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Last Weds of every month, 5.30-7.30pm East Ham


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Last Weds of every month, 5.30-7.30pm East Ham

Get Connected

Bring your own device. Weds,1-2pm, Green St

English Conversation Club

Mon, 6-7.30pm, Manor Park; Weds, 10.30-11.30am, Manor Park; Thurs, 3-4pm, Rabbits Road Institute; Mon, 11-12noon, East Ham; Weds,10.30-11.30am, Beckton Globe; Sat, 10-12noon, Stratford; Mon,10-11am, Plaistow

Model Train Workshop

Mon, 12.30-3.30pm, North Woolwich


Cancer You Are Not Alone, drop-in advice session. Thurs, 26 May, 3-5pm, TheGate

Oral Health Drop-in

Thurs, 2 June, 3-5pm, The Gate

Gamers Group

For adults with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFA).Thurs, 26 May 1-3pm,


Martial Arts (7-12yrs)

£2. Tues, 6.45-7.45pm; Thurs, 4.45-5.45pm, Beckton Globe

Table Top Sale

£5 per table. 28 May, 9am-2pm, Jack Cornwell C.C.

Basic English for Beginners

Mon, Weds and Thurs, 10.30-11.30am, Green St

Creative Writing

Thurs, 26 May, 5.45-7.30pm The Gate. Thurs, 26 May, 6.30-8pm, Beckton Globe.

Together We Can

Fortnightly social group for adults under 50 who have had a stroke. Fri, 27 May, 2-4pm, Plaistow


Relieve physical and medical problems with pressure points. Age: 16+, £5 per session. Sat, 1-3pm, Plaistow Library


Mums2be Meetup

Information and support for expectant parents. 3rd Sat of every month, 10-11am. Email

Mums, Bumps and Babies

Fri in various cafes around Newham. Visit or email

Junior Volunteer Police Cadets (10-12 yrs, term time)

Weds, 3.30-5pm, Little Ilford School, Browning Rd, E12, £1.

Senior Volunteer Police Cadets (13-17 yrs)

Weds, 6.30-9pm, Little Ilford School, Browning Rd, E12, £2.50. Thurs,6.30-9pm, Eastlea Community School, Exning Rd, E16, £2.50. Call 07500 881 378

Newham Super Choir

Tues, 10.30-12noon, Beckton .C, free for all ages.


Boxing (Newham College)

Mon, 5-6pm, East Ham College, High St South, E6

Fight For Peace Boxing

Mon to Fri, 4-5pm 10-14yrs; Mon to Fri, 5-9pm, 14+yrs Woodman St, North Woolwich, E16. Call 020 7474 0054

West Ham Boys ABC

Mon, Weds, Fri, mixed (8-16yrs), 5-6pm, Sat, boys (6-11yrs), 10-11am, girls (7-16yrs), 11am-12noon, £2. 2 London Rd, E13. Call 020 8472 3614

Boxing and Self Defence(16+)

Tues, 5.15-6.15am,Jack Cornwell C.C


Salsa Dancing (18yrs+)

Mon, 3.15-4.45pm, Beckton C.C; Tues, 11.45am-12.45pm, Field C.C

Nordic Walking

Weds, 9.15-10.30am. Meet at Field C.C. Not suitable for wheelchairs.

Tai Chi Class

Fri, 10-11am, Beckton C. C. Fri, 11am-12pm, The Gate


Cost £7.50 for 10 weeks, for 50+. Mon, 10-11.30am, Beckton C.C. TT; Mon, 6-7.30pm, Green St, £1. Thurs, 6-7.45pm, Plaistow; Thurs, 6.15-7.45pm,The Gate; Sat, 10am-12noon, Plaistow (£1 per session)


18+ Mon, 2-3pm, Weds, 9.30-10.30am, Field C.C.


Tue, 9.30-10.30am, Jack Cornwell C. C £2

Keep Fit to Salsa (18+)

Tues, 11.45am-12.45pm, Field C.C; Mon, 3.15-4.45pm, Beckton C.C. Sat, 2.30-5pm, The Gate


UnityZumba. All 8-9pm.Mon, Lister Room, East Ham Town Hall; Tues, St Mark’s Community Centre, Tollgate Road, Beckton; Weds, Lister Room, East Ham Town Hall; Thurs, St Mark’s Community Centre, Tollgate Road, Beckton. All sessions £5. Book at 07886 884573 or at

Bollywood Exercise Class (14+)

Sat, 11am-12noon, Katherine Road C.C.

Slimming World

Mon, 5.30-9pm, Beckton C.C. £5

Hatha Yoga

Fri, 10.45am-12.15pm, Jack Cornwell C. C. Over 18s, £3


Bingo (50+yrs)

Mon, 12-1pm, Beckton C.C; Mon, 12-4pm, Jeyes C.C; Thurs,7-9pm, Jack Cornwell C.C


Faith based group with cultural activities. Fri, 12-2pm, Jeyes C.C

Active Centre 50+ Group

Weds, 12noon-4pm, Field C.C; Mon, Weds, Fri, 1.30-4pm, Beckton C. C.

