Perhaps you remember the music video for this 2001 single, featuring the singer wearing little more than free-flowing scraps of white fabric. The title suggestion is (*)


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Ottawa Hybrid Tournament: Ben

Questions by: Ben Smith, Shauna McNally


1. Perhaps you remember the music video for this 2001 single, featuring the singer wearing little more than free-flowing scraps of white fabric. The title suggestion is (*) “more than I beg to think about”. Absolutely dominating the charts in Europe and Australia at its peak, it is the most-played song since Cher’s “Believe”. For ten points, name this hit pop single that marked the pinnacle of Kylie’s music career.

Answer: “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (do not prompt on “Fever”)
2. Examples of this include Drunkard’s Path, Hearts & Gizzards, Circle Saw, Devil’s Claw, Crosses and Losses, Ice Cream Bowl, Lincoln’s Platform, Joseph’s Coat, Aunt Sulky’s Patch, Art Square, (*) and Old Maid’s Puzzle. One that is probably more familiar is Log Cabin. For ten points, the list I mentioned contained designs for what type of scrap fabric object?
Answer: patchwork quilt designs (accept “patchwork” until the last word: “object”)
3. This non-existent situation was proposed as a result of a late-1800’s model that gave no maximum to energy density at short (*) wavelengths of light. Planck corrected the Rayleigh-Jeans Law so that infinite frequency would result in zero emission of power. This error suggests that cool objects would glow, thus eliminating darkness. For ten points, identify this failure of classical physics that shouldn’t be confused with an overdone suntan.
Answer: the ultraviolet catastrophe (accept “Rayleigh-Jeans catastrophe” until names are read)

4. In this TV show, Davis got his sense of smell back after falling off a ladder, rescuing a cat from a tree, when the firemen wouldn’t come. (*) Lacey owns the Ruby coffee shop, while Wanda and Brent run the business next door. All of the characters’ last names are also small towns in Saskatchewan. For ten points, name this hit CTV comedy starring Brent Butt as a gas station owner.

Answer: Corner Gas
5. His memoirs are titled Ce que je crois. While at university in France, he met Aimé Césaire and founded the newspaper L’Étudiant noir, or “The Black Student”. A developer of the (*) Négritude movement, his poetry includes Songs of the Shadow and “Black Woman”. Also penning the lyrics for the national anthem of Senegal, for ten points, name this poet and promoter of African values that was Senegal’s first president in 1960.
Answer: Léopold Sédar Senghor
6. He was the architect of the American embassy in Greece, built in 1960. He designed the (*) Harvard Graduate Center while holding the position of Professor of Architecture there. Also married to Alma Schindler, the widow of Gustav Mahler, for ten points, name this German-American architect that directed the Grand Ducal group and founded Bauhaus.
Answer: Walter Gropius

7. Its specifications were advertised in a two-page spread of the April, 1972, issue of Electronics magazine as an April Fools’ joke. An engineer at Signetics originally send a list of materials awaiting approval, including this, and it was brought to light when customers starting asking Signetics’ management for prices. (*) In practice, it would be completely useless, since anything added to it would be irretrievable and simply lost. For ten points, name this theoretical complement to read-only memory.

Answer: Write Only Memory (The saved files are there; you just can’t access them…)

8. Upon the death of ninety-year-old Anastasius IV, he was elected unanimously as the replacement despite resentment in the city of (*) Rome. Over Easter, 1155, he placed Rome under the interdict, which led to the execution of the anti-papal Arnold of Brescia. He also crowned Barbarossa and retracted his “donation” of Ireland to King Henry II. For ten points, name the first pope born in England.

