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FAX: 203-544-9311 GEORGETOWN CT 06829

E-MAIL: U.S.A. NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The following records are offered at auction. Records are visually graded using traditional standards and are all guaranteed as usual. Your satisfaction as a customer is of primary concern, so let me know if you’re not happy with any item. Should you need to return a record, please contact me before doing so as it may well be that the item involved is not worth the time and expense of the return.
Minimum bids are shown at the heading for each section, but I reserve the right to reject any bid that is not commensurate with the record’s worth.
Bid by item number in the left-hand column. Please use the bidding form that appears at the end of the list if at all possible, and it will help if you will also include your account number which appears on your address label. I don’t recommend using postcards to submit your bids. They tend to get lost in the shuffle and the postal service sometimes obscures the written data with reverse cancellations. You can also submit your bids via fax at 203-544-9311, or by e-mail at

Please don’t make topping offers and please don’t make block bids except where indicated as allowable.

Be sure to check over your bids before mailing to be sure that you have used the correct item numbers. Even though some of you also list artist, titles and record number, this does not relieve you of the responsibility of using the correct item number. My computer can deal only with item numbers and if you use the wrong one you will be awarded the wrong record. If you bid on and win a wrong item number you will be expected to pay for it. This is not meant to imply infallibility on my part. In the course of entering the 12,000 or so bids received for each auction into the computer, I know that I’m good for more than a couple of keystroke errors for which I will readily make any necessary adjustment, but I can’t assume the responsibility for bidder errors as well. In other words, I’ll pay for my goofs and you pay for yours.

Please mail your bids early to ensure yourself of not missing out. Mail service is erratic to say the least, and I strongly recommend that bids be mailed at least 10 days

prior to the closing date for U.S. bidders, and at least 15 days prior to the closing date for overseas bidders. If it looks like you’re going to be late, find a fax service in your area for transmittal of your bids, or find someone who has e-mail if you don’t have your own.

Winners (only) will be notified of the amount of their winnings, plus postage, packing & insurance charges. Winnings for domestic bidders will be shipped by parcel post, media rate, insured for parcels valued at over $25.00. I’m sorry that I’m unable to use UPS. Winnings for overseas bidders will be shipped via Priority Mail, insured in the amount of customs valuation. If you do not indicate a customs valuation, a minimum valuation will be used. There has been very little loss of overseas parcels, but our liability is limited to the customs/insurance value specified.
Payment can be by check, money order, bank draft (payable on a U.S. bank), or U.S. currency (cash payments should always be sent via registered mail). I encourage use of your credit card (Master Card, Visa, AMEX or Discover) as it speeds delivery of your order. Details are found on the bidding form at the end of the list. Be sure to copy your credit card number accurately and completely and be sure to include the expiration date. Yes, overseas customers can use credit cards as well. This method of payment has proved to be very expeditious for overseas transactions. I can also accept payment via PayPal. Those payments can be made to

Winning bids totaling under $10.00 will not be shipped and no payment will be required. You’ll still receive a winning bidder’s notification, but the records will be held over to the next auction and the amount will be added to your next invoice. I will gladly hold records over from one auction to the next to help ease the burden of shipping costs, but payment will be required for the “records only” portion of your invoice if it totals over $10.00. I’m always happy to combine winnings for overseas bidders with other collectors in the same area, but I must have the approval of all parties concerned, and there should be one joint payment to cover all of the parties, or all parties should use credit cards.

Please do not place bids if you will be unable to pay for your winnings within a reasonable time. These auctions are my sole source of income, and like any business cash flow is an important factor. My clients (the people who own the records that I list) expect to receive their shares from the sale of their records within a reasonable time following the closing date, and I can only accomplish this if your payments are received promptly.
Our set-up is such that I’m not able to service want lists. I don’t maintain an inventory of records in the normal sense and I never know what I have until I process each consignment for listing.
A word about our shipping schedule: Our mailing list has now grown to the point where there are several hundred parcels to be packed for each auction. Our credit card customers are shipped first, since their payment dates are essentially the same as the date of their invoice. These are done in Account Number order, which affords us some semblance of a system and allows the charter members of our mailing list (the earliest Account Numbers) to be shipped first. It takes about two weeks from the date that appears on your credit card charge slip to complete all of the credit card customers, so if your Account Number is 4020, for instance, your records are going to be shipped about two weeks after Account Number 10. Thereafter, shipments are made in the order in which payments are received, but our volume is such that it may take a couple of weeks from receipt of payment for records to be shipped when the packing operation is at its peak. Your understanding and patience will be very much appreciated.
And finally, if you have a first-line, clean collection of jazz records or literature for disposal, please inquire about our consignment services.


BOOKS (Alpha by author) (No specific minimums, just reasonable bids)

1 BESSIE SMITH: EMPRESS OF THE BLUES by Chris Albertson. 144 p, Schirmer, 1975. 9x11 hardbound, dust jacket. 30 pages of text and photos followed

by words and music to 30 songs.

2 JOE FRANKLIN’S SHOW BIZ MEMORABILIA by Sandra Andachi. 208 p, Wallace-Homestead, 1985. 6x9 softbound. Essentially presented as a price guide

to theater, movie and record collectibles. Loaded with photos. Includes folded 16x22 poster for “Phantom of 42nd St.” film and Eva-Tone sound sheet with

dub of a George M. Cohan record.

3 ESQUIRE’S 1947 JAZZ BOOK ed. Ernest Anderson. 90 p, Esquire, 1946. 10x14 softbound (will require separate packing). Has clear tape repair at bottom

of front cover.

4 NOSTALGIA: SPOTLIGHT ON THE FORTIES by Michael Anglo. 151 p, Jupiter Books (Lon.), 1977. 9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. Has 9 pages devoted to

big bands, some British. Many World War II related photos.

5 WILD BILL DAVISON: A CELEBRATION by Doug Armstrong. 208 p, Leith Music (Can.), 1991. 8x11 softbound. Title page inscribed to previous owner

by the author.

6 SATCHMO: MY LIFE IN NEW ORLEANS by Louis Armstrong. 191 p, Signet, 1955. 4x7 paperback.


6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket. Spine separated on left side. No specific musical content, but interesting background stuff.

