Pendleton Downtown Plan

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The Downtown Plan builds on momentum from past investments and accomplishments while expressing the aspirations, needs and ideals –– a “vision” –– for the future. It is based on extensive citizen and stakeholder input, including downtown property owners, community members, staff and decision makers at all levels. The Plan is intended to provide a framework for the community to work collectively toward shared goals and a desired future.


Downtown Pendleton is an authentic place with a unique identity that is celebrated by its mix of civic uses, businesses and housing, as well as new and historic architecture, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, variety of open spaces and public art. The Downtown is well connected to adjacent neighborhoods, provides safe, inviting and convenient options for all modes of travel, and enjoys seamless ties to the Umatilla River, Round-Up, Underground Tours and Museum/Railroad District. Residents and visitors alike are attracted to an inclusive and vibrant environment that exemplifies the spirit of Pendleton.

Goals & Objectives

Consistent with the above vision, the following goals and objectives are recommended for inclusion in Pendletons’s Comprehensive Plan. Several goals and objectives from the Pendleton Downtown Riverfront Urban Renewal Plan have been carried forward in this Downtown Plan, as community members, staff and other stakeholders reaffirmed the goals and objectives of the Urban Renewal Plan.
Goal 1: Increase The Vitality Of Pendleton's Downtown.

Strengthen Downtown's role as the retail, service, office, tourist and cultural heart of the Pendleton community. Promote new housing opportunities Downtown.


Objective 1A: Promote rehabilitation and restoration of historic and cultural structures.

Objective 1B: Increase Downtown's attraction to Pendleton residents and visitors.

Objective 1C: Rehabilitate and/or redevelop the commercial and residential areas bordering the Downtown core.

Objective 1D: Improve Downtown cultural facilities and promote the development of new cultural attractions that help tell the Pendleton story.

Goal 2: Connect Downtown Pendleton to the Umatilla Riverfront.

Increase access to the river from Downtown and promote new housing and commercial development on Riverfront properties.


Objective 2A: Promote development of land adjacent to the Riverfront walk for uses that take best advantage of Riverfront location.

Objective 2B: Improve access to the Riverfront from throughout Downtown.

Objective 2C: Create additional ways of enjoying the Riverfront.

Objective 2D: Improve visibility of the Riverfront for safety and security
Goal 3: Improve Downtown Pendleton as a Convention and Tourism Destination.

Enhance the city's identity and facilities to attract tourist and convention business; encourage visitors to stay in Downtown Pendleton.


Objective 3A: Strengthen the entrances to Downtown from the 1-84 freeway and Hwy 30.

Objective 3B: Improve Downtown tourist and convention facilities.

Objective 3C: Manage on- and off-street parking (See Goal 8)

Objective 3D: Improve transit access to and within the Downtown.

Objective 3E: Continue to improve Downtown wayfinding signage and gateway markers.

Objective 3F: Support local marketing campaigns aimed at increasing tourism and convention business (e.g., Pendleton Round Up, Downtown “Red Light District,” Underground, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Heritage Museum, Pendleton Center for the Arts, etc.).

Goal 4: Develop a Range Of Housing Opportunities for a 24-Hour Downtown.

Encourage new Downtown housing alternatives that support or are complementary to retail, service, office and tourist commercial uses.


Objective 4A: Encourage rehabilitation of the historic housing stock.

Objective 4B: Promote attached single-family housing and multi family housing alternatives.

Objective 4C: Promote housing in combination with commercial uses Downtown.

Objective 4D: Promote the rehabilitation of existing housing units in Downtown.

Goal 5: Maintain and Enhance Walkability To and Within Downtown

Improve the pedestrian environment to make walking an attractive means of travelling to Downtown and between destinations within Downtown.


Objective 5A: Prioritize streetscape improvements and pedestrian amenities, particularly along Main Street, Frazer Avenue, Court Avenue, SW 1st Street and SE 1st Street.

Objective 5B: Stimulate greater activity in the Downtown with a safer, more inviting streetscape that calms auto traffic and promotes walkability.

Objective 5C: Enhance the pedestrian experience along all Downtown streets through a combination of traffic calming, streetscape improvements and landscaping.

Objective 5D: Encourage drivers to park once when visiting multiple destinations within the Downtown while providing access for deliveries and emergency vehicles.

Goal 6: Enhance Opportunities for Bicyclists Coming to and Travelling Within Downtown


Improve the range of bicycle facilities leading to and circulating within Downtown to provide safe and convenient options for cyclists of all ages and ability levels.

Objective 6A: Prioritize bicycle route improvements, including the addition of improved north and south bicycle connections through Downtown.

Objective 6B: Improve bicycle parking by adding public and private bicycle racks.

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