Paul Flanagan (917) 842-1509

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Paul Flanagan

(917) 842-1509

Brown Hair

Blue Eyes


Bari-Tenor (F2 – A4 – Db6)

National Tours

A Chorus Line Al Networks & Baayork Lee

Nickelodeon’s Backyardigans Live! Dance Captain / Ensemble Broadway Across America &

Pablo U/S Alan Wasser Associates

Film / Television

The Backyardigans Pablo Nickelodeon

I got a Feeling” Music Video Austin Nickelodeon

Regional Theatre

Paint Your Wagon Silas 5th Avenue Theatre, WA

How to Succeed in Business… Ensemble 5th Avenue Theatre, WA

Sound of Music Assistant Choreogrpaher 5th Avenue Theatre, WA

Ensemble / Dance Captain

A Chorus Line Al / Dance Captain 5th Avenue Theatre, WA

Oliver! Ensemble 5th Avenue Theatre, WA

Chicago Featured Ensemble Village Theatre, WA

Fiddler on the Roof Fiddler / Bottle Dancer Village Theatre, WA

Footloose Jeeter Arizona Broadway Theatre, AZ

A Chorus Line Mark Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC

Fiddler on the Roof The Fiddler Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC

West Side Story Baby John U/S Riff Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC

Cats Mungojerrie Mac-Haydn Theatre, NY

Funny Girl Coronet Man / Ensemble Mac-Haydn Theatre, NY

Puss and Boots Puss Mac-Haydn Theatre, NY

Jack and the Beanstalk Jack Mac-Haydn Theatre, NY

Beauty and the Beast Ensemble U/S LeFou Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC

Oklahoma! Will Parker Civic Light Opera: Stanwood, WA
Off Broadway / New York Theatre

Unlock’d Ensemble NYMF, NY

Bring Me A Dwarf Soloist Players Theatre, NY

With a Song in my Heart Featured Soloist Forecast Productions, NY

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy – New York
Special Skills

Dialect: Southern & British, certified Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer, Professional Knitter 

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