8 NEW YORK NOTES: A JOURNAL OF JAZZ, 1972-1975 by Whitney Ballliett. 250 p, Da Capo, 1977. 6x8 softbound.

9 REVUE: THE GREAT BROADWAY PERIOD by Robert Baral. 296 p, Fleet Press, rev. ed. 1962. 7x10 hardboud, dj has moderate stain. Lots of photos.

10 NOW YOU KNOW: THE STORY OF THE FOUR FRESHMEN by Ross Barbour. 304 p, Balboa Books, 1998. 6x9 softbound. Light crease on rear cover.

11 LOUIS ARMSTRONG: AN EXTRAVAGANT LIFE by Laurence Bergren. 564 p, Broadway Books, 1997. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

12 I REMEMBER: EIGHTY YEARS OF BLACK ENTERTAINMENT, BIG BANDS & THE BLUES by Clyde Bernhardt.. 271 p, Univ. of Pensylvania,

  1. 6x9 softbound.

13 THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG COMPANION: 8 DECADES OF COMMENTARY ed. Joshua Berrett. 299 p, Schirmer, 1999. 6x9 softbound.

14 REMEMBERING BIX: A MEMOIR OF THE JAZZ AGE by Ralph Berton. 428 p, Harper & Row, 1974. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

15 THEY ALL PLAYED RAGTIME by Rudi Blesh & Harriet Janis. 374 p, Knopf, 1950. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket moderately frayed.

16 BROWN SUGAR: 80 YEARS OF AMERICA’S BLACK FEMALE SUPERSTARS by Donald Bogle. 208 p, Harmony Books, 1980. 8x11 hardbound,

dust jacket. Many photos.

17 COLLECTORS’ CATALOG-VOL. 2 compiled by Raffaele Boretti. 146 p, Collector Magazine (Italy), 1972. 7x9 softbound. Documents the contents of

(mostly) bootleg LP jazz reissue labels issued from 1969-1972.

18 JUST A GIGOLO: THE LIFE & TIMES OF LOUIS PRIMA by Garry Boulard. 182 p, Univ. Southwestern Louisiana, 1989. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

19 THIS FABULOUS CENTURY: 1920-1930 ed. Ezra Bowen. 288 p, Time-Life, 1969. 9x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Vol. 3 of the Time-Life series has only

about 15 pages devoted to jazz, but it’s a pictorial feast of everything else related to the period.

20 THIS FABULOUS CENTURY: 1930-1940 ed. Ezra Brown. 288 p, Time-Life, 1969. 9x 11 hardbound, no dust jacket. Vol. 4 of the series has 12 pages devoted

to swing, other sections devoted to radio, Café Society, movies, politics, World’s Fair, etc. Lots of photos.

21 BORN WITH THE BLUES by Perry Bradford. 176 p, Oak Pub., 1965. 7x10 softbound. Previous owner’s name inscribed on title page. Has 60+ photos.

David Stone Martin cover drawing.

22 BRICKTOP by Bricktop with James Haskins. 300 p, Athenium, 1983. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

23 LOUIS ARMSTRONG IN HIS OWN WORDS: SELECTED WRITINGS ed. Thomas Brothers. 255 p, Oxford, 1999. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

24 THE HORNES: AN AMERICAN FAMILY by Gail Lumet Buckley. 262 p, NAL, 1987. 6x9 softbound. Largely devoted to Lena, written by her daughter.

25 JAZZ by Michael Burnett. 48 p, Oxford, 1985. 10x7 softbound. An historical and musical teaching guide aimed at 11-14 year olds.

26 JAZZ FROM THE BEGINNING by Garvin Bushell. 198 p, Univ. Michigan, 1988. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Autobiography includes discography.

27 OF MINNIE THE MOOCHER & ME by Cab Calloway. 282 p, Crowell, 1976. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

28 JAZZ: THE ESSENTIAL COMPANION by Ian Carr, Digby Fairweather & Brian Priestley. 562 p, Grafton (Lon.), 1987. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

29 THE WORLD OF FLO ZIEGFELD by Randolph Carter. 176 p, Praeger, 1974. 8x10 hardbound, dust jacket. Lots of photos, some in color.

30 THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ by Brian Case & Stan Britt. 224 p, Harmony Books, 1978. 8x12 softbound. Loads of photos.

31 THE BIX BANDS: A DISCO-BIOGRAPHY OF BIX BEIDERBECKE by Vittorio Castelli et al. 227 p, Raretone (Italy), 1972. 7x9 softbound.

32 THE BLUESMEN by Samuel Charters. 223 p, Oak Pub., 2nd prtg, 1967. 7x10 softbound.

33 SWEET AS THE SHOWERS OF RAIN by Samuel Charters. 178 p, Oak Pub., 1977. 7x10 softbound. “The story of the men who made the blues.”

34 ROBERT JOHNSON by Samuel Charters. 88 p, Oak Pub., 1973. 7x10 softbound.

35 WHO’S WHO OF JAZZ: STORYVILLE TO SWING STREET by John Chilton. 419 p, Chilton, first American ed., 1972. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket..

36 SIDNEY BECHET: THE WIZARD OF JAZZ by John Chilton. 331 p, Oxford, 1987. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

37 BILL COLEMAN ON RECORD by John Chilton. 18 p, Steve Lane (Lon), 1966. 6x9 booklet.

38 THE SONG OF THE HAWK: THE LIFE & RECORDINGS OF COLEMAN HAWKINS by John Chilton. 429 p, Univ. Michigan, 1990. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

39 LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL: THE STORY OF LOUIS JORDAN & HIS MUSIC by John Chilton. 286, Univ. Mich., 1994. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

40 CLAXOGRAPHY: THE ART OF JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHY by William Claxton. 132 p, Nieswand Verlag (Ger.), 1995. 12x13 hardbound, no dust jacket

(as issued). Comprised almost exclusively of 116 high-level black and white photos by one of the masters of jazz photography.

