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William Gaddis: A Checklist

of Primary and Secondary Materials
by Steven Moore
with additions by others as noted
A. Books By William Gaddis
B. Contributions to Books
C. Contributions to Periodicals
      Harvard Lampoon
      Other periodicals
D. Translations of Gaddis’s Works
      Translated Contributions to Foreign-language Periodicals
E. Interviews and Statements
A. Books On Gaddis
B. Essays and Chapters of Books
C. Book Reviews
      The Recognitions
      J R
      Carpenter’s Gothic
      A Frolic of His Own

Agapē Agape/Rush for Second Place

D. Obituaries
E. Dissertations and Theses
F. Foreign Language Criticism


A. Books By William Gaddis

A1 The Recognitions

-. advance reading copy in wraps, fall 1954

a. New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, March 1955; second printing (May 1964) by Harcourt, Brace, & World

b. Toronto: George J. McLeod, 1955

c. Cleveland and New York: World (Meridian Fiction), February 1962; second printing September 1962

d. London: MacGibbon & Key, September 1962

e. New York: Harcourt, Brace & World (Harvest Books), 1970.

f. New York: Avon (Bard Books), 1974. 3 printings.

-. bound galleys of Penguin edition (A1g)

g. New York: Penguin, July 1985

h. London: Penguin, January 1986

i. New York: Penguin, 1993 (with introduction by William H. Gass)

j. London: Atlantic Books, 2003.

A2 J R

-. bound galleys, summer 1975

a. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1975 (simultaneous cloth & paper editions) 3 cloth printings

b. London: Jonathan Cape, 1976 (simultaneous cloth & paper editions; contains corrections that wouldn’t appear in a U.S. edition until 1985.

-. bound galleys of Penguin edition (A2c)

c. New York: Penguin, July 1985

d. London: Penguin, January 1986

e. New York: Penguin, 1993 (with introduction by Frederick R. Karl)

f. London: Atlantic Books, 2003.

A3 Carpenter’s Gothic

-. bound galleys, spring 1985 (two states)

a. New York: Viking (Elisabeth Sifton Books), July 1985; second printing in August

b. New York: Viking/Quality Paperback Book Club edition, February 1986

c. London: André Deutsch, February 1986

d. New York: Penguin, 1986.

e. London: Picador, 1987

f. New York: Penguin, 1999 (Penguin 20th-Century Classics).

g. London: Atlantic Books, 2003.

A4 A Frolic of His Own

-. bound galleys, August 1993

a. New York: Poseidon Press, January 1994

b. London: Viking, June 1994

c. New York: Scribner, January 1995.

d. London: Penguin, 1995.

A5 The Rush for Second Place. Edited with an introduction by Joseph Tabbi.

-. bound galleys, July 2002

a. New York: Penguin, September 2002
A6 Agapē Agape. Afterword by Joseph Tabbi.

-. bound galleys, April 2002

a. New York: Viking Penguin, October 2002

b. London: Atlantic Books, December 2002

c. New York: Penguin Classics, September 2003, with a new introduction by Sven Birkerts
A7 Agapē Agape and Other Writings

London: Atlantic Books, 2004

B. Contributions to Books
B1 “Le Chemin des Anes,” 210-22. In New World Writing. Edited by Arabel J. Porter et al. New York: New American Library, 1952.

B2 “From The Recognitions,225-49. In Writers in Revolt. Edited by Richard Seaver, Terry Southern, and Alexander Trocchi. New York: Frederick Fell, 1963. Rpt. New York: Berkley, 1965. 243-67.

B3 “From The Recognitions,83-97. In The World of Black Humor: An Introductory Anthology of Selections and Criticism. Edited by Douglas M. Davis. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1967. [Charles Monaghan chose this particular selection (I.2, 63-68, 70-77) for Davis.]