Dominos Group

Fri, 6-10pm, Field C.C

Chair Based Yoga

Tues, 12.30-1.30pm, Manor Park

Forever Young

Enjoy community activities and make new friends. Weds,11am-1pm, Beckton; Weds,10.30am-12.30pm, Field C.C.

Pilates Classes

Tues, 9.30-10.30am, Field C.C

Happy Living Club

Indoor and outdoor activities. Tues, 1.30-5.30pm, Jeyes C.C

Holiday Spanish Club

Weds, 12.30-1.30pm, Manor Park

Walking Football

Tues, 10-11am, Priory Park E6 1QH. Email or call 0208586 7070.

Age UK East London Nordic Walks (18+)

Mon, 10.30-11.30am, meet at Hackney Marshes Centre, Homerton Road,E9. Call 07989 938 242

Steel Pan Music Therapy

For people with learning and physical disabilities, dementia and stroke. Fri, 12-2pm,Beckton C.C

Zumba & Indian Dance

Designed for 50+ but all ages welcome. Fri, 12noon-1pm, Jeyes C.C.

Get Active, Get Healthy, and Exercises for Fitness

Thurs, 10.30-11.30am,Manor Park Library

Line Dancing

Weds, 12.15-1.15pm, £2.50, Well Community Centre, East Ham

Get Active, Get Healthy– Walk to the park

Mon, 10.30-11.30am, Manor Park Library; Weds, 11am-12noon, The Gate


Tues, 6-7pm, The Gate

Drop-in Embroidery Class

Mon, 11am-1pm, East Ham

Active Centre 50+ Group

£1.50 fee to cover cost of refreshments. Weds, 20, Apr,1-3pm, St Mark’s C.C

Get Active Get Healthy, Yoga

For men and women aged 50+. Fri, 12noon-1pm, until 10 June, Jeyes C.C.

Get Active Get Healthy, Salsa

For men and women aged 50+. Weds, 6.30-7.30pm, until 29 June, New City Outreach Centre

Get Active Get Healthy,Zumba/Salsa

For men and women aged 50+. Thurs, 10-11am, until 29 Sep, Barking Road Community Centre.


Green Gym

Weds, 10am-1pm, and last Sat of month, meet at Visitor Centre in East Ham Nature Reserve, Norman Rd, E6. Call 07845 973 156

Green Volunteering

Tues and Thurs, 10am-2pm. Silvertown Wy, E16 (opp.Hallsville Rd)

Garden Club

Tues, 1-3pm, Thurs, 4-7pm,Sat, 10am-4pm, Abbey Gdns, Bakers Row, E15

Gardening Thymes Gardening Club

Fri, 11am-1pm, Bowling Green, Central Park, High St South, E6

Grow Together Be Together Community Gardening Club

Weds, 10am-1pm. Sat, 1pm-3pm, Flanders Field, Melbourne Rd entrance, E6. Call 020 85867070

Caravanserai Garden Volunteering

Thurs and Sat, 11am-3pm, Silvertown Wy, E16. For information call 07773 863 384

Community Gardening

Tues, 10am-12pm, Beckton C.C; Tues, 4-6pm, St John’s Green Community Garden


Call 0300 124 0123 Unless otherwise stated.

Athletics Club (14yrs+)

A multi-sport session focusing on athletics, football and the gym. Tues, 6-7pm, Newham Leisure Centre, E13. Call 07718 394 756

Gym & Basketball (14yrs+)

Tues, 6-10pm, £2, Rokeby School, Barking Rd, E16


Basketball Sessions

Tues, 4-5pm, Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Ln, E20

Dare2Dance (12-16yrs)

Street dance, Fri, 3.30-5.30pm, Newham Leisure Centre, E13

Female Boxfit (14yrs+)

Mon, 4.15-5.15pm, Balaam Leisure Centre, E13. Call 07970 783 526

Girls Football (11-16yrs)

Tues, 4-5.30pm, Thurs, 5-6pm, Newham Leisure Centre. Fri, 5-7pm. Term time only. Memorial Park, E15

Girls Group Cycling (11-15 yrs)

Tues and Thurs, 5-5.30pm,Newham Leisure Centre, E13

Just Play (14yrs+)

Weds, 6.30-8pm, multi-sports (term time). Cumberland School, E13. Call 0300 124 0123

Modern Arnis Martial Arts (16yrs+)

