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ASEA Speech
Your Excellency,

Chairman of The Capital Market Authority,

Chairman of The African Stock Exchanges Association,

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Good Morning,
I would like to welcome you all to the 9th Conference organized by CASE with the theme of
Accelerating Development in African Securities Markets’
In a time that the mature and emerging countries are experiencing increasing globalization of their markets, escorted by prosperous economies, and capital searching for investment opportunities,
African economies growth not resonating world’s tempo, imposes challenges before African Markets to play their expected role.
The main challenge is creating a sustainable sound environment for investments,
Corporate Governance, technology advancement and efficient markets are the name of the game.

Though agreeable, inarguable and obvious;

When it comes to implementation it is completely a different story.
Learning from matured markets experiences has been always beneficial,
Yet learning from markets with similarities in culture and environment is of utmost gain.
Thus there was a need for a conference aims to sharing each others experience in reforming and developing the securities markets.
During this conference:

  1. African Markets recent developments will be presented;

  2. The experience of some markets in developing a Code of Corporate Governance will be shared;

  3. The impact of technology advancement on our markets performance and transparency will be discussed; and

  4. The challenge of creating liquidity through innovative financial instruments will be presented.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I hope this conference answers some of your questions and outline some of the ideas that can be useful back home.
As well as contributing in closer relations with each other.
I wish to our guests from the African Countries a pleasant stay and to enjoy their time in their second homeland Egypt.

May God Bless you All
Thank you very much,

Maged Shawky
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