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East Ham Youth Zone

Sony PS4, DJ decks and other activities. Tues, 4-7pm, East Ham
Kids Dance

Sat, 5.30-7pm, Green St

Family Movie Club

Free films for all the family. Fri, 5.30-7pm, Manor Park; Sat, 4-5.30pm, Green St

Homework Club

Fri, 4-5pm, Beckton; Fri,4-6pm, Canning Town; Fri,4-5.30pm, East Ham; Sat,2-3.30pm, Manor Park; Mon,3.30-4.30pm, North Woolwich; Mon, 3.30-5pm, Plaistow Library; Sat, 1-3pm, Stratford; Sat, 10.30-12.30pm, The Gate; Sat, 2-3.30pm, Green St
Film Club (16+)

Thurs,1-3.30pm, North Woolwich

Children’s movie club (5+)

Thurs, 4-7pm, North Woolwich Tues, Sat, 4.30-6.30pm, Manor Park; Thurs, 4-6pm, The Gate

Board Games Club

Tues, 4-5pm, Sun, 1.30-2.30pm, Stratford; Wed, 6-7.30pm, Manor Park; Sat, 11am-12noon, North Woolwich; Fri, 5.30pm-6.30pm, Beckton
Young People’s Positive Activities (9-19yrs)

Weds, Fri, 7-9pm, Harold Road Centre; Weds, Thurs, 5.30-8.30pm, Katherine Road C.C.

Family Film Night

Sat, 5.30-7.30pm, East Ham

Crafty Challenges

Fri, 5:30-6.15pm. All ages welcome, East Ham

Karaoke Night

Mon, Fortnightly, 6-7.30pm Beckton Globe Youth Zone

1st Stratford Brownies (7-10 yrs)

Girls only children’sgroup. Weds, 6:00-7:30pm,Play Sow and Grow, 6 GayRoad, Stratford, E15 2RN, £20per term (10 weeks). Email

East Ham Performing Arts

Fri, 6.30-7:30. All ages welcome, East Ham
Cartoon Club

Mon, 3.15-4pm, Weds,4-5pm, Green St

Half Term Fun

For more details call 020 3373 0857 or email Fri 27 May until Sat, 4 June, Green St

Canvas Art

Children get chance to paint their favourite picture on canvas. Sat, 28 May, 2.30-4pm, Manor Park

Mosaic Art

Creative session of mosaic designing with colourful materials. Weds, 1 June, 2.30-4pm, Manor Park

Games of Words

Games session for children to play with pictures and words Fri, 3 June, 2.30-4pm

Music, Fun and Dance

Fun time for children and family to dance to their favourite tunes. Sat, 4 June,2.30-4pm, Manor Park

Afternoon tea

Weds, 4-5.30pm, Canning Town
Chess Club

Tues, 3.45-5.15pm, Beckton; Mon, 5.30-7.30pm, and Thurs,5.30-7.30pm, East Ham; Weds, 5.30-7.30pm, Green St; Thurs, 5.30-7.30pm, Stratford; Tues, 5.30-7.30pm, The Gate

Coffee Mornings

Tues, 11.30-1pm, Beckton; Mon11-12.30pm, North Woolwich; Thurs, 10.45-12noon,Canning Town; Tues, 11-12.30pm, Custom House; Weds, 25 May, 10.30am-12noon, Custom House

Do It Online (18yrs+)

Six-week or eight-week basic computer training. Advance booking required, contact library directly. Tues, 10am-12noon, East Ham; Weds, 2-4pm, Stratford; Tues, Thurs, 11am-1pm, Green St; Tues, 10am-12noon, Katherine Road C.C; Tues, 2-3.30pm, North Woolwich; Weds, 2-3.30pm, Beckton Globe

Knit & Natter (16yrs+)

Weds, 10am-12noon, Beckton; Fri, 10.45-12noon, Canning Town; Fri, 10am-12noon, East Ham; Tues, 10.30am-12.30pm, Manor Park; Fri, 10am-12pm, Plaistow

ICT Surgery

IT advice for all ages. Fri, 2-4pm, Canning Town

ICT Drop-in Session

Set up a My Newham profile and create an email account. Fri, 11am-1pm, The Gate;10.30am-12.30pm, Green St; Weds, 10.30-12noon, Stratford

Deafroots Deaf Club

Including quizzes, prizes, refreshments. Mon, 1.30-3.30pm, Stratford. New members £2, existing members£1. Email or text on 07985 242 778.

Adult Reading Groups

Thurs, 2 Jan, 6.45-7.45pm,Plaistow

Life in the UK Classes

12-week course. Contact 020 8542 3904. Weds, 10am-12noon, East Ham; Weds12.30-2.30pm, Fri 10am-12noon, Plaistow; Fri, 12.30-2.30pm, Green St; Tues,12noon-2pm, Stratford

ESOL for Beginners

Tues, Fri, 1-3pm, Plaistow; Tues, Fri, 9.30am-12.30pm, Jack Cornwell C.C; Weds, Thurs, 9.30am-2pm, Katherine Road C.C. Call 020 8548 9825 to enrol. Mon and Weds, 9.30am-3pm, Beckton C.C.

ESOL for Absolute Beginners

Weds, 9.30am-2pm, Katherine Road C.C

Safer Neighbourhood Drop-in

Weds, 10am-11am, Stratford; Thurs, 26 May,10-11.30am, Canning Town; Tues, 31 May, 11am-12.30pm,Custom House

Sewing Class

Weds, 10am-12noon, Beckton C.C. £2 per session.

Ballroom Dancing (18yrs+)

Tues, 2-3pm,Beckton C.C; Thurs, 2.30-4pm, Field C.C

Citizens Advice Sessions

Advice sessions on money management, energy saving and debt. Appointment only. Mon, 11am-1pm, Manor Park

Introduction to Newham Online Course

More than500 free courses. Sat, 11am-12.30pm, Manor Park

Basic Computer Skills

Fri,10.30am-12.30pm, Manor Park

My Newham Workshop

Register with My Newham and access council services. Tues, 6-7.30pm, Manor Park

Stratford London Toastmasters

Public speaking & leadership club.1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 6-8pm, Stratford

Embroidery Group

Thurs, 10.30am-12.30pm,Manor Park

International Lunch Club

Cost £3 per meal. First come, first served. Mon, 12noon,Beckton C.C.

Docklands Drop-In Group

Weds, 1-3pm, Beckton C.C.

Chai and Chat Women Group (18+)

For women who use the mental health service only. Weds, 10.30-12.30pm, Plaistow

BPCA Day Care Centre

For people with multiple disabilities. Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, Beckton C.C.

Workplace Drop-ins

Discuss job vacancies training etc. Thurs, 2 June, 2.30-4pm, Canning Town

Employment Support Session

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