Tues, 5.15-6.15pm, Jack Cornwell C.C. Ring 07473 030 250

Female Only Gym Sessions

Mon, 3-4pm, 16-25yrs. Mon and Weds, 7.30-10.30pm. Tues and Thurs, 12noon-1.30pm. Sun, 3-5pm, 11-15yrs, Newham Leisure Centre, E13. £4.65

Get Back into Netball

Tues,6-7.30pm, juniors; 7.30-9pm,seniors. £2. Lister Community School, E13. Call 07717 281 529

Abs Blast (11-15yrs)

Thurs, 5.30-6.30pm, £3.10, Newham Leisure Centre, E13

Female Only Zumba

Tues, 6-7pm, Forest Gate Community School, Forest Ln, E7. Thurs, 6.30-9pm, The Well C.C, Vicarage Ln, E6. £1. Call 07741 292 902; Thurs, 10.15-11.15am, Stratford, £2.50; Mon, Weds, 6.30-7.30pm, Asta Community Hub, 14A Camel Road, E16 2DE. £2.50

Fun Female Fitness (14yrs+)

Weds, 5-6pm, Newham College, East Ham Campus, E6 6ER. Email:

Netball (14yrs+)

Mon, 5-6pm, Newham College, East Ham Campus,E6 6ER. £1 for non-Newham College students. Email:


Ability Club (14-25yrs)

Multi sports for disabled young people. Weds, 5.30-6.30pm and Fri, 4.45-6pm, NewVIc, E13

Athletics (8-18yrs)

Tues, 4.15-6.15pm, Brampton Manor, Roman Rd, E6. Thurs, 4.30-5.55pm, St Angela’s Ursuline School, E7. Email

Get Fit for Free

Tues, 1.30-3.30pm and Fri, 10am-12noon. Gym use for people with learning disabilities. Newham Leisure Centre, E13. To book an induction call 0300 124 0123

Sensory Play (U5yrs)

Weds, (term time) 1.30pm-3pm, Oliver Thomas Children’s Centre, Mathews Ave, E6. Email or call 020 8821 0997

Swim for Families Dealing with Autism

Weds, 4-5pm, Balaam LeisureCentre, E13. Call 0300 124 0123

Family Swims

Sat, 4.30-5.30pm, Newham Otters Swimming Club, Newham Leisure Centre, E13. Call 0300 1240123. Sun, 12.30-2pm, Family Swim, Balaam Leisure Centre, E13. £5. Call 0300 124 0123.


Beckton Park Run

Sat, 9am, Beckton Park South, E16. Call 07718 394 756

Run England

£2 unless stated. Sun, 10am-12noon, Newham Leisure Centre, E13 (meet on track). Mon, 4-5.30pm, Newham Leisure Centre, E13 (meet on track). Mon, 5.45-6.45pm, Newham Dockside, E16 (meet at reception). Weds, 12noon-1pm, Newham Dockside, E16 (meet at reception). Thurs, 5.15-6.15pm, UEL Docklands Campus, E16 (meet at reception).Sat, 10-11.30am, Wanstead Flats, E12 (meet at Harrow Rd Changing Pavilion). Sat, 10-11.30am, Memorial Park, E15, £4 (meet at cark park). Call 07718 394 874.

East End Road Runners

Tues and Thurs, 7pm. Sun, 9am.Meet on the track. Coached sessions for all abilities. Newham Leisure Centre, E13. Call 07979261 647.


Cricket (14yrs+)

Tues, 6-8pm, Newham Sixth Form College, E13. Call 07476269 226

Lister Table Tennis Satellite Club (11-25yrs)

Weds, 6.30-8pm, Newham Sixth Form College, E13. £1.For information call 07888830 179

Indoor Cricket (8-16yrs)

Weds, 6-8pm, £2, Lister Community School, E13, email

Black Arrows Badminton Club

Adults: Fri, 7-9pm, Juniors: Sat, 10am-12noon, £3.70, East Ham LC. Adults: Weds, 7-10pm, UEL SportsDock. Call 07932 037 173

Newham and Essex Beagles Athletics Club

Mon and Weds, 6-9pm. Foundation groups (8-10yrs). Mon, 7-8pm and Weds, 6-7pm, £5. Terence McMillan Stadium, Newham Leisure Centre, E13.