41 JAZZ WEST COAST: ARTWORK OF PACIFIC JAZZ RECORDS by William Claxton & Hitoshi Namekata. 126 p, Bijutsu Shuppan-sha (Japan), 1992.

12x12 softbound with dust jacket. Text in English and Japanese. 239 covers in gorgeous full color, plus section of 24 black & white Claxton session photos.

42 THE GUINNESS JAZZ, A to Z by Peter Clayton & Peter Gammond. 262 p, Guinness (Eng.), 1986. 7x10 hardbound, dust jacket. An encyclopedia of jazz

terms, people, events, places and nicknames.

43 CLARINET MARMALADE: THE LIFE & MUSIC OF TONY PARENTI by Derek Coller. 176 p, Jazzology Press, 2003. 8x10 softbound. Includes

Includes CD mounted inside rear cover.

44 LOUIS ARMSTRONG: AN AMERICAN GENIUS by James Lincoln Collier. 383 p, Oxford, 1983. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

45 THE PENGUIN GUIDE TO JAZZ ON CD, LP & CASSETTE by Richard Cook & Brian Morton. 1,287 p, Penguin, 1992. 6x9 softbound. Extensive listings

with critical commentary.

46 COCKTAILS FOR TWO: THE MANY LIVES OF GIANT SONGWRITER SAM COSLOW by Sam Coslow. 304 p, Arlington House, 1977. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

47 JAZZ ANECDOTES by Bill Crow. 350 p, Oxford, 1990. 5x8 softbound.

48 STORMY MONDAY: THE T-BONE WAKER STORY by Helen Oakley Dance. 285 p, Da Capo, 1990. 6x9 softbound.

49 THE WORLD OF SWING by Stanley Dance. 436 p, Scribners, 1974. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

50 MORTON’S MUSIC by John R.T. Davies & Laurie Wright. 35 p, Storyville, 1968. 6x8 booklet. Detailed Jelly Roll Morton discography has some check marks

in margins. Former owner’s name written on title page.

51 PLAYBACK by Dave Dexter Jr. 252 p, Billboard, 1976. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Reminiscences of the journalist and record producer with a reasonable

amount of jazz focus.

52 RECORDING THE BLUES by R.M.W. Dixon & John Godrich. 85 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound. “The story of the recording companies:

how and where they recorded the blues, and the sigers they recorded.”

53 AMERICAN PREMIUM RECORD GUIDE 1915-1965 by L. R. Docks. 737 p, Books Americana, 1980. 5x8 softbound. “Identifications and values,

78s, 45s and LPs.”

54 BIG ROAD BLUES: TRADITION & CREATIVITY IN THE FOLK BLUES by David Evans 379 p, Da Capo, 1987. 7x10 softbound

55 BIX: THE LEON BIX BEIDERBECKE STORY by Philip R. & Linda K. Evans. Prelike Press, 1998. 7x10 softbound. Light water stain top right corner.

Detailed discography incorporated into day-by-day chronology.

56 MEN OF POPULAR MUSIC by David Ewen. 213 p, Ziff-Davis, 5th prtg, 1944. 5x8 hardbound, no dust jacket. Has chapters on King Oliver, Louis,

W.C. Handy, Meade Lux Lewis, Duke, BG, Raymond Scott , Berlin, Gershwin, Kern, Porter, Rodgers & Hart, Whiteman, Grofe.

57 CHARLIE PATTON by John Fahey. 112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound.

58 FROM SATCHMO TO MILES by Leonard Feather. 258 p, Stein & Day, 1974. 5x8 softbound.

59 A THOUSAND GOLDEN HORNS by Gene Fernett. 174 p, Pendell, 1966. 8x11 hardbound, dust jacket.. “The exciting age of America’s greatest dance

bands.” Loads of photos.

60 SWING OUT: GREAT NEGRO DANCE BANDS by Gene Fernett. 175 p, Pendell, 1970. 8x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Approx. 150 photos.

61 BLUES FROM THE DELTA by William Ferris Jr. 111 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound.

62 NEGRO SLAVE SONGS IN THE UNITED STATES by Miles Mark Fisher. 223 p, Citadel Press, 1990. 5x8 softbound.

63 NEW ORLEANS AND HER JAZZ FUNERAL MARCHING BANDS by Luke Fontana. 48 p, self-pub., 1990. “A 10-year collection of photography 1970-80”

64 A JAZZ PICTORIAL by Brian Foskett. 80 p, Foskett (Eng.) 1997. 8x11 softbound. “A collection of photographs capturing some of the greats of jazz & blues”

65 POPS FOSTER: NEW ORLEANS JAZZMAN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Pops Foster. 208 p, Univ. Calif.., 1971. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

66 THE JAZZ SCENE by Charles Fox. 127 p, Hamlyn (Eng.), 1972. 8x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Has 130 photos, some in color, mostly by Valierie Wilmer.

67 JAZZ AMONG THE DISCOURSES ed. Krin Gabbard. 290 p, Duke Univ., 1993. 6x9 softbound. “Brings together scholars from an array of disciplines to

question and revise conventional methods of writing and thinking about jazz.”

68 WOMAN WITH GUITAR: MEMPHIS MINNIE’S BLUES by Paul and Beth Garon. 332 p, Da Capo, 1992. 5x8 softboud.

69 THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: THE LEGEND OF LEADBELLY by Richard M. Garvin & Edmond G. Addes. 312 p, Bernard Geis, 1971. 8x8 hdbnd, no dj.

70 THE FABULOUS PHONOGRAPH: FROM EDISON TO STEREO by Roland Gelatt. 336 p, Appleton-Century, revised ed. 1965. 6x9 hardbound, dj.

71 THE IMPERFECT ART: REFLECTIONS ON JAZZ & MODERN CULTURE by Ted Gioia. 152 p, Oxford, 1988. 6x8 hardound, dust jacket.

72 WEST COAST JAZZ: MODERN JAZZ IN CALIFORNIA 1945-1960 by Ted Gioia. 404 p, Oxford, 1992. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

73 THE WORLD OF JAZZ IN PRINTED EPHEMERA & COLLECTIBLES by Jim Godbolt. 160 p, Wellfleet, 1990. 9x12 hadbound, dust jacket.

