Peer Edit Directions: While reading through the paper that you are editing, please write yes

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English 10 Essay author’s Name: ___________________________ Editor’s Name: ___________________________

What Does it Take to Survive?

Peer Edit
Directions: While reading through the paper that you are editing, please write YES or NO on each line, and answer the questions about that paper. The author will not receive a grade based on your marks; this is to help him/her to score higher on the final draft… so be honest and take this seriously!

  1. _____ First, (unless told otherwise by your teacher) read the essay aloud back to the author (this is so the author can hear exactly what s/he wrote, and verbally correct anything that needs correcting)—Editor, please make any corrections on the essay that the author mentions. Did you do this?

MLA Format

  1. _____ Is it double spaced?

  2. _____ Is it typed?

  3. _____ Is it in a readable 12pt font (or equivalent)?

  4. _____ Is it on only one side of the paper?

  5. _____ Are there 1” margins?

  6. _____ Is there a header at the top right of every page with the author’s last name and the correct page number after it (½” from the top)?

  7. _____ Is the Identification Section correct (top left of the first page in this order: Name, Teacher, Class, Date; double spaced)

  8. _____ Is the date in the correct format (## Month year) with no commas?
  9. _____ Is your teacher’s name spelled correctly?

  10. _____ Is there a creative, relevant title for the essay?

  11. _____ Is the title simply double-spaced from the Identification, and simply double-spaced to the first paragraph? (There should not be extra space between paragraphs or before/after the title)

  12. _____ Is the title in the correct format (no underline, not italicized, not in bold, no “quotation marks” around it; same font size and style as rest of essay; centered)?

  13. _____ Are all essay process papers stapled to the essay in the correct order (so your teacher can see your writing process)? (it always goes: cover page, most recently written draft, then every pre-write and shaping sheet in order of most recently completed first)

As you work through the essay, mark any and all grammar / spelling / punctuation errors you notice

Remember: it must be in present tense (this can be confusing sometimes, so ask your teacher if unsure)
Opening Paragraph

  1. _____ Is there a catchy opener to the essay? (an interesting 1st sentence, a story, a quote that’s relatable…)

  2. _____ Does the author do a decent job of transitioning from the opening to the thesis statement? (The thesis statement shouldn’t just be dropped in and feel like it’s a big jump)
  3. _____ For this essay, the thesis statement should be the last sentence in the Opening Paragraph, and it must clearly state what the essay is about (is should include the trait[s] of a survivor). Just for this rough draft, I want you to highlight the thesis statement (it should be 1-2 sentences). Were you able to find it, and did you highlight it?

  4. _____ The Introduction Paragraph should not have any statements that overtly state what the essay is going to state? (for example: “This essay will prove that…”, “Following are examples that show that…”, “Read more to find out how…”). Is this the case?

  5. _____ The title of a movie, play, novel, or TV show should be in italics. The title of a short story, article, youtube clip, or TV episode should be in “quotes.” Is this the case?

  1. _____ Does the essay include, somewhere, the author(s), and title(s), and plot(s) of the stories that are included in the essay?

  2. _____ The places where the author(s), title(s), and plot(s) are put in the essay need to make sense in regards to the total argument. Does the placement make sense?

Body Paragraphs

Topic Sentence (TS)

  1. _____ Does the first sentence of each Body Paragraph clearly relate to the thesis statement?

  2. _____ Does the first sentence of each Paragraph tie in, somehow, to the previous paragraph?

Mark on the essay any errors or places that need correction

that you see for the examples or explanations/analyses.
Examples (CDs)

  1. The essay must have at least THREE (3) separate examples to prove the thesis…
      1. _____ Is there a personal example?

      2. _____ Is there an example from a written story?

      3. _____ Is there an example from a video/audio story?

  2. Every story used must be cited correctly inside the essay: at the end of the summary of that story, the last name of the author of the story must be included in the parenthesis with a space and then the page numbers (just the page number in parenthesis; no “pg” or “page” written anywhere). For example: One of the most memorable beginnings of all time begin with “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” (Dickens 1). Or if you’re using something like a TV episode or movie, just put the producer’s last name in parenthesis. For example: But in a later episode, Zack makes up for it when he sets up a table outside the Junior Prom for Kelly and him to attend, even though she wasn’t dressed for the occasion (Engel).

      1. _____ Did you correct or mark on the paper where the citation needs to go?

Explanations/Analysis (CMs)

  1. _____ Is the essay free of any of the statements at the end of this item? It’s okay to use personal pronouns in your writing (I, me, my), but be sure the essay is not weaker with sentences like: I think that…, It affected me… Cross out such sections, but leave the content of the sentence.
  2. _____ Is the essay free of the CM starters stated here? While you may have begun your thoughts with sentence starters when writing your rough draft, you want to not have them in your essay. So cross out the words “This shows that…” and “This is because…” or ANY sentence-starting training-wheels that are even close to these (He is a survivor because…).

Works Cited

You will not be graded on how well you did this, but you will receive a grade for attempting it

  1. _____ The last page of this essay should be the Works Cited page. Is there a Works Cited page?

  2. _____ Is the title of the page: Works Cited ?

  3. _____ Is it double-spaced?

  4. _____ Are the citations in alphabetical order?

  5. _____ For each citation, does the first line begin at the normal 1” margin, with the following lines indented ½”

  6. _____ Does each entry look like it’s complete?

  1. _____ Is the essay in present tense? (remember: this is a current argument being made)

Be sure to staple everything in the following order:

1) receipt, 2) cover page, 3) final draft, 4) rough draft [with markings on it for correction], 5) all pre-write papers in reverse order of completion, 6) this peer edit paper.

Turn the packet in at the beginning of class on: ___________________________

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