B4 [Self-portrait], 9. In Self-Portrait: Book People Picture Themselves. From the collection of Burt Britton. New York: Random House, 1976 (cloth & paper editions). Rpt. New York Times Book Review, 5 December 1976, 96.

B5 [Letter], 47. In Kanreki: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg, Part 2.Edited by Bill Morgan. New York: Lospechio, 1986.

B6 “Szyrk v. Village of Tatamount et al.,” 265-76. In Legal Fictions: Short Stories about Lawyers and the Law. Edited by Jay Wishingrad. Woodstock: Overlook Press, 1992.

B7 “Szyrk v. Village of Tatamount et al.” 101-13. In Innovations: An Anthology of Modern & Contemporary Fiction. Edited by Robert L. McLaughlin. Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive, 1998.

B8 “Old Foes with New Faces.” In The Writer and Religion. Edited by William H. Gass and Lorin Cuoco. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2000.

C. Contributions to Periodicals

Harvard Lampoon

[Contributions for vols. 127-28 (1944) are based on an index included with bound volumes of the Lampoon. The index identifies numerous pseudonymous and unsigned items as Gaddis’s; consequently, the indices for vols. 126 and 129, which I’ve not seen, would presumably add more items to this bibliography.]

“As Lampy Sees Them.” 1 October 1943, 26-27.

Theatre and cinema reviews, co-written by Leon A. Harris.

“The Addict.” 1 October 1943, 28-29.

Short story.

“De Provincialitate.” 1 October 1943, 37.

Short essay comparing Boston to New York City.

“Paradise Revisited: A Play.” 1 October 1943, 48, 50.

“Sic Transit Gloria . . .” 19 November 1943, 62-63.

Parody of an adventure story.

“A Thought for Thursday.” 19 November 1943, 63.

A thanksgiving for Harvard life.

“Nautical Nomenclature.” 19 November 1943, 68.

Short essay on the christening of ships.

“Les Jours Heureux.” 19 November 1943, 68.

On Radcliffe.

“Banyan Day in the Wax Works.” 10 December 1943, 84.

Mock record reviews.

“I Want You for Christmas.” 10 December 1943, 88-89.

Short story.

“A Tear for Alma.” 10 December 1943, 88-89.


“The Kid in Upper Five.” 10 December 1943, 96.

Short story.

“Christmas List.” 10 December 1943, 112.

Humorous “suggestions for the whole family.”

“Dogfish Defunct.” 14 January 1944, 1.


[Untitled poem beginning “Lost my faith in whiskey”] 14 January 1944, 6.

[Untitled poem beginning “Once came upon a quiet college town”] 11 February 1944, 7.

“The Book of John.” 11 February 1944, 34.

Biblical pastiche.

[Untitled editorial beginning “The Jester stirred”] 11 February 1944, 39.

This and all the editorials that follow are fables commenting on aspects of Harvard life.

“Books.” 11 February 1944, 40-41, 45.

Mock book reviews, illustrated with a drawing by Gaddis entitled “Looking for Yesterday.”

“‘1770?-Why of course 1770!’” 11 February 1944, 46.

A cartoon.

[Untitled editorial beginning “‘Quagga,’ said the Jester”] 1 April 1944, 62-63.

A fable.

[Untitled joke] 1 April 1944, 70.

[Untitled drawing of a man hanging.] 15 May 1944, 73.

[Untitled drawing of three students.] 15 May 1944, 77.

[Untitled poem beginning “‘The time has come,’ the Ibis said”] 15 May 1944, 79.

“Suffer the Little Children.” 15 May 1944, 80-81.

Short story.

“Lasting Values in a World Gone Mad.” 15 May 1944, 84.


“Unmöglich Apgar.” 15 May 1944, 85.

On perpetual calendars.

[Untitled editorial beginning “‘By George,’ the Blot muttered”] 15 May 1944, 86-87.

Another fable.

“Let’s Go to Press.” 15 May 1944, 89.

Short story, with a drawing by Gaddis.