250 photos, many in color.

74 THE KINGDOM OF SWING by Benny Goodman & Irving Kolodin. 263 p, Ungar, 1961. 5x8 softbound.

75 LOVE IN VAIN: THE LIFE & LEGEND OF ROBERT JOHNSON by Alan Greenber. 252 p, Doubleday, 1983. 5x8 softbound.

76 SEARCHING FOR ROBERT JOHNSON by Peter Guralnick. 83 p, Dutton, 1989. 5x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

77 FEEL LIKE GOING HOME: PORTRAITS IN BLUES & ROCK & ROLL by Peter Guralnick. 224 p, Outerbridge & Dienstfrey, 1971. 5x8 softbound.

About 20 photos, the “portraits” are primarily written rather than photographic.

78 LUSH LIFE: A BIOGRAPHY OF BILLY STRAYHORN by Daid Hajdu. 308 p, North Point Press, 1996. 6x9 softbound.

79 NAKED AT THE FEAST: A BIOGRAPHY OF JOSEPHINE BAKER by Lynn Haney. 338 p, Dodd, Mead, 1981. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

80 JAZZ by Rex Harris. 224 p, Penguin, 1952. 4x7 paperback. Former olwner’s name inscribed on title page


Oxford, 1992. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

82 BLUES WHO WHO: A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BLUES SINGERS by Sheldon Harris. 775 p, Arlingrton House, 1979. 9x11 hardbound,

dust jacket. (Shipping weight is 6 lbs.)

83 LENA: A BIOGRAPHY OF LENA HORNE by James Haskins & Kethleen Benson. 230 p, Scarborough House, 1991. 6x9 softbound.

84 MR. BOJANGLES: THE BIOGRAPHY OF BILL ROBINSON by James Haskins & N.R. Mitgang. 336 p, Morrow, 1988. 6x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

85 RED, HOT & BLUE: A SMITHSONIAN TRIBUTE TO THE AMERICAN MUSICAL by Amy Henderson & Dwight Blocker Bowers. 268 p,

Smithsonian, 1996. 9x12 softbound. Stage musicals, mostly, lavishly illustrated with loads of color. (Shipping weight over 3 lbs.)

86 LISTEN TO THE STORIES: NAT HENTOFF ON JAZZ & COUNTRY MUSIC by Nat Hentoff. 221 p, Harper Collins, 1995. 6x9 harbound, dust jacket.

87 JAZZ ed. Nat Hentoff & Albert J. McCarthy. 387 p, Da Capo, 1975. 5x8 softbound. “New perspectives on the history of jazz by 12 critics & scholars.”

88 CASTLES MADE OF SOUND: THE STORY OF GIL EVANS by Larry Hicock. 306, Da Capo, 2002. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.
89 MEET MR. GORDON: A DISCOGRAPHY OF BOB GORDON by Gerald J. Hoogeveen. 44 p, Micrography (Net.), 1987. 6x8 booklet.

90 THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE by Jack Hutton. 132 p, Bala’s Museum (Can.), 2000. 8x11 softbound. “An affectionate tribute to the

two young Canadians who wrote the tune in 1916, Ernest Seitz & Gene Lockhart.”

91 HAROLD ARLEN: HAPPY WITH THE BLUES by Edward Jablonski. 288 p, Da Capo, 1986. 6x9 softbound.

92 THE TWENTIES by Alan Jenkins. 256 p, Heinemann (Lon.), 1974. 7x10 hardbound, dust jacket. Has a 17-page chapter devoted to jazz; otherwise still

entertaining and profusely illustrated.

93 A DISCOGRAPHY OF LOUIS ARMSTRONG 1923-1971 by Jorgen Grunnet Jepson. 118 p, Knudsen (Den.), 1973. 5x8 softbound.

94 JAZZ RECORDS A to Z, 1942-62/65/67/68/69 by Jorgen Grunet Jepson. 4, 349 p in 11 volumes. Knudsen (Den.), 1963-70. 5x8 softbound. Clean and

unmarked. As those of you who are familiar with set are aware, these inadequate bindings tend to fall apart with minimal use. This set is in better shape

than most I’ve seen with only a few of the volumes exhibiting page separation. Shipping weight is 11 lbs.

95 THE FIVE PENNIES by Grady Johnson. 191 p, Dell, 1959. 4x7 paperback. Novelization of the Red Nichols biopic.

96 BLUES PEOPLE: NEGRO MUSIC IN WHITE AMERICA by LeRoi Jones. 244 p, Morrow, 3rd prtg, 1967. 5x8 softbound.

97 TALKING JAZZ by Max Jones. 293 p, Norton, 1988. 6x9 hadbound, dust jacket. 60 intervierws mostly for “Melody Maker.”

98 LOUIS: THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG STORY by Max Jones & John Chilton. 256 p, Little, Brown, 1971. 7x10 hardbound, dust jacket.


Indiana Univ.. Press,, 1999. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Covers Gennett, Dial, King, Duke-Peacock, Sun, Riverside, Ace, Monument, Delmark labels.

100 CHICAGO JAZZ: A CULTURAL HISTORY, 1904-1930 by William Howland Kenney. 233 p, Oxford, 1993. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

101 THE GERSHWINS by Robert Kimball & Alfred Simon. 292 p, Athenium, 1973. 9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. The ultimate tribute with hundreds of

photos, song lyrics, etc. Shipping weight 4 lbs.

102 THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POPULAR MUSIC & JAZZ 1900-1950 by Roger D. Kinkle. 2, 644 p in 4 volumes, Arlington House, 1974.

6x9 hardbound, dust jackets. Shipping weight 9 lbs.

103 AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’: THE STORY OF FATS WALLER by Ed Kirkeby. 248 p, Da Capo, 1975. 5x8 softbound. Discography ssection has some

red check marks in the margins.

104 DRUMMIN’ MEN, THE HEARTBEAT OF JAZZ: THE SWING YEARS by Burt Korall.. 381 p, Schirmer, 1990. 6x9 harbound, dust jacket.

