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Newham’s VC recipients

Lieutenant George Drewry - Act of Bravery: 25/26 April 1915

Captain Edgar Myles- Act of Bravery: 9 April 1916

Boy Seaman First Class Jack Cornwell- Act of Bravery: 31 May 1916

Lance-Corporal Harold Mugford- Act of Bravery: 11 April 1917

Second Lieutenant Bernard Cassidy- Act of Bravery: 28 March 1918

Pages 14-15

Farewell Boleyn Ground - News in pictures

There’s no place like home they say and for 112 years the Boleyn Ground has been home to West Ham United. But now the final whistle has blown at the ground in Green Street and the Hammers are off to the Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Since July when the final season at Upton Park kicked off, Newham Mag photographer Andrew Baker has been documenting the last ever games to be played at the famous old ground from the fans’ point of view.
Andrew said: “I love photographing people and I’ve taken pictures on the streets on match days a few times over the years. But the move to Stratford means everything will change and I wanted to record as much of the match day atmosphere around the Boleyn Ground as possible.
“The fans have been great. They are the lifeblood of the club and are there week in, week out. I hope to publish the images in a book later this year which everyone can enjoy as a true record of what match days used to be like at Upton Park.”

The Boleyn Ground 1904-2016

First game: 1 September 1904. Beat Millwall 3-0.Crowd 10,000

Final game: 10 May 2016. Beat Manchester United 3-2.Crowd 35,899

2,398 first-team matches

129 different opponents

Record attendance: 17 October 1970. 42,322.Drew 2-2 with Tottenham Hotspur

Biggest win: 25 October 1983. League Cup. Beat Bury 10-0.

Page 16

It’s all in the words

The words of US President Barack Obama, American civil rights leader Martin Luther King and Pakistani women’s education activist Malala Yousefzai echoed around Newham Town Hall as children from across the borough took part in a speechmaking competition.
Youngsters from a dozen primary schools took part in the second annual Newham Primary Speechmaking Competition organised by the Elmhurst Teaching School Alliance.
As part of the competition, teachers from the schools were involved in a free training session at Elmhurst Primary School in Forest Gate earlier this year. They learned about the craft of speechwriting and vocal performance before returning to their respective schools to teach their pupils.
The primary schools that took part were Salisbury, Essex, Curwen, William Davies, Elmhurst, Nelson, Scott Wilkie, Gallions, Kensington, Vicarage, Park and Hallsville.
The children took to the stage where they shared messages of hope, optimism and social change, as they delivered speeches with the title: “If I could offer you one tip for the future, this would be it.”
The event was hosted by the wordsmith and spoken word poet Adisa the Verbaliser, and was judged by East Ham MP Stephen Timms; Brett Wigdortz OBE chief executive of educational charity Teach First; literacy consultant Jane Bednall and Nevin Chinniah, who is part of a reading project.

Jonny Walker, assistant director of teaching school at Elmhurst Primary School, said: “The pupils had obviously been working very hard, as the quality of the speeches was phenomenal. The audience heard the words of Barack Obama, Malala Yousefzai and Martin Luther King spoken with passion and understanding.

“It was very powerful and inspiring to see the children of Newham rising up, confidently and proudly speaking truth to power. Some people dream of changing the world; our pupils are already doing it.”
Jane Bednall, the chair of judges, said: “It was a really good day. The children were amazing; I was so inspired and moved to tears. They make me feel so good about young people.”

Pages 17-24

Mayor’s Promises - 2014-2018 Mid Term Update

An introduction from Mayor Sir Robin Wales

When I was elected again in 2014 to serve as Mayor, I made a number of promises that I would deliver over the four years of this term of office. Those promises included delivering the services that residents want and protecting all of us during this time of Government imposed austerity.

As we reach the mid-point of those four years, I can say with confidence that we have protected the services that matter to residents and avoided cuts to those services. It doesn’t mean things haven’t changed, but if you think a service in your area has been cut, please let me know. (See page 24 for details).
I am always looking for new ways to tackle the issues that affect us most. We are much more efficient and have made sure residents are not negatively impacted by the £117 million of savings we’ve been forced to make in the past five years, and the £70million we still need to save by 2020.
The consultation we did with residents last year about what we should be spending money on showed me that what residents value is the same as what the council values. The actions we are taking are a reflection of those values.

Our 2016/17 budget has fairness at its core. It protects services that people rely on; Council Tax is frozen again; and it invests in the things that offer the best opportunities to all of us.

I want residents to be able to get a job or into training. That’s why our employment service Workplace has the support it needs to be the best in the country. If people are struggling financially, I want them to be able to get the best advice around. That’s why the council set up one stop shop MoneyWorks. I want children to have the best start in life. That’s why we continue to develop our Every Child programme.
We were the first to introduce a borough-wide private rented property licensing scheme to tackle criminal landlords. We are helping to keep Newham safe and clamping down on anti-social behaviour. While other areas are cutting libraries, we have extended opening hours to make them hubs at the centre of their communities. We are also making money through initiatives like Red Door Ventures, our private housing company, which is building thousands of new homes for residents to rent.
There is more to do and I will be announcing new initiatives to support residents in the coming months. We are already seeing the results of our work. Four years ago we were listed as the second most deprived local authority in the country; now we are 25th. I promise to support residents with the tools needed to overcome challenges and achieve what we all want to achieve.

Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham

Mayor’s Promise 1

Lowest Council Tax in Outer London.

We’ve put money back into your pockets by freezing the Newham element of Council Tax. This is the eighth year running we have done this, and once again, we have the lowest rate in Outer London.

Mayor’s Promise 2

Protect the services residents value.

We received a huge response from residents to the Budget Challenge consultation last year. All the views expressed played a part in shaping the council’s budget for 2016/17. The council’s values and residents’ values are the same.

Our budget has protected all frontline services from cuts, while launching a New Deal for residents that commits £100 million over ten years to overhaul roads and keep the borough moving, and £1 million to crack down on those who dump rubbish.

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