Parents sacrifice themselves for their children a lot, even their foods

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Character Kim Byeol (Kim Byeol) said "Parents sacrifice themselves for their children a lot, even their foods ". The 96-minute drama does not give the message directly but presents in the main characters’ experiences of being parents. With the presence of Jang Geun-suk- the precious pearl of Korean film industry, the drama attracts more teenagers than the former productions of Kim Jin-Yeong. Released on August 13, 2008, the drama, though remaining some weaknesses in the script, is a huge success for its efficient scene building, sound tracks and cast members’ performance.
The drama is based on the Japanese manga "Baby and I" written by Agiwa Nais.  The drama is a comedy around a high-school rebellious student - Joon-soo (Jang Geun-suk) who suddenly becomes a student father. A lot of unexpected suprises happen to him at the same time. His parents leave home while a baby named "Han Wooram" is assumed as his father. With help from Kim Byeoland two other close friends, he gradually settles down as a real father after a lot of incidents and struggles. However, another shock comes to him as his friend commit that his friend is the real father of the baby. Struggling with feelings for the child, Joon-soo finally coming back to the baby. The end of the drama is the brief story about Joon-soo’s parents who also had him while being students.

The drama actually gains some achievements in the performance of direction, sound track and actors. It opens with a surprising scene which brings laughs to audiences. Han Joon-su asks for milk from women on the street. Audiences find it funny and curious until the appearance of the baby on his back. This is really an effective technique director Kim Jin-Yeong uses to build the scene. The question "Who brings my baby mother milk?" is the start for Joo-soo's struggles to become a student father.

In addition, the sound track is very refreshing as the inner voice of the baby is really attractive and awesome. This contributes to the success of the comedy drama. Moreover, audiences are impressed by the successful performance of actors like Jang Geun-suk as Han Joon-sun, Moon Mason as Baby Woo-ram and Kim Byeol as movie student Kim Byeol. For example, Kim Byeol with funny bobbed hair portrayed the character - a student Kim Byeol who appears in eccentric and stupid appearance.
However, the drama remains some weakness in the script. Some details seem illogical in the whole flow of the drama. For example, suddenly, Ki-seok (Ko Gyoo-pil) tells Joon-soo the truth about the real father of his baby while everything is very nice with the baby. Moreover, the ending scene of the drama is about the story about Joon-soo's parents who also had the same story as him when they were students.  This makes the drama off track  not only from the main plot but also the hidden message.

In conclusion, because the success of the drama overweighs its minor mistakes, the drama is worthy being watched by teenagers to relax and draw moral lessons.  If the plot of drama was developed with more details, I am sure that it would become the greatest Korean comedy drama in 2008.

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