Paragraph One: Introduction of the two dvds that you are comparing. You should include the film name and genre. The two dvds covers that I have chosen are paranormal activity which is a horror and bride wars which is a comedy/romance


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Assignment One: Analysis of Two DVD Covers

Paragraph One:

Introduction of the two DVDs that you are comparing. You should include the film name and genre.

The two DVDS covers that I have chosen are paranormal activity which is a horror and bride wars which is a comedy/romance.

Paragraph Two:

What is the title of each film? What does the title denote and connote? Bride would connote wedding and mayhem

The first DVD cover is paranormal activity; the word paranormal connotes ghost’s spirits and danger in the film. This tells us that this film is a horror or a thriller, because of the ghosts in the house and evil, paranormal activity tells us that the film is going to scare you as paranormal means evil and death. Bride wars connotes that there is a wedding and brides and something bad must of gone wrong, the word war shows us that a war is going to happen is this film, in the wedding.

Paragraph Three:

What Colours are used in the DVD cover? What do these colours connote? Why would these colours attract the intended audience?

In paranormal activity the colours and black and red, very dark colours to connotes a dark, evil, scary horror film. These colours connote death; the black could be the evil spirits in the house or death. The red connotes blood in the horror film, or danger. These colours attract the audience because they are the typical colours of a horror film, so people who want to watch this horror, they would see the red and black and think danger and evil would appear in this film. Bride wars is white which connotes weddings which then goes with the title bride, the wars is in pink which is a girlie colour. This would attract the audience of women because of the pretty girlie colours. It connotes a white wedding but with a twist of war.

Paragraph Four:

What font choice is used? What would this font connote to the intended audience?

For ‘bride wars’ bride is in a fancy wedding font with connotes a wedding invitation font, wars is in big capital letters which connotes something big is going to happen in the film, a twist is going to appear maybe at a wedding. For ‘Paranormal activity’ the font is in red colour to stand out from the background of black and connotes blood. The font is like a video tape font which connotes that the film is like a tapping, someone has tapped things that have been happening in their house.

Paragraph Five:

What is the central image on the DVD cover? What would this image connote? How would this image attract the audience to this genre?

The main image on paranormal activity is pictures that have been tapped from a video camera, which tells us that they have been filming what’s going on in the house. The main image are two people in the bed and the girl is pointing near the door, showing us that she has seen something and they both look really scared, also the picture is dark so it makes you think that all the bad things happen at night, which most horrors happen at night.

Paragraph Six:

What language has been used in the blurb? Does the language have positive or negative connotations? Does this give the intended audience any clues into the genre of the film?

In paranormal activity the genre is given away because it talks about the devil and spirits, it says about little things that happen and go on in the house, in the blurb it has negative connotations because it’s about the living spirits and death, and then it tries to scare you by saying what happens when you sleep?. In bride wars the genre is also given away because it says about how they are best friends who fight to get the perfect wedding, and they both pull some funny tricks to match the genre of a romantic/drama. The blurb is positive because it’s a fun happy film which makes you laugh.

Paragraph Seven:

What is the certification of the film? How does the film genre correlate to the certification level? How would this attract the audience to the DVD cover?

For paranormal activity the film certification is a 15, as it is a horror this might be a bit to scary for people under the age of 15, this would attract people 15 and over because they are allowed the see the film, it is a 15 because they might have some rude words in the film and some images younger people may not want to see or might get scared by it. The film certification for bride wars in a 12, it might be a 12 because they may be some naughty language in it and some inappropriate scenes and fighting involved which isn’t suitable for people under the age of 12. This would attract quite a lot of people because 12 is a low audience so many people over 12 could watch it.

Paragraph Eight:

What are the special features of DVD cover? Could this attract an audience to this genre?

On paranormal activity is has on special features of deleted scenes, this would attract the target audience in because the deleted scene it might of been to terrifying to watch that they might have had to cut it out. In bride wars they also have deleted scenes this would attract the audience because they would want to see what other parts were in the film, because it might have been even funnier than parts in the film.

Paragraph Nine:

How is the spine presented? Does it follow the conventions of DVD covers?

In paranormal activity the spine cover is in the same font as the main title. It is red which connotes blood and danger; it does follow the convention of the DVD cover because the colour is in red, with bold terrifying writing which goes with the genre of horror. In bride wars the spine title cover is the same font as the main title. The Bride word is in fancy writing like you would have on a wedding invitation and the wars in bold, pink letters which connotes a girly fight is going to happen. It does follow the conventions of the DVD cover because it goes with the wedding theme of white and fancy writing.

Paragraph Ten:

Who has produced the film? Is this institution well known for producing films for a specific audience?

The producers for paranormal activity were Steven Schneider, Jason Blum, they are well known for producing horror films, eg... The Town That Dreaded Sundown, American Horror Story .They set the target audience at the same age range at 15 and above as they produce horror films, and it’s for specific age range.

Paragraph Eleven:

Have you compared how genre has been developed between DVD covers? Has this been constructed for an intended audience?


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