleidoscope-effect based around the colors red, black and white and a tunnel the viewer “passed through” at a rate dependant on the tempo of the song.

ANSWER: “Seven Nation Army

T-Bonus 3. Answer the following about the wide, wacky world of newspaper comics, for 10 points each.

[10] The current love interest of this strip’s protagonist, Jeremy Duncan, appears to be the off-puttingly-drawn Becker. Since 1997, this Jerry Scott-Jim Borgman collaboration has focused on the unending hilarity created by teenagers.


[10] This comic’s current writer, Francesco Marciuliano, also writes and draws the webcomic Medium Large. It centers on the title businesswoman, her husband Ted, and her daughter Hilary.

ANSWER: Sally Forth

[10] This soap opera strip has recently featured such amazing characters as Aldo Kelrast, a Captain Kangaroo lookalike who dies in a drunk driving accident, and Ella Byrd, a psychic who briefly rivaled the title character as an advice-spouting old lady.

ANSWER: Mary Worth 

T-Bonus 4. Get your umami taste buds ready and answer these questions about sushi for 10 points each.

[10] Traditionally, this condiment is prepared using a sharkskin grater. Since the real thing loses flavor so fast, imitation varieties are made using horseradish, mustard, and green food coloring.

ANSWER: wasabi

[10] These paper-like sheets of seaweed or algae are used to wrap maki and temaki sushi, as well as to flavor soups and to wrap onigiri.

ANSWER: nori

[10] The term “sushi barrier” is commonly used by this chef to refer to the point at which Western culture became more open to culinary experimentation. He’s more famous for writing Nasty Bits and Kitchen Confidential and hosting A Cook’s Tour and No Reservations.

ANSWER: Anthony Michael Bourdain 

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