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From craft jeweller to creator of dreams
From designer of precious collections to creator of jewellery in which the artist’s body and soul merge to create masterpieces of fine jewellery.
This is the story of Pasquale Bruni, the story of a continuous professional evolution and of a life and artistic inspiration that began many years ago.

While still a very young man, Pasquale Bruni took his first steps in the jewellery world in the workshops of Valenza Po, the international heart of craft jewellery creation.

He soon mastered the techniques and secrets of fine jewellery, laying the foundations of what would ultimately become one of the maison’s distinguishing traits: meticulous care for detail.
When only twenty, he created his first collections which immediately revealed his exceptional creative flair and a rare creative instinct.
His business career started in 1976: with a team of five collaborators, Pasquale Bruni founded Gioielmoda, a small craft company. This signalled the beginnings of a very promising career and the launch of a label with a strong personality.
Today the company has a staff of 80 collaborators; every day, Pasquale and Eugenia Bruni personally supervise their work through all the stages in the creation and production of jewellery.
Simple yet unique shapes; rare gems and shimmering stones characterise the distinctive, unusual yet harmonious style of the designer’s collections.

His international success testifies to the creative instinct of this artist, who, while preserving the original imprint of his art, has the ability to anticipate future trends, adapting to an increasingly competitive market.
His aesthetic choices come from the heart and from his passion for jewellery, which he imbues with all the power of body and soul, moulding gold and precious stones into pieces of jewellery with an unmistakable style. His original collections display modernity, elegance and discretion.
Gold, precious stones and diamonds together with feelings and emotions translated into ideas, moulded with craft care and technical skill, make Pasquale Bruni a timeless interpreter of fashion, art and design.

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