Personnel Management Meeting Minutes hl7 Working Group Meeting, San Diego, California January 09 16, 2006

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Personnel Management Meeting Minutes

HL7 Working Group Meeting, San Diego, California

January 09 - 16, 2006
Attendees: Q1, Monday, 01/09/06



E-mail Address

Grant , Bob

BC Ministry of Health

Drgfhout, Helen


Rosploch, June (Co-chair)

Kaiser Permanente

Salvail, Leon (Co-chair)

Global Village Consulting Inc.


June Rosploch opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their continued committee support and is looking forward to another productive working group meeting.

II.Approval of Minutes and Agenda

The PM minutes for 10/26/05 were sent via the PM list serve as part of the Phoenix WGM supportive documentation. A motion was made to accept the minutes to include a typo correction and an added sentence to the end of Section IV Harmonization, by Robert Grant, seconded by Leon Salvail. Motion was accepted 3/0/0

III.Action Item Status Update

The following reflects updated information:






What is the status of PM#-25.0 FINAUTH domain


6/17/05 Where is the documentation on this proposal and what is the status? 9/16/05 This is on hold, Bob has the draft proposal. 1/9/06 See 05-06


Section and – Message Flow item #2 in refers to an accept ack on a query request. In the upcoming , Release 2, of MCCI this ack can not exist anymore so the committee needs to remove this accept ack from the storyboard.


7/7/05 Ballot line number 161 Considered for future use ballot status This is out of scope for this ballet. Until Release 2 is published we are not making changes. 1/9/06 Do we need an immediate response to indicate a query response will be deferred. (We need to have a conversation with InM on this.)


Sections 4 and 5 – The report query and report response should be taken out of the topics. They are different in nature than the registry interactions.


7/7/05 Ballot line number 172 Considered for future use ballot status We are still discussing this with Shared Messages. We agree in principal but no change will be made at the present time. 1/9/06 Bob will resubmit to InM


Section PRPM_PM101000 Section 2.4 – rolelink type ‘FINAUTH’ does not exist.


7/7/05 Ballot line number23 Harmonization proposal PM#H01-R-25 Add FINAUTH Rolelink will be submitted. 7/7/05: Changed Disposition to Consider for future use 7/21/05 Harmonization proposal is on hold while the model is being reconsidered.


V2.7 Proposal -Correct B07 to show that ROL should not repeat under CER. Check B08


For V2.7 - 5/02 Q2 Tuesday – This could go with ballot changes only if adding the correction is not considered changing the balloted intent. 9/16/05 This will go into the next ballot cycle. On hold because we have already submitted 2.6, it is stalled out.


RMIM for B01

In Progress

This is almost ready for prime time. 3/17/05 Got started In Orlando and will continue work in Netherlands 5/02 HR Topic Q2 on Wednesday Netherlands agenda 9/16/05 No progress


Confirm that RIM repository descriptions (as shown in Rose Tree) contains same V2 mappings as PM DMIM


3/17/05 Some of the segments have been mapped and updated. 5/02/05 How do we want to does this? Do we raise the issue now or wait. We will bring these mappings to MnM as informative and ask for support. Are they informative or normative? Bob will ask MnM Thursday, what process should be used moving forward to update the RIM repository. 9/15/05 Bob participated in Implementation SIG discussion of v2 v3 mappings. These RoseTree mappings are part of the scope of this project. PM has noted that there are some incorrect mappings (hence this action item.) There are no resources to do this at this time. This will be revisited in the future.

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