105 THE VIRGIN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAZZ by Colin Larkin. 1023 p, Virgin Books, 1999. 7x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Over 2,500 entries,

primarily by artist. Shipping weight 5 lbs.

106 NOTHING BUT THE BLUES ed. Mike Ledbitter. 278 p, Hanover (Lon.), 1971. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Compilation of interviews and articles

from “Blues Unlimited” periodical. Over 100 photos.

107 BLUES RECORDS 1943-1966 by Mike Ledbitter and Neil Slaven. 381 p, Oak Pub., 1968. Discography, clean and unmarked.

108 WAITING FOR DIZZY by Gene Lees. 251 p, Oxford, 1991. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. In addition to Diz, pieces on Venuti, Bix & Challis, Benny Carter,

Hank Jones, Spiegle Wqillcox, Hank Jones, Herb Ellis, Bud Shnak, Al Grey, Emily Remler, Ed Thigpen, Spike Robinson.

109 LEADER OF THE BAND: THE LIFE OF WOODY HERMAN by Gene Lees. 414 p, Oxford, 1995. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

110 CATS OF ANY COLOR: JAZZ, BLACK & WHITE by Gene Lees. 246 p, Da Capo, 2001. 5x8 softbound. Primarily interviews, including Brubeck,

Ernie Andrews, Horace Silver, Red Rodney, Benny Golson, Red Mitchell.

111 SINGERS & THE SONG II by Gene Lees. 251 p, Oxford, 1999. 5x8 softbound. Pieces on Ella, Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Jackie & Roy, Jo Stafford & Paul

Weston, Yip Harburg, Arthur Schwartz, Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer, Edith Piaf, Julius LaRosa & Antonio Carlos Jobim.

112 JAZZ: MYTH & RELIGION by Neil Leonard. 221 p, Oxford, 1987. 6x8 hardbound, dust jacket. From the jacket: “How listeners have regarded jazz as sacred

or magical and created myths and rituals to implement and sustain this belief.”

113 THE CANADIAN JAZZ DISCOGRAPHY 1916-1980 by Jack Litchfield. 945 p, Univ. Toronto, 1982. 6x9 hardbound, no dust jacket. Shipping wt. 3+ lbs.

114 MISTER JELLY ROLL by Alan Lomax. 302 p, Grove Press, 1950. 5x8 softbound. Cover moderately soiled.

115 SECOND CHORUS by Humphrey Lyttelton. 1989 p, Macgibbon & Lee (Lon.), 1958. 5x8 hardbound, dust jacket. Flyleaf inscribed to previous owner by


116 STRIDE: THE MUSIC OF FATS WALLER by Paul S. Machlin. 167 p, Twayne, 1985. 5x8 softbound.

117 IN SEARCH OF BUDDY BOLDEN: FIRST MAN OF JAZZ by Donald M.Marquis. 176 p, LSU Press, 1978. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

118 CALIFORNIA COOL: WEST COAST JAZZ OF THE 50s & 60s, THE ALBUM COVER ART ed. Graham Marsh & Glyn Callingham. 111 p,

Chronicle Books, 1992. 12x12 softbound. Over 250 covers in glorious color plus a half-dozen William Claxton black & white session photos.

119 VARIETY MUSIC CAVALCADE: MUSICAL-HISTORICAL REVIEW 1620-1961 by Julius Mattfeld. 713 p, new and enlarged edition, 3rd printing,

  1. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. Year-by-year listing of significant published songs supplemented with overview of events for each year.

120 A DISCOGRAPHY OF SIDNEY BECHET by Hans J. Mauerer. 86 p, Knudsen (Den.), 1969. 5x8 staple-bound.
121 BIG BAND JAZZ by Albert McCarthy. 368 p, Royce Pub., 1983. 9x12 hartdbound, dust jacket. Approx. 260 photos.

122 ESQUIRE’S 1946 JAZZ BOOK ed. Paul Eduard Miller. 90 p, Smith & Durrell, 1946. Oversized 10x14 softbound will require separate packing.

123 COLLECTORS’ GUIDE TO AMERICAN RECORDINGS 1895-1925 by Julian Morton Moses. 200 p, Dover, 1977. 5x8 softbound. Covers classical only.

124 STOMPING THE BLUES by Albert Murray. 264 p, McGraw-Hill, 1976. 7x10 softbound. Approx. 200 photos.

125 THE JAZZ TEXT by Charles Nanry. 276 p, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1979. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. “Meets the needs of listeners who like jazz but need

some orientation in its historical and technical aspects.”

126 THE DEVIL’S MUSIC: A HISTORY OF THE BLUES by Giles Oakley. 287 p, Harcourt Brace, 1976. 7x9 softbound. Approx. 100 photos.

127 THE JAZZ REVOLUTION: TWENTIES AMERICA & THE MEANING OF JAZZ by Kathy J. Ogren. 221 p, Oxford, 1989. 6x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

128 SAVANNAH SYNCOPATORS: AFRICAN RETENTION IN THE BLUES by Paul Oliver. 112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound.

129 MEMPHIS BLUES & JUG BANDS by Bengt Olsson. 112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound. Light fray top of spine. (Not a discography).

130 DEEP BLUES by Robert Palmer. 310 p, Viking, 1981. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket. “A classic study of black music from the Congo to Chicago.”

131 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: THE STORY OF POPULAR MUSIC by Tony Palmer. 322 p, Grossman/Viking, 1976. 9x11 hardbound, dust jacket.

Approx. 90 pages devoted to blues, jazz & swing. Further sections on vaudeville, tin pan alley, musicals, r & b, country, etc. Lots of photos.

132 LOUIS ARMSTRONG by Hugues Panassie. 148 p, Scribner’s, 1971. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

133 GEORGE GERSHWIN: HIS LIFE & WORK by Howard Pollack. 884 p, Univ. Calif., 2006. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

134 WHAT DO THEY WANT?: A JAZZ AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Sammy Price. 157 p, Univ. Illinois, 1990. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

135 TAKE FIVE: THE PUBLIC & PRIVATE LIVES OF PAUL DESMOND by Doug Ramsey. 371 p, Parkside Pub., 2005. 10x11 hardbound, dust jacket.

