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Mayor’s promise 10

Review the skills offer and ensure young people and adults are offered greater and better choice.

We are working with schools and colleges to reform the skills offer in Newham. Using our success with Workplace as a model, we are moving towards an employer-led system that prepares people for the labour market.

Mayor’s promise 11

Offer free tuition for residents who want to learn English, including through language labs, courses offered by volunteers or tutors, and community ‘chatterbox’ sessions.

In the past academic year, almost 3,000 residents enrolled in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes.

Mayor’s promise 12

Set up a one stop shop, MoneyWorks, to offer support to responsible residents including pay day loans at fair rates, access to loans for white goods at fair rates; a life changing fund; access to low cost home furnishings; crisis loans; credit to clear loans in certain instances; and guidance and loans to help with energy bills.
We are the first council to offer loans to residents who are unable to get credit elsewhere, based on what we know about them. The Moneyworks store, opened by the council in February, guarantees to support residents with money management tips, fair deals on loans and everyday purchases, whatever their circumstances.

Money Works has already:

• Issued almost 100 loans

• Held more than 450appointments with advisers

• Run 24 workshops on money management and advice

Canning Town resident Joy Emovon has already sought advice at MoneyWorks. She said: “I enjoyed my session and the staff are very welcoming and friendly. It’s a great location too inside Stratford Shopping Centre.”
Mayor’s promise 13

Support resilience and develop a model where payment is linked to satisfaction for those who use our care services.
We are the first council to offer loans to residents who are unable to get credit elsewhere, based on what we know about them. The Moneyworks store, opened by the council in February, guarantees to support residents with money management tips, fair deals on loans and everyday purchases, whatever their circumstances.
Mayor’s promise 14

Fully fund the Freedom Pass, offering free travel on public transport including buses, Tube, train and Docklands Light Railway.

A total of 43,000 residents hold Freedom Passes. We fund 3,650 Disabled Persons Freedom Passes.

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Mayor’s promise 15

Reduce anti-social behaviour and improve accommodation in the private rented sector by licensing all privately rented property.

Since its launch in January 2013, there has been 36,037 licences issued.

Key facts for property licensing projects since 2013 are:

• Almost 800 prosecutions against landlords, mainly for failing to licence and poor conditions Inspected

338 cautions for technical offences

28 landlords refused licences

• £1.1 million additional Council Tax collected

Mayor’s promise 16

Within ten years, facilitate the building of 3,000 new homes and the purchase of a further 500 for people to rent at a level that suits their income.
We have created Red Door Ventures with the intention to build 15,000 new homes over the next ten years. One scheme in Stratford is complete and others are in construction in East Ham and Plaistow. The first properties have already been rented out.
Our shared equity scheme NewShare is also helping to get residents on to the housing ladder. People who cannot afford a full deposit are eligible for an equity loan from us on up to 50 per cent of the property, if they can obtain a traditional mortgage for the remainder. Residents must pay back the loan within 25 years. The first 47 shared equity properties were completed during 2015/16.
Local Space, a social landlord set up by the council, has provided more than1,800 homes to homeless families in Newham and neighbouring boroughs. Another 800 homes are on the way.
NewShare supported social worker Scaria Joseph and his family to purchase their house. He said: “We haven’t had a single regret about buying through NewShare. We love our house and it’s a huge relief to be close to our jobs.”
Mayor’s promise 17

Pay the London Living Wage and review rates of pay offered by contractors.
We pay all directly employed staff at least the London Living Wage. We challenge our contractors to offer a fair deal to their own staff.

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In addition to these promises we continue to offer:

Free swims for under 16s and over 60s at council leisure centres

Weekly household waste collection Grants to support residents to host events and activities to bring the community together

Large programme of free events across our eight community neighbourhoods

First parking permit free for residents living in a residential Parking Zone

Opportunities for residents to see events in the former Olympic Stadium for free

Contact the Mayor

Sir Robin Wales holds regular sessions where you can discuss matters that are important to you. Please arrive 30minutes before the start of each session to register your attendance.

> 1st Thursday of the month, 11am, Old Town Hall, Broadway, Stratford, E15.

> 2nd Thursday of the month, 11am, Canning Town Library, Barking Road, E16.

> 3rd Tuesday of the month, 5pm, The Gate, Woodgrange Road, Forest Gate, E7.

> 4th Saturday of the month, 10am, East Ham Customer Service Centre, Barking Road, E6.

> There are also regular telephone surgeries to register queries. Call 020 8430 2000 on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 10-11am. Sir Robin will look into your query and call you back once it is investigated.

You can also write to Mayor of Newham, 1000 Dockside Road, London E16 2QU or email:

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New Deal For Newham

Newham Council has agreed its budget for2016/2017 and a New Deal for residents.

This is what it means for you:

No cuts to frontline services

Freeze Newham’s part of the Council Tax for the eighth successive year

Lowest Council Tax in Outer London

£100 million spent over ten years to keep Newham moving, bringing roads, paths and lights, to a standard acceptable to residents

Borough-wide residential parking zones giving residents priority over parking in their neighbourhood; support for car clubs; tougher enforcement of yellow box junctions

Visitor teams to encourage residents, businesses and schools to recycle and keep neighbourhoods free of rubbish

£1 million on an enforcement team to deal with those who dump rubbish

40 additional police officers

Help for residents to find jobs through our employment service Workplace

Improving properties in the private rented sector and delivering more affordable homes

Bulky waste collection charge for 12-month trial period

Introduce the Government’s two per cent care tax to cover their underfunding of adult social care services.

If you think a council service in your area has been cut, please email:
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