Answer: Adrian IV; or Nicholas Breakspear; or Nicholas of Albano
9. In this 1981 movie, apparently no matter how much powder and scrubbing you use, the bathroom floor just isn’t clean enough. When the lead character sees an offending object in a closet, she shouts demoniacally: (*) “No... Wire... HANGERS!” Supposedly based on a book by Christina Crawford, it’s a rather fictitious exposé on actress Joan Crawford’s household life. For ten points, name this stinker of a film that picked up Razzie Awards for Faye Dunaway as worst actress, as well as the worst picture of 1981.
Answer: Mommie Dearest (prompt on “Joan Crawford” until “book”)
10. This album opened at number 1 on the UK charts, the only album by a female artist to do so. It was described as “an exorcism you can dance to” by producer (*) Jim Steinman, who also worked on Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell. The titular song on the album only peaked at number 43, but other songs included “It’s a Jungle Out There” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. For ten points, name this 1983 Bonnie Tyler album with the chart-busting hit single “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.
Answer: Faster Than the Speed of Night (no prompting on “Total Eclipse…”)
11. Currently, the highest point in this island nation is on the Addu Atoll, but there will be a new highest point when (*) construction of the artificial island of Hulhumale [hool-oo-mah-lay] is finished. The need for more high land is desperate as global warming threatens to drown the nation and the tsunami in December managed to soak all of its territory. For ten points, identify this country southwest of India.

Answer: Republic of Maldives (or Dhivehi Raajje)

12. She is a board member of the Edgemar Centre for the Arts and the honourary chair of Feminists For Life. In the early 1990’s, she appeared in three failed sitcoms: (*) Room for Two, Someone Like Me, and Women of the House. She began her most famous TV role in 1996, has collected 2 Emmy awards, and has had acting nominations in every year since 1999. For ten points, who plays Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond?
Answer: Patricia Heaton (prompt on “Debra Barone”)
13. It can be extracted from the cortical cells of lettuce, but its most common source is the hevea [“heh-vay-ah”] tree. Its function may be a defense mechanism for plants, which may explain a (*) common allergy to it in humans. A type of it taken from the guayule [“hua-yoo-lee”] shrub is hypoallergenic, and it can also be synthetically prepared. For ten points, name this tree sap that is often used for making paints, gloves, and condoms.
Answer: latex
14. This state saw many successes in sports in 2004. One AHL team from this state finished the 2003-04 regular season second overall, while the other had two of the top four goalies. In its (*) first season as home to the Suns, the team reached the WNBA finals. For ten points, name this state that had one of its universities take both the men’s and women’s NCAA Division I basketball championships in 2004.
Answer: Connecticut

15. A price drop on February 23 saw the base model of this item sell at $199 US. While this new version offers longer battery life, the AC adapter and (*) FireWire cable no longer come with it, forcing owners of older Macs to use a slow USB 1.1 upload and recharge. A 6 gigabyte model is available, but now there are only 4 stylish colours: pink, olive, silver, and blue. For ten points, name this Apple device that is between the sizes of the regular iPod and the iPod Shuffle.

Answer: iPod mini or M9800LL/A [9800 through 9808] (prompt on “iPod”, not “mini iPod”)
16. Upon the death of Robert Southey in 1843, he became British Poet Laureate. Annette Vallon, a woman he had a child with in France, may have been his (*) “Lucy”. His early works include An Evening Walk, his autobiographical The Prelude, and his collaboration with Coleridge – Lyrical Ballads. For ten points, name this Romantic poet that wrote “Tintern Abbey” and “Daffodils”.
Answer: William Wordsworth
17. This boat was originally named Sir William Hardy when it was owned by the British fisheries ministry. Expecting to lead yachts in a (*) protest against nuclear testing, on July 10, 1985, it was sunk with explosives by French secret agents in Auckland, creating a major embarrassment for France in the aftermath. For ten points, name the flagship schooner of Greenpeace.
Answer: Rainbow Warrior

18. Specific information required. Robert Lang had the first assist of this game at 2:22 in the first period. The shot count wasn’t very high, with both teams getting their highest output in the third (*) overtime period. Kovalev and LeClair scored during regulation, but goalies Ron Tugnutt and Brian Boucher [“boo-shay”] shone. For ten points, identify this playoff NHL game played in the Mellon Arena that saw Keith Primeau get the winning goal at 12:01 of the fifth overtime period.