“Lampy’s Crossword Puzzle Department.” 15 May 1944, 93.

Clues for a crossword puzzle, illustrated by Gaddis.

“Pastoral-the Yard-1944.” 20 June 1944, 97.

A drawing.

“At the Pleasure VII.” 20 June 1944, 100-101.

Journal for a week.

“Lampy’s Crib Notes for Psychology Majors.” 20 June 1944, 106.

Illustrated by Gaddis.

[Untitled editorial beginning “A door banged closed”] 20 June 1944, 110-11.

“Non Disputandum.” 20 June 1944, 112.

[Untitled drawing across bottoms of pages]. 20 June 1944, 112-13.

“God Bless Our Still.” 20 June 1944, 116.

Short story.

[Untitled drawing of tree] 15 September 1944, 1.

[Untitled monologue beginning “‘. . . why of course I’m going to vote’”] 15 September 1944, 4.

An upper-class woman’s monologue.

“Pome.” 15 September 1944, 5.

Short poem, signed RW: Ravenkill Woodplumpton is the pseudonym Gaddis used for this issue and that of 15 December 1944.

“Republican Primer.” 15 September 1944, 13.

Alphabet sayings and drawings.

[Untitled editorial beginning “Harvard lay quietly”] 15 September 1944, 14-15.

“Literacy Test: To Determine the Qualifications and Fitness of Voters throughout the United States.” 15 September 1944, 16-17.
Mock quiz.

“An Appeal.” 15 September 1944, 16.

A Poem.

“Press Conference.” 15 September 1944, 18.

In play form.

“Notes from a Sub-Convention.” 15 September 1944, 21.

Short story.

“Lampy’s Language Crutch: La Belle Dame Sans Merci-or, the Beautiful Lady Who Forgot to Say Thank You.” 20 October 1944, 28.

A comically literal translation of a French selection.

“The Descent of Man, or Sparta on the Charles.” 20 October 1944, 32-33.

Short story.

[Illustrations for “Ancient Epigraphs,” by F. H. Moore] 20 October 1944, 35.

[Untitled editorial beginning “After all of this grovelling”] 20 October 1944, 38-39.

“Old Wive’s [sic] Tale: A Play in the Elizabethan Manner.” 30 November 1944, 58, 65.

“A Psychometric Study of the Effects of Nourishment.” 30 November 1944, 59-60.

Mock essay on Harvard dining hall.

“‘What do you mean, Fred-you’ve solved the Thanksgiving problem?’” 30 November 1944, 60.


[Untitled editorial beginning “Silence for a moment”] 30 November 1944, 62-63.

“A Franescan Ode.” 15 December 1944, 76.

“Christmas Is the Sock.” 15 December 1944, 80-81.

Short story.

“Tadpole.” 15 December 1944, 82.

Mock children’s story.

“Christmas Flight.” 15 December 1944, 84.

[Untitled editorial beginning “Casually, the Jester slid open”] 15 December 1944, 87-88.
A Christmas story.

“From the Original Ms. of Clement Clark Moore.” 15 December 1944, 90.

Illustration of ms. with stricken out lines, etc. converting a poem about a drunken faculty party to the Christmas classic.

“Mordred.” January 1945, 108.

Short story.

“Tripanosomiasis in B Flat.” January 1945, 116.


[Reprint of untitled poem beginning “Once came upon a quiet college town”] February 1945, 31.

[Reprint of] “The Book of John.” February 1945, 40, 48.

[Reprint of] “Lampy’s Language Crutch.” February 1946, 29.

[Reprint of untitled poem beginning “Lost my faith in whiskey.”] February 1946, 31.

[Reprint of] “Tadpole.” February 1946, 34.

Other periodicals

“‘Stop Player. Joke No. 4.’” Atlantic Monthly, July 1951, 92-93.

“The Artist’s Life.” Nugget, May 1957, 36-38, 73. [abridged from R 487-97]

“J. R. or the Boy Inside.” Dutton Review 1 (1970): 5-68.

