Pendleton Downtown Plan

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Railroad Sub-district

The Railroad Subdistrict is the area south of Frazer Avenue on either side of South Main Street. Frazer Avenue is a primary access route to Downtown for both visitors and residents. The intersection, bounded by two asphalt parking lots on the south side of Frazer and one on the north side of Frazer, does not advertise itself as the main gateway to the heart of Pendleton’s Downtown. The proposed plan attempts to rectify these shortcomings through improvements to the parking areas, Main Street intersection, and crosswalk areas (see Figure 9).
The parking lots south of Frazer are improved through the addition a perimeter planting strip and street trees. The parking areas are better defined with the addition of 12-foot wide planting strips with 4-foot wide circulation paths to improve overall parking lot safety. Perimeter and parking lot planting strips will provide tree shade and a visual buffer between the street and parking areas. Proposed lot reconfigurations require a combination of two and one-way parking lot circulation changes and pedestrian access ways.

Curb extensions at Frazer and Main will be defined by pedestrian-scaled bulb out designs and public art or sculpture. The Frazier-Main Street intersection may be the site of a shopping district archway. These This treatments will signify the importance of South Main Street to Downtown Pendleton and provide motorists and pedestrians visual signals to proceed north. Crosswalk improvements will include materials upgrades, updated striping and tactile warning strips for the visually impaired. While the “Archway” concept has merit, many believe that the true entry to the downtown shopping district is via Court or Dorion Avenues. Additional work needs to be done to determine the best strategy to identify the shopping area.




Current Land Uses

The Downtown Plan area is comprised of approximately 95 acres and includes a mix of commercial, residential, institutional, public, and industrial uses. Four base zoning designations exist: Medium Density Residential (R2); High Density Residential (R3); General Commercial (C1); and Light Industrial (M1). (See Table 6.1.)

Table 6.1: Study Area Zoning Districts

Zoning District

# Parcels

Total Acres













Below are brief descriptions of each zone paraphrased from the City’s Zoning Ordinance (see Figure 10):

R-2: Medium Density Residential

City Park


Dwelling, Duplex (40% Lot Coverage)

Dwelling, Single Family

Manufactured Home

Residential Homes and Residential Facilities


R-3: High Density Residential

Boarding and Lodging House

City Park

Condominium (45% Lot Coverage)

Dwelling, Duplex

Dwelling, Multi-Family

Residential Homes and Residential Facilities


C-1: General Commercial

Business & Personal Service

Commercial Amusement and Recreation

Communication Facilities

Residential Uses (including Class A and Class B Manufactured Homes), or residential facilities

Eating and Drinking Establishments

Financial, Law, Insurance and Real Estate Offices

General Retail

Governmental, Public or Semi-Public Use or Structure

Health Services

Hotel, Boarding and Rooming Houses

Membership Organizations

Parking Area and Garage

Printing and Publishing

Transit Facilities

M-1: Light Industrial

Air Transport Facilities

Automobile and Vehicle Dealers

Building Materials

Business Services

Communications Facilities


Dwelling, Caretaker or Manager Only

Light Industrial

Repair Services

Transportation Facilities and Services


Solid Waster Transfer Station (With Provisions)

River Quarter Enhancement Plan

The Pendleton Downtown Plan incorporates by reference the Pendleton River Quarter Enhancement Plan. The River Quarter is the area bounded by the Umatilla River on the north and the first parallel public street immediately south. It is comprised of three sub-districts:

    1. Central: The area bound by SW 10th Street on the west, Main Street on the east and Court Avenue on the south.

    2. Western: The area bound by SW 10th Street on the east, Westgate bridge on the west and Court Avenue/Westgate on the south.

    3. Eastern: The area bound by Main Street on the west, the eastern border of the Urban Renewal District and the first street south of and parallel to the Umatilla River on the south.

The Central River Quarter sub-district is located within the Downtown Plan area. Planning for the western and eastern sub-districts will occur as part of subsequent efforts.

The River Quarter Enhancement Plan and River Quarter Overlay Zone, which overrides the base zoning districts, are intended to promote:
  • Connections to the Umatilla River - Connect downtown Pendleton to the Umatilla Riverfront. Improve access to the riverfront from throughout downtown Pendleton. Create visual and functional links between the river and the downtown.

  • Economic Revitalization - Promote development of land adjacent to the Riverfront Walk for uses that take the best advantage of riverfront location. Promote economic revitalization of the River Quarter while retaining the natural character of the Umatilla River. Encourage pedestrian-oriented development and redevelopment.

  • River Parkway Improvements - Improve the River Parkway to encourage even greater use of this amenity. Enhance safety & perception of safety within the River Quarter including the River Parkway.

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