Pendleton Downtown Plan

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Sidewalk Enhancements

The identified lane reduction to Main Street will allow the existing 10-foot sidewalks to be widened to 15-foot sidewalks, providing more walking space and the ability to accommodate street furniture, street trees, bicycle parking and transit amenities. This improvement is at the fundamental heart of the City’s goals to create an improved downtown environment that better accommodates walking and shopping.
In addition to the wider sidewalk environment, curbs will be extended at each of the Main Street intersections/pedestrian crossings, including the State highway crossings of Main Street. This will enhance safety by improving visibility of pedestrians and by shortening the pedestrian crossing distance from approximately 68 feet to as little as 34 feet.

Shortening the pedestrian crossing distances minimizes pedestrian exposure times while in the cross walk. Furthermore, curb extensions can make pedestrians more visible to motorists as they approach the intersections.

Along Main Street, mid-block crossings exist between Emigrant and Dorion Avenues, Dorion and Court Avenues, and Court and Byers Avenues. Maintaining these mid-block crossings can be advantageous for pedestrians and improve the retail-shopping environment. Given the benefits noted above, curb extensions are envisioned at each of Main Street’s three mid-block pedestrian crossing. The Plan recommends a paving and striping treatment which would accentuate the crosswalks and help to identify the downtown shopping zone. similar to that shown in the following illustrations. However, specific materials and detailing of the crossings will be subject to design approval of the applicable roadway authority.

Because Main Street traffic should be slowed, and four travel lanes maintained, a bicycle “sharrow lane: may be denoted in one Northbound and one Southbound travel lane. Motorized travel on SW and SE 1st streets will stay as two-way traffic streets as opposed to converting them to a one-way couplet as proposed in early stages of the planning process.

Truck Loading/Unloading

With the identified reduction of Main Street to three lanes, portions of the center turn lane have been identified to accommodate truck loading/unloading. This approach works best where Main Street has no left turn maneuvers, such as at Dorion and Emigrant Avenues. The temporary loading/unloading zones will be identified on either side of the raised mid-block pedestrian crossing, thereby accommodating loading/unloading for both directions of travel on Main Street.

SW 1st Street/SE 1st Street Modifications

While the Downtown Plan identifies improvements to Main Street that significantly enhance pedestrian travel, SW 1st Street and SE 1st Street are suitable for enhancing north-south bicycle travel through Downtown. These lower volume streets parallel Main Street and provide connectivity between Downtown and the Riverfront Parkway. As such, the plan identifies that both SW 1st Street and SE 1st Street be formally converted to bicycle boulevards.

The bicycle boulevard designation would provide an environment where bicycles share the roadway with vehicles and the roadway incorporates the following changes that are designed to enhance the visibility, safety, and convenience of bicycling.

  • Install pavement markings (“sharrows”) along both directions of SE 1st Street and SW 1st Street indicating that bicycles and cars share the roadway/travel lanes;

  • Install wayfinding and route signage that is specifically oriented to bicycles; and

  • Add short- and long-term (e.g., covered) bicycle parking along these two corridors.

Together, the identified circulation modifications to Main Street, SW 1st Street, and SE 1st Street form a series of cohesive changes that enhance the multi-modal circulation system in Downtown Pendleton (see Figure 5). On Main Street, for example, sidewalks are widened to better accommodate pedestrians by reducing the number of unnecessary travel lanes from four to three. SW 1st and SE 1st Streets will stay as two-way traffic streets as opposed to converting them to a one-way couplet as proposed in early stages of the planning process. While the couplet proposal may have benefited bicycle and pedestrian circulation through downtown, stakeholders pursuant to the overall goals of the project did not favor it.


Transit service within Pendleton is limited to a City provided paratransit (dial-a-ride) service and fixed-route bus service provided by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR). Current CTUIR bus routes have stops in the downtown area and downtown core. Even so, the development of the downtown plan recognizes that transit options in Pendleton are in need of targeted improvements. The identified multi-modal circulation plan will go a long ways towards the encouragement of future transit service in downtown. Suggestions for transit improvements include:

  • Enhancing the pedestrian environment along Main Street with wider sidewalks will allow for the potential development of transit amenities such as pedestrian shelters with posted schedules at bus stops and transit kiosks (to display system route maps, schedules, fares, etc.);

  • Construction of seating areas, bicycle parking facilities and lighting; and

  • Coordination between CTUIR, other transit providers and area hotels to improve shuttle services between hotels, airports, Wildhorse Resort and Casino, and Downtown.

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