“Untitled Fragment from Another Damned, Thick, Square Book.” Antaeus 13/14 (Spring/Summer 1974): 98-105.

“Nobody Grew but the Business.” Harper’s, June 1975, 47-54, 59-66.

“In the Zone.” New York Times, 13 March 1978, 21.

“The Rush for Second Place.” Harper’s, April 1981, 31-39.

“U.S.I.A. Blacklist Is Beyond ‘Stupid.’” New York Times, 5 March 1984, 20. [Letter to the editor]

“An Instinct for the Dangerous Wife.” New York Times Book Review, 24 May 1987, 1, 16.

Review of Saul Bellow’s More Die of Heartbreak. Rpt., greatly abridged, in NYTBR, 6 December 1987, 84.

“Szyrk v. Village of Tatamount et al.” New Yorker, 12 October 1987, 44-50.

“Trickle-Up Economics: J R Goes to Washington.” New York Times Book Review, 25 October 1987, 29. (Abridged version of “J R Up to Date,” otherwise unpublished.)

“How Thinking About Him Puts Us in Mind of a Lot of Things That Make Our Skin Crawl.” Esquire, August 1992, 120.

140-word paragraph on then-Vice President Dan Quayle.

[Letter]. Profils americaines 6 (Autumn 1994): 5.

Facsimile of 1971 letter to Jean Lambert, French translator of R.

“Erewhon and the Contract with America: Wealth, Butler Knew, Was Virtue, Bad Luck a Crime.” New York Times Book Review, 5 March 1995, 3, 26.

“Putting It Off: Four Writers on Avoiding the Typewriter.” New Yorker, 26 June/3 July 1995, 56.

“Old Foes with New Faces.” Yale Review 83.4 (October 1995): 1-16.

Based on lecture given at Washington University, October 1994.

“Three Early Stories by William Gaddis.” Ed. with introduction by Crystal Alberts. Missouri Review 27.2 (November 2004): “Jake’s Dog,” 96-98; “The Rehearsal,” 99-108; “A Father Is Arrested,” 109-16.

D. Translations of Gaddis’s Works

The Recognitions

D1 Le Perizie. Trans. Vincenzo Mantovani. Milan: Mondadori, 1967; 2nd ed., April 2000.

D2 Les Reconnaissances. Trans. Jean Lambert. Paris: Gallimard, 1973.

D3 Los Reconocimientos. Trans. Juan Antonio Santos. Madrid: Alfaguara, 1987.

D5 Die Fälschung der Welt. Trans. Marcus Ingendaay. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Zweitausendeins, 1998.


D6 J R. Trans. Marc Cholodenko. Paris: Plon, 1993.

D7 J R. Trans. Marcus Ingendaay and Klaus Modick. Frankfurt am Main: Zweitausendeins, 1996.

D7a. Munich: Goldmann Verlag, November 1999; 2nd printing, September 2001.

Carpenter’s Gothic

D8 Träslott. Caj Lundgren. Stockholm: Legenda, 1987.

D9 Gothique charpentier. Trans. Marc Cholodenko. Paris: Christian Bourgois, 1988. 2nd ed. Paris: Editions 10/18, 1993.

D10 Die Erlöser. Trans. Klaus Modick and Martin Hielscher. Reinbek by Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1988.

D11 Ciesielski gotyk. Trans. Julita Wroniak. Warsaw: Czytelnik, 1991.

D12 Gotico americano. Milan: Leonardo Editore, 1992.

A Frolic of His Own

D13 Le Dernier Acte. Trans. Marc Cholodenko. Paris: Plon, 1997.

D14 Letzte Instanz. Trans. Nikolaus Stingl. Reinbek bei Hamburg: 1996. Paper ed., 1998.