Answer: Game 4 of the Pittsburgh (or Penguins) – Philadelphia (or Flyers) 2000 NHL Eastern Conference semifinal (prompt until the game, the year, and both teams are given)

19. When he traveled to Lystra, the citizens viewed him as the human form of Jupiter and offered sacrifices to him. He has been suggested as the author of Hebrews as well as parts of the (*) Acts of the Apostles, and his namesake epistle appears in the Codex Sinaiticus [sye-nye-ti-cus]. Originally a Jew from Cyprus, for ten points, name this companion of Paul in the middle chapters of the Book of Acts.
Answer: Barnabas (prompt on “Joseph”, his early name; do not accept “Silas”)
20. She set up a “Politeness Plan” when her family’s manners were becoming atrocious. She is usually shown as an authoritative figure, where in different books she (*) bans TV for a week, cuts back junk food, and demands Brother and Sister to clean their messy room. The president of the Bear Country Garden Club, for ten points, name the matriarch in the Berenstain Bears series of children’s books.
Answer: Mama Bear (no prompting on “mother”, etc.)
21. A 730-ton gold-plated sphere rests in the upper floors of this building to reduce swaying from wind. Its express elevators have streamlined tops and bottoms, allowing them to move at (*) world-record speeds. Despite being 650 feet from a fault line, it is the tallest building in Asia. For ten points, name this skyscraper in Taiwan that has the greatest ground-to-roof height in the world.
Answer: Taipei 101 or Taipei Financial Center

22. This psychological concept is exemplified in the 1984 phrases “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” The people of Airstrip One, Oceania may not have as many problems with it because they have mastered the art of doublethink. Developed in the 1950s by (*) Festinger, this is, for ten points, the theory that describes the discomfort one feels from holding two conflicting thoughts in our mind simultaneously.

Answer: Cognitive dissonance (prompt on “doublethink”)
23. A short film called Peluca was the first starring appearance of this character. His uncle tried selling (*) herbal breast enlargement pills to high school girls, while his brother dates a woman met over the Internet named LaFawnduh. Taking particular interest in ligers, “nun-chucks”, and tetherball, for ten points, name this tall, lanky nerd of a namesake 2004 film that will tell you to “vote for Pedro… GOSH!”

Answer: Napoleon Dynamite (Both names required. Just because.)

1: Did you watch The Blue Lagoon? Perhaps even the sequel, Return to the Blue Lagoon? Did you notice the plot incontinuity of the stranded teenagers being alive at the end of the first film, but dead at the start of the sequel? Answer these questions for the stated number of points:
A: [5, 5] For five points each, name the teenage boy and girl stranded in The Blue Lagoon.

Answers: Richard (accept name equivalents) and Emmeline

B: [5, 5] For five points each, name the actors portraying those roles in the first film, who were “too old” to come back and play dead in the sequel.

Answers: Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields

C: [10] The plot problem isn’t due to lazy editing- you’ll find it in the original books as well! For ten points, name the author of The Blue Lagoon and The Garden of God, as well as the opportunity for a third film: The Gates of Morning.

Answer: Henry De Vere Stacpoole [“de vair stoc-pull”]

2: Identify these people who lost power in 1848, the Year of Revolutions, for ten points each:

A: [10] Early in 1848, what French “citizen king” abdicated, paving the way for the Second Republic?

Answer: Louis-Philippe (prompt on le Roi-Citoyen)

B: [10] A chief diplomat at the Congress of Vienna, what Austrian abandoned his position of Chancellor and fled the Empire amidst revolts?

Answer: Klemens Wenzel von Metternich

C: [10] Alright, so the United States didn’t have a revolution, but what outgoing president chose not to seek re-election, leading to the tight Taylor-Cass race of 1848?

Answer: James K. Polk

3: Answer these questions about a lip-synching fiasco, for ten points each:
A: [10] “I wanna find things I'm not gonna have to lip sync to, and that, when I sing it in the studio, it's something that I could also sing live and sound just as good as I did on the CD." Who provided that eloquent remark in early December, 2004?

