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Mayor’s Promise 3

Fund additional police officers dedicated to dealing with residents’ priorities.

In 2015 we funded 40 police officers to help us tackle rogue landlords, crackdown on dodgy traders and catch those who fly-tip.

Mayor’s Promise 4

Assess the effectiveness of initiatives to reduce crime to make them more effective.

We conduct annual strategic assessments to make sure we are delivering residents’ enforcement priorities. Fly-tipping has been highlighted as a priority and we are spending an extra £1 million to catch those who dirty our streets.

From January to December2015 there were:

1,618 arrests

366 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for offences such as littering

189 FPNs for disorder offences such as possessing cannabis or being drunk and disorderly in public

362 joint operations with enforcement officers and planning teams to tackle illegal shisha use, rough sleeping or landlord licensing violations

53 alcohol seizures

350 uninsured vehicles seized

Police Sergeant Andy Montague said: “We focus on the priorities set for us by the council and residents, whether that’s dealing with antisocial behaviour or patrolling the parks.”

Mayor’s Promise 5

Tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and crack down on those who abuse our streets. Have a dedicated enforcement officer in each ward.

Our 73-strong enforcement team issues on average 360 enforcement notices per month, tackling noise, garden waste and other anti-social behaviour. Every ward now has a dedicated uniformed officer.

Mayor’s Promise 6

Invest an extra £5 million in CCTV cameras and infrastructure, including 200 new cameras of which 100 are wireless cameras deployed where they are needed.
Between April 2015 and February 2016, there were 144 arrests and 298 FPNs issued as a result of CCTV interventions. Cameras are being updated across the borough with 150 analogue cameras being digitised.
In Newham we have:

668 cameras located on housing estates

170 fixed town centre cameras

100 wireless re-deployable cameras

20 cameras at East Village on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Mayor’s Promise 7

Invest an extra £4 million in each of the next four years to improve our roads, pavements and lighting. Make Newham look better and feel safer.
In February we launched Keep Newham Moving – a New Deal for our roads, which will see £100 million spent on our roads and street lighting over the next ten years, including a commitment to replace street lighting in the borough with new, brighter LED models.

Mayor’s Promise 8

Continue to invest heavily in our employment service Workplace.

Workplace, the biggest scheme of its kind in the country, has been massively successful and has now helped more than 30,000 residents into jobs since it was launched in 2007.

Mother-of-four Lucie Taho, from Forest Gate, was placed into a job as a cleaner at Aspers Casino in Stratford thanks to Workplace. She said: “My adviser at Workplace helped me get the role and it fits in with all my childcare responsibilities. I would recommend Workplace to anyone.”
Key facts for Workplace in2015/16:

• Supported more than 4,100 residents into work

• More than half of those getting a job were long term unemployed

• More than 1,100 residents were trained and up-skilled

Mayor’s promise 9

Work with schools to continue the excellent improvements in exam results.

In 2015, Newham schools achieved their best ever GCSE and A-level results.

Key education statistics from 2015:

• The overall A-level pass rate increased by 0.7 per cent to98.7 per cent – higher than the national pass rate of 98.1 per cent

• At GCSE, 59 per cent of pupils achieved at least five or more passes at grades A* to C including English and Maths, up four percentage points on 2014. The national average was 53.8 per cent
Continue free school meals for primary school children.

Free school meals are offered in 69 primary schools. The take up rate across the borough was 91.8 per cent. This saves working households on average £500 per child per year.

Continue the Every Child a Musician programme, offering three years free tuition.

Last year our Every Child a Musician (ECaM) expanded by more than a quarter to deliver more than 360,000 music lessons, including some children in Years 3and 4 for the first time.

Ossy Duncan is an ECaM tutor teaching young people at the Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health in Plaistow. He said: “In all their education we try to give them as much information as possible because music is something you keep for the rest of your life.”
Continue the Every Child a Sports Person programme, offering opportunities to try 20 different sports, and the Every Child a Theatre Goer programme.
More than 3,500 Year 7 pupils participated in sports sessions for free – a take up rate of almost 90 per cent. Most of the sports offered were not on the PE curriculum, and we are adding more. Almost 4,500 primary school pupils saw Chotto Desh at Stratford Circus, the solo show of Olivier award-wining choreographer Akram Khan. More than 7,000 secondary school pupils visited the Theatre Royal Stratford East, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the National Theatre.
Huzaifa Muhammed, a Year 6 pupil at Colegrave School, Stratford, went to see Chotto Desh. He said: “I’ve only been to the theatre once before and I was really excited to see this show. It taught me about a different background and that’s good for understanding different cultures and getting along with people.”
Continue the Reading Guarantee programme, offering one-to-one tuition to younger children struggling to read.

The Reading Guarantee continued to deliver results. Overall, 83 per cent of pupils passed the phonics screening test at the end of the 2014/15 academic year– the third highest rate in the country. For deprived children, our pass rate was the highest in England.

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