Far more extensive than its title would imply, this deluxe beauty is loaded with high quality photos and includes discography. Shipping wt. is 5 lbs.

136 FROM TINFOIL TO STEREO: EVOLUTION OF THE PHONOGRAPH by Oliver Read & Walter L. Welch. 550 p, Sams, 2nd (revised) ed. 1976.

5x8 softbound. Moderate crease on spine.

137 DAVID REDFERN’S JAZZ ALBUM by David Redfern. 159 p, Eel Oie (Lon.), 1980. 9x12 hardbound, dust jacket. Over 250 photos by the jazz

photographer, many in color.

138 THIRTY YEARS WITH THE BIG BANDS by Arthur Rollini. 134 p, Univ. Illinois, 1987. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

139 I REMEMBER JAZZ: SIX DECADES AMONG THE GREAT JAZZMEN by Al Rose. 257 p, LSU Press, 1987. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

140 JAZZ CLEOPATRA: JOSEPHINE BAKER IN HER TIME by Phyllis Rose. 322 p, Doubleday, 1989. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

141 THE CLEF/VERVE LABELS, A DISCOGRAPHY, VOL. 1: THE NORMAN GRANZ ERA by Michel Ruppli. 351 p, Greenwood, 1986. 6x9 hardbound,

no dust jacket (as issued).

142 BLACKS, WHITES & BLUES by Tony Russell. 110 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound. “An historical examination of the complex relationship

between the Negro & White folk muisic traditions and the importance of the blues in both.”

143 THE AMERICAN DANCE BAND DISCOGRAPHY 1917-1942 by Brian Rust. 2,066 p in 2 volumes, Arlington House, 1975. 6x9 hardbound, no dust

jackets. Clean and unmarked, has moderate shelf wear at bottom of covers. Shipping weight is 7 lbs.

144 BRITISH DANCE BANDS ON RECORD 1911 TO 1945 by Brian Rust & Sandy Forbes. 1,390 p, Gramophone (Eng.), 1987. 6x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

145 THE COMPLETE ENTERTAINMENT DISCOGRAPHY FROM THE MID-1890s TO 1942 by Brian Rust. 677 p, Arlington House, 1973. 6x9 hdbnd, dj.

146 JAZZ GUITARS: AN ANTHOLOGY ed. James Sallis. 276 p, Quill, 1984. 5x8 softbound. Compilation of articles, Nick Lucas to Wes Montgomery.

147 TOMMY & JIMMY: THE DORSEY YEARS by Herb Sanford. 305 p, Arlington House, 1972. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

148 EARLY JAZZ: ITS ROOTS & EARLY DEVELOPMENT by Gunther Schuller. 401 p, Oxford, 2nd prtg, 1969. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

149 THE SWING ERA: THE DEVELOPMENT OF JAZZ, 1930-1945 by Gunther Schuller. 919 p, Oxford, 1989. 6x9 softbound.

150 COLE PORTER: A BIOGRAPHY by Charles Schwartz. 365 p, Da Capo, 1979. 6x9 softbound. Crease on spine.

151 COUNT BASIE: A BIO-DISCOGRAPHY by Chris Sheridan. 1,350 p, Greenwood, 1986. 6x9 harbound, no dust jacket (as issued). The ultimate detailed

Basie discography interspersed with biographical chronology. Shipping wt. is 4 lbs.

152 THE GLORY ROAD: THE STORY OF JOSH WHITE by Dorothy Schainman Siegel. 160 p, Shoe Tree Press, 1991. 5x8 softbound.

153 THE BIG BANDS by George T. Simon. 584 p, Macmillan, revised & enlarged edition, 1971. 7x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

154 SIMON SAYS: THE SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF THE SWING ERA 1935-1955 by George T. Simon. 492 p, Arlington House, 1971. 9x12 hardbound,

dust jacket is frayed at top of spine and has interior tape repair. Compiled from his writings and band reviews for Metronome and always fun to pick up and

read at random. Over 200 photos. Shipping weight is 5 lbs.

155 GLENN MILLER & HIS ORCHESTRA by George T. Simon. 473 p, Crowell, 1974. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

156 BLACK AND BLUE: THE LIFE & LYRICS OF ANDY RAZAF by Barry Singer. 444 p, Schirmer, 1992. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

157 JACK TEAGARDEN: THE STORY OF A JAZZ MAVERICK by Jay D. Smith & Len Guttridge. 208 p, Da Capo, 1976. 6x9 hdbnd, no dj (as issued).

158 MUSIC ON MY MIND: THE MEMOIRS OF AN AMERICAN PIANIST by Willie The Lion Smith. 318 p, Da Capo, 1975. 6x9 hdbnd, no dj (as issued).

159 OLDE RECORDS PRICE GUIDE 1900-1947 by Peter A. Soderbergh. 254 p, Wallace-Homestead, 1980. 6x9 softboud. Covers jazz & pop.

160 RED & HOT: THE FATE OF JAZZ IN THE SOVIET UNION by S. Frederick Starr. 368 p, Oxford, 1983. 6x8 hardbound, dust jacket.

161 JAZZ DANCE: THE STORY OF AMERICAN VERNACULAR DANCE by Marshall & Jean Stearns. 464 p, Schirmer, 1979. 6x9 softbound.

162 MA RAINEY & THE CLASSIC BLUES SINGERS by Derrick Stewart-Baxter. 112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.,) 1960. 5x8 softbound.

163 JAZZ ON THE BARBARY COAST by Tom Stoddard. 224 p, Heyday Books, 1998. 7x10 softbound. West coast jazz thru the mid-30s.

164 SWING ERA NEW YORK: THE JAZZ PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHARLES PETERSON by W. Royal Stokes. 220 p, Temple Univ., 1994. 10x8 softbound.

Approx. 225 high quality photos.

165 STARDUST MELODY: THE LIFE & MUSIC OF HOAGY CARMICHAEL by Richard M Sudhalter. 432 p, Oxford, 2002. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

166 BIX: MAN & LEGEND by Richard M. Sudhalter & Philip R. Evans. 512 p, Schirmer, 1975. 5x8 softbound. Includes discography.