Answer: Lindsay Lohan [smack anyone who calls her just “Lindsay”]

B: [10] Lohan was commenting on the legitimacy of her future live performances in the wake of what other singer that was caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live?

Answer: Ashlee Simpson (prompt on “Simpson”)

C: [10] Nevertheless, Lohan was seen mouthing the words during a performance on Good Morning America while promoting what then-recently released album?

Answer: Speak [oh, the irony…] (prompt on “Rumors”, which was the song)

4: “The sound of hoofbeats cross the glade/ Good folk, lock up your son and daughter/ Beware the deadly flashing blade/ Unless you want to end up slaughtered.” Answer these questions about the Black Adder television series, for ten points each:

A: [10] Each of the four main series took place in a different time period. For the setting of Blackadder II [“the second”], who was the monarch of England?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth I

B: [10] In the final episode of the first series, his father and brother, as well as the entire nobility, is dead, and the Black Adder himself has had his hands, ears, and forehead mutilated. He is king, however, but dies only a minute later. How?

Answer: drinking poisoned wine (or close equivalents)

C: [10] The descendant of a marriage between a dung farmer and a bearded lady, what companion of Blackadder has also been in every episode and special?

Answer: Baldrick (do not accept “Tony Robinson”)

5: [5, 10, 20, 30] The letter “K” is used an awful lot in chemistry. For 5 points for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, or 30 for all four correct, identify these uses of K:
A: Firstly, what element has the symbol K?

Answer: potassium

B: What does K represent when it equals the stoichiometric product of the activities of reaction products, divided by the stoichiometric product of the activities of the reactants?

Answer: equilibrium coefficient

C: Also abbreviated [spell it out] “Lys”, what amino acid is represented with the letter K?

Answer: lysine

D: In the Arrhenius equation, lowercase “k” is proportional to the exponential of activation energy divided by R times the temperature. What does k represent?

Answer: rate of reaction constant (prompt on “kinetics”)

6: Who doesn’t love a little absurdity in the theatre? Given a quote from an Edward Albee play, name it for ten points each.

A: [10] “You gotta have a swine to show you where the truffles are.”

Answer: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

B: [10] “We manufacture such a portion of our own despair…”

Answer: A Delicate Balance

C: [10] “Why can’t I feel what I’m supposed to? Because it relates to nothing? It can’t have happened! It did, but it can’t have!”

Answer: The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (accept either)

7: Canadians have turned to curling in the aftermath of the cancelled NHL season. Answer these questions about the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts, for ten points each:
A: [10] What city hosted the 2005 Canadian women’s curling championships?

Answer: St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (do NOT accept on “Saint John”)

B: [10] What four-time past champion skip missed the playoffs by one spot?

Answer: Colleen Jones (prompt on “Jones”, prompt on “Team Canada”)

C: [10] What province won the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts?

Answer: Manitoba (prompt on “Jennifer Jones”)

8: Don’t you hate it when you use a bill with lots of zeroes to buy a loaf of bread? Answer these questions about devalued currency for ten points each:
A: [10] In 1993, what European nation printed a note for 500 billion dinars during hyperinflation? That’s eleven zeroes on paper, by the way.

Answer: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; or Serbia and Montenegro

[the mother-tongue names sound about the same, I won’t reprint them]

B: [10] 500 billion is nothing. Although it was written out as words rather than a number, what country issued a one hundred million billion pengõ note in 1946? That’s 20 zeroes, thanks to a 42 quadrillion percent inflation rate that July.

Answer: Republic of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország)

C: [10] Sometimes, when you get lots of zeroes, you issue a new currency that divides the denominations by some power of 10. This past January, what country issued a “new lira” that is equal to one million “old lira”?

Answer: Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

9: Answer these questions about an odd couple in the news, for the stated number of points:
A. [5] Owen is an orphan, while Mzee [“um-zee”] is several times older than him. For 5 points, on what continent will you find this pairing between vast differences in age?

Answer: Africa (accept “Kenya”)

B. [10/15] Age isn’t the only difference between these two. For 10 points for one, or 15 for both, what are Owen and Mzee?

