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Future Land Uses

The Downtown Plan is based, in part, on the Pendleton Downtown Plan Visitor Survey/ Market Opportunity and Analysis Study prepared by FCS Group in November 2012. Additional information on development potential can be found in the Market Opportunity and Analysis Study under separate cover.

Downtown Pendleton Non-Residential Development Potential – 2010 to 2030

(thousands of square feet of gross floor area)

Redevelopment Opportunity Areas

Pendleton’s downtown core is almost entirely built-out, meaning there are few available parcels, and the high cost of restoring historic buildings (e.g., seismic and ADA retrofits) may limit redevelopment potential.
Redevelopment efforts in Downtown Pendleton should therefore focus on eliminating unnecessary zoning restrictions and providing an expedited review process for projects that are consistent with the Downtown Plan.
A handful of vacant parcels exist within the Downtown Core and more underdeveloped parcels exist outside the Core. The following sites should be given priority, provided the owners are interested in redevelopment and/or rehabilitation:
  • The vacant corner lot at SW 1st and SW Byers could be redeveloped as a 2-4 story mixed-use building that takes advantage of proximity and orientation to the Umatilla River;

  • The former Police Station property in the River Quarter could accommodate a mixed-use development oriented to the Umatilla River and SW Court Avenue;

  • Some commercial infill development could locate on underdeveloped properties along Court, Dorion and Frazer;

  • Existing housing stock with historic value should be rehabilitated, where practical; Community Development grants should be made available for weatherization and similar improvements;

  • Historic façade rehabilitation will continue to be an important element of Downtown Pendleton revitalization as structures age and materials degrade over time from exposure to sun, wind and other elements; and

  • If and when future market studies indicate there is adequate commercial demand, the Urban Renewal Agency in partnership with private property owners should consider redevelopment of surface parking lots for commercial uses with structured parking facilities as needed.

Built Form

Many factors contribute to the character and sense of place that is so unique to each downtown. The original street layout, streetscape design, public spaces and the built environment all contribute to the human experience of place. Downtown Pendleton possesses many assets and opportunities related to each of these factors.

The overall built environment in Downtown Pendleton is primarily low to mid-rise with the majority of buildings being one or two stories. The building fabric along South Main Street is completely intact between Frazer Avenue and Byers Avenue with a continuous building edge. South Main Street also marks the greatest concentration of buildings with larger footprints. Moving south of Frazer Avenue, the built fabric is largely non-existent with just a few buildings with smaller building footprints. As one travels east and west from South Main Street, building footprints become smaller and the built fabric becomes less contiguous. A combination of vacant parcels, surface parking lots and landscaped setbacks/yards communicate a quick exit from the more urban-feeling core (see Figure 11).


Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Downtown Plan becomes an official policy document of the City of Pendleton once it is incorporated into the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Plan (an element of the Comprehensive Plan). Those plans, along with the Downtown and Riverside Urban Renewal Plan, contain policies that direct everything from street design standards, to new parks, to zoning. Therefore, it will be necessary for the City to amend those plans to include relevant provisions of the Downtown Plan. Toward that end, the following policies shall be incorporated into the applicable chapters of the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation System Plan. (The Downtown and Riverside Urban Renewal Plan should also be updated following adoption of the Downtown Plan.)

Goal 8: Recreation

  • The City over time shall implement the recommendations of the Pendleton Downtown Plan relative to connecting Downtown to the Umatilla Riverfront, including but not limited to River Parkway and plaza improvements.

Goal 9: Economy

  • The City and its public and private partners shall implement the recommendations of the Pendleton Downtown Plan relative to increasing the vitality of Downtown and improving Downtown as a convention and tourism destination. A prioritized listing of enhancements developed by downtown merchants should be used to aid implementation.

Goal 10: Housing

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