167 THE ROLLING STONE JAZZ & BLUES ALBUM GUIDE ed. John Swenson. 781 p, Random House, 1999. 6x9 softbound.

168 TRAPS, THE DRUM WONDER: THE LIFE OF BUDDY RICH by Mel Torme. 233 p, Oxford, 1991. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

169 MY SINGING TEACHERS: REFLECTIONS ON SINGING POPULAR MUSIC by Mel Torme. 228 p, Oxford, 1994. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

170 BANDS, BOOZE AND BROADS by Sheila Tracy. 319 p, Mainstream, 1996. 6x9 softbound. Interviews with over 60 big band leaders and sidemen.

171 JUST JAZZ 3 by Sinclair Traill & Gerald Lascelles. 347 p, Four Square (Lon.), 1959. 5x7 paperback. In essence, a yearbook covering 1958 with extensive

discography of record releases. Pages moderately yellowed. Former owner’s name inscribed on inside cover.

172 AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BLACK JAZZ by Dempsey J. Travis. 543 p, Urban Research Inst., 2nd prtg, 1984. 8x9 hardbound, dj. Many photos.

173 BACK BEATS & RIM SHOTS: THE JOHNNY BLOWERS STORY by Warren Vache. 197 p, Scarecrow, 1997. 6x9 hdbnd, dj. Includes discography.

174 FATS WALLER: HIS LIFE & TIMES by Joel Vance. 179 p, Contemporary Books, 1977. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

175 THE WONDERFUL ERA OF THE GREAT DANCE BANDS by Leo Walker. 313 p, Doubleday, 1964. 9x11 hardbound, dust jacket. Over 400 photos.

176 FATS WALLER by Maurice Waller & Anthony Calabrese. 235 p, Schirmer, 1977. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

177 THE OBSERVER’S BOOK OF JAZZ by Mark White. 192 p, Warne (Lon.), 1978. 4x6 hardbound, dust jacket. History, plus A-Z capsule bios and photos..

178 THE OBSERVER’S BOOK OF BIG BANDS by Mark White. 192 p, Warne (Lon.), 1978. 4x6 hardbound, dust jacket. Many photos.

179 JAZZ PANORAMA ed. Martin Williams. 318 p, Collier, 1964. 4x7 paperback. CompIlation of pieces from The Jazz Review covering everything from

Jelly Roll Morton to third stream music.

180 MUSIC WAS NOT ENOUGH by Bob Wilber. 216 p, Oxford, 1988. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

181 THE FACE OF BLACK MUSIC: PHOTOGRAPHS by Valerie Wilmer. 120 p, Da Capo, 1976. 8x11 softbound. 100 photos.

182 THE LIFE & LEGEND OF LEADBELLY by Charles Wolfe & Kip Lornell. 333 p, Harper Collins, 1992. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

183 WHEN THE MUSIC STOPPED: THE BIG BAND ERA REMEMBERED by Bernie Woods. 304 p, Barricade Books, 1994. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

184 MR. JELLY LORD by Laurie Wright. 246 p, Storyville (Eng.), 1980. 6x8 hardbound, no dust jacket (as issued). Detailed Morton discography.

185 EDISON & HIS PHONOGRAPH by J. Lewis Young. 42 p, Talking Machine Review (Eng.), c. 1960s. 5x8 booklet. A reprint of the treatise originally

published in 1890.

186 A LIFE IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF JAZZ: A BIOGRAPHY OF BUDDY DeFRANCO by Fabrice Zammarchi & Sylvie Mas. 383 p, Parkside Pub., 2002.

10x11 hardbound, dust jacket. The ultimate deluxe tribute volume loaded with high quality photos and including discography. Shipping weight is 5 lbs.

187 DEEP SOUTH PIANO: THE STORY OF LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY by Karl Gert zur Heide. 112 p, Studio Vista (Lon.), 1970. 5x8 softbound.

188 LA TRISTESSE DE SAINT LOUIS: JAZZ UNDER THE NAZIS by Mike Zwerin. 197 p, Beech Tree, 1985. 6x9 hardbound, dust jacket.

RECORD CATALOGS (Min. bid $2.00)

189 COLUMBIA RECORDS 1952/1953 (LP, 45, 78). 668 p, 5x8 softbound. Moderately yellowed, some wear and creasing on spine.

190 VICTOR RECORDS c. 1931. Prox. 200 p, 5x7. Cover separated, has some pencil check marks in the “A” section.

191 JAZZ ‘N POPS (LP record catalog), Nov. 1957. 152 p, 5x8.

192 SCHWANN LP RECORD CATALOG, March 1970. 272 p, 5x8.

SHEET MUSIC & FOLIOS (Min. bid $2.00). (*) indicates former owner’s name written on cover.

193 AFTER A WHILE (James A. Walsh), 1923. Large cover photo Albert Mitchell & the Arcadia Orch. (15 peces).

194 ALL BY MYSELF (Berlin), 1921.

195 ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE (Hammerstein-Kern), 1940 (Chappell, Eng.). Geraldo cover photo. Small edge tear.

196 CIRIBIRIBIN (Pestalozza-Castillo), 1935. Jan Garber cover photo.

197 DEEP PURPLE (DeRose-Parish), 1939. Ozzie Nelson cover photo.

198 DID YOU MEAN IT? (Baker-Silvers-Lyman), 1927. Lee Morse cover photo.

199 DREAM RIVER (George Brown), 19128. Vaughn DeLeath cover photo.

200 A FINE ROMANCE (Kern-Fields), 1936. “Swing Time” film cover with Astaire & Rogers photo. (*)

201 FIVE MINUTES MORE (Cahn-Styne), 1946. Les Brown cover photo.

202 FUN TO BE FOOLED (Gershwin-Harburg-Arlen), 1934. “Life Begins at 8:40” show cover.

203 GEORGETTE (Brown-Henderson), 1922. Ted Lewis cover photo.

204 GREEN EYES (Utrera-Menendez-Rivera-Woods), 1941. Cover photos Jimmy Dorsey, Bob Eberly, Helen O’Connell.

205 HEART AND SOUL (Loesser-Carmichael), 1938. Cover photo Larry Clinton & his Orch. Clinton photo & bio on rear cover.

206 I AIN’T GOT NOBODY (Graham-Williams), 1925. Small cover caricature of Jay C. Flippen, full figure in blackface. Fold crease. (*).