Answer: baby hippopotamus and giant tortoise (prompt on “turtle”)

C. [10] Owen’s herd was swept away by the tsunami in December, but he was rescued and befriended Mzee at a reserve. The keepers will have to separate the happy couple in a few years, though, to encourage Owen to breed with what other hippo that has a “psychic” name?

Answer: Cleo

10: Answer these questions about the painting titled Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee Around a Pomegranate One Second Before Awakening, for ten points each:
A. [10] Who painted this Surrealist work?

Answer: Salvador Dali

B. [10] A bayonet is aimed at a sleeping nude, ready to wake her up. What animal, just behind the bayonet, is set to pounce on the woman?

Answer: tiger (do not accept “fish”)

C. [10] In the background, what animal is walking in the sky with stilt-like legs?

Answer: elephant (accept pachyderm equivalents)

11: Answer these questions about things you would find in a Subway, for the stated number of points:
A: [10] I am, of course, referring to the Subway chain of restaurants. For ten points, according to one of their slogans, how many meat-based 6-inch subs have less than 6 grams of fat?

Answer: 7 (turkey, turkey & ham, roasted chicken, chicken teriyaki, ham, roast beef, and Subway Club)

B: [5, 5, 5] The Italian BMT sub is not an acronym of its ingredients, but rather the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit line. For 5 points each, name the three meats found in a BMT.

Answer: salami, pepperoni, ham (prompt on any comments about fake meat)

C: [5] For 5 points, hopefully you won’t find this former Indiana University student that lost 245 pounds on the “Subway diet” at your local restaurant.

Answer: Jared Fogle (accept either name)

12: Answer these questions about the Twelve Tribes of Israel, for ten points each:
A: [10] The Tribes were distinguished based on their ancestry to one of the twelve sons of which Biblical patriarch?

Answer: Jacob (later called Israel)

B: [10] Which son had a “house” instead of a tribe, and had tribes named after his sons Manasseh and Ephraim [eff-ray-im]?

Answer: Joseph (later called Zaphnath-paaneah)

C: [10] Twelve sons, minus Joseph, plus his two sons makes thirteen tribes. What other tribe is sometimes excluded from the list, as they had no land and received tithes from the other tribes?

Answer: Tribe of Levi, or Levites (accept “Leviim”)

13: Answer these questions about I Love Lucy, episode 39, for ten points each:

A: [10] In this episode, roles are switched. The husbands do housework, while Lucy and Ethel get jobs working with what product?

Answer: wrapped chocolates (prompt on “candy”)

B: [10] Ricky’s at home, cooking his favourite dish. What food created a problem by overflowing and spilling all over the stove and floor?

Answer: rice [“One pound per person!”… but cooked, not dry…]

C: [10] In what year did the episode first air?

Answer: 1952

14: Identify some terms from linear algebra, for ten points each:
A: What name is given to a function that respects scalar multiplication and addition between two vector spaces, such as the “d over dx” operator?

Answer: linear transformation or linear operator or linear map

B: Given a linear transformation A and a non-zero vector v, what name is given to lambda if “A times v equals lambda times v”?

Answer: eigenvalue or characteristic

C: If A is a square matrix, what name is given to the linear transformation that is the sum of the terms on the main diagonal?

Answer: trace (accept “tr”; do not prompt on “det” or “determinant”)

15: Identify these Foreigner albums from clues, for ten points each. I’m referring to the band “Foreigner”, not music from some other country:
A: [10] Foreigner’s second album, its titular single is the reason for the duplicate copies of a photograph superimposed on each other on the album cover.

Answer: Double Vision

B: [10] This creatively-titled fourth Foreigner album included the hits “Urgent”, “Juke Box Hero”, and “Waiting for a Girl Like You”.

Answer: 4 (number only, do not prompt on anything else)

C: [10] Riding on the success of the first Foreigner single to hit #1, “I Want to Know What Love Is”, this album got #1 in the UK and #4 in the US in December, 1984.