D15 Su Pasatiempo favorito. Trans. Flora Casas. Madrid: Editorial Debate, October 1995; Barcelona: Círculo de Lectores, June 1996.
Agapē Agape

D16 Das mechanische Klavier. Trans. Marcus Ingendaay. Munich: Manhattan Verlag, 2003.

D17 Agonie d’agapè. Trans. [Christophe] Claro. Afterword by Matthew Gaddis. Paris: Plon, September 2003.

Translated Contributions to Foreign-language Media

“Rozpoznania.” Nowy wyraz 49.6 (June 1976): 70-77. Translated by Slawomir Magala.
Two selections from R: the opening pages of I.1 and of I.5.

“Symetryczny ruch wielkich kól.” Literatura na swiecie 71. 3 (March 1977): 132-91. Translated by Jaroslaw Anders.

Selections from J R. Gaddis’s Burt Britton drawing appears on p. 292.

“Rozpoznania.” Literatura na swiecie 150.1 (January 1984): 153-77. Translated by Tomasz Mirkowicz.

R I.2.

“J R se met à la page.” Europe 733 (May 1990): 112-19. Translated by Brigitte Félix.

Complete version of  “J R Up to Date.”

“Universum in Schnipseln.” Frankfurter Allgemeine, 11 November 1996. Translated by Nikolaus Stingl. Broadcast the same day on DeutschlandRadio.

Brief essay on Dostoevski as comic novelist.

“Le Dernier Acte.” Les Episodes 6 (March 1999): 87-95. Translated by Marc Cholodenko.

Torschlusspanik. Translated by Markus Ingendaay. Broadcast on DeutschlandRadio 19 March 1999.

E. Interviews and Statements
Abádi-Nagy, Zoltán. “The Art of Fiction CI: William Gaddis.” Paris Review 105 (Winter 1987): 54-89. Selections reprinted in “On Inspiration,” Paris Review 107 (1988): 245, and in A Writer’s Chapbook (New York: Viking, 1989).

Baker, John F., et al. “The 1976 National Book Awards.” Publishers Weekly, 10 May 1976, 47-54.

[Statements by and about Gaddis, photos]

Berkley, Miriam. “PW Interviews: William Gaddis.” Publishers Weekly, 12 July 1985, 56-57. Rpt. in slightly different form as “Credo of a Shy Author: ‘What’s any artist but the dregs of his work, the human shambles?’” Chicago Sun-Times, 31 July 1985, “Book Week,” 20-21.

Chénetier, Marc, and Brigitte Félix. “Entretien avec William Gaddis.” La Quinzaine littéraire, 16-31 March 1993, 7.

Feeley, Gregory. “An Artist Who Likes To Be Read, not Heard.” Newsday, 19 January 1994, 53, 58 (55, 87 in some editions).

Dudar, Helen. “Book and Author: William Gaddis.” New York Post, 6 December 1976, 33.

Ertel, Emmanuelle. “Interview de William Gaddis.” Profils americaines 6 (Autumn 1994): 9-18. Rpt. as a bilingual pamphlet: Die Faszination der Sprache/A Fascination with Language. Berlin and New York: Die Aussenseite des Elements, 1999.

Graeber, Laurel. “A Carnival of Disorderly Conduct.” New York Times Book Review, 9 January 1994, 22.

[A sidebar accompanying Towers’s rev. of FHO.]

Grove, Lloyd. “Harnessing the Power of Babble: The Rich, Comic, Talkative Novels of William Gaddis.” Washington Post, 23 August 1985, “Style,” B1, B10.

Helgesen, Sally. “Every Day.” Bookletter, December 1976.

Hills, Rust. “Don’t Everybody Talk at Once! (The Esquire Literary Survey).” Esquire, August 1986, 99-104.

[WG contributes a few statements on 99 and 100]

Jenks, Tom. “How Writers Live Today.” Esquire, August 1985, 123-27.

[WG quoted on last page on “the writing life.”]