BMX (6-16yrs)

Sun, 10am-12noon, £3. Gooseley Playing Fields, St Albans Ave, E6.Call 07961 333 615

Mini Tennis Courses (4-16yrs)

Tues: 4-5pm,5-6pm, East Ham Leisure Centre, 324 Barking Road, London, E6 2RT. Thurs:4.30-5.30pm, 5.30-6.30pm,6.30-7.30pm, Newham Leisure Centre, 281 Prince Regent Lane, London, E13 8SD. Sat:4-5pm, 5-6pm, Central Park(tennis courts), High Street South, East Ham, E6 6ET. Sun:12-1pm, 1-2pm, Stratford Park(tennis courts), West Ham Lane, Stratford, E15 4PT Contact: 07741 293 513

Adult Tennis (16+)

Sat:9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm,Central Park (tennis courts),High Street South, East Ham,E6 6ET. Sun: 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm, Stratford Park(tennis courts), West Ham Lane, Stratford, E15 4PT Contact: 07741 293 513

Table Tennis (14yrs)

Thurs, 4.40-6pm, Newham College, East Ham Campus, E66ER. Email:

Volleyball with Newham College (14yrs+)

Thurs, 5.30-7pm, East Ham Leisure Centre Email:


AIR Football (16yrs+)

Tues, 1-3pm, Fri, 10am-12noon, Memorial Park, Memorial Ave, E15. Fri,3-5pm, Beckton Powerleague,E6. Visit

Football and Athletics

Thurs, 4-5.30pm, Britannia Village, 65 Evelyn Rd, E16

Football & Multi Sports

Mon, 4-5.30pm, Newham Leisure Centre, E13.Weds, 5-6pm, Stratford MUGA, West Ham Ln, E15

Mayor’s Football League

U10yrs, U12yrs, Mon, 4.30-6pm, U16yrs, U18yrs, 6-7pmNewham Leisure Centre, E13

Premier League (16yrs+)

6-a-side (4 subs) Weds, 7-10pm,Newham Leisure Centre, E13

WHU Kicks

Mon, Tues, Fri, 4-7pm,WHUCST, Beckton 3G, 60A Albatross Cl, E6. Thurs, 6.30-7.30pm, Little Ilford Learning Zone, 1 Rectory Rd, E12.Thurs, 6.30-7.30pm, Stratford Park MUGA, West Ham Ln,E15. Sat 10.30am-12noon, Newham Leisure Centre, E13

Ascension Football

Sat, 10-11.30am, £3.Reception to 11yrs. King George V Park, King George Ave, E16. Call 07806 584 925


Basketball & Multi Sports

Fri, 5-6.30pm, 8-19yrs, Snowshill MUGA, Snowshill Rd, E12

Basketball Sessions

Thurs, 5.30-6.30pm, Little Ilford Learning Zone, 1 Rectory Rd, E12

National League

Mon, 6-8pm, U13/14yrs,Tues, 6-8pm, U15/16yrs,Rokeby School, E16.Thurs, 4.30-6pm, U13/14yrsboys, U14yrs girls; 6-8pm,U16yrs, Newham Leisure Centre, E13, 6-8pm, U18yrs,Cumberland School, E13

NCFE Sports – Basketball

Thurs, 5-7pm, East Ham Leisure Centre. To register email or call 020 8257 4255

Senior Programme

Mon, 7.30-9.30pm, Division 2women and division 3/4 men. Rokeby School, E16. Call07947 401 616

Basketball (14yrs+)

Tues, 5.30-6.30pm, Forest Gate Community School, E7 9BB.Email:


All meetings take place at Newham Town Hall, Barking Road, E6, unless otherwise stated.

Mon, 23 May, 7pm, Local Development, provisional

Thurs. 26 May, 5pm,Cabinet; 5.05pm Mayoral Proceedings

Tues, 31 May, Newham Partnership Health and Wellbeing Strategic Reference Group, provisional

Wed, 1 June, 6pm, Strategic Development, provisional, Old Town Hall, Stratford

Thurs, 2 June, 9am, Mayoral Proceedings


Here to Help sessions

Please register for surgery in the 30 minutes before the surgery starts.Thurs, 2 Jun, 11am,Old Town Hall, Stratford

Telephone Surgery

weds, 25 May. Please call 020 8430 2000 between 10-11am.



Beckton Globe 1 Kingsford Wy, E6

Canning Town Barking Rd, E16

Custom House Prince Regent Ln, E16

East Ham 328 Barking Rd, E6

Green Street 337-341 Green St, E13

The Gate 6-8 Woodgrange Rd, E7

Manor Park 685-691 Romford Rd, E12

North Woolwich5 Pier Parade, E16

Plaistow North St, E13

Stratford 3 The Grove, E15

Archives and Local Studies 020 3373 6881

Community Outreach 020 337 30813

Church of God 37 Manor Park Road,E12, 020 8911 9494

The International Quarter Marketing Suite Celebration Avenue, E20 1DB


Balaam Leisure Centre14 Balaam St, E13

East Ham Leisure Centre 324 Barking Rd, E6

Newham Leisure Centre 281 Prince Regent Ln, E13

NewVIc Prince Regent Ln, E13

UEL SportsDock Docklands Campus, University Wy, E16

West Ham United Football Club Boleyn Ground, E13 9AZ


Beckton Community Centre 14 Manor Wy, E6, 020 7511 1214

East Ham Market Hall Myrtle Road, London E6 1HY, 01708 740 092


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