207 I DON’T WANT TO WALK WITHOUT YOU (Loesser-Styne), 1941. “Sweater Girl” film cover. Vaughn Monroe photo/bio on rear cover.

208 I LET A SONG GO OUT OF MY HEART (Mills-Nemo-Redmond-Ellington), 1938. Benny Goodman cover photo.

209 I PROMISE YOU (Oakland-Lerner-Faye), 1938. Cover photo Tony Martin & Alice Faye.

210 I’LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN (Ruth Lowe), 1939. Jimmy Dorsey cover photo. Tommy Dorsey photo/bio on rear cover.

211 IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER (Tobias-Jaffe-Vincnet), 1943. Kate Smith cover photo.

212 IMAGINATION (Burke-Van Heusen), 1940. Small cover photo Ray Heerbeck.

213 JUST SAY THE WORD (Davis-Wadsworth-Arden), 1919. All Star Trio cover photo (George Green, Wheeler Wadsworth, Victor Arden).

214 LITTLE LADY MAKE BELIEVE (Tobias-Simon), 1938. Eddie Cantor cover photo.

215 THE LITTLE RED FOX (Kern-Hath-Lange-Porter), 1939. “That’s Right, You’re Wrog” film cover with Kay Kyser photo.

216 LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND (Kenny-Kenny-Coots), 1931. Seger Ellis cover photo.

217 LOVELY TO LOOK AT (Harbach-Kern), 1935. “Roberta” film cover with Astaire & Rogers, Irene Dunne photos. (*).

218 MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL (Gannon-Roberts), 1941. Glenn Miller cover photo.

219 MY DREAMS ARE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME (Curtis-Mizzy), 1944. Marion Hutton cover photo.

220 THE ONE ROSE (Lyon-McIntyre), 1936. Kate Smith cover photo.

221 PENNY SERENADE (Hallifax-Weersma), 1938. Giu Lombardo cover photo.

222 PLEASE BE KIND (Cahn-Chaplin), 1938. George Olsen cover photo.

223 A SAILBOAT IN THE MOONLIGHT (Lombardo-Loeb), 1937. Guy Lombardo cover photo.

224 SINGIN’ THE BLUES (Lewis-Young-Conrad-Robinson), 1920. Small edge tears. (*).

225 STRANGE ENCHANTMENT (Loesser-Hollander), 1939. “Man About Town” film cover with Jack Benny, Dorothy Lamour, Phil Harrisl photos.

226 SUMMER SOUVENIRS (Newman-Coots), 1938. Bing Crosby cover photo.

227 THERE’S A RAINBOW ‘ROUND MY SHOULDER (Jolson-Rose-Dreyer), 1928. Al Jolson cover photo. (*).

228 THEY CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME (Gershwin-Gershwin), 1937. “Shall We Dance” film cover with Astaire * Rogers photo. (*).

229 THIS LOVE OF MINE (Sinatra-Parker-Sanicola), 1941. Frank Sinatra cover photo. Tommy Dorsey photo/bio on rear cover.

230 UKULELE LADY (Kahn-Whiting), 1925. Small cover photo The Loomis Orch. (10 pieces)

231 UNDER THE MOON (Lyn-Wheeler-Snyder), 1927. Cover photo Marguerite White & Kathryn Lewis. (*).

232 WE’LL MEET AGAIN (Parker-Charles), 1939. Cover photo Rudy Bundy (bandleader).

233 WEARY RIVER (Clarke-Silvers), 1929. Richard Barthelmess cover photo. (*).

234 WHAT’S NEW? (Burke-Haggart), 1939. Jack Teagarden cover photo.


235 ALBUM OF RAGS NO. 2 Six compositions (no lyrics) by J. Russel Robinson, Winifred Atwell, Bernard Adler, Raymod Birch, Gwendolyn Stevenson, Victor

Smalley. 16 p, Francis, Day & Hunter (Lon.), c.1952. Winifred Atwell cover photo. (*).

236 DUKE ELLINGTON’S SONG FOLIO. 12 tunes with lyrics. 32 p, Mills Music, c. 1950s.

237 DUKE ELLINGTON’S STREAMLINED PIANO SOLOS. 10 tunes, no lyrics. 32 p, Mills Music, c. 1950s.

238 JIMMY RUSHING SINGS THE BLUES. 12 tunes with lyrics. 27 p, BVC, c. 1945. Cover moderately scuffed.


239 Catalog covering the auction sale of jewelry from the estate of Louis and Lucille Armstrong, conducted by William Doyle Galleries, NYC, Oct. 2, 1985.

Describes 87items, many illustrated with photos. Large photo of Louis on front cover, Lucille on rear cover. 20 p, 8x9.

240 Souvenir program for Jones Beach (NY) 1965 musical spectacular, “Mardi Gras” presented by Guy Lombatdo and featuring Louis Armstrong & his

All Stars. Rear cover has Schaefer Beer ad featuring Louis. 32 p, 9x12.

241 Typewritten letter on Bing Crosby National Broadcasting Co. stationery, dated Dec. 27, 1943, on which Crosby responds to a fan’s request for an autograph.

Bing writes about his next picture, “Going My Way.” Letter is signed simply “Bing” and also includes a 3x5 card signed “Sincerely, Bing.”

242 Souvenir program for the ill-fated Benny Goodman/Louis Armstrong concert tour, 1953. 28 p, 8x11. Many photos.

243 Souvenir program for Billy Eckstine/George Shearing/Count Basie concert tour, 1952, 24 p, 8x11. Many photos.

244 Souvenir program for Duke Ellington concert tour, c. 1958. 20 p, 8x11. Many photos.

245 Souvenir program for the World’s Greatest Jazz Band concert tour, 1973. 30 p, 8x11. Many photos.


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