Past Simple Tense Short Stories С. А. Ткаченко -2008. Short Stories


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Past Simple Tense Short Stories С.А.Ткаченко -2008.

Short Stories

. Past Simple ( по материалам УМК HOT LINE starter)


One night Alan Cockerell, a waiter from a hotel near Loch Ness, walked home.

It was in 1988. Alan worked late and finished work at two o’clock. He walked home alone. It was a clear night and there was a full moon. While he was on his way to his cottage, something happened. Something appeared in the lake. It was large and black. Alan hurried to his cottage to take his camera. But when he returned to the lake there was nothing there. Alan was sure it was a Loch Ness monster Nessie.

James DEAN

James Dean was a young film star. He loved motor racing and he often took part in sports car races. On the 21st of August 1954 he bought a new Ferrari 590 Spyder. He paid $ 9000 for it. At half past one on Saturday the 29th of September 1955 he left Hollywood for Paso Robles. But he didn’t arrived at Paso Robles. At 2.26 Dean’s Ferrari crashed into a lorry. The spidometer stopped at 100 mph (meter per hour). The crash broke Dean’s neck. At that moment a film star died and a legend was born.


Who Killed Ruth Less?

Ruth Less was a rich woman. On Wednesday 9 June somebody murdered her. The murder hit her with a heavy baseball bar. On the eighth of June there was a dinner in the evening at Ruth Less’ house/. The dinner finished at 12 o’clock. There were four people at the dinner: Ruth Less, her husband Dennis, her sister Cindy Sweet and her business partner Ken Doe. At 5 past 12 Ken Doe left and he drove home. At 1 o’clock Ruth phoned Ken Doe. At 2 o’clock Dennis Less woke up as he heard a crash downstairs. He came downstairs, went into the office and found Ruth dead on the floor. The French windows were open.


The Grey Lady

A long time ago a man called Sir Roger Loxley owned this house. He had a daughter and her

name was Lucy. Sir Roger gambled and he always needed money. A rich neighbour, Lord Griston wanted to marry Lucy. He was old and ugly, but he often lent Sir Roger a lot of money. Sir Roger accepted Lord Griston’s money, but Lucy refused to marry him. She wanted to marry

Thomas Mowbray. Thomas lived in the village and he was young and handsome and he loved Lucy, but he was poor. When Lucy refused to marry Lord Griston, Sir Roger locked her in

her room. Lucy cried and cried. One night she jumped out of a window and she died. Today some people see Lucy’s ghost in this room. People call her “the Grey Lady”.

5.English 4U, 2006,# 4
The Bikini

Two French designer Jacques Helm and Louis Reard invented the bikini. Helm wasa a swimsuit designer. He created a two-piece suit and marketed it as “Atom”. He sold these swimsuits in Cannes. It happened in 1946. The same summer Reard created his own similar two-pieced swimsuit. He named it “bikini”. The bikini soon superseded [sju:p ‘si:did] the “Atom@. The bikini received its first official induction into swimwear fashion in the 5th of July in 1946. In the 1990s and 2000s fashion designer continued to innovate and create new styles for the two-piece swimsuit.


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