Answer: Agent Provocateur

16: How well do you know the traditional anniversary gifts? The 25th of silver and the golden 50th are familiar, but on a 5 for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, and 30 for all four basis, identify the gems associated with every 5 years between silver and gold:
Answer: pearl (30th), coral (35th), ruby (40th), sapphire (45th) (accept any order)

17: On a 5 points for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, and 30 for all four basis, given a unit in Blizzard’s game StarCraft, name the race to which it belongs:

A: Probe

Answer: Protoss

B: Queen

Answer: Zerg

C: Wraith

Answer: Terran [prompt on “humans”]

D: Zealot

Answer: Protoss

18: On a 30-20-10 basis, given the English titles of some works, name the philosopher:
[30] The History and Secret of Painting in Wax; Rameau’s Nephew

[20] Supplement to Bougainville’s Voyage; On the Interpretation of Nature

[10] Jacques the Fatalist; the Encyclopedia
Answer: Denis Diderot [“duh-nee dee-duh-roh”]
19: Michael Schumacher is breaking all sorts of records in Formula One racing, and he’ll still be around at least until 2007. For ten points each, given a record category that Schumacher currently leads in, name the previous non-Schumacher record-holder:

A: [10] Most victories in one season. Schumacher had 13 in 2004.

Answer: Nigel Mansell (9 in 1992)

B: [10] Total career points. Schumacher has 1,186 going into 2005.

Answer: Alain Prost (768.5 upon retirement in 1993)

C: [10] Number of driver’s championships. Schumacher got his seventh in 2004.

Answer: Juan Manuel Fangio (5 championships in the 1950’s)

20: Sleep is underrated in today’s society, but the poets of yore would gladly sing its praises. Given a snippet of sleep-related poetry, name the author and the work for 5 points each:
A: [5, 5] “So do not let me wear to-night away:/ Without Thee, what is all the morning’s wealth?/ Come, blessed barrier between day and day,/ Dear mother of fresh thoughts of joyous health!”

Answer: William Wordsworth, “To Sleep

B: [5, 5] “What, but thee, Sleep? Soft closer of our eyes!/ Low murmurer of tender lullabies!/ Light hoverers around our happy pillows!/ Wreather of poppy buds, and weeping willows!”

Answer: John Keats, “Sleep and Poetry

C: [5, 5] “Oh sleep! It is a gentle thing,/ Beloved from pole to pole!/ To Mary Queen the praise be given!/ She sent the gentle sleep from Heaven,/ That slid into my soul.”

Answer: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (part 5)

21: Here’s a new twist on box-office “blowouts”. Given three films an actor has appeared in, give the first name of the actor, for ten points each. All answers are on the list of names that could be used for the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season:

A: [10] Easy Rider; Apocalypse Now; Super Mario Bros.

Answer: Dennis (Hopper)

B: [10] Angela’s Ashes; Gosford Park; Punch-Drunk Love

Answer: Emily (Watson)

C: [10] Old School; Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story; Be Cool

Answer: Vince (Vaughan) (do not accept “Vincent”)

22: Answer these questions about groups of South American nations, for the stated number of points:
A: [5, 5, 5] For 5 points each, name the three South American countries allied against Paraguay in the War of the Triple Alliance.

Answer: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

B: [5] For 5 points, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay created what common market in 1991?

Answer: Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur); or Mercado Comum do Sul (Mercosul); or Southern Common Market

C: [10] For 10 points, what earlier trade bloc, begun with the Cartagena Agreement of 1969, consisted of Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela?

Answer: Comunidad Andina (CAN); or Andean Community

23: Given some famous boulevards, name the city you would find it in, for ten points each:
A. [10] The Monumental Axis- the widest boulevard in the world.

Answer: Brasilia, Brazil

B. [10] Saint Kilda Road- passing by Albert Park and changing its name to Swanston Street after crossing the Yarra River.

Answer: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (prompt on “Saint Kilda”)

C. [10] Provencher Boulevard- as well as the Provencher pedestrian bridge.

Answer: Winnipeg, Manitoba (accept “St.-Boniface”)


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