Patient Voices: Eating Disorders

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Today's AUDIO STORY comes from The New York Times, entitled "Patient Voices: Eating Disorders".


This collection of 8 brief accounts of adolescents and adults with Anorexia Nervosa gives a rare glimpse into the experience of having an eating disorder, and includes the current Miss America, as well as 2 males and one woman whose disorder emerged at age 9 years.  The accounts do not appear to include persons of color.  All accounts may challenge one's expectations, including those of physicians, other providers, families and patients themselves.


As providers, we must appropriately screen for eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, have an appropriate index of suspicion, recognize how and why these behaviors are maintained (the audio clips are very useful this way) and be aware immediately of family-centered management strategies.  The resources below can help:



  • Eating Disorders resources Reference information (non-commercial) for families, from Resources section of DBP website

  • Professional "HEADSS" clinical screening Mnemonic to use in adolescent visits to include eating disorders, from Screening/Surveillance Tools" section of DBP website

And that's today's Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics: IN THE NEWS!

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