Kmetyk, Tanis. “Gaddis l’imprécateur.” Télérama, 11 January 1989), 16-18.

Knight, Christopher J. “William Gaddis: The New York State Writers Institute Tapes.” Contemporary Literature 42.4 (Winter 2001): 667-93.

Kuehl, John, and Steven Moore. “An Interview with William Gaddis.” Review of Contemporary Fiction 2.2 (Summer 1982): 4-6.

LeClair, Thomas. “Missing Writers.” Horizon, October 1981, 48-52.

Logan, Marie-Rose, and Tomasz Mirkowicz. “‘Kto do utworu przychodzi z niczym... ’” [“If you bring nothing to a work . . .”] Literatura na swiecie 150,1 (January 1984): 178-89.

Malanowski, Jamie. “Dedicated Lines.” New Yorker, 25 December 1995/1 January 1996, 46.
[WG comments on book dedications.]

Mead, Rebecca. “The Next Big Lit-Crit Snit.” New York, 15 August 1994, 41.

[WG quoted on Harold Bloom]

“‘Nothing but Darkness and Talk?’: Writers’ Symposium on Traditional Values and Iconoclastic Fiction.” Critique 31.4 (Summer 1990): 233-55.

[Gaddis’s comments appear on pp. 240, 247, 251.]

Schwartz, John. “America’s Greatest Novelist?” Washington Post, 3 February 1994, “Style,” C1-C2. Rpt. abridged as “William Gaddis’s Law-Crazy America.” International Herald Tribune, 9 February 1994.

“Works in Progress.” New York Times Book Review, 6 June 1982, 49.
[Gaddis one of many authors asked to write about their works in progress; Gaddis offers a short statement on Carpenter’s Gothic.]

A. Books on Gaddis

Bloom, Harold, ed. William Gaddis: Bloom’s Modern Critical Views.

Broomall, PA: Chelsea House Publishers, 2004.

Comnes, Gregory. The Ethics of Indeterminacy in the Novels of William Gaddis.
Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1994.


Alfonso, Ricardo Miguel. Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses 7 (November 1994): 246-47.

Knight, Christopher J. American Literature (December 1994): 868-69.

Strehle, Susan. “Satire beyond the Norm.” Contemporary Literature 37.1 (Spring 1996).

Tabbi, Joe. Review of Contemporary Fiction 14.2 (Summer 1994): 231-32.

Tölölyan, Khachig. Choice 32.3 (November 1994):

Wolfe, Peter. Modern Fiction Studies 40.2 (Summer 1994): 375-77.

Gaddis, Sarah. Swallow Hard.

New York: Atheneum, 1991.
A novel by WG’s daughter and featuring a character named Lad Thompkins based closely on Gaddis.


Grossman, Judith. “Mother Chose the Wrong Life.” New York Times Book Review, 10 February 1991, 12-13.

Green, Jack. Fire the Bastards! Introduction by Steven Moore.
Normal, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 1992.


Adams, Jacqueline. Library Journal, 1 September 1992, 185.

American Literature, March 1993, 205.

Burkman, Greg. “The Wonderful World of Book Reviewing in America.” The Stranger, 17-23 January 1995, 9-10.

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Gendler, Anne. Booklist, 1 September 1992, 24.

Kass, Andrew. Book/Mark, August 1994, 5-6.

Klinkowitz, Jerome. American Literary Scholarship: 1992. Duke University Press, 1994.

Publishers Weekly, 26 October 1992, 54.

White, Curtis. Exquisite Corpse, November 1992, 26.

Wolfe, Peter. “Those Incompetent Reviewers.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11 April 1993, 5C.

Johnston, John. Carnival of Repetition: Gaddis’s “The Recognitions” and Postmodern Theory.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1990.


Moore, Steven. Review of Contemporary Fiction10.2 (Summer 1990): 282-83.

Knight, Christopher J. Hints & Guesses: William Gaddis’s Fiction of Longing.
Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 1997.

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